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A Family Affair Ch. 07

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Title –A Family Affair – 07

((Authors Note –

Please note that this is Adult Fiction, so should only be read by those who qualify!

So, the final, final episode! A bit longer than I’d intended, but there was so much to cram in – literally!

And for anyone not up with the series yet, here’s a brief precis of events so far………

Paolo Wharton is a university student, living on the outskirts of London and part of a wide-spread family that stretches right across Europe.

He’s on a family vacation to Tuscany to visit his Aunt Luisa at her villa, but the rest of his family drops out for one reason or another and he makes the trip alone.

He’s surprised to find his cousins Isabella (Izzy), Ilse and Frieda there and even more surprised at what they get up to when playing tennis! Then he finds out from his aunt about an old family tradition that soon opens his eyes in more ways than one!

He’s gradually drawn into an exciting world of sexual promiscuity which totally distracts him from his prime reason for being there….to get together with his long time soul-mate, Maria, the daughter of the villa’s housekeeper, Catarina! The girl that he’d practically grown up with.

She’s been delayed getting away from her own University in Florence, but has finally arrived and Paolo has difficult choices to make!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy ……….

Duke ))

43. A Difficult Re-Union

As I wrapped my arms around Maria, my face buried in her bouncy auburn hair as we kissed cheeks, I was almost overcome by her sweet, musky fragrance and I sighed inwardly as I realised how impossibly difficult my life had become!

She’d approached quickly across the ‘secret’ little garden at the back of my Aunt Luisa’s Tuscan villa and I’d had to marvel at her youthful vitality and sensuous figure as she shouted ‘”Paolo….Ciao!”.

Despite the fact that my Aunt Luisa was standing next to me and waving happily at her, Maria’s deep brown eyes had been locked on mine, just as mine had been on hers!

We were both at University still, me in London, her in Florence, and separated by just a few days in age, but somehow she’d looked so mature, so wordly-wise, as the wide smile spread all over her beautiful face. Her faded blue jeans stretched tightly across full hips and the equally tight top desperately tried to restrain her bouncing bosom as she’d skipped across the bright green lawn towards me, accentuated her desirability. The white top had thick magenta hoops that looped around her chest, over and around her breasts. Just where I’d have liked my hands to have been!

She snuggled into me, pulling me tightly against her for a few minutes before bouncing back, with maybe just a slight query on her face at the way that I’d avoided her initial plan to plant her lips straight onto mine. We’d ended up greeting each other in a more traditional Italian way, cheek to cheek But her big smile was straight back on her face, and maybe she’d put my slight reticence down to the presence of my aunt next to me.

“Buongiorno Signora Monterinno, you are collecting flowers I see, ” she said politely as she turned to my Aunt who stooped slightly and wrapped an arm around her waist to kiss cheeks whilst balancing the basket of flowers that she’d been collecting from the garden in her other hand. It was probably the sort of greeting that you’d expect from a daughter of Aunt Luisa’s housekeeper, but my Aunt was having none of it!

“Maria! How often have I to tell you to call me ‘Luisa’ in this house! It’s almost as hard as getting Paolo here to drop the ‘Aunt’!!”

That wasn’t entirely true, because I’d almost got used to calling her Luisa when we were in bed together. But that fleeting thought just served to re-ignite my worries and feelings of guilt!

My Aunt chattered briefly with Maria whilst I stood there, silent and tongue-tied. Maria had responded brightly, telling her about her time in Florence and how much she’d been looking forward to getting back. She’d squeezed my hand as she’d said that, a motion not missed by my Aunt, a brief smile flitting across her face. My Aunt had explained that her husband had been called away on business, but that ‘Paolo’s Cousins’ were staying too, so, even though her son Guilio was away, the villa was full of young people for a change!

“Oh yes, I know,” responded Maria brightly, “I spoke to Izzy yesterday when I was packing for the trip!”

I froze even more. That was all I needed. If she’d been in touch with my elder and most uncontrollable cousin then the chances of keeping everything a secret were disappearing fast! But then again I’d been encouraged by the recollection of Maria’s greeting just now.

There would have been no way that I’d have got that sort of hug if Izzy had blurted out that I’d spent all week making love to my cousins during the day and my Aunt Luisa at night!!

