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A Flashback Car Adventure

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Big Dick

Trish and I were driving back to our motel after the class reunion back in our old home town. I asked Trish if she recalls the time back in the summer following our freshman year in college when we were returning from a movie at the county seat. Trish responded that we had gone to many movies during our teenage dating years. I said that this particular night in particular had special memories for me.

She asked, “Fill in some details as this specific night isn’t coming into focus?”

I replied, “Trish, we had been to the movie, stopped afterwards for refreshments at the drive in and were driving back on the usual state road to our home.” At the time, I reviewed the details and asked, “What you would like to do now?”

She responded, “What did I answer?”

I told her that her announcement instantly got my attention when you stated matter of factly, “I want to fuck.”

“You’re making that up just because that’s what you wanted to do!” Trish replied.

“I can’t deny that I wanted to fuck, as I always do when I’m with you, but I’d never heard you use such a four letter word before! Yes, I know we’d been fucking since we both shared our virginity back in our earlier teenage experimentation years. It was probably after I got my driver’s license. But the shock of your open use of that ‘naughty’ word quickly got my attention!”

Trish’s reply, “OK …… assuming that is correct, what was your reply to my announcement?”

“Well, Trish, since you were expecting an agreement from me, I remember my reply was a directive. Take off your clothes! You replied, “Do you mean now?” Yes, right now and hurry up! Since you may not remember what I recalled that night, I’ll try to repeat the words that come back to me so clearly.”

Trish said, “OK, go ahead, I’m listening.”

“OK, here goes.”

“Do you mean while we’re on this highway? I don’t want anyone to see me!”

“Trish, there isn’t much traffic on the state road this time of night and even if we pass any cars our headlights would blind them from seeing inside our car, I responded. I also added, I think that favorite parking place of ours will be ideal as it is on the old bypassed part of the highway with no houses and only that little old country church near the end.”

“Back then, you seemed to concur as you started unbuttoning your dress. I enjoyed glancing over and watching as you removed your dress, panty hose, bra and panties. You tossed your clothes into the back seat and turned with your knees pointing toward me.”

Trish interrupted stating, “OK, it is coming back to me and I assume you went ahead and gave me a good servicing. So, what is your point in bringing up those old memories?”

“Well, My Love, I think we would enjoy a repeat of that evening’s adventures! Would you like a repeat?” I asked.

“Jay, your recitation of these past sexual activities has turned me on, so what now?”

“Trish, take off your clothes! Do it now and show some enthusiasm!” I strongly suggested.

“Jay, unlike that evening, we still have that little town to go drive through and it has street lights!” you said with concern.

“We still have several miles and ample time for you to get undressed before we get there. You can wrap your raincoat around your shoulders if you are concerned.”

After slipping her coat off her shoulders, Trish started unbuttoning her blouse, then the skirt’s side zipper, raised her butt and quickly removed the skirt. Tossing her blouse and skirt into the back seat, she turned to me and said, “What now?”

I told her to remove her bra, panties and stay up nylons in any sequence she’d like, but to do it quickly! Then I changed my mind, “Trish instead, please remove your bra and panties, but leave your stockings on.” She looked at me quizzically, but did as I asked, tossing these garments in the back.

Then she asked,”Now what?”

I asked her to extend her legs, putting her stocking feet up on the dash. At that, she slid down a bit in her seat and placed her feet up as I requested. “Trish, you are one very sexy woman, but it is just too dark to enjoy your beauty!” At that I reached up and turned on the dome light.

“Damn you Jay! What did you do that for, are you trying to embarrass me?” Trish exclaimed in a loud voice.

“Now Trish, there isn’t anyone in the countryside who could see you, even if they were at the roadside, which they aren’t. I said in a calming voice. I don’t want to share this view of my beautiful wife with anyone! I added. Now, please put your feet back up on the dash and spread you legs apart ……. please?” She looked at me with a scowl and then her smile slowly surfaced and she did as I requested, but not until I turned off the dome light.

“Jay, aren’t we getting pretty close to that little town?” she inquired as she started to pull her coat around her shoulders and lowered her legs.

