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A Battle for Domination Ch. 01

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Five years ago, Arthur Johansen was at the peak of his career as an actor of action movies. Since he was 18, he had been starring in countless blockbusters about cars, competitions and espionage. Tall, handsome, muscular and with a distinguished full black beard, Arthur had all the qualities the producers of this kind of movies were looking after. When he turned 29 years old, he was starring in a production where he played a boxer, when some youtuber leaked the news: he had relationships with other men.

Hollywood was becoming more diverse, but the truth is that he ended up losing some contracts and some female admirers. On the other hand, gay culture adopted him as one of his biggest symbols of masculinity. After being dropped by two consecutive studios that were planning to have him as the protagonist of big budget movies, Arthur was approached by some exec producers, who smartly wanted to take advantage of two things that were generating marketing at the time: superheroes and his sexuality.

The script was kind of embarrassing. Arthur would play a bulky cop who did not let himself be corrupted even being part of a dishonest police instituition. His behavior called the attention of the Old Greek Gods, who decided it was time to choose human beings to inherit part of their powers. The first time he read it, Arthur found the script laughable. His character, the protagonist, was blessed by Ares, the God of Courage and War. His alter ego was The Iron Gladiator, a muscular bearded warrior with six-pack abs, a golden helmet, a spear and a shield, looking like he had been pulled out from the movie 300, minus the red cape. The producers wanted to exploit Arthur’s hairy and muscular body, so Iron Gladiator always walked bare chested, exposing his firm chest and his incredible washboard abs, highlighted despite his furry body. The main difference is that the executives were betting on a gay superhero and Arthur was the big name. Therefore, the Iron Gladiator was not only after bad guys, criminals and supervillains, but also chased the best men asses in the world. Just like his interpreter, Iron Gladiator was a bulky and rough top-only stud.

Arthur gave it many thoughts, but he was finally convinced after being told the series would be rated +18. Although it could had been seen as an easy script, the intention was to explore good fight sequences, violence and some male nudity. Arthur signed the contract with an explicit clause that he would not appear fully naked, which frustrated the producers. However, he was such a big name, could not be discarded and they gave him a millionaire contract.

The TV show, called A Battle for Domination, was a big hit, much above anyone’s expectation. When the first season aired, Arthur was 30 years old and he was dating Ritchie Mills, a blonde surfer who had had a similar trajectory. They were definitely an A-list couple. Arthur’s career gained a new momentum, with him stamping covers of magazines and receiving awards for the impact he had on younger generations. The rumors, however, were that Arthur was one of the most difficult persons to work with in all show business. He was full of himself and treated the staff with disdain. He believed himself superior and there were some tales of him being disrespectful to his fans.

One of his fans was 20 years old Diego Hernandez. Originally from Argentina, Diego came from a wealthy family. A former water polo competitor, Diego was fascinated by sports and action movies. When his idol and ideal of masculinity, Arthur Johansen, came out as a gay man, this meant the world for him. Diego was always one of the most handsome man in his country, with olive skin, green eyes and curly hair, chased by the hottest girls. However, his desire for other men was always something secretive and uncomfortable for him. This changed when he had Arthur as an inspiration. Already virile and masculine, although far from being as muscular as his favorite actor was, Diego finally became motivated mobilbahis güvenilir mi to achieve his ultimate goal: to be a recognized and celebrated action movie star.

They say if you have someone as an idol, it is best if you don’t get to know him. And that was exactly what happened to the nice Argentinean guy. Having moved to Los Angeles to take some acting classes, Diego spotted Arthur in a café in Los Angeles downtown. He almost became star-struck. He took a deep breath and decided to ask for a picture, telling his idol how much he liked him. Arthur smiled for the camera and signed an old pic Diego always carried with himself, from his favorite movie.

When he asked about tips to make it big in Hollywood, he finally discovered Arthur’s harsh side. The bearded hunk just told him that, with his name and accent, Diego would only clean the movies set. Moreover, he added: “And you are also way too skinny for action movies. Sorry for the reality check.”

Diego became heartbroken. It was the first time he considered giving up his career and going back to Argentina. He spent the whole night feeling himself a stupid man for giving Arthur too much credit. In fact, despite his disappointment with his favorite actor, Diego was doing great in Los Angeles. Good-looking and charismatic, he was getting to know a nice bunch of people and making good contacts. In addition, an extra factor about him always boosted his confidence: Diego had a huge and thick cock.

