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03. Buckley’s – RV calls me, I get and my butt broken in

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For a few months Harvey (or RV) would sneak out from his duties.
He would bump into me by the bar and off we’d go, to the bathroom and I got my face fucked.
I had no problems with it, most of the club knew what we up to by now.

By now I was douching every day and weekly using creams, on my body to become hairless.
I was also now using girl’s make-up, on my face.
It was of no surprise to anyone in the club, that I was sucking dick.
I never tried to hide that fact from anyone.
Not only was I sucking dick, I was sucking a nice big dick.
All of which belong to the security at “Buckley’s”, to which I also received special privileges from some of the guards and staff.
I now had the odd bouncer watching my back and all I had to do was, suck his dick.

Maybe six months ago, that may have been a problem but not now.

I was bored and walking about home, naked but for a girls T-shirt.
That’s what I do at home, walk around usually naked.
I was currently a bit high on weed and had a few beers, in my system.
The club was closed on Sundays thru Wednesday, so I had nothing planned.

So it was a surprise to me to receive a text from RV.
It was on a Tuesday about a month after our first encounter, at the club.

RV’s text: “Want cock?”
My text: “What u think.”
I was home alone and bored at 8:00pm at the time.
RV’s text: “Me and 2 others want ass, interested?”

Up until now he had only ever wanted a blow job, didn’t seem interested in my ass.
Even after I’d offered it to him, on a few occasions.
I was already douched and my skin was smooth, which has become my regular routine.
Mondays I remove all body hair with cream and I daily would douche, in preparation for Thursday night at the club.

It took me a few minutes to reply, as I was summing up the prospect of playing with three cocks.

My text: “Ok, meet me at the Main Rd Milk bar in 30 minutes.”

I had douched, so all I had to do was put on some black lipstick and eyeliner, ass-less pink leather shorts, mess top, socks and Doc Martin boots.
I gelled my spiky blonde hair up like a punk and I grabbed my flat keys.
As I left I put on a trench coat and left.

A Hyundai van approach me, as I walked near the corner shop.
The rear door slid open, I could hear crude voices.

“Get your faggot ass in,” one of the voices in the back said.
Two black fat guys sat in the back drinking.
It wasn’t until I saw that it was RV was driving, that I entered.

“Yo, you better be ready to suck cock,” One of said, as I stepped in the back.
“Yeah I’m gonna, fuck your face so hard your london escort jaw gonna feel it all week,” The other one said.

I didn’t know if they were high or drunk at the time or just plain stupid, but they were off their dials but I was a bit too.

They wasted no time relieving me of my trench coat and grabbing my ass and arms.
The smell of bourbon was masked their cologne, as they kissed my neck and fondled my chest.
They had me on my knees and poured bourbon into my mouth.
Then they both took turns fucking my face.

There was no foreplay, just splash bourbon into my mouth and then cock.
If I wasn’t wasted before, I was now.
I was drunk but eager for cock, at the same time.
Their dicks weren’t as big as RV’s, but I still struggle to breathe from their rough face fucking.
Snot, saliva, cum, bourdon all oozed and ran down my face and chin.

All the while RV just kept driving.
He drove until he found a BBQ area near a public lake.

I hadn’t noticed that we had been, swapping cock and guzzling bourbon for 20-30 minutes.
In that time, I had wet myself with my own cum slowly trickling out of gaps in my ass-less shorts.
The shorts had no ass, but my cock was held inside with balls only showing.

The two in the back were really dissing me as I sucked and swallowed, more and more of their cocks and cum.
“Your momma know what big sissy you are?” was one.
“Swallow it, swallow it like a faggot,” was another.
“Yo, your sister wants some cock too,” That’s when RV put an end to it.
“Enough, already you jackasses,” He passed me the bourbon, and I took a swill.

My head by now was spinning, I was pretty much drunk or getting there.
Their insults were bouncing off my head and not sinking in.

RV pulled his cock out and I knew it was time to move to it, to suck it.
I only got it wet when he stopped me.

“Now brace the van, this baby is going in your ass,” I gave a smart smirk, as if to say finally.
“Oh really,” he said, as I took a deep breath.

I felt scared when I looked into RV’s eyes.
RV got a bottle of bourbon and tossed the cap away, and jammed it up my ass.
Bourbon splashed inside my ass, as he fucked my ass with the bottle.
It felt like it was burning me, his friends went quiet and looked a little scared at what H was up too.

After a minute of fast fucking with the bottle, RV slowly pulled the bottle out and pouring the contents inside my gaping hole.
It felt strange but now my hole felt warm and tingly.