“Yes, Trish we are. As you will remember, it is so small that there are no stop lights and only about four street lights on their main street. It isn’t likely that there pendik escort is even anyone up at 10:30 in this town! You can keep your coat on your shoulders, but please open it wide unless or until you spot a danger ……. after all, I want to enjoy your beautiful breasts and nylon legs?”

I glanced over at Trish and saw what I perceived what was an apprehensive expression. But she opened her coat and held it that way as we descended down the hill into the little town. I slowed to lower than the speed limit in order to enjoy the view of my nearly naked wife. Admittedly, I wanted her to feel anxious and a bit excited by what she felt was a risky activity.

“Jay, why are you going to slow? Trish asked. I want to get away from here!”

“All in good time, My Lovely, but you must let me enjoy your almost public nudity. Don’t you get a little bit of thrill at your perceived risk of being spotted by some local resident? I replied in a humorous tone of voice. Even if you were seen, you wouldn’t be recognized by anyone ….. would you?”

“Jay, I’ll give you my opinion after we are away from this place!”

As we passed the last street light, I asked Trish to remove the coat from her shoulders and place it on the back of her seat. As she turned around to arrange the coat on the seat back, I said to her, “Please stay on your knees facing back and put your arms up on the back of your seat?”

“What kind of humiliation are you intending now? she asked. By the way, being nearly naked and easily exposed in that little burg, it did give me a lot of stress and ……I have to admit to a level of sexual excitement in that adventure!”

“Trish, with you in that delightful position, I can enjoy your lovely body with my right hand while watching the road and steering safely with my left. Oh yes, please place knees farther apart?” I requested. Trish glanced at me with a questioning look, but did as I asked.

“Trish, put your hands on the headrest so that your breasts will be open for my fondling?” Her breasts now being available, I reached over brushing across her right breast to the left one and located the nipple.

“Trish, this nipple seems very prominent, could it be excited?” I asked. Before she could respond, I grasped it and gave it a little tweak.

“Well if it isn’t already excited, what you are doing will make it more so!” Trish stated.

“Trish, I do love your breasts and the nipples. I will always enjoy doing many things to and with them! Of my many favorite breast related activities, which ones do you prefer?” I asked.

“Well, Jay, I have always enjoyed seeing and feeling what you do stimulate them. Do I really need to list them in order of preference?”

“Dear One, I am always interested in giving you pleasure and that is where my enjoyment is concerned. Maybe I should have phrased it differently. How about you telling me whenever you would like me to change what I’ve been doing, such as, ‘Please switch to the other nipple and suck on it!’ or ‘Gently pinch and pull the other nipple while you are sucking!’ or ‘That’s enough breast foreplay, now do something for my pussy and clit?'”

“Ok! I’ll give a hint if I feel the need for something different. Just never assume that I’m not satisfied with what you are doing!” she advised.

I moved my hand down from her breasts to the crotch, when just about that moment a flash of headlight beam from an approaching vehicle began lighting her lovely backside. Trish’s head snapped around to look and I told her, “Don’t you move! My headlights make it impossible to detect your lovely backside!” Except for a momentary flinch, Trish held her position.

As I resumed feeling for her pussy with my right hand, I detected something different. “Trish, did you recently shave down here?”I asked.

“Well, yes! But mostly I just gave the patch a trim.” Trish replied.

“That explains why it feels so different ….. not the soft silky feel I’m used to ….. when nearing one of my favorite openings! I think I’ll have to give it the tongue test!”

“Is that new feel going to be a problem for you?” Trish asked.

“I can’t be sure until I put my nose in it and give it the tongue test” I kidded.

I moved my fingers closer to the sweet spot and placed my middle finger along the slit and felt a twitch and a gasp in response. Gently I started stroking up and down her pussy slit and the lips began to part. Wetness was easily detected, so I began inserting my finger until it was beyond the first two knuckles.

Trish stated her concern, “I hope you are driving carefully! I wouldn’t want to be discovered by accident investigators in my current state of nudity! What would they think if I was the only one naked?”

“Well Dear, I am being very careful as I want to arrive at our ‘old fucking place’ with both of us in the best possible condition to enjoy ourselves. So just relax and I’ll be pulling off the highway in just a couple more minutes.”

