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A Brother’s Revenge Ch. 02

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James and Juliet McAfey sat in their comfortable chairs enjoying the tranquility.

“Isn’t this just so wonderful James. Julie and Jimmy aren’t fighting any more. No more shrieking and yelling and screaming between our children. At last they’re starting to act like 18 year olds,” said Juliet

“Sure is,” replied her husband. “I don’t know what happened while we were away but they’ve changed from hating each other to spending all their free time together.”

“Yes and Julie’s being so nice. Why tonight she told me that she was going to help Jimmy with his French.”

James felt a glow of pleasure at Julie’s generosity to her twin sibling, then thought for a moment. “That’s odd, Julie’s never been to a French class in her life.”

At that very moment, upstairs in Jimmy’s bedroom their children were acting like 18 year olds in a way their parents hadn’t imagined. Julie was instructing her twin brother in the only French tuition that he needed: how to get his mammoth manhood balls deep into her ass.

“Come on Jimmy, ram me, wham me, Roger me, split me. Just get that monster cock right up your slut sister’s slut ass.”

Jimmy, her twin brother was completely undeveloped for an 18 year old. Match stick arms, a concave and hairless chest and stork like legs. But he had the one attribute that was the focus of his sister’s frantic attentions: a cock the size of a giant cucumber. As Julie lay on her back with her legs pulled wide and high he pounded his male pile-driver deep into her beckoning anus.

“Aaaaaah, Uuuuuugh, Eeeeeeeeh, Ooooooooohhhhh” Julie shrieked with her rectum convulsing in an orgasm around her brother’s monumental masculinity as it plunged deep into the inner black recesses of her gaping bowel.

Then with her body still trembling from her excitement and glistening with perspiration from her efforts Julie lay on her back and opened her mouth wide. Jimmy knelt beside his sister’s head and proceeded to ream out her throat, banging his prodigious penis full length into her cruelly stretched maw.

Later, still panting Julie looked at her scrawny brother with affection. “God Jimmy, your cum is the best I’ve swallowed. Can I have a repeat course soon, very soon, straight away?”

Jimmy gently slapped her nose with the still enormous knob of his flaccid cock. “Sorry slut sis, but Suzie is coming around to give me some instruction in the 10 Commandments.”

Julie screwed her face in mock disappointment but in her heart she knew that her mouth and cunt and ass needed some respite from her brother’s outrageous organ.

The sounds of their daughter’s anal orgasm filtered down the stairs to the living room where her parents listened. Neither was an expert in the French language although they had spent two days in Paris on their 10 day whistle stop tour of Europe.

“That doesn’t sound much like the Frenchmen I heard on the Eiffel Tower,” said James.

However he was interrupted from his contemplations by a knock on the door which he opened to let in Suzie, the pastor’s cute daughter.

“Hi Suzie, have you come to help Jimmy with the 10 Commandments again?”

The pastor’s cute daughter smiled innocently. James thought she looked so sweet and demure with her hair tied in long braids and her dress which covered her from her neck to her wrists and ankles.

But James became aware of other thoughts than Suzie’s innocence. Her long dress couldn’t disguise the jutting shape of her breasts, her narrow waist and her firm, rounded ass. He was getting the same thoughts as he sometimes got when he stood beside her singing in the choir in her father’s chapel.

“Temptations of the Devil!” he cursed himself and wondered whether he too needed some more instruction in the 10 Commandments.

“Hi Mr and Mrs McAfey,” Suzie smiled cutely. “Wasn’t chapel choir practice so uplifting yesterday?”

“Such a cute girl and so devout,” said Juliet as she watched Suzie walk up the stairs.

By the time the cute and devout Suzie had reached the top of the stairs she had undone her braids and her long blond hair hung down her back. By the time the cute and devout Suzie had reached Jimmy’s bedroom she had taken off her all-covering dress and showed that she was wearing nothing underneath.

“Suzie you look so sexy,” Julie gave a shriek of delight and rushed across the bedroom to hug her.

Suzie returned the hug and licked the remnants of Jimmy’s cum from Julie’s face as Julie’s hand explored her body. Suzie parted her legs for Julie whose expert fingers soon found her clit.

“AaaaEeeeeeOooooooUuuuuuugh,” groaned the cute chorister as she came.

Then Suzie explored Julie’s cunt and and caressed her G Spot until Julie came to her umpteenth orgasm of that evening. Then Julie went to have a shower and left Suzie to her instruction on the 10 Commandments.

Suzie took this job very seriously but never got past the third Commandment.

