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A Chance Encounter

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Large Cock

From my vantage point in the lobby I people watch, sipping my coffee. Nothing has caught my interest in the last ten minutes as I wait for my driver to arrive. I have a boring day of meetings ahead with no fun in sight.

The doors to the lobby part and a man walks towards the hotel reception with purpose. The air of confidence he carries catches my attention and I can’t look away.

I pout inwardly, disappointed that I can’t make out the shape of his ass in his perfectly tailored suit. Nonetheless, I sip my coffee and ogle him shamelessly.

It’s then he angles his body to the side and props his hip against the counter, surveying his surroundings. I don’t look away, instead boldly meeting his eyes and holding his gaze for a moment. He breaks into a smile first and I follow. The receptionist must say something to him because he turns back to her.

My phone chooses that moment to buzz, notifying me that my ride has arrived. Bummed, I grab up my bag and coffee and begin making my way across the lobby.

I’m surprised to find him headed in my direction, eyes locked on me like he’s pulled by some unseen force.

That’s when he collides with another man who’s staring down at his phone, causing him to lose balance and send his luggage flying. It pops open in front of me and my eyes do a double take when I notice the lingerie and panties among the men’s clothes.

I look up and see him helping the man who crashed into him, up to his feet. Unable to stop myself I bend down and start putting the intimate items back in the case to spare him the embarrassment.

“That’s one way to make an introduction, I suppose!” His voice booms out above me.

There’s genuine laughter in it and I smile up at him with a fist full of lace in my hand. He’s completely at ease and I eye him curiously.

“What?” He says, bending down to retrieve the panties from me. “You don’t think it’s fair that you ladies are the only ones who enjoy wearing these things?” he smiles and winks at me.

I recover my shock and say, “Of course not. I was just going to say you’ve got great taste and that I have those in red.”

His eyes sparkle down at me, pleased by my response. “Are you wearing them right now?” He asks teasingly.

I laugh coyly and shake my head. “No.” My phone buzzes again reminding me I need to get moving. “I’ll be wearing them to dinner tonight though. I heard the restaurant on site is delicious.”

He steps closer at my blatant flirting, the corner of his mouth tipping up in a charming grin. “Crazy coincidence, I’ll be dinning here around seven.”

I nod at the black lace he’s working between his hands. “In those I hope,” I wink as I move past him and begin walking away, feeling his gaze moving over every inch of me as I do.

I bite my lip at the kinky prospect and push out into the hot sun, smiling big; suddenly my day just got a whole lot better.


I return to the hotel well after eight and know that I probably missed my opportunity to see the sexy man I met in the lobby that morning. As busy as my day was, he was on my mind a surprising amount, having left quite an impression on me. I was intrigued by his open manner at having his lingerie fetish exposed. That kind of easy self-confidence was incredibly attractive to me.

I look at the time on my phone as I wait for the elevator to return, feeling a bit panicky that I’ll lose my chance to see him again. In all likelihood he thinks I stood him up…or was just toying with him. The elevator pings, signalling its arrival and I rush in, quickly scanning my room key and pressing the floor I need. I lean back against the mirrored wall and in the seconds before the door closes, see him heading towards the reception desk. SHIT! I ride the elevator up, with my heart thudding in my chest.

At my floor, I speed walk to my room, push inside and awkwardly start stripping out of my workday clothes, sending them flying everywhere. I walk into the bathroom naked and freshen up in record time before rummaging through my luggage for the aforementioned red lace thong. Sliding it up my thighs, I grab my black, strappy sun dress and in my haste, pull it on wrong…twice! Cursing, I finally get the straps where they need to go and put my head through the right hole victoriously. At the door, I toe into my heels and eye my now messy hair. “Fuck it…you’ve looked worse!” I yell at the mirror and toss my purse over my shoulder on the way out.

The elevator ride down gives me a chance to catch my breath and regain some composure. What if he didn’t leave me a message? What if he was heading out? The door opens and I walk quickly over to reception, glad there is no one there. The woman looks up as I approach and smiles. “How can I help you?”

Taking a deep breathe I realize I don’t quite know what to ask. “Um…I was supposed to meet a man…only I don’t exactly know his name…”

The sinop seks hikayeleri woman reaches for a slip of paper and hands it to me, a knowing smile on her face.