Having made that statement and seeing the curve and the almost hidden road exit ahead, I slowed escort pendik and began my turn off. The old bypassed road was still paved but had lots of grass and weeds growing up in the cracks. Driving slowly for a few hundred yards farther, I came to a stop.

Trish inquired, “Am I the only one that is going to be naked? By the way, I need to pee!” she exclaimed, while reaching in the back for her raincoat.

“Trish you won’t need that coat as it isn’t raining any longer and it is only a few degrees cooler. I justified my suggestion. While you are taking your call to nature, I’ll get my clothes off.”

Trish said, “OK, but the dome light will come on when I open the door and I’m still naked!”

“We are about 50 yards or so south of the highway, plus there is no farm house anywhere near! Take a look over at the highway and if you don’t see any headlights, just get out and do your business.”I suggested.

Accepting my idea, Trish jumped out and quickly slammed the door to extinguish the light. I continued stripping off my clothes and was almost finished when she jumped back inside.

“You said it was not cold, but it must be down to at least 60 degrees! That isn’t a comfortable temperature to be naked!” she exclaimed.

“Well I’m going to test your estimate as I’m also naked and have to pee!” I opened my door, the dome light came on and clearly illuminated my beautiful wife in her seat. I intentionally held the door open while I enjoyed the view, causing Trish to react, “Close the damn door and go pee!”

I took a few steps to where I could see her wet spot on the road and made my own spot alongside. Back at the car, I paused for a moment after the door opening lighted the interior, and Trish, as I expected, verbally scolded me, “Get in the car …. now and turn off the light!”

“Trish, you are even more beautiful in the light, but I understand your reluctance. I will have to enjoy your womanly sexiness …. manually! I stated. So, to assist me with my enjoyment of you, would you please squat in the seat facing forward?” I added, We don’t have a bench seat as in the past, so special care has to be taken for the center console between us.”

As Trish eased herself up into the requested squatting position, I added, “Please spread your knees wide and either hold the headrest with your hands or place your arms down alongside your seat? This causes your breasts to be thrust forward and your pussy to be easily examined.”

As she did as requested, I awkwardly climbed over the center console and knelt facing her with my knees between hers.

Trish inquired, “Am I open enough for you? What parts are you going stimulate first?”

I leaned forward and gave her a prolonged kiss, which she returned in equal vigor. At the same time, I reached for her nipples and held them between my thumbs and fingertips.

“Your nipples are very firm and enlarged, is this due to the chill in the air, or are you getting excited?”

“The chilly air had something to do with it, but what you are doing to them also makes them more excited! she said. Also I saw the size of your erection as you climbed over the console and that has an effect on me as well! Did the outside chill have something to do with its size?”

“No Trish! The image I had of your naked sexy body and the idea of impaling you on my cock, had the most effect! I responded. Now, I want to suck on your nipples while I test your pussy’s wetness and readiness for fucking! If you have any requests, modifications or even objections, please tell me at this time?” I requested.

“No Jay. Proceed with your plan and I’ll let you know if I have any ideas.”

I began with sucking the nipple on her right breast while using my left hand middle

finger to slide it up and down her pussy slit. With increasing penetration of her pussy lips, the vaginal wetness was readily apparent. I switched to the other nipple and also gave it my best sucking action while at the same time nibbling it gently with my teeth. I also increased my penetration of her very wet cunt by inserting a second finger. With that double penetration, Trish uttered a breathy gasp and moan.

“Jay, do you think I’m ready for fucking yet? I couldn’t be more ready for your stiff cock inside me!”

I responded with, “Yes!!!! Let’s get it on!” I announced as I tried to move my erect cock into contact with her pussy. However, with my head in contact with the car’s roof, this kept me in a huddled sort of position, when I really needed to thrust my cock in Trish’s direction. My knees were already in contact with the seat’s back and I couldn’t scoot any closer.

“Trish, can you rotate you pelvis upward and toward my cock?” Trish did elevate her pelvis and tried to thrust her pussy forward, but we just weren’t making contact.

Realizing the difficulty of our position, Trish said, “Maybe we should move to the back seat?”

