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A Boi Named Bobbi Ch. 02

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A Boi Named Bobbi Chapter 2

By Subone1

This story is fantasy, use your imagination ??.

Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. — John Lennon

As I laid there on my bed, I wondered how Mom would approach me on this. I noticed Dad has been even more scarce than normal lately; maybe he sensed Mom and the Little Princess were up to something and he wanted no part of it? Who knows, who cares; I just want out of this fucking place!

Ever since giving me her pink lycra spandex leggings, Mom has insisted that I wear them around the house, complete with the matching running bra. Outwardly, I protested. But inwardly, I actually loved the feel of the leggings and the way they made my butt look. I didn’t care for the ‘ventilation hole’ in the front, however, or the jingle bell that was now part of the ensemble. But I guess I’m over being embarrassed showing my tiny package to Mom and my slut sister. God knows they had both seen it enough!

“So, Mom, the plan is to drug Wimpy with the narcotic without telling him?” Jenny said.

“Right, grind it up and put it in his soft drink, he’ll never notice. The instructions said it takes about 30 minutes to kick in.”

“Love it!” Jenny snickered.

“Wimpy! Dinner is ready, come on down,” Mom called from the bottom of the stairs.

I was famished! I quickly changed into my pink leggings and running bra and scooted downstairs, my little bell jingling all the way. Dad was no where around, again. Entering the kitchen, I saw that Mom had made my favorite meal….tacos! Mom and Jenny were sitting at the table waiting for me.

“I made you tacos Wimpy! A treat for you last day of high school!”

“Wow, thanks Mom!”

Mom and Jenny were being unusually nice to me, my radar went into overdrive. I was thinking they were buttering me up to approach me about their little box from Mexico. But, as dinner progressed, we actually had a nice, normal conversation. They never mentioned the box or those illegal meds at all.

After three tacos and two diet cokes, I was finally full. I started to feel really sleepy, and sort of tingled all over. I assumed I ate too much and decided to head back up to bed early.

“Wimpy, you look tired. I’ll do the dishes tonight.” Mom said.

“You do Wimpy, feeling okay?” Jenny asked.

“Just tired, been a long day. I’m gonna go to bed early I think.”

“Okay, goodnight Wimpy.”

I jingled back up the stairs toward my room, sleep was gonna feel good tonight!

“Jenny, clean up the kitchen while I get his first dose ready. We’ll give him about 20 more minutes to fall asleep, just to be safe. Time to give that little boy some meat between his legs if this thing works!”

As Jenny cleaned up, Mom prepared the three vials for the first dose. I normally sleep in my pink leggings because they felt so sexy, tonight was no exception. I crashed right away.

About 30 minutes later, Mom and the Little Princess quietly opened my bedroom door and entered, syringes and a tiny flashlight in hand. They stood motionless near the door for a few minutes, checking to see if I had fallen asleep.

“Well, we know the narcotic works at least,” Mom whispered. “He is out cold! Gently pull the covers back and shine the light on his little nuts Jenny.”

Lifting the covers out of the way, Jenny giggled. “As many times as I’ve seen this, I still laugh at what a pathetic sight this is!”

“Shush…let’s get to work.”

Jenny held my tiny nut sac while Mom inserted the first syringe. I didn’t feel a thing, the narcotic had done its job and made me numb all over. The second syringe was inserted, then the third.

“There, round one done. We need to come back in three hours for the next dose,” Mom whispered.

The bitches crept from my room and quietly closed the door. They repeated this procedure again three hours later, then three hours after that, taking advantage of my comatose body. When they arrived early the next morning, I was still zonked out from the narcotic. Mom peeled back the covers to check on any progress.

“Oh my God! Jenny! It’s working! Come look!”

Jenny stood elazığ seks hikayeleri next to my bed. “Damn, that was fast. It looks about five or six inches already!”

“His nuts are getting bigger too! This is great!” Mom squealed quietly.

I woke a couple of hours later. I actually feel great I thought, nice deep sleep! I flipped the covers back and headed to the bathroom to take a piss. As I stood over the bowl to piss, I looked down and saw how my dick had grown over night!

“Oh, my, fucking, God!” I said out loud. I didn’t know if I was going to laugh or cry! My overarching emotion was pure joy at finally having something resembling a dick between my legs! I finished pissing, then examined my cock and balls in the mirror; finally!! I guess that drug from Mexico actually worked!

I pulled on my running bra and headed downstairs, purposely making my bell jingle so the girls knew I was approaching. Mom and Jenny were having coffee in the family room as I walked in, my now five inch dick protruding from the hole Jenny had cut in my leggings two weeks ago.

I proudly stood in the middle of the room, my hands on my hips. I gently swayed my hips to make my cock swing around.

“Oh Wimpy! This is a dream come true! I can’t believe those drugs actually worked!” Mom exclaimed.

Jenny approached me and reached out her hand to touch my dick, as if it wasn’t real or something.