I reach for it and read the neat handwriting scrolled across it.

To the beautiful mystery woman, I met this morning. I will be on the rooftop terrace for a bit if you care to join me.

I clutch the paper and close my eyes, sending up a prayer to the kinky gods for coming through for me. “Thanks!” I say, spinning and heading back to the elevator with renewed excitement.

It isn’t until the ride up to the rooftop that I realise how wet I am.

Ping. The door slides open and a waft of warm, floral-smelling air fills the elevator, beckoning me outside. I pass under a trellis and continue down a manicured path that branches off in different directions. Spotting a couple to the right, near the water fountain, I decide to go left, passing beautiful rose bushes in every shade. I find him sitting on a bench, body leaned back, looking out at the sinking sun. Dressed casually in a salmon t-shirt and dark grey shorts, he still carries the same air of confidence as he did in a suit.

I walk over to him and when he spots me, he immediately straightens up with a wide grin on his face. “You made it!”

“I did!” I smile back, heart thumping steadily in my chest as I take a seat beside him. “Just barely…”

“Uh oh. Bad day?” He eyes me intently and I try not to fidget with my messy curls.

“More like a frustratingly long one,” I say, angling my body towards him, mimicking his posture. “I was worried that I missed you.”

He’s quiet for a moment, studying me. “That would have been a shame,” he says, picking an imaginary piece of lint from his shorts. “I’ll admit to thinking about our run-in this morning for most of the day.”

That admission makes me feel immediately better and I let that show on my face. “Same. It’s not often I meet interesting people on my business trips.”

The corners of his eyes crease as he laughs. “Interesting as in oddly peculiar or incredibly intriguing?”

I purse my lips and pull my hair to the side so the breeze can’t do further damage. “Interesting as in…I have to know you.”

That lights up his eyes and he extends a hand, “I’m Adam. It’s truly a pleasure to meet you…”

I take his hand and shake it. “Evie.”

I stare at his long, tanned fingers, loving the feel of them on my skin.

“So…Adam and Evie, hey?”

I laugh, nodding. “That must be the connection I’m feeling.”

He releases my hand, letting his eyes dance over my face and body. “I’m quite certain it’s not.”

My eyebrow arches up. “No?”

He shakes his head. “It’s not often I meet a woman who finds my love of lingerie intriguing.”

Relieved he brought it up first, I ask, “I’d love to know how you discovered that?”

Looking out at the last of the daylight he causally slides an arm out behind me. “Well…it all started back in college when a buddy dared me to go as a woman to a Halloween party. I, of course, went as Marilyn Monroe…pantyhose, heels, wig and all.” He extends his lean legs out and I try and picture them in hosiery, surprised I find the idea appealing.

“Halfway through the night I realized I was hard and it was NOT from my attentive companion. Years later, I bought a few things online to see if I’d get the same reaction wearing them under my clothes.” He turns to look at me with a small smile on his face. “Needless to say, I developed a taste for it.”

“Is it the naughty thrill of it?” I ask, letting my curiosity get the better of me, subtly squeezing my thighs together to quell the ache. “Or does it turn you on to be feminized?”

“Neither. I find the feel of it against my freshly shaved skin completely arousing. I feel sexy…and sexual.” At that, he tugs on the back of my hair. “Why do you wear lingerie?”

“The same reasons,” I say breathlessly, noticing far too much about him all at once.

“So, we’re both wearing sexy lace thongs,” he holds my gaze. “Are you as aroused as I am?”

“I’ve been wet since I walked off the elevator,” I reply boldly.

Hungry eyes flicker down to my lap, like he’s trying to picture what’s hiding there. “Same here,” his gaze wanders back up to my mouth and then my eyes. “Would you like to come down to my room for a nightcap, Evie?”

His words burn a path down to my cunt. I don’t hesitate, letting my sudden desire for something I didn’t know I even wanted, dictate my actions. “Only if we skip the nightcap and get right to the part where I can see you in nothing but your thong.”

Pure unadulterated lust simmers between us.

A growl, low in his throat, bubbles up as he grabs for my hand and stands up, walking us quickly toward the elevator. Once inside, we stand side by side, neither of us moving as he caresses his finger back and forth over my hand.

