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A Fantasy Fetish Fairy Tale Pt. 02

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An explanatory introduction:

Everyone’s allowed to fantasise, right? Continuing my ‘What if…’ fairy tale, where my daughter marries and becomes a Hot Wife in her own right. (The term ‘Fantasy’ is self-explanatory, and all the characters described are aged at least eighteen, and they all participate in the activities described consensually.)

What became known in the Edwards’ household as ‘The Divulging Weekend’ passed very enjoyably indeed for all four people who took part in it. It was named thus for the following reasons.

Olwen and Trevor Edwards divulged the fact to their daughter, Elizabeth, that they lived a Female Led Marriage. Olwen also divulged that she had a lover, Marcus. Trevor divulged that he was a cuckold, a sissy and that he had several fetishes, most of which his wife and her lover pandered to.

In turn, Elizabeth divulged to her parents that she was bi-sexual, had recently split up with her girlfriend, and had resigned from her job and was intending to move back home in order to find another job. Elizabeth was a very talented architect.

It also became apparent that weekend that all three of the Edwards’ knew of Malcolm, a submissive sissy, whom Elizabeth intended to marry and to make her own cuckold. Trevor played his own part in this sub plot.

He had, against Olwen’s wishes, and without her knowledge, contacted Marcus and explained the domestic changes which were unfolding that weekend. Marcus owned and was C E O of his own architect company.

With the result that by bedtime on the Saturday night of ‘Divulgance Weekend’, Elizabeth had not only met Marcus, but she’d been offered the chance to re-start her career in his firm, and plans had also been made to include Malcolm in the tight and exclusive lifestyle that the Edwards family and Marcus Dexter enjoyed so much.

Elizabeth had now been living back home with her parents for eight months. She had fitted into Marcus’s company very easily. Her first two clients were a developer and an entrepreneur whom Marcus had taken from Elizabeth’s old company. It was Elizabeth’s old boss’s ineptitude that had caused the clients to move, and had directly led to Elizabeth resigning. All three were overjoyed to link back up again, and both clients were delighted with Elizabeth’s designs and the way she was handling the construction contractors.

In her private life, Elizabeth was having the time of her life. During the week she slept in the master bedroom with her mother. Olwen was becoming very adept at strapping-on and fucking her daughter.

On weekends, when Marcus stayed over, Elizabeth would either peg her father or her fiancé, when he was not on call. Malcolm was an Accident and Emergency consultant at the local teaching hospital.

Wedding plans had been made, and then postponed when Malcolm’s mother died unexpectedly. She had been a cantankerous old woman ever since Elizabeth had met her, but she recognised how Elizabeth kept her son in order, and she approved of it. Her funeral was well attended, which gave Malcolm much comfort.

At the wake, he approached Elizabeth, Olwen and Marcus (Trevor was serving tea and coffee at the time) and asked if he might speak to them.

Olwen looked at him sternly.

“It had better be relevant, boy,” she said menacingly. “What do you want?”

“I want to get married as soon as possible and to live the sort of life Trevor does,” admitted Malcolm, blushing. “Serving Ms. Elizabeth on weekends is not enough for me. I want to be totally owned and dominated. Please give me your permission to submit to my darling, Elizabeth, Mrs. Edwards.”

Olwen looked at Elizabeth, who shrugged.

“I don’t have a boyfriend yet,” she said. “No-one I’ve been out with lately has had a cock that has given me real pleasure. I peg this one of course,” she said with a smile, nodding in Malcolm’s direction, “but I need to be stretched out and filled with a real man’s cum. I want to give my cuckold a steaming hot cream pie on our wedding night!”

Malcolm closed his eyes and moaned in ecstasy at the thought of that happening. He surreptitiously rubbed his cock through his trousers.

“Stop that!” muttered Olwen, who never seemed to miss a trick. Malcolm blushed and apologised.

“I agree with you. It’s vital to get you a lover,” Olwen said to her daughter. “But yes, of course I give you my permission to submit to my daughter. Have you got the documents ready?”

The documents to which she was referring concerned Malcolm’s assets. He had already agreed to put everything in Elizabeth’s name. For practical purposes, it had been agreed that they would open a joint bank account when they were married, but in reality, Elizabeth would have sole control of all financial matters.

The mortgage on Malcolm’s huge house had been paid off long ago. Now that his mother was deceased, he lived there alone. Documents had been drawn up transferring ownership to Elizabeth, and were awaiting his signature.