“Thou shalt fuck my cunt,” she said looking sternly at Jimmy as she lay on her back, her knees high and wide and her cunt open and glistening from Julie’s engelli seks hikayeleri touch.

Jimmy had fully recovered and needed no second command as he dived onto the pastor’s daughter’s cute and welcoming body. Suzie gave a little squeal of pain as his immense invader stretched her pink parts, then a far louder squeal of delight as her cunt relaxed to take him.

After she had cum Suzie knelt on the bed, her ass pointed high. “Thou shalt fuck my ass,” she commanded sternly.

Again she went through three sensations: pain as Jimmy’s monstrous masculinity split her anus, pleasure as her rectum walls were massaged and ecstasy as her ass and cunt and everything exploded in an orgasm.

On her knees she looked up sternly at Jimmy. “Thou shalt fuck my mouth and my tonsils and my throat.”

Miraculously Suzie’s oral organs somehow accommodated Jimmy’s enormous extremity as it drove in and a few minutes later she had her second sampling of cum, this time in a bucket load.

While Suzie was being stretched and pounded and plundered Julie showered and then went to talk with her parents, sitting beside her mother.

Her father looked at mother and daughter and pondered the the strange circumstances of their family’s genes.

Although Julie and Jimmy were twins there was no physical similarity. Julie was tall and voluptuously radiated an 18 year old’s beauty, health and happiness. Whereas Jimmy could only be described as a runt. James sighed and he wished that his own genes hadn’t been passed on so directly to Jimmy. For, like the son, the father was skinny to the point of being emaciated, no matter how much he ate and exercised.

Upstairs, Suzie had no concerns about Jimmy’s inheritance as she lay stretched out on her back, her body quivering and shivering with delight from Jimmy’s rampant ravishing and her face and hair bathed in an eruption of cum.

Below James looked at his wife and daughter. Julie was just about a clone of her mother. Classic bone structure, shapely body. But that was as far as it went. Julie’s long hair hung down in untamed curls, her mother’s was short and unfashionably cut. Julie’s usual expression was usually an exuberant and open smile but his wife seldom smiled and her natural expression was a frown of disapproval.

The contrast was continued with their clothes. Julie was into short skirts and tight and low-cut tops while her mother, a devout member of the pastor’s chapel dressed as Suzie did in an all-covering and shapeless smock.

Inadvertently his eyes strayed over Julie’s body. Her long and shapely legs were almost fully revealed as her mini skirt was pulled up as she sat, the shape of her breasts were obvious under her skintight T shirt.

James shuddered. “Temptation of the devil,” he muttered to himself for the second time that night and pledged to himself that he would go to the chapel the next morning to pray for forgiveness.

Once James had dismissed his carnal thought, he enjoyed chatting to his daughter. After an hour Suzie and Jimmy came down, fully clothed and recently showered.

“Did Jimmy study well?” asked Juliet.

“He’s really good on the first three Commandments,” smiled the pastor’s daughter cutely.


James had gone to chapel early in the morning and had spent a long time praying for forgiveness for his brief carnal thoughts towards the pastor’s daughter and his own. His own daughter! James’ brow had furrowed in concentration as he had prayed.

Another of Jimmy’s new friends came around: Bridget Dickinson, the mayor’s daughter. As usual she had come to help Jimmy with his biology. At first James and Juliet hadn’t liked Bridget. In addition to being mayor, Bridget’s father was the richest man in town and both she and her parents were arrogant snobs. Matters weren’t helped by James’ job being a lowly clerk at the Town Hall where he frequently had to be subservient to Bridget’s father.

His worst times were when he was sometimes required to be chauffeur in the mayoral limousine and Bridget’s father, Bridget’s mother and Bridget had always treated him with arrogant contempt.

But over the recent weeks Bridget’s attitude had changed. Her arrogance had gone and she was always friendly with James and Juliet and their twins.

Like Julie and other friends Bridget was 18 but in some ways she appeared older. She was slimmer than Julie and Suzie and taller; a truly elegant beauty with chiseled cheekbones and an immaculate complexion.

Bridget didn’t dress as flagrantly as Julie but there always seemed a hint of sensuality in her poised elegance and expensive clothes.

“She could be a model,” thought James as he watched Bridget’s ass in her tight skirt as she ascended the stairs. Then he sighed again and realized he would have to do more praying in the chapel the next morning.

Bridget’s poise and elegance vanished as soon as she entered Jimmy’s bedroom and threw off her clothes. Jimmy watched in appreciation as Bridget and Julie lay on his bed in the 69 position and sucked and nibbled each other. He watched in more appreciation as they thrust fingers deep in the other’s cunt and even more as they both plunged two fingers into each other’s ass.

