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18 Only: Lipstick Party!!!

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18 Only: Lipstick Party!!!

It was Saturday afternoon and my folks were out at the mall. I was thinking about what to do that evening when the phone rang. Picking up the receiver, I heard my friend Tina greet me on the other end.

“Hey Lindsey,” She said, “How’s my favourate slut?”

“I’m good bitch!” I giggled, back. We were best, best friends.

“Well, the girls and I are planning a Rainbow Party for some of the guys on the soccer team and as you might remember from grade ten science, there are seven colors in a rainbow!”

I giggled. There was nothing I loved better than our Rainbow Parties.

In case you didn’t know, a Rainbow Party is when a bunch of girls get together and, after applying some lipstick, suck guys off. That way, each girl knows where her lips have been and which guy’s cock she’s tried and where else she’s kissed him. After sucking off different guys for a while, all the shades of our lipstick get mixed together on the guy’s cock.

Whichever boy has the best rainbow at the end gets a special favor.

“Ok, but I’m not wearing Yellow again, it makes my lips look fat!” I warned her.

“Julie will wear yellow,then. It looks better on blonds anyway. You can wear blue. How’s that Lindsay?”

“Alright,” I agreed.

“Don’t forget to wear matching blue stockings, bra and panties too.” She said. “After all, it helps us know whose color is whose.”

“I’m sure I have all that in blue. Let me check.” I searched for the items in my closet while I continued to talk on the portable phone. “Yep.” I said, locating them. “I’ve got blue garters too. How many guys are there going to be?”

“Seven.” Tina informed me. “Your boyfriend Derek is coming too.”

“What about Becky and Julie?” I asked. They had been fighting all week because Becky just found out that Julie had been fucking her boyfriend, Tom behind her back.

“Yes,” Tina explained, “But they don’t know the other is coming, so don’t tell them ok? I don’t think I could get two other girls the guys would like so much in such a short period. I mean, the party’s tonight! My parents get back from Chicago tomorrow”

Tina certainly had this planned. I didn’t want to ruin her fun by being a stick in the mud, so I said yes.

“Show up at nine, alright?”

“Ok.” I said, hanging up. I put on the lingerie and threw a long jacket over it. No need for additional clothes I figured. They wouldn’t be on me for very long away.

I checked myself in the bathroom mirror before I left. Tying my long auburn hair back in a ponytail, I applied some foundation and sparkly eye make-up. I find it heightens the guy’s experience when our eyes meet during a blowjob.

I hadn’t been to a lipstick party in a while, so I was very excited. I promised myself I wouldn’t swallow all the cum that was fed to me this time though, because it tended to make my tummy a little upset. Of course, being a lipstick party, it wasn’t like I could get them to wear a condom while using my mouth, so I guess I’d just have to spit or have Tina snowball some of them for me.

I also had to remember to keep an eye on my panties. Last time they were stolen only to end up in Jim Bolton’s locker. He showed them off to all his friends. It was embarrassing because they were crusty from my pussy juice and he never washed them. He even let everyone smell them! Guys are so gross!

When I arrived at Tina’s house a few hours later, most of the girls were already there, standing around the living room while Tina was giving out lipsticks. I greeted her with a kiss on the lips and she handed me my color, a nice deep cobalt.

I looked around to see which colors the other girls had: Tina, being a redhead, took red, Becky chose orange, our Chinese exchange student Li, got green, Mel took indigo and Heather chose purple. Julie hadn’t arrived yet.

“The guys are going to be here soon,” Tina said. “So go have a pee break if you need one.”

A couple of the girls went to the bathroom as I chatted with Becky who was sitting on a leather sectional in the corner of the room.

“I haven’t seen you for a while!” She said We gave each other a hug. I couldn’t help but notice her boobs were a little bigger than they were last time I saw them in the girl’s locker room.

“I know! My boobs right?” she sighed, noticing me noticing them. “They grew a gaziantep escortlar whole extra size last month! Just in time for university!”

“I’m definitely going to miss you all when we head off.” I said, giving her a big mouth kiss.

About twenty minutes later the first guys started showing up. Of course, we all had stripped to our lingerie before they arrived. For me, I just had to drop my jacket to reveal my costume.

The guys seemed pleased with my choice of outfit as I met them at the door. There were only four of them, Jim, Bill, Louis and my boyfriend Derek.

I wrapped myself around Derek and kissed him. “Ready to get a dream team blowjob?” I asked, whispering into his ear.

He could only grin and kiss me back as I led them all into the living room where Tina greeted them with beers.

A few minutes later, the next carload arrived with the other three guys, including Tom, Becky’s boyfriend, Josh and Chris, a friend of Josh’s I hadn’t met before.

“Hey, we’re one girl short!” Becky noticed, as everyone exchanged awkward looks. Seemed Julie was running behind.

Soon, the doorbell rang for the last time and Julie entered. Her blond hair was intricately braided like she had just stepped out a Shakespearian play.

“Oh fuck, not you!” Becky complained. “You slut! You totally stole my boyfriend! I’m so not talking to you and I’m definitely not putting my mouth anywhere near where you put yours.”