“Yes, Mrs. Edwards,” replied Malcolm eagerly. “They are all ready for signature. bursa eskort I was just waiting for your consent. I have a fortnight’s compassionate leave, so I’ll get everything signed and sealed tomorrow. May I bring them round for you and Elizabeth to approve?”

“You may,” agreed Olwen curtly. “Elizabeth will be in work, of course, but I’m sure I can be trusted to read through them and accept them on her behalf?”

She looked at Elizabeth who nodded her head.

“Of course, Mum. I trust your judgement implicitly,” she said, and she kissed her mother full on the lips. Malcolm moaned again.

Some people believe in coincidence, some call it luck, others call it fate. Whatever term could be applied to what happened the next day is up to individual choice. But what did happen suited Elizabeth, and indirectly, Malcolm too. This is what occurred.

Elizabeth had gone into work as usual the next morning. Although her hunt for a boyfriend and a lover was of great significance to her, she was professional enough to put those thoughts to one side when she was in work.

She breezed into the office as usual, nodding ‘Good mornings’ to all the ancillary staff. Her office was next to Marcus’s and to get to it, she had to go through a smaller room, separate from the main office, where Mary, Marcus’s Personal Assistant, and Tina, Elizabeth’s secretary, spent their working hours.

They were both at their desks, and they looked up, smiling, as Elizabeth came in.

“Good morning, ladies,” said Elizabeth. “What’s on today, Tina? Anything really important?”

“No, Ms. Edwards,” replied Tina, getting up and following Elizabeth into her office.

“Coffee?” she asked with a smile.

Elizabeth took her coat off and hung it in the cupboard. She sat down and looked at Tina sternly.

“Yes please,” she said, “and for the umpteenth time, please stop calling me Ms. Edwards. My name is Elizabeth!”

She smiled as Tina looked at her in confusion.

“But you’re my boss,” she replied. “It isn’t right for me to be so familiar!”

“As your boss, you are supposed to do what I tell you,” said Elizabeth. “So I’m telling you to call me Elizabeth. Is that clear?”

“Yes, Ms…. er… Elizabeth,” said Tina uncertainly. “Now then, coffee first. Then you have a conference call with Murphy Construction at nine thirty, and the only other thing in the diary is a site meeting with representatives of the local council at three this afternoon. They want to run over the proposals for the multi story car park for the new shopping mall.”

Elizabeth nodded and reached for her tobacco pouch and her pipe. She began filling it as she glanced over some drawings she had begun for a project on the outskirts of town.

When Tina returned with her coffee, Elizabeth was wreathed in aromatic pipe smoke. Tina breathed in deeply and grinned.

“I do love the smell of your tobacco,” she said. “My brother smokes cigars, and I love the smell of them too.”

Elizabeth knew that Tina and her brother were alone. They lived together after their parents had been killed in a tragic accident whilst they were on a coach holiday in Germany. Tina, who was the elder sibling, obviously doted on her brother, and as far as Elizabeth could see, acted as a mother substitute to him, as well as being his sister. She had never met Simon, but because Tina never seemed to stop talking about him, she felt she knew quite a bit about him, including the fact that he was one of the deputy head teachers at the local comprehensive school.

The rest of the day went well. Elizabeth’s conference meeting and her site meeting were both routine, and as she put her coat on to go home, her mind turned once again to the task of finding herself a lover.

She walked out with Tina, and the two chatted comfortably. On the street, they stopped. Elizabeth was going right, Tina left.

Tina had just said, “See you in the morning,” when a car pulled up at the kerb. The window slid down and a deep voice said,

“Hiya, sis. Going my way?”

Two things happened simultaneously, although Tina wasn’t aware of one of them.

Tina blushed a deep red and stammered,

“This is my brother, Simon, Ms. Edwards… sorry, Elizabeth. Simon, this is my boss, Ms. Elizabeth Edwards.”

The second thing that happened was that Elizabeth felt a tingle in her clit and her nipples hardened. Fuck! This bloke was gorgeous!

“How do you do?” she said shyly, extending her hand to clasp his own. “I’m very pleased to meet you at last.”

“Can I give you a lift home?” he smiled. “I finished school early for once and I thought I’d save my sister the price of a bus ticket.”

“Thank you, but I’m going in the opposite direction,” replied Elizabeth, trying desperately not to sound too disappointed.

“No probs,” smiled Simon. “Sis and I aren’t in any rush. I was going to take her for a drink anyway. Jump in. You can join us, if you like.”

As Elizabeth went to open the rear door, Simon shook his head.

“Come and sit in the front with me,” bursa escort he grinned. “Sis, get in the back!”

“Yes, Si…Simon,” replied Tina meekly.