Julie and Bridget started groaning and writhing and panting and then whimpered in their embrace as they came.

Bridget kissed Julie, “Thanks Julie for getting my cunt and ass ready for your brother’s cock.”

She then proceeded with her biology lesson. This lesson concentrated on only a few parts of anatomy. Jimmy’s cock and Bridget’s mouth and cunt and ass. Each of her orifices were pulverized in turn by Jimmy’s extraordinary extremity.

“Use me, abuse me, fuck me, hurt me,” moaned Bridget as she held her buttocks apart for Jimmy to spear her puckered anus.

Later, exhausted but content, she lay sweating on the bed, Jimmy’s cum oozing from her gaping cunt, oozing from her gaping ass and covering her face. Her body was still writhing with excitement from her belly button to her asshole.


Suzie was giving Jimmy more instruction on the Commandments when the phone rang downstairs. James answered it: it was the pastor asking for Suzie to come home soon as she had choir practice early the next morning. So James walked up the stairs to Jimmy’s bedroom to pass on the message.

The door was slightly open and James took a step in without thinking then stopped, his jaw sagging open in shock and horror. There, lying on her back on the bed was the pastor’s cute and devout daughter. Lying naked on the bed with her legs wide apart and with Jimmy sitting beside her stroking her breasts. Suzie couldn’t see James because she was facing the ceiling with her eyes closed and Jimmy couldn’t see his father because he was angled away and he only had eyes for for Suzie’s exquisite body.

James’ first reaction was horror. A very devout man with very strict views on virginity, he was appalled that his son would be like this with a girl, let alone the pastor’s devout daughter. But then his eyes traversed Suzie’s nubile body and try as he might James couldn’t pull his eyes away.

Suzie’s long blond hair was flowing loose beside her on the bed, her proud and firm and pink aureoled breasts were uplifted high, her long slim legs were silken smooth. And her pussy seemed to be smiling straight at him.

Her pussy! This was the first James had ever seen. He and Juliet had been childhood sweethearts and virgins until they married. Juliet had never heard of Brazilians and anyway she would have set fire to her own hair before she posed in such an uninhibited way.

As he watched James became more convinced that Suzie’s pussy was smiling at him in a North-South sort of way and he became mesmerized by the sight and instinctively smiled back.

Jimmy adjusted his position a little and James was dumbfounded to see Suzie rubbing his cock with her hand. This was a new revelation to him. Apart from the inch and a half his wife reluctantly let him put inside her vagina, she never touched him at all.

“God I love you, huge cock. God if you only knew what you do to me Mr Colossal Cock.” Suzie’s voice was soft and tender.

James was struck by the enthusiasm and tenderness of Suzie’s touch and the adoration in her voice. He was also surprised by Suzie’s fascination with the size of Jimmy’s cock. To James it looked ordinary, perhaps even small. But because he had never before seen an erection other than his own, had never gone to a porn site, he had nothing to compare with, except his own.

James’ eyes stood out like organ stoppers as Suzie extended a long pink tongue which licked his son’s knob, then somehow her mouth extended and she took it all inside. Then, arching her throat Suzie, seemed to consume all his son’s cock. James was in awe of the physics. The only thing which compared in his memory was a sword swallower he had once seen in Panama City. But a woman doing that to a man. Why would she want to?

Then James’ imagination worked overtime and he understood very well why a man would want to. Fuck, how could he get Juliet to do that for him? Fuck, Hell would freeze over before she did that.

With a loud slurp Suzie withdrew her mouth and tonsils and throat. Her voice changed from soft and tender to strident and demanding.

“Fuck me Jimmy. Fuck me raw. Ravish me, plunder me with your cock and take me to heaven!”

James was surprised by Suzie’s coarse language and wondered whether the heaven she mentioned was the heaven of the scriptures.

James watched in fascination as his son moved between Suzie’s cute legs and plowed straight in. Not the one and a half inches Juliet grudgingly permitted because she said “It hurt”. He saw Suzie wrap her arms and legs around his scrawny son and thrust up her hips as his cock slid in all the way.

“Thrill me, drill me, fuck my whore’s cunt,” gurgled cute Suzie.

James couldn’t believe Suzie’s delight and excitement as she was fucked. So different from the way Juliet just lay on her back and unwillingly let him have his timid way in their once in every three months intercourse.

For a moment James started to worry that the pastor’s daughter was in pain as she muttered some incoherent loud groans. But no, Suzie’s arms and legs were still tightly wrapped around his son’s scrawny torso.

