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A Family Affair Ch. 02

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Obediently I remain where they had left me, naked on all fours still trembling with fear and the residual effects of my orgasm. An orgasm that I knew would cost me dearly as it had been without permission. I long to look up, to see if I can find a clue to what might happen next but I know that to provoke him any further would be unwise so I keep my eyes respectfully lowered.

Suddenly my husband’s voice cracks through the silent room, “Cunt! You really are forgetting all of your manners tonight. Your son is covered in your disgusting, slutty juices, clean him NOW!!”

Hurriedly I crawl to where our son sits sprawled naked. As I approach I am struck by just how beautiful he is, his body golden brown, muscles toned and gleaming almost hairless. His stunning blue eyes, so like his fathers, watching me as I kneel between his open thighs. I lower my head into his lap and lick my juices from his spent cock, inhaling the heady aroma. His soft gasp is music to my ears as is the evidence that my warm tongue excites him. I find myself smiling as I marvel at the recovery powers of youth.

His wonderful cock twitches and grows harder against my tongue and I suck him deep into my hungry mouth. My hands cup and fondle his balls and I am dimly aware that my actions probably go further than my husband had commanded. Taking his silence as tacit permission I continue to give our son probably the best and potentially the first real blow job of his young life.

I lick his hardening shaft, hearing him groan as his hips rise instinctively to meet my mouth. His hands go to my hair and I gag slightly as he thrusts forward. His cock is large and oh so hard and I can taste the delicious cocktail of our juices as I suck greedily. My lips caress him as they slide up and down his glorious length, my fingers instinctively joining and matching their rhythm. The soft noises he is making and the tension I feel in his trembling young body tell me that he will not be able to hold back much longer. I suck harder, squeezing his balls as with an almost animal moan he comes, filling my mouth and throat with spurt after spurt of creamy spunk.

I swallow fast but a trickle of cum escapes the corner of my mouth as I suck my son dry. Lifting my head from his lap I lick the corners of my mouth and hear my husband’s voice, soft and low, “You really are an incredibly greedy slut aren’t you? Did I tell you to suck him off?”

Not daring to lift my eyes to his I whisper, “No Master, forgive my insolence.” For a moment there is silence and then Mark speaks.

“Son I think you should join us in the basement, your mother needs proper punishment and the tools I need are there. I think it may be educational for you.” He grabs my hair and jerks me to my feet, “Bring bakırköy escort your clothes Slut, you will need them later.”

I follow my husband and son at a respectful distance, trying to quell the impulse to run. I know that the pain I have already endured is nothing to that which awaits me in our dungeon. I hear Nathan gasp as Mark unlocks and opens the door flicking the light switch and illuminating the room within. We step inside and Nathan glances around, I know that the array of instruments must seem incredible to him.

Mark motions me to the centre of the room; he cuffs my hands and attaches them to a chain hanging from the ceiling. Kicking my feet apart he encloses my ankles in the cuffs on the floor, anchoring me firmly legs spread wide. He winches the chain up so that my arms are stretched high above my head, my body taut, and my breasts jutting out high and proud. His movements are swift and assured, honed by many hours of practice.

His breath caresses my neck as he leans close and whispers to me, “Natalie my love, tonight you will truly know what pain is. You have disappointed and disobeyed me in ways that I cannot tolerate and I am going to make you beg for forgiveness. Tonight there is no safe word, no escape. I will stop only when I believe you may have learned your lesson. Do I make myself clear?”

I shudder at the impact of his words. I have been punished many times, often to a degree I believed I could not endure. If this was to be worse how could I possibly stand the pain? I lift my already tear filled eyes to my husband and nod wordlessly. I scream in agony as he grabs one of my nipple rings and twists cruelly, his voice a cold hiss, “I said do I make myself clear Cunt!!”

“Yes Master!” I gasp, “I understand I am to be punished, I am so sorry to have failed you.” I hear his soft laugh and know that once again my suffering amuses and turns him on. He motions to our son to come closer.

“Take a look at her son, touch her if you want. She really has a remarkable body and an insatiable desire to please me. She will endure anything I decide to inflict and I can promise you she will be wet and aching to be fucked right now.” My face flames scarlet as I recognise the truth of his words, my open cunt is dripping and aching to be used.

I quiver as Nathan’s fingers brush against me, probing my cunt and playing with my clit ring. Seeing my reaction Mark grabs a fistful of my hair and growls at me, “If you cum again with out permission I am going to whip your cunt bloody do you understand me?”

My response is instant, “Yes.” I whimper as I fight to quell my body’s traitorous reactions. Mark steps away from me and opens the cupboard that holds the huge assortment beşiktaş escort of paddles, floggers and canes that are regularly used upon my defenceless flesh. He selects his favourite cat and returns to trail the leather fronds of it teasingly across my breasts and belly.