“Well, Maria, I’d better get back inside. It’s good to see you at last. esenyurt escort I know that Paolo has been looking forward to seeing you again ….. haven’t you Paolo?!” she prompted as she gave me a quick hard stare before she turned and headed for the doorway in the wall, leaving the two of us alone together.

So this was it. Moment of truth!

I confused her again by refraining from kissing her at this second chance, just sitting down on the garden bench and pulling her next to me. She gave me a strange, quizzical look which did nothing to help matters, but eventually complied, squashing her thighs disturbingly up against mine.

It was hardly surprising that she was confused. After all, we’d been close friends since early childhood, and we’d both felt that friendship changing to something stronger during our recent meetings. So it had been no surprise when our telephone calls and texts and e-mails had gradually got hotter and earthier as we’d made plans on what we’d do when we met again. Like now!

In fact, just a week ago I’d dreamt longingly of this moment. The chance to take her in my arms properly and kiss those sweet lips, to caress her as we finally confessed our love for each other. It had seemed so simple.

But then fate had intervened. She’d been detained in Florence. Oh why, oh why?!

Because, instead of seeing her as soon as I’d arrived for my short holiday, I’d been met instead by my cousins Izzy, Ilse and Frieda who, much to my surprise, had seduced me with an athletic afternoon foursome in the mountains. Not that I’d needed much encouragement I thought despairingly! And of course that had led to the amazing revelation about the secret family tradition where groups of my female kinfolk got together to ‘look after’ the young males. In my case our ‘secret group’ consisted of these three cousins and was led by Aunt Luisa. And the main bit of ‘looking after’ seemed to consist of almost continuous sex, loosely disguised as ‘tuition’ by my Aunt Luisa who’s prowess in the bedroom had staggered me!

As all this had flashed through my mind, I realised that I’d finally made up my mind! I had to cool things between Maria and I until……………… Until what? Would she ever be able to understand what I’d done? It felt like I’d betrayed her, as though I didn’t deserve her anymore. It felt awful!

So I drew myself up, and shuffled slightly away from her.

“What’s going on Paolo?” she finally asked as my cool reception finally struck home, “I thought that we…….”

“I know, I know,” I jumped in, taking her hand in mine, “It’s just that ……..just that ……” I ran out of steam.

“Just what exactly?” she snapped, and I felt a quick chill run through me at her tone. It sounded rather like Izzy when she was annoyed, and that was seldom a pleasant experience!

“Well, I was just thinking that maybe …….”


“Yes, well ….maybe we shouldn’t push things too fast ……. maybe we should just stay as ‘friends’ for a while longer? Until …. things …..err ….settle down …..”

It sounded so incredibly lame and unconvincing, even to me.

She looked at me with troubled eyes for long seconds, probably wondering whether this was some sort of stupid joke, but eventually it dawned on her that I was serious. She seemed to crumple back in the seat as she stared out into the garden.

“I just don’t understand Paolo. Everything was planned out. We were so …..certain!”

The latter word was shot at me like bullet as she turned back to me, her face a mixture of confusion, disappointment and, now, anger! The film of moisture that had spread over her eyes nearly broke my heart. How could I be so cruel to the girl I loved? That was another shattering realisation. I DID love her! I just hadn’t been sure before.

Was it too late to back-track?


That anger had definitely surfaced now, “I can’t believe that you’d do this to me Paolo! Unbelievable! After all those texts and emails as well! And you’re DUMPING me! Even before we’ve got together!!”

She pulled away from me, shot off the garden seat and, with a strangled cry, turned her back as she strode haughtily back across the garden and out of the door. She never even glanced back!

I slumped back in my own misery as I reviewed my last few minutes of fine diplomacy.

‘God, that went well …NOT! You idiot!!’

44. Surprise in the Villa

It was nearly lunch-time when I got back to the villa.

I’d finally dragged myself out of the little garden and the black stupor that I’d sunk into and gone for a walk around the grounds. I’d spent thirty or forty minutes hiking down dusty tracks, following overgrown paths through glades of cypresses and pines, listening to the soothing sound of a stream as it tumbled down a rocky ravine. My head had still been spinning, but the warm sunshine and beautiful countryside had gradually brought me back into a better humour avrupa yakası escort and, at last, some common sense!