There are impressive cocks out there, but Diego’s massive dick took it to another level. It had such a rare combination of length and girth that sometimes he used to alert his partners before showing for the first time. However, he preferred seeing their reaction. During his life, Diego was called many names because of the size of it. Humongous, colossal, heavy. However, his favorite was a nickname given by Mark, a sergeant he used to fuck: The Giant Bull.

Yeah, his size was the definitive plus for his sexual life. It was so immense and thick that some people probably would consider it monstrous and out of proportions. The majority of men he knew, however, would kill to have a cock as impressive as his, and the fame spread among the circles he attended.

One of the men he fucked was Travis, a bodybuilder who had good contacts in one of the best gyms in Los Angeles. After Diego brutalized his ass, reaching his second hole, Travis had an idea:

“You are almost impossibly good-looking. And your cock is superb. A third leg, I would say. Can I train you? You will learn to get buff, ripped. I’ll get you there. The ideal proportion of big muscles to a big cock. A perfect male specimen.” Diego agreed. And just like that, after that one night, Diego started to hit the gym non-stop.

5 years later, he had done a miraculous transformation from skinny twink to muscular stud. Big smooth pecs, muscular thighs, wide shoulders, V-back, narrow waist, arms that drew attention everywhere. With his robust swarthy looks, Diego got secondary roles in some actions movies and some invitations to model for gym outfit brands.

His breakthrough role, however, had not happened yet. This would change soon, when his agent told him the famous TV show A Battle for Domination was looking for someone to play a new sidekick to the main character. Diego never wanted so much a role.

Although the first season of the show had been a hit, the second season received a lukewarm reception. The plot became a little bit repetitive and the audience complained it lacked characters that were more diverse. Each chapter ended with the protagonist fucking a lean handsome guy, easily replaced by another for the next episode. The idea was to show how alpha the main hero was, breeding handsome dudes whenever he wanted to.

Arthur was the one who chose his scene partners. He always picked up guys who had similar traits: blonde, lean, six-pack, younger than him. The main attribute, however, mobilbahis had to be their butts. Arthur liked his bottoms smooth, juicy, muscular. A bubble butt was a guaranteed hit. Therefore, the chapters always displayed a selection of the most incredible butt naked guys, all of them claimed by the disciple of Ares.

The audience, however, wanted more. The producers were receiving criticisms about the lack of interesting characters in the main cast, sharing the spotlight with its muscular superstar. For this reason, they decided to include a sidekick, like an apprentice counterpart to Arthur’s hero. They hired a Canadian twink from Toronto, a child of Korean immigrants. Eight years younger than Arthur, Nicholas Han was a welcome addition to the show. His character was a painter who had received his powers from Olympian Hermes: he was fast and agile. Nicholas was an easygoing person, respectful and charismatic, a breath of fresh air in a show that was on the verge of becoming boring. His character was smart and had a thing for solving mysteries, which made the script more intriguing. The writers decided that the young sprinter, through a narrative sensibly developed, would slowly charm The Iron Gladiator.

The producers also had a clear shot in their hands when they finally convinced Arthur to show nudity for the show. He did not want to go full frontal for the cameras, but agreed on showing his ass in a number of chapters. In fact, the first scene of the third season was the Gladiator on his back, standing naked in an arena, holding an axe, and revealing his muscular firm ass that had the perfect amount of hair on it. Sturdy, strong, impeccably matching his hips and thighs, Arthur’s ass became one of the most talked subjects of that season and the joy of many butt admirers all around the world.

For five episodes, the show also relied on another guest star celebrity: Ritchie, Arthur’s boyfriend in real life. He played an art museum director who collected mysterious artifacts and who fucked Nicholas Han’s character. In the end, the Gladiator discovered his true intentions and defeated him, not before aggressively topping the two men in beautiful shots that took advantage of Arthur’s perfect butt going back and forth. The episode, Ruthless Carnage, became the most-watched episode of the entire show. Arthur’s ass was a star on its own.

There were rumors, however, that this threesome also was happening in real life. As time went by, Ritchie became tired of it and demanded they broke up with Nicholas. The climate in the set became horrible. Arthur did not want to work with Nicholas anymore and the producers had to kill his character in the end of season 4.

As the dynamic with a sidekick proved to be a success, the main writers and producers opted for a substitution. They expected to introduce a new character in a 2-hour special that would be the bridge between seasons 4 and 5.