“I was considering gagging you, “he says with a cruel smile, “However I feel the need to hear you scream. Take a seat Nathan.” He indicates the large leather recliner off to the left of where I am chained. “Your mother is about to get the flogging of her life and I want you to watch.”

Nathan does as he is told as the first blow of the cat lashes full force across the front of my thighs and I scream. Again and again he takes aim, raining lashes across my breasts, belly and thighs. Each stroke sending a blaze of agony through my outstretched body. My tears flow freely and I whimper and gasp as I stop trying to count the blows. I can see the welts crisscrossing my aching breasts and dimly I realise he hasn’t even started on my back yet.

As if he read my mind, the blows stop. He moves behind me, I can hear his laboured breath, testimony to the force he is putting in to each strike. The whip blazes across my back, the ends flicking round cutting into the side of my already tortured breast. I scream and sob begging him in earnest to stop as he systematically works the whip up and down my back from shoulders to calves. There is no mercy here; I know that my cries are only exciting him still further. He is true to his word, never before has he used the whip with such venom. The last half dozen or so cuts are centred on my scarlet backside, my flesh raw from his efforts.

Suddenly he stops. For a moment I think my ordeal is over until I see him return to the cabinet and extract a long slender birch cane. I struggle against my bonds, futile though I know it is. I am petrified of the cane and he knows this. He stands in front of me and presses the cane between my cuntlips as he speaks. “Eighteen strokes of the cane, one for each year of your slut whore daughter’s life, and you will count everyone out loud. If you fail I will start again from one.”

I sob and start to plead with him but my words are cut off abruptly as the cane flies up between my spread thighs biting into my clit with such intensity I nearly faint. “That was just to focus your mind you disobedient cunt. The only words I need to hear from you are the count.” His eyes are hard and his gaze is almost contemptuous as he slams the first blow against the front of my thighs.

“One…” I yelp, “two…three…four…” The pain is more intense than anything I have ever felt and I am sagging against the chain barely able to breathe through my sobs, “Five…six…” beylikdüzü escort He changes position, once again behind me and the blows speed up, tearing into the soft flesh of my arse and thighs as I gasp the count, tears flowing down my cheeks.

Finally as the last blow lands he steps away leaving me sobbing and whimpering pitifully. Nathan who has not said a word to this point steps forward. His finger traces one of the welts on my backside and I flinch and scream. I can see his cock is rock hard and can tell from his breathing just how excited he is. I hear Mark laugh a soft throaty chuckle.

“Hard again son? Want to try something a bit different?” Nathan nods eagerly as Mark releases me from my bonds and I slump to the floor. He scoops me up into his powerful arms and carries me to the bed throwing me face down onto it. “If you thought her cunt was tight try fucking her arse.”

For an instant Nathan hesitates, “Fuck her in the arse?” He repeats “Won’t that hurt her?” the naivety in his voice considering what he has just witnessed makes Mark laugh again.

“Of course it will hurt, that’s the whole point. She is being punished, now either you fuck her arse and fuck it hard or I will, I just thought you may like the opportunity.”

Needing no more encouragement Nathan moves onto the bed kneeling between my thighs I hear his voice, “Does she need lubing?”

Marks voice is cold as he replies, “Not for her benefit no but you might find it easier if you fuck her cunt a little first, her arse really is very tight.” Nathan’s hard young prick slams into my cunt and I scream as his belly slaps against my battered flesh. He thrusts deeply a couple of times before withdrawing and driving himself deep into my arsehole.

His moan of “Fuck!! This is incredible!!” Is drowned out by my agonised screams which are in turn silenced by Mark once again forcing his cock into my throat. For what seems like an eternity they pound into me, using me like some cheap whore they found on the street. Nathan’s youthful endurance taking its toll on my ravaged arse as he reams me furiously, each thrust causing me to gag on Marks huge cock, until my jaw aches almost as much as my arse.

Abruptly Mark withdraws from my mouth shooting his load all over my face as Nathan, with one last savage thrust cums deep in my arse. I am left cum soaked and beaten, face down on the bed while they dress and Mark pours our son a drink. I sob quietly into the mattress, forgotten as they discuss what Nathan thought of his introduction to punishment and anal sex. I retreat into myself trying to rid my mind of the pain that sears through every inch of my body.

Suddenly I am jerked back into reality by the sound of Marks voice, “Get dressed cunt and get your arse upstairs to wait for your slut of a daughter to return. When she gets home bring her here immediately. Do not warn her or explain just bring her here. I am far from finished with you and by the time tonight is over she will know what it means to respect and obey her father.”

To be continued…

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