“Careful Jenny, no stimulation during the procedure, remember? That will have to wait until later.”

“Its….its….just so surreal!” Jenny said with awe, still staring at my cock. “After all these years, he grows a pair overnight!”

Mom explained how they had drugged me to fall asleep. She then told me how she and Jenny had come into my room three times overnight to administer the drugs.

“Do your nuts hurt Wimpy? I was scared inserting that big needle there,” Mom asked.

“Literally didn’t feel a thing, and everything feels fine now! What time do we do the next dose?” I asked eagerly.

Mom checked her watch.

“Soon, here is the next narcotic. Take this with some water Wimpy and in 30 minutes we’ll resume the treatments.”

I gladly took the drug and went to get some breakfast before I passed out again. After eating, Mom had me lay on the couch in the family room for the next round of treatments. Over the next nine hours, Mom and Jenny administered three more doses of the drugs.

“Jenny, now that we’ve finished this round of treatments, I’m going to run to the grocery store real fast. Keep an eye on Wimpy while I’m gone.”

“Where’s Dad?”

“This is his poker night, he may or may not be home. No idea.”

Mom left for the store. The Little Princess was supposedly watching over me. Instead, she channeled her inner slut and began fondling my newly sprouted cock as I lay passed out on the couch. I knew she’d be hungry to get her hands on it, she’s such a cock hound. Jenny held it in one hand and using her other hand, snapped several photos with her phone. She wanted to put it in her mouth so bad but kept remembering the instructions….”no sexual stimulation during the treatment process.” So, instead of engulfing my new dick in her whore mouth, she merely kissed the head. Instantly, I sprouted a hard on!

“Oh shit! What the fuck?” Jenny said out loud. “Damn, all I did was give it a little kiss!”

Jenny freaked out. She tried to shrink my cock with cold water, then an ice cube. Neither worked. Apparently, the stimulation woke me from my slumber. I groggily sat up just as Mom was walking through the front door.

I wasn’t all the way awake yet, but blankly stared down at my now raging hard on poking out of the hole in my pink leggings. I was trying to process everything that had happened in the last 24 hours.

“Oh good, you’re awake Wimpy! How are you feeling?” Mom asked.

She leaned over the back of the couch and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Ummm…what’s happening down there?” she said, gesturing at my hard on.

I truly didn’t know and stared at her blankly.

“Jenny…..did you have anything to do with this?” Mom asked sternly.

“Well….sort of….it’s just so….”

“Appetizing?” Mom asked.

Jenny smiled, “Exactly!”

“You, my dear, are insatiable! Get him some food and then give him his next narcotic. We need to continue the treatments. I’ll put the groceries away.”

I had lost track of time. I had to look outside to see if it was day or night. I guessed it was early evening. Jenny plopped down next to me with a sandwich and a glass of milk.

“Here is your next pill Wimpy, take this with a swallow of milk.”

I stared at her blankly and nodded. I washed the narcotic pill down and then managed to eat about half of the sandwich. Mom came back into the family room.

“Help him upstairs to his room Jenny, I’ll get the syringes ready. See if he has to use the bathroom.”

Next thing I remember, I was standing over the toilet in the bathroom adjoining my bedroom. Jenny was holding my dick and pointing into the toilet as I pissed. I was confused when she bent down and licked the last drop of piss off the head of my cock.

“There, all dry and ready for beddy bye!” she said cheerily.

She helped me to bed. Last thing I remember was Mom standing over me with a large needle in her hand. The treatments continued throughout the night, my second day of treatments was almost over.

The next morning, Mom and Jenny came in to check on my progress. Once again, they peeled back the covers.

“Holy shit! Jenny, get a ruler! It grew overnight again!”

Jenny returned with a standard 12 inch ruler.

“At least his hard on is gone! Hold his cock up straight so I can measure it!” Mom directed Jenny.

Mom and The Little Princess smiled and looked at one another.

“Mom, it’s like a fraction under 12 inches!”

“Get a soft tape measure so we can measure the girth!”

Jenny held my cock up off of my leg as Mom wrapped the soft tape measure around it.

“A little over three inches in diameter. I think we need to add a little more Botox to make it thicker. What do you think?” Mom asked the little slut.

“Thick is always good with me!” Jenny replied with a wicked grin.

And this, my friends, is where things started to go off track. Mom and Jenny had followed the instructions meticulously up to this point. But the horny bitches wanted my cock thicker, so they gave me an extra shot of Botox by itself.

“Wake him up and get him some food Jenny. Just leave him here in his bed. This is the last day of treatments and he’s so out of it, no need to bring him downstairs.”

I vaguely remember Jenny giving me yet another narcotic to keep me doped up and knocked out. Day three treatments began and continued throughout the day. I woke up in the late afternoon to the sound of Jenny and Mom, sitting in my room, in some sort of happy discussion.