They drove to a quiet local pub, which was famous for its’ good beer and spectacular views from the beer garden. Simon found a table overlooking the river and pulled out a chair for Elizabeth. Tina sat down too.

“What’ll you have?” he asked Elizabeth.

“Oh, a pint of best bitter, please,” she smiled.

Simon looked impressed.

“A woman of rare taste,” he joked, walking off to the bar.

“He must know what you drink,” said Elizabeth to Tina. “He didn’t bother asking you.”

“I’m not supposed to drink alcohol,” said Tina, “so my brother will bring me what he thinks I deserve.”

Elizabeth thought this a very strange way of putting things, but she kept her own council and said nothing.

Simon returned with two pints of clear, amber coloured beer and a pink plastic bottle of fruit juice with a straw in it. When the drinks had been distributed, he sat down and raised his glass. Elizabeth did the same and they brought them both together with a sharp clink.

“Cheers!” they both said together.

Elizabeth looked at Tina, who hadn’t touched her drink.

“Is something the matter Tina?” she asked concernedly.

“No… I… er…”

“Drink up Sis. Stop making a fuss,” smiled Simon, but Elizabeth detected a hint of steel in his tone.

Simon lit a cigar, having first offered his cigar case to Elizabeth. She took one and accepted a light from him. They both smoked under the adoring gaze of Tina, who breathed in their smoke happily.

Simon seemed amused when Elizabeth told him that she was also a pipe smoker.

“How did you get into that?” he asked.

“My mother introduced me to it,” replied Elizabeth. “She made my father buy me my first pipe for my eighteenth birthday.”

Simon raised his eyebrows at this, but whether it was because Elizabeth had been so young, or whether it was because of the phrase ‘made my father’, Elizabeth couldn’t tell.

She finished her beer and stood up.

“My round,” she announced, but Simon shook his head, taking her empty glass from her and handing it, together with his own, to Tina.

“Same again, Sis,” he said. “Spend some of that money Elizabeth pays you!”

Tina got up and went to the bar. Taking advantage of her absence, Elizabeth turned to Simon and said quietly,

“It’s a very interesting relationship that you have with your sister. Is she always this submissive to you?”

Simon looked at her, puffed on his cigar and was silent for a few moments.

“What makes you ask that?” he replied eventually. “What do you know about D/s relationships?”

Elizabeth smiled and smoked, considering her reply.

“In for a penny, in for a pound ” she thought to herself.

“Quite a lot, actually,” she replied. “My last relationship was with a girl who was a real pain slut. I don’t know if Tina has mentioned that I’m getting married? My fiancé is very submissive. And my mother dominates my father. I guess that’s where I get it from.”

Simon had the grace to keep his mouth shut. Eventually he said,

“I really don’t know why I’m telling you this. But you must be able to keep a secret, given what you’ve just told me. I’ve been spanking Tina for about fifteen years. It’s consensual, of course. I wouldn’t call her a pain slut, but she does enjoy a vigorous arse beating.”

Tina returned at this point, carrying two more pints of best bitter She put them down on the table, one each in front of Elizabeth and Simon. She made to sit down, but Elizabeth said,

“Tina, Simon and I are talking. Go and sit in the toilet for exactly fifteen minutes.”

Tina looked at her brother, who nodded silently. She went back into the pub without a word.

“Impressive,” muttered Simon. “You dominate quietly but extremely well.”

Elizabeth blushed, and to hide her embarrassment, picked up her pint and took a deep swig.

When Tina came back, fifteen minutes later, she saw that Elizabeth and Simon were deep in conversation, their heads almost touching as they carried on their conversation. She hesitated, and hovered on the fringes of the space around the table where her boss and her brother sat.

Eventually, Elizabeth sat up. She noticed Tina, smiled, and waved her over. As Tina sat down rather uncertainly, Elizabeth spoke.

“You must congratulate your brother and me too,” she said with a grin.

Tina looked totally perplexed. Both Elizabeth and Simon laughed. They were enjoying this.

“You told me Elizabeth was about to get married,” Simon addressed his sister. “It seems that she and I share a common interest.”

Tina looked quickly at Elizabeth, who winked at her. Deliberately, she took out her mobile phone and made a call. Tina held her breath and waited.

When her call was answered, Elizabeth spoke sharply.

“Put my mother on, cucky,” she said. She listened and smiled.

“Perfect,” she said. “I’m bringing bursa escort bayan my new boyfriend home for supper. His sister will accompany us. Make sure there’s enough for us all to eat. Tonight is going to be a real celebration!”

