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1, 2, 3.. As Easy as ABC Ch. 04

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Female Ejaculation

“I’ll meet you in the Quad, after your lab,” Tess said as she and Jean were about to part ways. Tess was of to the Library-no, the ‘real’ one, not the bar-and Jean was going to her Biology Lab.

“And don’t forget what I told ya’, sweetie, you probably need to make the first move as far as your ‘crush’ is concerned, okay?” and with a wave, Tess headed off to do her research for her upcoming History finals.

Easy for you to say Jean thought to herself as she entered the Sciences building, this is all new to me. Opening the door to her lab room, Jean wondered if she was early since she was the only one in the room.


Hearing the door open behind her, the object of Jean’s latest masturbatory sessions walked in and smiled, saying, “Guess I wasn’t the only one not to get the email.”

“Email? What email?” Jean asked, confused.

“Prof’s had a heart attack, a mild one, but labs were cancelled for today. Friday’s still scheduled, I think, but with a graduate assistant running the show.”

“Oh, so why are you here?” Jean asked.

“Had a notebook in my locker that I needed; Jean? Right?”

“Yes, and I’m sorry but I don’t remember your…”

“Becky, but call me Becks; I don’t remember the last time someone called me Becky,” Becks laughingly interrupted.

“Okay..Becks,” Jean smilingly obliged.

“So, since we have some time to kill, want to grab a latte or something?” Becks asked Jean, walking towards her when doing so.

“Yeah, that sounds good,” Jean conceded, falling into step behind Becks as they left the lab.

Becks was a couple of inches taller than Jean, an attractive Afro-American young woman with skin the color of, well, Cafe-Au-Lait would be the closest comparison one might think of. Probably no more than one-twenty, thought Jean as she admired Becks’ firm ass before rushing to walk along-side of Becks. Glancing over from the corner of her eyes, Jean was rewarded with a healthy shot of cleavage produced by Becks’ ample bosom, at least a D-Cup was Jean’s conclusion.

“So, are you a Frosh, or Soph?” Becks asked as they walked to the coffee kiosk near the Quad.

“Soph,” Jean answered, “you?”

“Junior,” Beck’s laughingly replied, “fucked up last semester and missed the final so I flunked the course and had to retake it this semester.”

“That sucks,” Jean observed, thinking it truly so.

“Ehhh, truth is, it really was my fault,” Becks admitted, “got hammered the night before, got myself picked up by a married broad looking to have a fling and overslept at her hotel.”


“Jean, you’ll soon enough realize that I’m brutally frank most of the time but, stick around long enough, you’ll get use to it,” Becks said with a laugh.

“Works for me,” Jean responded, though, in her head, she was responding to the ‘stick around long enough’ thingy that Becks had casually thrown out there.

Grabbing a table, outside, they settled in with their lattes, sipping slowly while casually eyeing each other.

“Most gals would have run away screaming ‘Lesbian Alert’ in reaction to what I said earlier,” Becks finally observed after a few moments.

And, for whatever reason, she really couldn’t tell you why, Jean replied, totally out of character for her, “Yeah, well most gals don’t have the roomie that I have,” smiling back at Becks afterwards.

“So, is that a good thing? Or, a bad thing? You know, from your perspective,” Becks asked further.

Pausing only a nano-second, “Oh, definitely a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Tess has showed me a lot; a lot of things that I didn’t know,” Jean admitted.

Not commenting on Jean’s statement, Becks just nodded her head in a knowing way, smiling.

“Always good to know things,” Becks finally said in way of comment.

“Oh, I agree, and…oh, wait, you can meet her now, she’s walking over,” Jean said, beaming when she saw Tess walking their way.

“Tess, Tess, I’d like you to meet Becks; she’s in my Biology lab,” Jean said with words but hoping her eyes were sending the right message: This is her; this is the one I’ve been telling you about.

“Hey, Becks, nice to meet ya,” Tess said, aware that her ‘gaydar’ had clicked on. Her ‘gaydar’ was never fucking wrong.

“Yeah, you too,” Becks replied with a wry smile, her own ‘gaydar’ sending an insane amount of pings to her brain.

The three spent an hour or so, just generally bullshitting, talking, about nothing, about everything. Glancing at her watch, Becks was the first to make a break for it by announcing that she had Volleyball practice and had to run.

“Thought I recognized you. You’re the lead scorer for the school’s squad, right?” Tess pressed Becks.

“Guilty as charged,” Becks conceded, adding, “You guys going to be around over the weekend? We have a match on Saturday. Why don’t y’all come to the game and we’ll go grab a bite to eat or something, afterwards.”

“Done,” Tess replied, answering for both her and Jean.

