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A Dream in the Moonlight Ch. 03

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I rolled off of her body thinking I wonder if people really go to the bathroom in their dreams.

Lynn sat up, leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips, got up and walked into the bathroom. I watched the soft movement of her feminine body gliding through the moon shadows and disappear into the darkness. Then I heard the tinkling splashing sound of her urinating in the toilet bowl. This caused warmth to flow over me.

Maybe it was the primal feeling of having once being inside my mother, surrounded by the warmth of her amniotic sac. I sensed the warmth of her fluids about me. But the sound Lynn’s peeing turned me on, and I began stroking myself. As always, I loved the feel of my penis in my hand. I felt the long protruding passageway on the bottom and the muscular ridges along the shaft, remembering the many times I have felt this wonderful organ grow through the years, from a soft wee thing to the substantial part of my body that it had become.

In my reverie I was pleasantly shocked when Lynn wrapped her warm fingers around my erection and touched my oozing slit with the tip of her tongue. She squeezed my shaft as she lapped and sucked, then moved up to my face, glossed my lips with my precum, and kissed me tenderly, sliding her lips across mine with the slippery coating.

She lay down beside me and our eyes locked, gazing into the depths of each other’s being, lying facing each other on the pillow—the Yin and Yang—the male and the female. I have always been fascinated by what “female” means, and I could never understand men who are not totally captivated by the total concept of woman.

As my eyes left Lynn’s gaze they began to take in the soft lines of her face: her gentle lips, her delicate ears, her expressive eyes. I wondered what her thoughts were of me. Did she wonder what made men go wild in the presence of a woman, and at other times made them controlling or difficult? Did she sense that I was here as a pilgrim who made the arduous journey to this sexual Mecca, to worship a female goddess?

Just as I thought this, she reached out with the backs of her fingernails and stroked my cheek. Her touch was gentle; so sensuous. I felt like every hair on my body stood on end. I needed to respond to let her know that I was enjoying her, so I took her fingers in mine, interlaced them and raised our arms together. As our arms stretched the muscles of our forearms touched; I loved the warmth and softness. Our elbows straightened and came together, cushioned by our upper arm muscles. Again we were lost in the dark pupils of the other’s eyes, searching, lavishing our sensations of allness.

Without prompting, our fingers unlaced and straightened, palms came together. The hollows of our hands straightened and, as if by magic, we felt the whorls of our palm prints.

But magic is an illusion, and the sensation of our touching was very real. I felt the beat of my heart in my ear drums, The beat I felt in my hands and fingertips however, was rising from a different drum. So sensitive was the touch that I felt Lynn’s pulse. Loving warmth spread throughout my body and a drop of moisture formed in the corners of my eyes.

No, this wasn’t magic, this was incredibly real. Lynn’s eyes halkalı escort glistened in the moonlight as well. Somehow we are together tonight as a reward.

The gods of love must have seen the burning passion in our hearts, the need to please someone so special, and to be pleased in return. They had granted our desire and it seemed that tonight we would be rewarded indeed, an answer to our years of curiosity. Like children on the edge of a new adventure, our hearts skipped in wondrous syncopation.

I looked up at our hands, illuminated by the moonlight, and smiled. My first vision was one of Albrecht Durer’s Praying Hands. Our fingers touched, each tip flexed at the knuckles, palms together, our thumbs parallel. I smiled, realizing that my prayers had been answered as the second vision of our hands came into view.

I now saw in our conjoined hands the outline of the most female of shapes, a contoured wedge, the sacred Yoni. Where our fingers touched I saw soft pursing lips. Our parallel thumbs now appeared as an extended, rigid, swollen button waiting expectantly for the touch that would send urgent messages to the center of this goddess’s sexual soul.

Almost imperceptibly I began to slide my fingers downward. My concentration was so intense that the friction between Lynn’s fingerprints and mine seemed larger than life. Each whorl seemed like an exaggerated peak and valley. I had never taken LSD before, but sensed that these extreme sensations mirrored the experience of an acid high. My fingers crept slowly down Lynn’s fingers in a sensuous slide.

Tickling fingers brushed gently, bumping over the pads in her palm. I was brought back by a long, soft “oooh.” Looking deeply into Lynn’s eyes I caught a glimpse of her gently flaring nostrils. Her eyes communicated her thoughts saying, “Take your time Teddy. You are opening doors that have never before been opened. Find the jewels behind each door; be patient.”

My middle finger circled the hollow of her hand. Her arm lowered and her fingers caressed my eyelids. Wow! Nerve cells that I never knew switched their actuations as tingling warmth spread across my forehead, shot down my spine, and activated the pistons of my sexual engine.

Gently, I took her hand, straightened her fingers, then began licking tantalizing moistness between the crack of each one. I thought of legs together, legs spreading. My tongue lingered at the confluence of each finger, probing fantastically for a nonexistent, tiny button, brushing each imaginary node. Slowly, sensually, I licked each finger, each vee, each imagined button, sensing the quickening of blood rushing through her tiny capillaries. She winced softly with each touch. She must feel it also. Our eyes locked again as the allness of our caring rushed from the darkness of our pupils. Silently, Lynn’s visual but silent voice said “yes, yes.”

I placed the back of her hand in my palm, facing upward, lowered my lips and pillowed them in the palm of her hand. Her female softness and aroma kissed back, and the combination of her essences caused me to feel a catching deep in my gut. I looked in to her eyes, moved my lips from her hand so she could see what would cause her next wave şişli escort of sensations.