I’ve never been so aroused by a stranger.

A stranger in panties no less.

“Are you picturing it too?” his voice is heavy and full of need.

“What?” I ask, looking up at him.

His gaze remains fixed on the number of floors we’re descending. “Your lacy pussy straddling my lacy hard cock?

“Fuck…” I let out on a groan. “I am now.”

I follow him out of the elevator, the hallway dimly lit as I clutch his hand. Images of nearly naked, lace-clad bodies, writhing against each other drives my feet forward. A small voice at the back of my head yells at me for following a near-stranger to his room. I try not to question my sanity as he opens the door to his room and steps aside for me to enter.

I cross the threshold and abandon all hesitation.

I want this. I NEED this.

The moment we’re inside he says my name on a quiet whisper…like it’s the answer to his prayers. I turn around to face him, pushing him against the door as I let my arousal lead the way and find his mouth, our bodies melting perfectly together. There is an urgency in his hands as they grab for me, holding me incredibly close. Our kiss isn’t timid or teasing, it’s full of so much want and desire it almost takes my breath away. The heat that burns from him scorches me as his tongue licks into my mouth, tangling with mine.

Somewhere in the lust-filled haze, I realize he’s rock hard against me…and big.

My hands find the edge of his shirt and begin pushing it up his chest impatiently. I pull my mouth away briefly to yank his shirt off and reach for his pants, tugging on the button. “Too many clothes…”

“You’re bossy,” he says, watching me with dark eyes as I undress him.

When I slide the zipper down and let his shorts drop to the floor, I uncover black lace and the sexiest hip bones I’ve ever seen on a man. I look my fill as he stands there under my scrutiny and reach my fingers out to trail over them, finding his eyes before saying, “I like control…”

His eyes widen a bit in surprise. “By all means…take it.”

I smile, my eyes drifting down to follow his dark treasure trail as it disappears into the lacy thong, barely containing his erection. The fact the he is so big makes the contrast of the lace even hotter to me. I pull him away from the wall so I can see the view from the back and urge him to turn. Two full ass cheeks, lightly covered in hair greet me.

“Sweet fucking hell, that’s a sight.” I run my nails across his cheek before grabbing a handful and testing the weight, letting my mind land on filthier cravings. It’s then I feel it, something hard and wedged between his cheeks.

“Adam! Is that a…”

“Plug?” He says over his shoulder. “Yes it is.”

I don’t say anything at first, blown away again by how open and free his is with his kinks. I’ve never met a man like him before and it feels surreal. Too good to be true almost.

“I figured why not put it all out there.”

My mind spins like a sexy roulette table, feeling lucky as fuck.

“Was I wrong…?”

I pull my mind from the gutter and say, “Is now a good time to tell you I have a unrealized pegging kink?” I step up against him, pushing him into the wall again and grinding against his ass in mindless lust.

“Fuck! Evie…you’re killing me…” I feel his ass push back against me and his hand reach back to grab my thigh, gripping it just under the curve of my ass, pulling me in closer. Need thrums between us at all that could be. I curse myself for not have a strap on with me.

“I’ve never…but with you I would.”

My clit throbs with each thrust against his curvy ass and I’m shocked to feel how close to the edge I am. “I could cum hearing that Adam…your ass is straight out of my dreams,” I murmur against his neck. “But that will have to wait until another time. Sadly, I packed light for this trip.” Finding some self control, I step away from him and begin backing away, mourning the feel of his thick ass against me.

“Turn around, Adam,” I say before slowly pulling my dress up and over my head, letting it fall from my hand to the floor. The air conditioning in the room has my nipples tightening instantly.

He turns, eyes blowing wide at the sight of me. “God, Evie…you’re stunning,” his gaze grows impossibly dark as it roams my body.

I try not to fidget under his penetrating eyes or let any insecurities take hold, instead focusing on his hungry stare. The way he looks at me like I’m a walking dream. I feel emboldened as I crawl up onto the bed and stretch on top of the fluffy white duvet, eying him with just as much hunger. “Come closer.”

He moves towards me, stopping just shy of the bed and waits. He’s so fucking beautiful. All muscle and soft curves and black lace.

My hips mindlessly push against the bed, the ache between my legs a raging inferno.