“Nice looking chick,” Tess bahis şirketleri observed as she gazed, lustfully, at Becks’ ass that was walking away from them, “I understand why you’re attracted to her.”

“So you don’t have a problem with her race?” Jean asked.

“Oh hell no, it’s all pink on the inside, baby; now, let’s go grab a burger,” Tess said as she stood up to leave.

“Never thought of it that way,” Jean honestly observed.

Well, she hadn’t!

Tess was on the last couple of days of her ‘time of the month’ and because of that, she and Jean hadn’t had sex with each other for about a week. Didn’t mean they didn’t want to, but, well, you know….

Which is why Jean was laying in her bed that night, listening to the soft sounds of Tess’s sleeping, her hands lazily stroking and playing with her pussy. She did notice that since she’s been playing with other females that she also had increased the amount of time she spent masturbating. She always masturbated, from that very first time to now, she always masturbated. She liked it. She liked how it made her feel. And since discovering girl-sex? Well, fuck it, it was even better, masturbating as she replayed her mind-movies of recent pussy-eating sessions.

But, tonight, behind Jean’s closed eyes, in her mind-theater, she was slowly taking the clothes off of Becks, slowly admiring the tawny, sexy body of Becks while, in the corner, Tess sat in a chair, playing with herself as she watched Jean and Becks get naked and climb into bed.

Jean’s fingers increased their strokes of her, now-very wet-pussy lips, rubbing across her hard clit as she-in her mind-leaned in to kiss Becks, letting her hand drop to cup Becks’ sex as she did so, her mind-finger slipping into Becks’ super-tight, super-hot, pussy.

Rubbing faster now, her breathing coming in short gasps, Jean’s mind-movie showed her crawling between Becks’ muscled legs which were thrown around her back, trapping her between Becks’ thighs.

Her breathing was now almost out of control as she visualized her parting Becks’ pussy lips with her fingers, revealing that it was, indeed, all pink on the inside. Visualizing her tongue sliding between Becks’ pussy lips, Jean stifled a small scream of surprise/delight/release as her orgasm rose from the depths of her body to embrace her tightly.

Slowly, Jean regained control of her breathing and, smiling a smile of satisfaction, rolled over to go to sleep.

Across the room, in her own bed, awakened by Jean’s masturbation sounds, Tess smiled a sly smile and drifted off, again, for her date with Morpheus…..

“Wow, you guys kicked their ass,” Tess cheerfully exclaimed to Becks after she joined them outside of the gym, after she’d showered off the sweat from the Vollyball match that night.

“Yeah, we did; thing is, though, when we play them again, at their place, they’re quite capable of doing the same to us, on their home turf,” Becks replied, falling into step with Tess and Jean walking away from the gym.

“That was a lot of fun,” Jean contributed to their conversation, “very exciting to watch.”

“Always exciting to watch,” Becks opined, she, the Queen of Double Entendres, smiling wickedly afterwards.

Jean didn’t catch it; Tess did and Tess smiled at Becks, their eyes showing each other that they, did indeed, ‘get it’.

Stopping near the Quad, under a Victorian lightpost, Becks asked, “So, ladies, where do we go to eat? Any ideas?”

The Library-the bar, not the building-was suggested but dismissed because Becks observed, quite correctly, that it’d be packed with students on that Friday night and probably service would be slow, and she was hungry; she’d worked up a healthy appetite from her play in the game.

“How ’bout that little Pizza joint a couple of blocks over?” Tess suggested, “Pizza’s good, and the service is usually pretty quick.”

Nodding their heads in agreement, off they went to Luigi’s.

Of course it was called Luigi’s; what’d you expect, Frank’s?

“Cool choice,” Becks said further as they neared Luigi’s, “it’s really close to my apartment.”

“You live off-campus?” Jean asked, a bit surprised.

“I’m a Junior, Jean, I can live off-campus legally,” Becks reminded her.

“Roomies?” Tess asked out of curiosity.

“Had one last semester but she graduated, so I decided that I’d do without a roomie this semester,” Becks answered.

“Has to be expensive,” Jean observed.

“Ehh…my folks are loaded and nothing’s too expensive for their ‘baby-girl’,” Becks observed with a laugh, as the three of them entered the restaurant to the delicious smell of Italian seasonings in the air.

They ordered the large special which, they quickly figured out, must have weighed twenty pounds or so it seemed. They did give it the ‘old college try’ but, try as they might, they could not finish the monster pizza.

“Want a ‘go box’?,” Becks asked her fellow diners.

“Not me; I don’t want to look at another pizza for a week,” Tess bahis firmaları exclaimed.

“You say that now. But, what about a couple of hours from now when you’re buzzed and wanting munchies?” Becks countered.

“Buzzed? Becks, we’re not twenty-one and since the PO-PO has been cracking down on fake I.D.s, how the hell are we going to get buzzed?” Tess parried.