Julie pouted, taking off her jacket to reveal her yellow g-string and floss bikini bra. “That’s not fair! He wanted it too!”

“Now, now,” Tina said. “Everyone relax. Look you sluts, we need all the colors to make a rainbow on these guys cocks, so you two are going to have to get along.”

“Tina’s right,” Tom chimed in, putting his hand on Becky’s lap as she cuddled him on the couch. “Besides Julie’s got a great pussy and I really enjoyed fucking it.”

“But Tom!” Becky whined. “You did it behind my back! Why didn’t you just ask me if you could fuck her?”

“Well,” Tom answered. “There wasn’t time. It was just a one off booty call. You weren’t even supposed to find out. But of course you found that video on my pc.”

Becky crossed her arms. “I don’t like this.”

Tina interjected. “Look, Julie, apologize for fucking Tom.”

“No!” Julie said. “Not until Tom apologizes too!”

“He’s the man.” Tina intoned. “He doesn’t have to apologize. You have to apologize because you spread your legs and let him fuck you. Right?”

She agreed grudgingly.

“Well then, I think the only way to solve this problem is for you to give Becky a rimjob.”

Julie’s eyes lit up. “Eat her stinky asshole?” She protested.

“Yes.” Becky said. “Eat my asshole. And eat it like it’s candy”

Becky raised her hips on the sectional, pulling off her panties and exposing her two holes, which drew everyone’s attention as Julie, helped along by Tina, moved towards her.

Getting on her knees, Julie put her head between Becky’s bum cheeks and started to lick.

Tom kissed Becky’s mouth and asked how it felt.

“Mmmm…” Becky mumbled in reply, touching her pussy while Julie’s tongue plumbed the recesses of her ass.

Tom put his tongue in her mouth, joining Becky’s entrance and exit in moist, oral pleasure.

The guys sipped their beers while Becky brought herself to a polite orgasm for which they applauded her.

Julie crawled out from between Becky’s legs and apologized again. Becky accepted and patronizingly patted Julie on the head..

With that out of the way, the party began proper. All the girls sat with their favorite guy. Of course, I sat beside Derek on the couch.

“Alright everyone,” Tina said, continuing her role as ringmaster. “Take out the cock of the guy nearest you.”

I unzipped Derek’s fly and fished out his penis. It had already grown its full seven inches.

“Pull back the foreskin!” Tina said. She had Jim’s jimmy in her own hand. “And inspect it for any marks.”

Everyone did so. “Now, check under the balls and all along the shaft too.” The girls followed her directions.

“Remember,” Tina advised, “We’re all orally bareback here, so if someone has something we all get it.”

Everyone said they were clean, but Mel, the only other brunette in the room and the only girl in our circle with a boob job, complained that Louis’ cock smelled a little.

“Well, lick it clean!” I said, giving her a look like she was stupid.

She smiled like it was an obvious solution and went down on his musky cock, licking it with her wide tongue until its offensive fragrance was neutralized.

“Honey,” Derek asked me. “Could I try Li first?”

I knew Derek had never fucked an Asian girl before and was curious to know if their pussies were different in any way. I said, they were usually a little darker in shade than my pink parts. I knew this having eaten out a Japanese girl last month at the mall.

“Don’t be so eager. You’re going to find out what her pussy is like by the end of the night anyway and I’ve got a special new blowjob trick I wanted to show you.”

“Besides,” I added, “Li looks sort of busy right now.” I stroked Derek’s dick as he looked over at Li’s mouth wrapped around Chris’ substantial cock.

“Ok, you win.” Derek said, as I got on my knees between his legs. “You’re going to have the best rainbow at the end of the night. I promise!” I smiled at him. I hoisted his hips up a little and starting at the bottom edge of his asshole began lapping my way up past his perineum, across his lovely, soft balls, past the magnificent shaft and finally to his bulbous head which was already sprouting pre-cum.

Derek groaned in pleasure as my mouth accepted his cock and I began to blow him steadily.

All around the room the girls mouths were all over the boys’ cocks. Moaning and other exertions of pleasure filled the room and the occasional gag could be heard if a guy went to deep too fast. After about five minutes we rotated. I went over to Dave’s cock as Derek’s was taken over by Tina.

“Hi Derek!” Tina giggled before giving him one of her patented blowjobs, eating his shaft like a corn-on-the cob.

Although I obviously didn’t mind other girls blowing my boyfriend, Tina has always been a bit of a threat to me, and I couldn’t help but feel a small pang of jealously swell in me as Derek moaned. Maybe it was because Tina was the only girl I knew who could suck cock as good as me.

After I finished blowing Dave, I swallowed his cum and turned to Josh who was standing behind me trying to get my attention. He had my old stolen panties in his hand.

Everyone in the room stopped to hear what he was going to say to me.

“Hey Linds,” He said, “I found your panties.”

“Thanks.” I said, sarcastically.

“But there’s a surprise! I sent them to the boys’ locker room this afternoon during football practice and had all the guys cum in them.

He showed me the crotch and it had the biggest puddle of cum I’d ever seen in them.

“Oh gross!” I giggled as all the guys and girls watched.

“Put them on!” He suggested.