“Aaaaaahhh Jimmy, I’m coming on your humongous cock. Aah Aaaaaaaah Ouuuuw Ouuuh Eeeeeeeeehh.”

James watched in fascination as the pastor’s daughter’s devout body writhed and wriggled in ecstasy. Jimmy then rolled off his uninhibited chorister and his father stared incredulously his son’s cum dribbled from Suzie’s vagina and then she scraped it up with her fingers and noisily slurped it into her mouth.

James could take no more and unnoticed, left the room and went to the bathroom and had his first wank in 20 years. During the next day James couldn’t take his mind off the sight of his son fucking the pastor’s daughter.

And when he reflected his thoughts weren’t those of disgust that his son had lost his virginity as he had anticipated. It was jealousy that his son was doing something he had never done. Had rampant unrestrained sex with a great girl who really wanted it.


The previously up herself Bridget came again to help Jimmy with his biology.

“Jimmy’s waiting, biology teacher,” Julie grinned when she came down with a flush on her cheeks. James watched the fantastic figure of the mini skirt clad Bridget ascend the stairs again.

“Surely Jimmy isn’t doing it with Bridget as well? Surely not with the mayor’s daughter?”

He couldn’t take his mind of the thought of seeing the mayor’s daughter naked and being fucked and so made an excuse about “Wanting to find a book” and left Julie and Juliet talking and went upstairs.

It didn’t register in James’ mind that it was strange that the bedroom door was slightly open again, in fact nothing registered in his mind apart from the idea of seeing Bridget naked and having sex.

And there on his son’s bed Bridget fulfilled James’ fantasies. Bridget was naked, Bridget was kneeling and James’ lust filled eyes took in all her nubile beauty. Then they took in how his son was kneeling in front of Bridget shoving his cock in and out of her throat. James worried about being seen but then realized both the gyrating protagonists had their eyes closed in ecstasy.

Jimmy gave one deep thrust of his cock, balls deep, into Bridget’s throat.

“I want to fuck your slut cunt now, whore, keep kneeling.” He gave Bridget’s buttock a hard slap then dragged her haunches around so she was facing away from James. This meant her ass was in the air and her vagina was pushing straight at James. Pink and glistening and gaping and beckoning.

Then James’ view was blocked by his son’s ass as Jimmy proceeded to ravage Bridget and she groaned.

“Fuck me with your monster cock. Fuck me hard, harder you fucker, harder.”

James’ mind went out of control and he dropped his trousers and start to massage his rock hard cock. Jimmy pounded frenziedly, Bridget’s body bounced and James was so excited he let out a moan.

Still pounding Jimmy turned around to see where the noise was coming from. He looked in surprise at his father then grinned and held a finger in front of his mouth whispering “Shhhhhh.”

Jimmy returned his attentions to Bridget whom he fucked with ever increasing virility and her body started to jerk and her moans became louder as she came.

Jimmy rushed over to his father. “Come on Dad, this slut always wants it twice at least and my back’s starting to hurt,” he whispered urgently.

Before James realized what was happening his son dragged him to right behind Bridget’s perfectly rounded and quivering buttocks. Still with her teeth biting the pillow and her eyes closed Bridget recovered and Jimmy’s forecast was proven correct.

Bridget pulled her buttocks apart and James saw her distended cunt open and gaping and close up.

“Please Jimmy, make your whore happy, fuck her until her cunt goes raw.”

Jimmy nudged his father’s back and in his state of sexual frenzy James forgot the 10 Commandments forgot about the Devil and tentatively inserted his cock into Bridget’s dripping orifice.

“Harder, harder. Hurt me. Break my cunt with your huge cock,” pleaded Bridget.

“She likes it all the way Dad and she likes it hard,” whispered Jimmy who then slapped Bridget’s buttock hard. “She likes being plundered.”

James needed no more invitations. Doing as he had seen Jimmy, he grasped Bridget’s hips and pounded as though his life depended on it.

“”Aaaaaargh that’s the way to fuck me,” gurgled Bridget.

James lived out his fantasies, pounding into Bridget with no concerns other than satisfying the cravings of his cock. He didn’t notice his son leave his side and kneel in front of Bridget’s head, grasp her hair to pull her face up and thrust his cock at her mouth.

Bridget quickly realized her ecstasy was about to be doubled and opened her mouth and arched her throat to accommodate Jimmy’s mammoth manhood. Father and son pounded hard and deep from both ends and Bridget sweated and mumbled and heaved and groaned in pleasure. Later she wondered whether the two huge cocks hadn’t met somewhere around her stomach.

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