“Yeah, you’re underaged, both of ya’, but I’m not and I’ve got a fridge full of beer and chilled-down Tequila…and so, anyway, that’s my plan for the rest of the evening. Anybody want to join me?” Becks said, scoring the kill-shot, so to speak….

Pizza in hand, the intrepid trio walked the short two blocks to Becks’ apartment, talking about anything and eveything, making short work of the short walk.

“Becks, I really need to pee,” Jean said upon entering the nicely furnished, rather large one-bedroom walk-up, “Can I please use your bathroom?”

“Down the hall, last door on the right, sweetie,” Becks said, watching as Jean followed her directions, then turning quickly to Tess, she asked, “So, what’s her story, slick? She your bitch?”

“Pretty much, but she’s starting to flex her own wings,” Tess answered truthfully, taking the cold beer from Becks.

“Don’t you want to know my story?” Tess asked after taking a long pull at her beer.

“Your story? I know your story, honey,” Becks said, and hearing Jean flushing, leaned in to put her mouth up against Tess’ ear, whispering, “Your story is the same as mine, baby; you fell in love with pussy with your first taste.” Reaching with her hand, Becks cupped Tess’ snatch, punctuating her statement with a soft squeeze.

“Can’t say you’re wrong,” Tess said simply, smiling up at Becks.

“Didn’t think so,” Becks replied, then turning, she handed Jean a cold brew as well. Clinking their bottle necks against each other, they pulled in unison at their beers.

“Game time,” Becks declared as she reached into her fridge to retrieve a cold bottle of Tequila, then three shot glasses from her cupboard.

“Simple game,” Becks began explaining after they settled onto the soft carpeted floor of Becks’ apartment, in the main area of the living room, “I’ll deal out all the cards, nobody looks at them, and we flip over one card at a time; loser has to drink a shot. If you lose twice in a row, the winner of that flip chooses which piece of clothes the loser loses…got it?”

“When do the non-losers get to drink?” Tess asked.

“Anytime you want, the bottle’s not going anywhere,” Becks replied as she finished dealing the last of the cards.

First flip…Jean lost…Jean did a shot.

Second flip…Jean lost…Jean did another shot and at Becks’ direction, stripped off her blouse.

Fast forward a half-hour……..

All three gals had passed ‘slightly buzzed’ by a bunch. Tess had her panties still on; Becks was down to her bra and panties; And Jean? Stark naked, very tipsy, and waiting to find out what she had to do now since she had no clothes left to strip.

“Well, what’d ya’ think, Tess? She’s got nothing left to take off, does she?” Becks said in a mock tone of conspiracy.

“I think she needs to become your bitch tonight. I mean, after all, she was the big loser wasn’t she?” Tess answered, her voice somewhat slurred as was Becks’ and Jean’s.

“Yeah, me too.” Becks agreed.

“How ’bout it Jeannie, sweetie? Want to be my bitch for tonight?” Becks asked as she crawled, rather unsteadily at that, on her hands and knees to where Jean was sitting, smiling and with a tipsy glow on her face.

“Suuure, Becks, I’ll be your bitch, what do you want me to do?” Jean smilingly answered as she sorta’ weaved back and forth.

Hey, the girls were plastered, the Tequila and a six-pack were gone, so, yeah! she weaved, okay?

“Come here and give momma some sugar, sugar,” Becks cooed as she lay on the floor next to Jean, raising her arms to Jean, extending the invitation that really wasn’t needed…..

Watching as the tableau unfolded before her, Tess moved to an armchair after she had positioned it to give her an excellent view of Becks and Jean. A Voyeur’s dream, thought Tess, as she watched Jean lean down to kiss Becks.

And I am a Voyeur, Tess conceded to herself as she smiled at the sight of Becks and Jean kissing, and now, fondling, each other. Almost absentmindedly, Tess’ hand dropped to her crotch, her fingers pulling her panties to the side, revealing her moist pussy-lips. Hanging one of her legs over the chair’s arm, Tess slowly stroked herself as she watched Jean take off Becks’ panties and bra, revealing an almost perfect pair of honey-brown 36-C/D cup tits.

Jean knew what to do. After all, she had jacked off to this almost-same scenario a hundred times, it seemed. Stretching her mouth to get as much of Becks’ tit as she could inside of it, Jean dropped a hand to Becks’ pussy, rubbing it, slipping a finger into it, just like in her fantasies. Quickly glancing out of the corner of her eye, she took kaçak bahis siteleri in Tess watching, masturbating, again, just like in her mind-movies.

“Ooooh damn, girl, oh yeah, baby, just like that…suck my nipple just like that, baby,” Becks cooed as she moved her hips and crotch against Jean’s fucking fingers.