As I strode up the drive leading to the villa, I’d made my mind up that I would go over to the little cottage, almost attached to the villa, where Aunt Luisa’s housekeeper, Catarina lived. I’d find Maria and confess everything. It couldn’t possibly make me feel worse than I did already! A little shiver ran through me at the thought. Well, maybe it could be worse, but it was difficult to see how?!

As I passed the entrance to the villa though I was puzzled to see the small yellow and white post van still standing outside the main building. It was strange, because it had been parked there much earlier when I’d first left for my walk. I mean, how long does it take to deliver a parcel or two? I looked around but no-one was in sight, so I shrugged my shoulders and turned towards Catarina’s cottage.

Then I stopped, sharply.

I’d heard something from within the villa. It had sounded like a muffled cry.

I cocked my ear, but heard nothing more until I’d turned away again just as it came again, louder this time. There was no doubt in my mind. It had been a half strangled woman’s cry!

I sprinted to the doorway, stopped and looked inside. Coming from the bright sunshine into the gloom, it took my eyes a few minutes to adjust and then my mouth gaped open in shock at the scene that confronted me.

It was my Austrian cousin Ilse being manhandled by a young man in uniform!

The hallway was quite long and they were seven or eight yards from me. He had her pressed against some wood panelling, one hand grasping her wrists behind her neck, the other clamped over her mouth. As I watched, frozen to the spot, his upper hand slipped away from her mouth and slid downwards to cup her breast, whilst his lips clamped hard over hers.

She was wearing a deep cut lemon top that was not doing a great job of disguising the black bra that peeped out above the vee, particularly now that his hand was roughly massaging her taut young orb. Her short cream skirt was crushed up between them as he planted a strong thigh inside hers, forcing her legs apart.

My eyes were as wide as saucers at the shocking sight as I took a step forward, intent on pulling him off her, a shout of fury just about to escape my lips!

That was when a bare arm came out from nowhere and a slender hand wrapped itself around my face, over my mouth and pulled me sideways!


I lost balance and stumbled into a soft body, just as another arm grabbed my waist and drew me behind some long thick curtains that surrounded the doorway. Naturally I struggled hard but then Izzy’s familiar voice whispered urgently into my ear, “Stop it Paolo. It’s not what you think!”

But it looked exactly like what I was thinking! His free hand had finished assaulting her breast, and slid down over her hips. It slipped under her short skirt and dragged the material up, over her strong, tanned thighs, to her waist where he slipped it into the waistband and pinned it between their bodies. Then the hand slipped down again, over her black panties, cupping her mound and his fingers began to search urgently between her legs, driving her upwards onto tip-toes!

I struggled harder, muffled protests escaping from between the fingers clamped over my mouth. I had to stop this! But Izzy was surprisingly strong and she hung on grimly. I was about to bite her hand, when she whispered fiercely into my ear.

“Paolo! Stop struggling so hard! She’s okay. It’s what they wanted. They’re role playing!!”

“What!?” I gasped incredulously as her fingers finally slipped away from my mouth a bit.

“Look….look at her face!”

I did, just as the lips that had been pressing so hard into hers lifted away and he buried his head into her neck. She could have screamed at that point. Or at least shouted for help. But no, I watched her bright blue eyes lift deliriously to the ceiling as the fingers writhing between her legs almost lifted her off her feet! She stretched her neck sideways to give him better access and the gasp that escaped her lips was undoubtedly one of arousal, not fear!

“It’s the postman,” added Izzy, somewhat unnecessarily, “They’re pretending that she’s answered the door, teased him and he’s so besotted by her beauty that he’s lost control.”

It was beginning to look like they’d both lost control to me!

45. The Postman Comes ….

I watched, mesmerised and still wrapped in Izzy’s arms as they continued to squirm together against the wood panelling. Before long he released her wrists from captivity and his second free hand was instantly back at her top, massaging her other breast through the thin material whilst the fingers down between her legs pushed the soft black material in between her prominent lips, and started to rub enthusiastically. Her free anadolu yakası escort hands had quickly got to work as well, roaming across his back, then sliding through his dark brown hair, as she let out a long, low moan.

