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A Fist In Time

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I had a girl once who wasn’t into anal sex at all. It was a pity as I enjoy anal sex so much.

But that was OK, because we got up to other things.

We had a very open relationship and we each fucked other people outside of the relationship with each other’s consent. We even engaged in couple of threesomes, with another girl and another guy at different times. She even had her own ‘boyfriend’ and they regularly fucked.

She was a big girl with curves in all the right areas, and magnificent breasts. They were large and very full, but they had sag what-so-ever and they were wonderfully sensitive and she loved having them licked and sucked.

And I, being obliging never refused.

She never shaved her pussy, legs or armpits and so sex with her was more of hippy feral things, but lots of fun.

We tried just about everything that was possible, even anal, though she didn’t like it. When we I did get to fuck her arse, I felt it was the greatest privilege that she could give me. She had a magnificent arse. It was so tight and after loosening her up a bit I would slowly enter back passage. Occasionally when she was into it, she would wrap her legs around my back and pull me into her arse hole. Her anus felt different to other girls I have fucked. It was tighter, hotter and the inside of her bowels didn’t open up like others. But stayed tight around the whole length of my cock. It was like fucking a tight hot fist. I simply couldn’t resist pumping her guts full of my cum.

But that is another story I will tell in details another time. Today is a story about something else we did.

I was sent a link by friend, for a book called “A bird in the hand” a guide to vaginal fisting. We ordered on Amazon and it arrived a couple of weeks later. It was inly small book, but was well illustrated and an excellent “How-to” book for vaginal fisting.

My girl and myself were intrigued by the idea. She had a very tight cunt and fucking her was always lots of fun. She had though nice wide hips and so we thought that maybe it would work. According to the book all women should be able to be fisted with enough practice.

I though, have very large hands. I’m 6’4” and everything is in proportion. We weren’t sure whether my hand would actually fit inside her cunt, but would find out.

One afternoon we were fucking and sucking and having a good time. She was a one orgasm woman and hadn’t cum yet. We were fooling around and I was licking her very swollen pussy. She had cute little hidden inner lips, that when aroused would swell up to be a deep red colour and peep out from her outer lips.

Her clit would also swell up a lot and get very hard and red.

On this particular day, I started fingering her tight pussy.

I thought that I could kaçak iddaa never get my hand in there. We had been trying over the past couple of weeks. Stretching her cunt to the point of pleasure and pain.

Oh and fellas. It is a myth that a woman’s cunt once stretched stays stretched permanently. They are remarkably flexible organs and soon resume their natural shape and tightness. It helps much more if your girl has well defined PC muscles.

The point of the exercise in fisting is to stretch those PC muscles to allow your hand to enter your girl’s cunt.

Over the preceding weeks we had managed to get my hand up to the knuckles. All four fingers and thumb focussed in that small hole.

I didn’t want to force it and hurt her.

So maybe today will be the day…

Back to the story…

She lay on the bed before me lazing in the soft afternoon sunlight. Her long black hair spread out in a halo around her head. She eyes closed and she had a lazy smile on her face. We were quite stoned and had a bit to drink by now as well, so that softened the edges on everything.

Her legs were spread and below her hairy little bush I could see her cunt gaping slightly open and revealing her swollen and red insides. Her outer lips were mainly free of hair and provided an excellent view of the universe.

I moved my hands over her pussy, just feeling the flesh under my fingers. It’s texture. It’s warmth and it’s smoothness.

I run my fingers up and down her outer lips and over her inner thighs which she obligingly open further for me. I bent down and kissed her little erect clit, and flicked my tongue down between her lips and could taste her sweet juices. She arched her hips up into my mouth at the sudden assault on her pussy. I slithered down past her little piss hole and found the opening to her tight little cunt. I wormed my tongue around her hole and slipped in a little, making her jump in anticipation. I teased her as she expected me to shove my tongue deep in her pussy, but I wouldn’t do it, I wanted her hotter than hot for what we had in mind.

Then, when she thought I wasn’t going to penetrate her, I torpedoed my tongue into her dripping wet cunt. She bucked and shuddered as a mini-orgasm jolted through her body. Maybe tonight she might cum more than her usual once only. She was so horny right now I think I could have done anything at all with her. And I intended to, as well.

I didn’t want her to take too much pleasure too early, so I withdrew my tongue and moved up to her clit, while slipping a finger into her cunt.

She moved in slowly lazy hip grinds as she enjoyed the tonguing that her clit was getting. I slowly fingered her cunt with my long forefinger, feeling all the space in her cunt, and thinking this is when all of kaçak bahis my fingers will be soon.

A second finger was added and I slowly continued my finger fucking.