But, Jean was not to be denied her taste of black pussy. No, not tonight, tonight she would take that off of her personal lesbian bucket-list. It was a young list, not even six months old, but still, it was her list.

Releasing Becks’ tit from her mouth with an audible plopping sound, Jean slipped between Becks’ muscled legs, flushing with heat when Becks squeezed Jean between them. Peeling Becks’ pussy-lips apart….there, just as in her fantasy, just as Tess said, it was all pink on the inside. Smiling, Jean lowered her head, slipping her tongue deeply into Becks hot, tight, love-canal.

Looking over Jean’s bobbing head between her legs, Becks’ eyes caught Tess’ eyes and opening her mouth slightly, Becks rolled out the mother of all tongues, running it sensually around her ample lips, slowly, seductively.

Oh yeah, Tess got the message, rising from the armchair and slipping out of her thong almost at the same time. Walking to Becks’ head, Tess kneeled with Becks’ head between her legs, feeling Becks’ strong hands pulling her by the hips to her mouth.

They were not quiet lovers, no, not at all. The sounds of pussy-slurping was very loud in the room, though it was hard to know if Becks or Jean was the louder of the two. No matter. They enjoyed their pussy meals, the both of them.

Becks came first, long and loud. Tess followed, longer and louder. Jean was the last to come, that first time that night.

Oh hell no, there was no way that she was not going to orgasm. While eating like a champ on Becks’ tasty pussy, our girl Jean had her own hand taking care of her own needs. Quite successfully, at that.

Collapsing onto Jean and Becks, Tess enjoyed the feel of their three bodies agaisnt each other’s as they fondled, kissed, cuddled, cooed their delght to each other.

“How’s that take-home box of Pizza looking to you now, sweetcheeks?” Becks asked Tess softly, slowly running her fingers up and down Tess’ rather firm, fine ass.

“Pizza now…more pussy later?” Tess asked/answered.

“My kind of gal,” Becks agreed…….

After their munchie-satisfying break, the girls gravitated towards Becks’ bedroom, led by Becks who had announced that she needed some more pussy. So yeah, they gravitated towards Becks’ bedroom.

“My turn, sweetie,” Tess said to Jean with a quick, soft squeeze of Jean’s pussy, “give Becks a taste of that fine pussy of yours while I have a little desert,” crawling onto the bed and between Becks’ splayed legs while saying so.

Wrapping her hands around Becks’ muscled thighs, Tess lowered her mouth to Becks’ pussy while her eyes looked up to see Jean’s pussy lowering onto Becks’ mouth and tongue.

“Mmmmm, but damnit, Becks, you taste divine,” Tess said between long, slow swipes of her tongue across Becks’ clit.

“Oh shit, girl, just like that, babydoll, just like that,” Becks instructed Tess, who needed no instruction when it came to eating pussy.

Jean was rubbing her pussy across Becks’ mouth and tongue furiously, her breaths coming in short, excited gasps, the promise of orgasm just another rub away, she thought to herself.

Tess’s own breathing was labored as she increased her oral exploration of Becks’ snatch, fingering herself at the same time.

Once again, Becks climaxed first, her cry of release loud in her bedroom. Jean screamed next, thrusting her pussy hard against Becks’ mouth, almost suffocating Becks in the process. As soon as Jean climbed off of Becks, Tess replaced her, dropping her pussy to Becks’ mouth, commanding her to eat her, begging her to get her off.

Becks needed no encouragement to do so, gladly acccepting Tess’s wet, hot pussy to her mouth and tongue.

“Mmmm, mmmmmph,” Tess cried when she orgasmed, her voice muffled by her hard kiss of Jean, her hand pulling and holding Jean’s hair, holding her mouth to her own.

Sated, Tess released Jean’s mouth from her own, falling off to the side of Becks, exhausted, but satisfyingly so. Turning onto her side, Tess snuggled to Becks’ body as did Jean, the three of them glistening with sex-sweat. Jean nibbled, kissed and licked Becks’ neck, face and lips while Tess sucked on Becks’ breasts, leisurely, in no hurry now.

“Think we might have found some common ground for friendship, ladies,” Becks purred as she throughly enjoyed the attention from these two white girls.

“Think you might be right, baby,” Tess agreed as her finger found Jean’s pussy, enjoying the gasp of surprise/pleasure from Jean’s mouth, and biting down on Becks’ nipple afterwards.

“Over on your back, bitch, momma wants some more of that talented tongue of yours,” Becks commanded Jean.

Smiling, Jean laid on her back as Becks straddled her head between her knees, lowering her wet pussy to Jean’s awaiting mouth.

Much better than my fantasy, Jean thought to herself as her tongue, once again, slipped into Becks’ pussy, so much better…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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