I could tell from Izzy’s breathing next to my ear that this overt display of hard sex was having its effect on her as well, but something else just hit me.

“What if Aunt Luisa or Catarina come in?!” I gasped in horror, but Izzy seemed to have everything under control.

“It’s okay. They’ve gone into the village for some shopping. They’ll not be back for ages. And anyway, why aren’t you with Maria? Aunt Luisa told us that you were ‘off-limits’ today!”

I didn’t have time to respond fortunately, or raise any other protests, because he finally stopped assaulting her breasts and pussy and pulled back a little. I wondered for a ridiculous moment whether they were going to stop!

“Jesus……..” I breathed as I watched him grasp her lemon top and drag it upwards, over the black half cup bra that was attempting to restrain her heaving breasts. When he’d got it up to her neck, she’d lifted her arms to help, but when her face was covered and her arms trapped he’d let go and his hands had dropped down to cup her breasts again. She struggled with the garment for a few minutes more, while he caressed her through the thin bra, but then he began to slide his hands around her, aiming I presumed for the fastener at her back. But he stopped half way, evidently changing his mind and simply slipped his fingers underneath the bra cups pulling at the material and lifting upwards, freeing her twin orbs and leaving the useless black bra wrapped high around her chest.

Ilse had stopped struggling with her top by now and had let the material settle around her neck. She looked like she was going to reach out for him, but he stepped back a few paces to admire his captive. And boy was she worth admiring!

Her beautiful bare breasts stood out perkily from her chest and her pink nipples were straining out from their little brown nests after the workout he’d just given them. Her short skirt was wrapped around her waist and the small black triangle of her panties was stretched tight over her prominent mound, a darker patch developing in the crutch where her juices had begun to flow.

She let him, and us, devour her wanton display. Her eyes were pinned on his. If she’d seen us peeping round the curtain she gave no sign of it.

I felt Izzy cuddle up closer to me, and her hands began to roam across my chest now. Whatever she was wearing must have been thin because I could feel the twin peaks of her breasts pressing into my back through my shirt. I swallowed hard as I covered her hands with mine to stop them in their tracks.

I couldn’t believe it. I was in the middle of a momentous melt-down in my relationship with Maria and now I’d stumbled on my sex-mad cousins again and was trapped into watching Ilse get ravished! My mind was spinning but, worst of all, I could feel my body responding!

Ilse’s silent plea for the postman to get on with it had had its effect though, and with a strangled gasp he stepped forward, pushed her back against the wood, his right hand closing over one bare breast whilst his lips began to devour the other. It was intense to watch as we saw Ilse’s head rock back under the onslaught of pleasure from her radiant nipples, both now being teased and pulled and twisted at the same time. Not to be outdone, she soon pushed her hips forward and began to grind her thinly covered pussy up against his loins, stoking up the fire that was building between her legs, and no doubt encouraging a similar response from between his!

“God, she’s not going to last long at this rate!” gasped Izzy in my ear, evidently impressed at the way the role play was going. I swallowed again as I tried hard to control my own reaction.

We watched, mesmerised, as they continued to pleasure each other that way. It seemed to go on forever! And as their temperatures rose, so did Izzy’s. I still had her hands trapped against my chest, but from behind, she soon started to grind herself into my buttocks in rhythm with Ilse!

But then everything suddenly climaxed! Well, maybe not immediately, but the young man suddenly gave a grunt in response to a particularly hard thrust from Ilse’s pussy. He pulled back again, his hand dropping to Ilse’s waist where he grabbed her panties and dragged them down until they were rolled up on her thighs. Her small blonde bush was exposed and the darker slit beneath stood out, engorged lips glistening with her juices. Her blue eyes had widened at the sudden movement, and maybe at the thought of her defenceless position as his hand slipped up her thighs, fingers parting the oily lips and sliding urgently between them. This time she gave out a quick cry of surprise and pleasure as they immediately hit their mark. Her arms wrapped themselves around him as she pulled him closer, whispering urgently into his ear.

Whatever she’d said had spurred him on. I watched in amazement, open mouthed, as his fingers worked at her sex, occasionally delving deep into her hot cavern and forcing her onto her toes again, and then back outside, stimulating her pulsating clit. It looked red hot, and judging by the ecstatic expression on Ilse’s face it was!

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