She ended the phone call without any further instructions. Picking up her glass, she swallowed the last mouthful of her pint. She stood up and offered her hand to Simon, who took it and kissed it. He stood up too.

“Come on, slowcoach,” he teased Tina. “Are you coming, or what? And close your mouth, you look as if you’re catching flies!”

When they arrived home, Tina was astounded to find Marcus in the sitting room, with his arm around the woman that Elizabeth had introduced to her as her mother. Olwen got up and embraced Tina.

“Supper will be ready in a moment, my dear,” she smiled. “All will be revealed then.”

Olwen turned to Simon with her arms outstretched.

“Simon, my dear,” she gushed, “you don’t know what a relief it is to me and my cuckold that Elizabeth has finally found a suitable boyfriend at last. Now she can get on with getting married and become a Hot Wife herself.”

She gave Simon a very chaste couple of kisses, one on each cheek.

“Now then,” she continued, “your sister will know Marcus from work. I’m sure she doesn’t know that he’s been my lover for a while now.”

Tina’s gasp of amazement was interrupted when Trevor, dressed in his housemaid’s uniform, came into the sitting room and announced that supper was served in the dining room.

Over supper, Tina was both amazed and thrilled to learn that not only was she working for her beloved brother’s boss, but that Elizabeth intended to take him as her lover once she had married.

Both Elizabeth and Simon agreed that it was important to continue Tina’s discipline regime, so she was happy to learn that her spanking sessions would not stop. Marcus had impressed on her the need for discretion, something that she was well aware of, given her long-standing relationship with her brother.

They had just reached the coffee course. Trevor, who had been allowed to eat at the table with everyone else was just finishing clearing away, when the doorbell rang. He hurried off to answer it, and returned a few moments later with a very excited looking Malcolm.

He carried a sheaf of official looking papers in a folder underneath his arm.

“The cuckold-to-be has brought the documents, as instructed,” Trevor informed the gathering, and when instructed by Olwen to do so, he introduced the newcomers to Malcolm.

“It’s my pleasure to introduce Simon, who has agreed to become your Hot Wife’s lover,” Trevor began. “I’m sure Ms. Elizabeth will instruct you in your duties towards him.”

Elizabeth nodded and beckoned Malcolm forward as she stood up from the table.

“I know we all have work in the morning,” she said with a smile, looking at Marcus, “but I do feel a little celebration is in order.”

“Let’s all go into the sitting room. Malcolm, leave those documents here with me. Go and help the cuckold to make coffee for us all.”

When Malcolm returned carrying a tray of coffee cups, spoons and a milk jug, the sight that greeted him both thrilled and shocked him. Trevor, who was carrying the cafitier seemed unperturbed.

Both Malcolm’s fiance and Trevor’s wife had a cock in their respective mouths. Marcus and Simon were sitting next to one another on the sofa, and mother and daughter were on their knees sucking cock enthusiastically.

As the cuckold and the soon-to-be cuckold entered, the women released their men and resumed their seats. Both of them had a huge grin on their face.

“Marcus will be staying the night, cucky,” Olwen informed Trevor. “You’ll sleep on your mattress in the master bedroom tonight. I’ll need you for fluffing and clean up duty.”

Trevor grinned, but said nothing. His job was to obey, not express an opinion.

Elizabeth addressed Malcolm.

“I’ve signed the documents,” she said. “There’s very little point in you hanging about much longer. I’ll make the arrangements for our wedding, and get back to you.”

Malcolm nodded enthusiastically.

“May I ask something, Elizabeth dear?” he asked, and when Elizabeth nodded, he turned to Trevor before speaking.

“Your father showed me the device he wears on his penis,” he began, before both Elizabeth and Olwen burst out laughing.

“You’re not at work now, boy,” grinned Olwen. “We don’t use medical terms here. Mr. Marcus and Mr. Simon have both got cocks, not penises. Cuckolds like Trevor have little boi clits.”

She looked at her daughter and raised her eyebrows in an unspoken question. Elizabeth understood immediately.

“Show us your boi clit, Malcolm,” she commanded quietly.

Malcolm unzipped his trousers, but Elizabeth shook her head and stopped him.

“Trousers right down,” she said with a wink at her mother.

When he lowered his trousers, Malcolm could be seen to be wearing a pair of tighty whitey underpants. Olwen tutted her disapproval.

“Oh dear,” she sighed. “You must let me take my new son-in-law cuckold shopping,” she said in a shocked voice. “His choice of underwear is appalling. He should be wearing frilly knickers which will remind him of his status.”

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