I glanced across the room. It looked like they were drinking martinis! “I must be hallucinating!” I thought to myself. But I wasn’t. The evil bitches were getting drunk, celebrating their success at getting my cock to grow.

“Jen, do you think we should stop now. He’s at 12 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Surely that’s enough.”

“Mom, we need to follow the procedure to the end. Besides, bigger is better right!?” How ironic since they had given me a rouge Botox shot already!

Laughter and clinking of martini glasses from across the room.

“When this is done, do you think….we’ll…be able to try it Mom?”

With feigned innocence Mom said, “Jenny, you nasty girl! We can’t fuck your brother!”

Jenny took that sarcastic response as a ‘yes’.

“Woo hoo! Our own live in monster cock! How exciting! Are we sure he needs to go off to college? Maybe Wimpy can go to the local community college?”

“I was thinking the same thing Dear. It would be nice to have this magnificent cock at our disposal whenever we wanted it!”

More clinking of martini glasses.

The final night of treatments began with Jenny giving me more narcotics to knock me out, as if I needed it at this point. I was so out of it I could barely open my eyes or lift my head off the pillow.

Overnight they jabbed the needles into my now growing nut sac every three hours. The narcotics had accumulated in my system and I continued to sleep way past daybreak the next day.

“Mom, wake up, let’s go see what happened overnight!” Jenny said with sluttish delight.

What the bitches failed to realize, was that my cock was doubling in size every night during these treatments. First six inches, then twelve inches, and now, on the final morning, my cock hung at least a full 24 inches down my leg! I’m sure when they pulled my covers back that final morning, I looked like some creature out of a freak show!

“Uh oh. We may have gone overboard Jenny!”

“Oh, My. Fucking. God! It’s huge! It looks like a horse cock, only bigger!”

“Maybe it will shrink when it’s flaccid?”

“Mom, it IS flaccid. His hard on will be even bigger! His nuts are the size of tennis balls!”

“Jen, go get the instructions, it said something about swelling on the final day I think.”

Jen returned from downstairs, instructions in hand.

“Okay, here’s what it says….”

After administering all the doses, wait 24 hours for any swelling to subside before sexually stimulating the penis. Upon stimulation, the penis should grow to normal size and ejaculate at least one third cup of semen.

“So, we wait 24 hours and see if it shrinks. Use the soft tape measurer to check the length, that ruler won’t cut it anymore! Let’s measure the girth again too.”

“Good Lord, 25 inches long!”

“Up to 4 inches in diameter now!” Jenny squealed.

“Do we want it thicker?”

“Jesus Mom! Now who’s the insatiable one?”

“Well, I was just thinking, it’s now or never, ya know?”

A moment of silence as they stood and stared at my now magnificent horse-like cock. Lust won out over common sense. Jenny left my bedroom and ran downstairs. She was back in a moment with a red vial and a syringe.

“There’s still some left Mom.”

They smiled at one another. I’m sure their slutty cunts were dripping wet.

Mom just shrugged and held out her hand. Jenny handed her the vial of Botox.

“Hold that thing out of the way so I can inject his nuts.”

“Jeez Mom, it’s actually heavy!”

Mom shot my nut sac full of more Botox, she had now exceeded the recommended dose twice.

“What else was left in the package Jen?”

Jenny grinned mischievously. Out of her pocket she held up a black vial.

Mom smiled.

“Nothing wrong with more stamina and semen production, right? I mean, what could that hurt? Lift his cock out of the way again.”

The Little Princess held my slab of meat while Mom shot my nuts with more steroid.

“Okay, pull the covers back over him. Let’s let him sleep it off.”

Before Jenny could pull the covers over me, my 25 inch cock sprung into a huge and immediate hard on!

“Uh….Mom….should it be doing this? Jesus, look how big the head is!” Jenny said with lust in her voice.

Mom turned around and stared at my raging hard on for a few seconds. Inwardly she was getting concerned and starting to doubt this whole thing.

“Just cover him up, I’m sure that will go away while he’s sleeping.”

“Mom, what if he’s pissed at us when he wakes up?”

“So what Jenny. He’s still a wimp. Now he just happens to be a wimp with a huge cock! I’ll handle it.”

I woke up late afternoon, famished and needing to use the bathroom. I had no idea what day it was. Opening my eyes, I saw a huge ‘tent pole’ holding up my covers. I looked under the covers…”What the fuck!?”

I kicked the covers off and stared at my erect, 25 inch cock. Confused, I stumbled to my bathroom to take a piss. Standing over the toilet, my erection was so firm I couldn’t aim it into the bowl. I pulled the shower curtain back and pissed into the tub.

I was still wearing the pink leggings and running bra. I splashed water on my face and headed downstairs. I actually had trouble walking with the weight of my cock and the fact it was erect and swaying to and fro as I descended the stairs.

The Little Princess and Mom were in the family room, watching some mindless game show. I stood in the doorway, hands on my hips, my 25 inch cock pointing at them.

“What the hell have you done to me!?”

To Be Continued…….

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