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04-05 Encounters with “M”

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4). the fourth time

He had an hour before he had to start work. He sent me a text. Told me he was horny. Told me he was really fucking horny. Told me he could come around and fuck me quickly. Asked was I interested? Silly question.

But it was the day time. We’d not done ‘it’ in the day time. We hadn’t seen each other’s faces; I didn’t want to see his, didn’t want him to see mine! It would ruin the mystery. Ruin this kinky, sexy, mysterious thing we were doing. I wasn’t ready for that.

I panicked. “But it’s day time!” I text him.

He made some cute suggestions: close my eyes; bury my head under the pillow; be standing naked over the bed and he’ll lift my skirt and fuck me from behind; a blindfold. I liked them all, but I liked the blindfold one the most.

I ran to my room, he said he could be here in five minutes if I was keen. He was keen, his dick was hard in his hand already. And yes, I was keen, I felt inside my panties and yes, I was very very keen. I searched my room and found a long silk scarf that would do perfectly as a blindfold.

I text him. “I have a blindfold. I’m in bed. I’m naked. I’m ready. I will leave the front door open.”

“I’m on my way” he replied, “My cock is ready to explode,” he added, and I went giddy with anticipation and excitement.

I heard his car pull up in the drive, I heard him get out of the car, I heard him come inside the house. I lay back in the bed, the blindfold on, I rolled over onto my stomach. He came into my room and he threw canlı bahis the covers off me to expose my naked self. I felt vulnerable, but excited. I could hear him undress. No words were exchanged. Then he was on top of me.

He spread my legs apart and quickly found my pussy with his hand. He quickly stuck a finger inside me, then two “Fuck you’re wet” he said, and I giggled. I felt his weight on top of me then as he slid his erect cock inside me, “This wont take long at all,” he said and began fucking. He thrust and fucked, and fucked me some more. I grabbed onto the bed head as his body pushed me as he fucked me.

“Ohh god, here I cum” he grunted and came.

As quick as he’d arrived, as quick as he’d cum, he got up and left. No words were exchanged. I heard his car leave. He was gone. I still had his cum dribbling down my thighs.

5). In the day….

Today was different, interesting, a bit strange, but still great. He’s just gone. I’ve now seen his face; I can’t work out if it’s going to change things, I guess it’s too early to tell. He text me late last night, said he could come in the early morning, before, or after, his training session. Sounded good. An early morning fuck. I liked the sound of that. Nothing quite like waking up and having sex, a great way to start the day. But then there was the issue of it being day again, the opportunity to actually ‘see’ each other. Something inside me pushed that aside in favour of a fuck.

So eventually I agreed. Yes, come around in bahis siteleri the morning, lets have morning sex, I’ll deal with the issue of exposing ourselves to each other then. Of course I thought about it all night, it was easy, there were two options — blindfold again, or, just go for it, and let’s see each others faces. After all, he’d already had his fingers inside me, I’d already sucked his cock, he’d already fucked me, we’d both already cum.

I’d left the door open that night so I wouldn’t have to get up in the morning. I liked the idea of already being asleep when he climbed into my bed. It worked. The first I knew of anybody being in the house was when I felt another body crawling in beside me in bed. I kept my eyes closed and smiled. “Good morning” I languidly breathed, unfurling my body in a morning stretch. He ran his hand from my hip, up over my stomach, across my breast and up to my neck. With my eyes still closed he leaned into me and kissed me. I rolled to face him and discovered he too was naked, his erection pushing into me down below the covers.

Again there were no words exchanged, there didn’t need to be, we were quickly and completely engrossed in each others bodies. He was erect, I was wet, he entered me from the side. In this position my legs are spread wide and I can feel better pressure on my clitoris. I moaned at his thrusts which came slow and gentle at first. But I quickly became strongly aroused and as I pushed harder against him, he began to fuck me harder.

The he spoke. bahis şirketleri Softly, he said to me, “Lay on your back,” I complied. He lay on his side and pulled one of my legs up over him, I was now spread wide apart, I felt completely exposed, vulnerable, open. I then opened my eyes and looked at him, ever so briefly. He wasn’t looking at me though, he was looking at my pussy as he guided himself back into me. As he did, I gasped, I arched my back. This was suddenly intimate and we both felt it.

He began to rub my clit as he fucked me, and then I felt him watching me. It was turning me on, and I knew a way to turn us both on even more. “Let me”, I said, and moved his rubbing fingers out of the way, placing instead my own. I rubbed my clit and spread my legs further apart, I would cum in this position, and he would watch me. He would watch my face and he would feel my pussy tighten and pulsate as his dick throbbed inside me.

As I rubbed harder and faster he fucked faster and harder, he grabbed hard at my nipples and as he moaned, so did I. We were turning each other on so much that cumming was inevitable.

“You’re gunna make me cum,” he breathed; that set me off.

“Me too, ” I gasped

“Now?” he cried.

“Yes!” I cried out too and we came together.

We bucked and jerked and came, each setting the other off. Perfect timing.

Before our breathing had even returned to normal, he got off me, jumped off the bed and began to dress. “I have to go,” he said.

I opened my eyes and looked up at him again, I smiled, “I know,” then added, “Thanks.”

He laughed, “You’re welcome,” then came over to me, gently kissed me and walked away.

I fell back asleep and slept peacefully for two hours.

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