A silver string that I had gathered in my mouth stretched downward through my lips. As the end of the string touched her hand she winced, gazing at the small pool which formed in the hollow of her hand. Her nostrils flared and, as my lips dived lusciously into the pool, an almost silent “oooooooh” parted her lips. I massaged the liquid into her hand, while my escaping breath spoke in the tongues of “mwaa, mwaa.” My teeth rode over each whorl, bumping ever so gingerly. My lips, wet with my saliva, mixed with my lover’s femaroma, traveled deliciously over the hump of her palm. As my soft wet lips touched her wrist her body jerked as if she caught herself nodding off in church.

Her lips formed in a small oval as if to make a sound but no sound came. Looking into her eyes, opened wide as saucers, I could see that I had touched a sensual nerve that caused disbelief. The words were there, but it was as if she didn’t want to use words, fearing that they would express her pleasure inadequately. The air flowed to form words, but her words only hung her mind.

Tenderly, my teeth nibbled her soft warm wrist. My lips touched her pressure point and felt the small but strong punches of her pulse. I hadn’t realized what this erotic experience was doing to me, but now, was aware of my maleness, which stood firmly erect in the shadows.

Lynn smoothed my hair with her free hand, such a soft and sensual feeling. I felt good that she was reassuring me silent, yet very confirming way. Her fingers laced my hair. With a start she pulled my hair as my tongue traced a large circle in the hollow of her elbow. Goose bumps pimpled her skin and her body began to quiver. Her fingers combed thru my hair and released as her hand disappeared into the darkness. Then my body shook with a jerk as I felt her finger touch the moistened slit of my erectness, sliding slowly down the groove of my head, the large vein of my shaft, and the anxious orbs of my swollen testicles.

Blood coursed through my veins in surges. I could feel the tight head of my penis expand and contract with my heartbeat as each delicious clasp slid the skin up and down my muscled shaft. Her eyes, expanded by the darkness of the room, were saucers, punctuated by the wide blackness of her pupils, yet, I could see the moonlight glisten in those eyes that totally captivated me.

At the same time her lips curved into a demure smile, as she chuckled assuredly, showing just a glint of her teeth. I closed my eyes, concentrated on trying not to come too quickly. I almost lost the battle, oozing a little semen, but squeezing back most of my urge. I knew then that I would be able to stay hard, long enough to satisfy us both.

Feeling the silken slipperiness on her hand Lynn spread my gift between her fingers and thumb. Then, blessing me with a sacrament of her own, she made a small cross on my forehead, touched my eyelids, and brought her fingers to my lips, moistening them with the essence of my body. Leaning forward, she kissed me sensuously, sliding through the gloss, working her lips against mine. All the while, she sarıyer escort never stopped stroking my loaded sex. Breaking the kiss, as if bobbing for apples at a Halloween party, she dropped her head, and I felt the warmth of her moist oral cavity enveloping the tight, shiny head of my penis.

I stood up, taking her hands in mine, and pulled her onto the floor. As her body swung I felt like a trapeze artist, pivoting on her heels, with her back to the floor, my extended penis never leaving her mouth. I could see her body up to her chin, knowing that her eyes could only see my swinging testicles and buttocks. With one easy movement I was on my knees, bending toward the cleft of her legs. My mouth enveloped her moist aromatic vulva.

Hungrily I kissed, licked and devoured her. Never before had the expression “eating pussy” meant so much to me. I was almost crazed from the electric shocks that Lynn’s mouth was producing on my penis. And, I had such an impulse to gobble her welling wedge, but sensuality regained control.

Gently parting her lips I began luscious groove travel with my searching tongue. Hooking my arms behind Lynn’s thighs I pulled her legs up, lifted her soft bottom off the carpet, and flicked my tongue, beginning at the swollen button and gliding through the flooding trough. It skipped over the dry perineum and circled the puckering brownness of her supple anus. Round and round I traveled, my penis taken deeper into her mouth, then sliding back to the supple “O” ring in her vulva. I felt her heated naked skin against mine as we had both ignited a fire that had to be quenched–and soon!

As I stood up abruptly my swollen flesh came out of her mouth with a soft “pop.” I pulled her to her feet and turned her body facing the bed, communication deep within our minds. Lynn crawled onto the bed, her knees on the edge of the mattress. She leaned forward as if prostrating herself to worship. Then her bottom showed whitely in the moonlight and, holding my pulsing penis, I edged forward.

She leaned back slightly parting her labia with a soft lubroid “click.” After our continuous foreplay and lovemaking she was ready. My head easily found her coated lips, entered, and slid deeply inside, my pubic hair tickling her bottom.

We began rocking back and forth. I looked at the night stand and picked up the lotion bottle. Opening it, I dribbled a few drops on her puckered anus. Then, replacing the bottle on the night stand, I smoothed the lotion with the tips of my fingers around her flexing brownish ring. My thumb found the giving orifice and slid shallowly inside.

Finding her large sphincter, I circled and rimmed with my thumb. At the same time I started thrusting and withdrawing my hard penis in and out of her slippery vagina. My thumb worked in and out in opposing movements, and a moaning emanated from deep inside Lynn’s body.

Thrusting my fleshy piston faster and faster I heard her moans rise. Then, she rose up on all fours, her head shaking wildly back and forth, and let out a long “OHHHHHHHHHH!!” and again, “OHHHHHHHH!!” then began meeting my thrusts in short “OH! OH!……Ohs” until she fell forward, flat on the rumpled bed.

Catching myself with my elbows so my weight wouldn’t crush her, my body covered her. We lay there gasping for air, then slowly eased. I lowered my body next to hers and put my arm over her. As fuzziness crept around my brain we talked about the mystery of our encounter. The arms of morpheus enfold me, and all went blank.

to be continued.

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