I looked at him like I didn’t want to even entertain the suggestion. But soon everyone in the room was calling me on and daring me. I didn’t know what to do so I finally said ok and took my panties from him.

Taking off the garters and panties I was already wearing, I slipped the cum covered panties up my slender legs to my pussy. I could feel the creamy crotch press against coldly my slick lips. It felt like someone put pudding in my underwear.

I got between Bill’s legs as the panties squished.

I applied a fresh coat of lipstick before putting Bill’s cock in my mouth.

“Feel good having all those loads against your pussy?” He asked me.

“Well, it kind of itches.” I told him frankly.

“Well, scratch it then. And push all that cum up yourself…”

I did as I was told, feeling the cum sink between my cunt lips. Tina came over and patted my bottom, forcing the sperm even deeper into my crack.

“Oh nice!” I smiled as Tina pushed my head further down on Bill’s hard cock like a proper bitch. I sucked him while Tina kept my mouth in place. I think Bill appreciated her help.

After Bill shot in my mouth, I turned to see Julie. Her braided hair had been loosened from all of the manhandling and it was covered in cum. I guess all the guys wanted to bukkake on it and from the look of it, they got their wish.

She looked blissful, as sperm dripped down her forehead.

After the girls had completed a full four circuits, it was time to check out who had the best rainbow.

All the guys lined up in the middle of the room as the girls gave each of them a score out of 10. Whoever had earned the most points won the contest.

The girls checked over each and every cock and wrote their score on the guy’s chest with their lipsticks.

Tina added them all up. She was studying accounting at the State University that Fall, so numbers were really her thing.

After the calculations were complete, it turned out Derek was the winner after all! I was so happy for him I gave him a big kiss.

“What’s the prize?” He asked.

“First you get the jackpot.” Tina said. “All the girls threw in five dollars to be here tonight, so times seven that’s 35 bucks for you. The other prize,” Tina continued. “is Li’s anal virginity. She pledged it to give it up to the winner this afternoon!”

Derek looked like he was about to pass out.

“I never tried it in my bum before.” Li said, in a thick accent. “You be gentle, ok?”

I knew Derek would be. He was great at anal and I gladly give mine up for him anytime he requested it.

“Of course, there is one more thing.” Tina said to everyone’s surprise.

“You guys were so well behaved, we girls decided you deserve our pussies.”

The guys cheered, like we knew they would, but some of the girls weren’t sure. Tina put the girls minds at ease: “You have to wear condoms though.”

There was a wave of protests from the guys, but Tina quieted them down. “Wait, wait, first of all, not every girl here is even on the pill. Mel is even allergic to the pill.”

Mel smiled widely. She was currently jerking Chris’ cock in her hand as he played with her breasts. “That’s right. So you’ve got to wear condoms!”

All the guys mumbled some more as Tina handed out condoms and tiny packets of lube. “Don’t worry, it’ll be worth it.” She said.

She got down on her hands and knees and I followed. Soon, all the girls were lined up side by side on all fours with their asses up in the air and exposed for the guys. Each guy took a pussy, and I felt a penis creep into me. I couldn’t tell who it was. I think it was Louis though, because its curve felt familiar from being in my throat.

One by one, the guys moved left to right, fucking each of us. It was nice, feeling all of the different shapes and lengths of cocks inside me. I shut my eyes to concentrate on the feeling. I decided I liked big, fat ones best because they filled me up so tightly. One cheeky guy, I think it was Chris, even tried to get in my asshole but I told him he couldn’t fuck the next girl’s pussy if he did that without changing his condom. He agreed to change it and somehow got inside my rosebud, leaving it gaping for the viewing pleasure of the next guy.

After the sixth cock pushed into me, I started to shake all over and groan loudly. I felt a feverish tremble overwhelm me as I burst into a beautiful, glowing orgasm. My afterglow was only augmented by the perfect cock that came right after the one that had just pulled out.

Around midnight, the guy’s cocks had started to run dry and we all called it a night. We thanked the boys and showered with them before they headed off. Derek promised to take me out for dinner that Friday and told me that he was treating me to a new dildo too. What a great guy.

I had a glass of wine with Tina as the other girls left. “I guess I’ll stay the night and help you clean up tomorrow. The entire house smells like pussy!”

“Speaking of pussy,” Tina said. “Does yours hurt?”

“It’s a little worn.” She giggled. “That was crazy how the guys all came in your panties for you.”

I blushed. “I’m sure I’ll hear about it at school on Monday!”

“Did Derek leave with Li?” Tina said.

“Yeah, he’s really excited about having Asian pussy finally.”

“You didn’t want to watch them?”

“No, I’m too tired. I know Li will treat him right though.”

We headed off for bed, figuring we might as well sleep together in her room.

I curled up into her arms. “How many loads did you swallow?”

“Eleven… twelve?” she said, sounding unsure.

“I probably had the same amount. Those guys really gave it to us.”

As sleep began to overtake her, I drifted down between her legs to kiss her tender pussy all better. Her juices made me horny again, so I jilled myself softly with my fingers, getting off a little, before resting my head back next to hers.

She was asleep; her peaceful face nestled on all sides by a wreath of copper curls.


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