They decided the new character would be a Latino young man, approximately 10 years younger than Arthur, who was 35 then. Preferably, lean, not tall, and somewhat fragile, the way Arthur liked his co-stars.

When Diego received this information from his agent, he decided to audition for the role, despite not having the slim physique required. The overall concept was awkward: the character would be descent of mermaids and tritons, somehow sent by Poseidon.

Diego’s audition proved to be a hit. He fascinated everyone with his sense of humor, strong physique and confidence. He definitely had plenty of what is called “big dick energy.”

After some interviews, the producers reunited three final candidates, two slim guys that fitted the role description, and Diego. For the final decision, they had to try the outfit and speak some lines taken from the special chapter.

The outfit came in form of tight blue pants, resembling sea patterns. Diego struggled to wear them. He simply had too much dick and balls. Inside the pants, there was not mobilbahis giriş enough space for them. The result was an unparalleled bulge, pushing the fabric forward. The Argentinean stud adjusted his cock downward, on his left thigh, but it became obscene. His dick line was clearly visible. You could even see the fabric contouring the massive head of his cock. In addition to his big muscular ass, it seemed his cock would rip the fabric at any minute.

When he was finally in front of the producers, they were shocked. They realized they were facing a gold mine. Diego was the best actor of the bunch, creative, had a great comic timing. His handsome face, with green eyes and olive skin, had star quality. However, he did not fit the physical description of the character at all, and that was the low point of his audition.

There was something in his favor though: the size of the bulge they were seeing was too big to ignore. One of the producers asked if he was comfortable with nudity.

“Definitely. I can be an exhibitionist. I am not embarrassed of my body. This extends to full frontal. If it is necessary, I am up to it,” Diego replied.

“Some scenes indeed would require showing your penis. You are clearly packing big. Is it ok if we see it?”

“Of course. In fact, these pants are so tight they’re hurting.” Then came the moment that guaranteed Diego’s ticket to stardom. Pulling down the pants, Diego exposed his enormous soft cock, proudly displaying every inch of his magnificent oversized dick. The producers were in awe. They opened their mouths, perplexed by the volume of the slab of meat in front of them. The panel remained silent, in shock, trying to look unaffected. Knowing he had made an impression, Diego decided to step up the game. “I won’t mind showing it on screen, if it fits the script.”

One of the producers replied: “Man, this thing can be the star of any show. We are all here drooling over it. However, being completely honest to you, we don’t think this character fits your physique. You are way too huge, robust, and this character was supposed to look more delicate.”

Diego had all the arguments to counteract. “I have a proposal. You already tested the sidekick thing. What if I played a rival, an anti-hero, someone who is not part of this kind of daddy/son roles the show always relied on?”

“Go on”, one of the producers said, still staring at Diego’s cock.

“My character could be a descendent of centaurs. Strong, as competitive as the main character, from a clan of men who are hung like horses. It would lead the show to unexpected directions. As a fan of the series, I can affirm the audience likes to be surprised.” All the producers seemed suddenly interested in his ideas.

“Exciting ideas. You left us intrigued. We will set up a meeting with the writers. By the end of the week we will give you a call with details,” said the main producer. When Diego left the room, the main producer looked at the other two: “The audience is going to love him. I guess we will have to introduce the descendent of centaurs. We have to look for other men like him.”

“Well, they don’t grow in trees. The size of his balls! Fuck! This character will be the alpha, the leader of his clan. Great opportunities for us,” replied another.

Arriving at home, Diego stripped down in front of the mirror in his room. He was proud of himself. Handsome and masculine, his abs had prominent gaps between them. His chest was muscular, creating a crevasse. He flexed his biceps, surprised by how big it had become. Of course, his sculpted physique was elevated to another level due to his enormous uncut cock, hanging halfway or more to the knees. He went naked to bed, looking at his soon-to-be legendary cock. He put the episode “Ruthless Carnage” to play in the TV, pausing in a scene showing Arthur’s muscular hairy butt. He got hard and, using both hands, jerked off to Arthur’s outstanding ass, as he used to do when he was younger.

Diego could not wait to see Arthur again. His former idol was 35 years old, with an undisputed successful career. Nonetheless, Diego knew there were big things yet to come. The TV Show “A Battle for Domination” would finally do justice for its name. The 5th season was going to be brutal.

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