“Jesus Evie…” he says on a broken whisper.

I realize what I’ve done and do it again, this time with more purpose, rolling my hips in a slow sensual grind. “Do you like that?” I ask, voice barely recognizable.

“Wish I was pinned beneath you…ass filled with whatever you want in me. Moving like that…like you have all the time in the world to push us both over the edge.”

I bite my lip and smile at him, rolling up onto my knees. “Let’s see if we can’t find another way to reach the edge,” I say, patting the bed. “Lay down on your back for me.”

Moving with the grace of a dancer, he crawls up and lays down, arching under my stare. I enjoy the feminine curve of his body and the bulge under the black lace before straddling his waist and settling my weight on him. I line my pussy up with his cock, leaning down over him, nipples grazing his as I bite at his lips and rock against him. Both our panties are wet and the scent is heady as I fuck against him. “Is this what you pictured in the elevator?”

I feel his hands move to pull me to him but I grab them and pin them to the bed, whispering heatedly against his mouth, “I said…is this what you pictured?”

He shakes his head, eyes wild with arousal, meeting my hips. “It’s…more…”

I sit up, hips still undulating, hair wild and falling around my shoulders, teasing my nipples with the movement. “Don’t move your hands,” I warn as he eyes my tits like they are magnetic. “More what, slut?”

“It’s…EVERYTHING,” he says raggedly, looking at me like I flipped his entire world on axis.

Loving his response, I move on him, seeking the pleasure his body offers me. “Has anyone ever called you a slut before, Adam?” I ask, sliding my hand up to his throat, feeling his Adam’s apple move beneath it as he swallows hard.


“Are you a slut, Adam?” I whisper, applying a little pressure with my thumb and forefinger.

“YES…I’m a fucking slut!” His eyes roll back in pleasure.

Releasing him, I stand up, one leg on each side of him and slide out of my panties, bunching them up in my hand and bringing them up to my nose to smell.

“Evie…please…,” dark eyes look up at me, pleading.

I hold them out and drop them to his face. The groan that erupts from him has me rubbing at the throbbing flesh between my legs.

“Smell what you do to me, slut.” He does, hands fisting tightly above his head like it’s taking all his control to not reach out for me.

Pleased, I settle back down, gathering up the lace and pushing them passed his parted lips. “Taste what you do to me, slut.”

His groan is muffled now as he sucks on them, eyes glassy and wild as they look up at me.

Needing to put us both out of our misery, I move my hips back a bit and pull the lacy edge of his panties down until they are hooked under his tight, swollen balls. Getting my first look at his big, beautiful cock, my mouth literally waters as I take in the veiny ridges and smooth, wet head.

He cries out as I settle my wet cunt over it.

I swear on a groan.

I’m blown away by how perfect we fit together. How right it feels to have him beneath me.

I know in that moment that that I have to have him as MINE.

Hips buck up beneath me, a tortured noise escaping his lips, brining me back into the moment. Leaning up a bit on one arm, I let the other find purchase around his throat as I grind on him, eyes locked. I don’t hold back the pleasured moans as his cock pistons back and forth between my swollen lips, head bumping my clit.

He reaches the edge first and I gasp as a hot splash of cum lands on my clit and then all over his stomach. I drag my cunt through the mess and the ache inside me grows insurmountable until I’m exploding in a rush over his cock, marking him like he’s marked me.

I pull my panties from his mouth and don’t let him catch his breath before diving in, leaving my mark in there too.

His hands come up to grasp the back of my head, cradling it like I’m precious. I settle my full weight down over him, ignoring the mess between us and push my face into the crook of his neck, breathing in his scent deeply. His fingers gather a fistful of my hair, not letting me escape. We remain there as our heart rates return to normal, processing what just happened.


You wake up hours later to find me gone. Disappointment hits you like a ton of bricks. You needed more time…more of the intoxicating connection you found with me. Your eyes search the room and land on the night table, heart accelerating when you spot a note and a pair of red panties. Grabbing it up, you read the message I left you, feeling lighter with each word.

That was an incredible night, Adam…it took everything in me to leave you in that bed to make my flight. I know you felt it too. My number is below…I’d really love to hear from you before my plane lands. The next time we meet, wear these and be prepared to be filled…with whatever I want in you.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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