The others poured bourbon on my back and into my hair, I closed my eyes to prevent it getting inside.
They london escort agency then tossed the empty bottle.

“Spread ass open for me Gregar,” RV ordered, I grabbed each ass cheek and spread my legs open.
That’s when RV started forcing his cock inside me, once he started sliding inside I went and braced the walls of the van.
It was then my ass felt how big RV was, and it hurt like buggery.
Then the pounding began.

My lower back ached, my ass tunnel felt like it was broken or ripped open and my legs felt like jelly.
All until I had gotten used to it.
My back still ached, but everything else went numb.

All three of them took turns at pounding my ass.
By the end of the first guy to cum in my ass, I was already face down and on my knees.

I didn’t remember much after that, as the bourbon sent me on a drunken but horny trip.

What I do remembered was, I was getting my ass-fucked and for the majority of the time I was sucking dick.
Each time they finished filling my mouth with cum, I was given a mouthful of bourbon.

I was still drunk when I woke up in the back of the van.
The taste of bourbon in my mouth was too great, first thing in morning and I threw up.
What came out tasted horrible, and looked a miss mash of watery bourbon and cum.
After I had finish throwing up, I simply rolled over and went back to sleep for about an hour.

When I woke up again, I felt my ass this time.
My ass was sore and coated with cum.
When I felt inside my hole, I swear I could have put my hand inside.
In fact I almost did, and when I pulled it out it looked like it was coated with cum.

I gathered my clothes in a garbage bag and put on my trench coat and staggered to a taxi rank.
While stumbled and staggered, I clutched my trench coat.

Inside the cab, I could sense the cabbie could smell cum on me.
I just put my head down and said nothing.
All the while I clutched my coat trying to hide my nakedness underneath and my deviate self.

After that night, I suddenly went off drinking beer.
Now it was a Bourbon and bourbon straight up, was wanted when I needed an alcoholic fix.
Also, I found that from that night I seemed to able to do what wanted at “Buckley’s.”

R-V (is what I started calling H or Harvey) and his crew had since fucked me several times, over the next few months.
I was fucked so hard that on some days, I couldn’t walk without staggering stupidly.
Literally I had become their little “Butt-Bitch.”

It became like routine that on Mondays that, R-V would drive by my flat and pick me up.
He would escort london then take me home to his apartment, fuck the shit out of me all night.
Then fuck me some more, over the next afternoon.

I then had to spend time cleaning myself out, and then get ready for his boys on that night.

On Tuesday evenings, I would have to doll myself up like a girl.
R-V made it clear to me that for T-Bone and Chucker, I had to dress up as a girl.
All because to them, they didn’t think it was faggy to fuck me dressed up as a girl.

I would wear an oversized sloppy T-shirt with a hip belt, a fish-netted shirt and stockings, just for his crew (T-bone and Chucker) to fuck me the next night.
Boxers to be removed before the meet.
All for their pleasure I had to put on lipstick with make-up, douching my ass and most importantly, I had to remove body hair.
Over time I would pack, skirts and other girly clothes and equipment.

So on Tuesday nights I would doll myself up like a chick, so they could fuck me like one.

T-Bone, Chucker and R-V, would all fuck me silly every Monday and Tuesday plus parts of Wednesday.
I’d also cum from just pure anal, just from a dick pumping into my ass.
After the Wednesday’s sessions I would be so opened up and loose, that once they’d even tried fucking me with a baseball ball.
By early Thursday morning when I was eventually driven home, the stink of cum was everywhere on me.

Due to them, I missed a few Thursday “Tranny and Karaoke nights” at “Buckley’s”.
I was just too sore and needed to recover, my butt was sore and my lower back ached and stiffened.
In time my body got use to their demands, then it was business as usual at “Buckley’s”.
A blowjob for R-V in the restrooms, roughly around 1:00AM, or when the timing was right.
For six months, this routine went along without a hiccup.

By now a few things started to occur to me, over the past half year or so.
My usual male stroll had changed, it was more of slow swagger now.
I think that after being fucked hard for six months by three big black men, it had slowly changed me.

I didn’t or hadn’t noticed, until someone pointed it out to me.
He wasn’t part of the gay circuit but an old school friend, I occasionally bump into while shopping.
He also picked up that my voice sounded slightly huskier, I put it down to the fact I might be catching something.
In reality I didn’t know about the voice but the walk might be came down to, what most submissive gays/bisexuals progressing too or I am dribbling shit.
It didn’t bother me but now I know I walked with a slight swaying action, akin to how chicks walk on catwalks.

Everyone knew within the club and the club’s culture by now, that I was R-V’s little faggot bitch.
Life was good to me, too good…

More soon>>>

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