And then third was added to her cunt.

Now I slowed down my finger fucking and moved more sensuously and slowly.

Trying to insinuate those three fingers as far as possible into her body.

Her juices lubricated my fingers, but we needed more. Keeping my three fingers in her cunt, I reached across to the side table with my left hand and grabbed a bottle of lube.

I dribbled lube down onto my fingers in her cunt, and rotated them to spread it around and push it into her cunt.

I slowly removed my fingers and made sure that all my fingers and hand were well lubed and spread lots around and inside her gaping cunt.

Slowly I started reinserting my fingers one at a time into her cunt. Soon, I had all four fingers embedded up to the knuckles in her cunt. She was keeping very still feeling every sensation of her own stretching as I slowly penetrated her.

I withdrew slightly, allowing me enough room to fold my thumb in with my fingers. I used my other hand to spread more lube over my hand.

Well lubed, I resumed my slowly penetration of her cunt. Soon I was at maximum penetration. My hand was buried in her cunt all the way up to knuckles. I could feel her apprehension and I could sense that she was feeling very stretched.

We stayed still more maybe 10 minutes; all the while she was slowly rubbing her clit. I assumed that this was all we were going to do today.

How wrong I was. She had other plans.

I slowly started to withdraw my hand. Before I got far she reached down and grabbed my wrist and pulled by hand back into her cunt.

“Just stay still”, she said

With that she lifted her hips up and held tightly onto my wrist and forced her hips upward and onto my fist. I didn’t move; just let her do the work.

For an instant her cunt relaxed just tiny bit more, and my hand slipped forward, past her gripping vaginal sphincter. Once my knuckles had passed the tightest part of the journey her cunt seemed open and suck my hand into her body.

I felt the same as when penetrating and arse. A very tight entry, but when passed the sphincter it is all much easier. With one BIG exception though! Your anus has now large muscles groups making it work. Inside a woman’s cunt are some very strong muscles.

I can feel my hand completely filling the space inside her cunt. I can feel the muscles almost crushing my hand. It so unbelievably tight. It is unlike anything you’d expect when you’ve put fingers or your cock in her cunt. I can feel her tightly stretched cunt lips around my wrist.

“Just wait”, she whispered. “Let me get used to it.”

She illegal bahis just held my wrist, preventing me from moving and we stayed locked together while she adjusted. She was breathing quite deeply, in ragged gasps at times and the pain pulsed from her cunt.

After five minutes or so, she moved her hand around where my arm entered her cunt. Very delicately she explored where we became one for a moment.

After exploring our connection for a moment she moved up to slowly rub her clit. Pleasuring herself she started a slow grind of her hips against my fist. I could feel her cunt relax around my fist allowing me to move my hand inside her cunt.

She continued to play with herself and I noticed a change in her breathing. She was really getting into this and her breathing was becoming shorter and more ragged. She ground and rotated her hips against my fist even more vigorously.

I bent down and started licking around her fingers as that massaged her clit. Soon she abandoned her own attentions and just enjoyed the tongue lashing that I was giving her. Her breathing became more and more erratic. She reached down and grabbed my wrist tightly and pushed it into her and rotated her hips around me.

Then her cunt started to tighten around my hand. Her cunt spasm’s became more and more intense and soon her cunts muscles were crushing my hand. It was almost too painful. I response I attacked her clit with even greater intensity. Which made her cunt tighten even more around my hand.

Suddenly her whole body jerked. Her hips thrust into the air and her body started thrashing around like a mad woman. Her moans went from a low and gentle, to a low wail flowed by screaming. I thought she was hurt it was so unexpected. She trashed about on my fist as I tried to keep licking her clit. But it was like riding a wild horse and I could get off until she’d worn herself out.

So I just had to help out and kept licking her clit.

A wave of warmth and wetness spread from her cunt, her juices ran over my hand and down her arse. She continued to spasm for minutes after her orgasm.

Slowly she started to regain her senses and realised that the fist in her cunt was getting uncomfortable. Her cunt though was still very tight and was locked

around my fist making it impossible to withdraw. Gradually she relaxed her cunt and allowed me to start to withdraw from her body. I eventually managed to pull my fist past her outraged cunt sphincter and removed my fingers one by one, leaving her with a gaping, swollen, red and very wet cunt. Her cunt was pulsing and slowly closing. I could see right down inside her cunt before it finally closed.

She was just lying there in bliss with a lazy smile over her face.

I moved back climbed into bed with, cuddled up to her and pulled a sheet up over both of us. We both drifted off into a deep sleep. I didn’t even notice until later that I didn’t cum.

It just didn’t seem to matter at the time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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