“We can do that, but first, ….. let’s go back to our old fucking position that always worked so well during our youth! Let me move to the side so you pendik escort bayan can get up and I’ll sit on the seat and then you can straddle me, …… just like the good old days!”

Trish and I awkwardly worked our way past each other and she supported herself on her toes with extended arms on the car door and headrest. Once I was seated, she swung her legs over and straddled me while extending her breasts toward my face. I immediately took that hint and began sucking the nearest nipple, while Trish reached down and grasped my cock and began sliding it up and down her wet slit. Feeling my cock’s head at that warm and wet entrance, I started thrusting upward desiring entrance.

“Be patient Jay, let me get you lubricated with my pussy juice first and when I’m ready I’ll lower myself on it!”

She continued working my cock up and down those juicy lips, while I did my best to restrain myself. For the moment, I decided I’d just concentrate on switching back and forth between each breast and those very suckable nipples. Soon, I felt Trish lowering herself on to my erection.

“Oh my Darling, you do know what I like! What could feel better than being inside that warm, slick, velvety interior of your pussy?”

“Oh Yes, yes, yes!” was her response as she began that combination of back and forth pelvic movements and up and down riding motions. Keep on with that sucking while I concentrate on doing some very enjoyable fucking!”

“Oh God Trish! You are such a fantastic woman and so very exceptional with your fucking skills! As a teenager you were certainly very talented, but as a mature woman your sexual skills have become even more accomplished! Maybe I’ve told you that before, but you are very deserving of all my compliments on your sexual abilities and techniques.”

“Thanks! But I’m too busy enjoying myself on your cock to describe what I like about your sexual abilities!

“Well, Trish, I agree! I’d certainly rather fuck than talk …… so let’s just enjoy it!”

Whether it was my last comment or not, Trish seemed to be invigorated and her pelvic thrusting was even more rapid and intense. I extended both arms, held her ass with both hands and pulled her to me with each of her fucking movements. I could sense that Trish’s breathing was becoming more rapid and so was mine! We were rapidly progressing toward an intense orgasm. As that moment approached, I started thrusting upward and couldn’t hold back on a loud “Uuuunhh!” when I cut loose. At the same time Trish moaned and collapsed on my chest and shoulder.

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Trish exclaimed as she started to wind down. Jay, that was incredible! How could we have down that any better?”

“Trish, I agree that we just had an incredible erotic moment! However, that old car’s bench seat was much easier to do the deed than this one. Do you agree?”

“I suppose so, but please let’s not distract from the enjoyment of this moment by such speculation.” she replied as I could feel her pussy muscles squeezing and milking my cock.

“Jay, if I get up now, your juices will run out and get all over us and the car! We don’t have a towel with us do we?”

“No, Trish, but there is the handkerchief in my pants pocket that you can use. Can you reach it? She tried but the pants were beyond her reach. Let me see if I can recline the seat back far enough to help. I found the switch on the side of the seat and it started to recline until Trish was lying on top of me. How about now? Can you reach it?”

Trish eased forward and was able to grab the belt and I told her to look in the left rear pocket. She reached in, pulled the handkerchief out, unfolded it and quickly clutched it to her crotch as she pulled away.

“Can you raise the seat back so that we can separate and I can get off?” she asked.

I did as requested and she rose up enough that I could get back over the center console to the driver’s seat. Taking time for both of us to catch our breath, we just quietly sat and relaxed.

“Trish, are you about ready to go back to the motel and get some sleep?”

“Yes, I am Jay and I’m sure we need some rest and quiet time.”

“I’m going to get dressed, but I have a request for you!” I announced.

“OK, what diabolical scheme do you have in mind?” was her reply.

“On the way back to the motel, I want you naked beside me, so there is no need for you to get dressed!”

“No! Jay, there is no way you are going to pull into the parking lot with me naked!”

“But my dear, you will have the rain coat over your shoulders, as on our earlier ride, and when we enter the motel, you will obviously be more than ladylike in appearance. After all, even the casual observer will notice that you are wearing stockings with your dress pumps and that the coat is appropriate for a chilly evening.”

“If I go along with this request, will you promise me that you won’t do anything to embarrass me? I feel that I have been at risk enough tonight in too many ways, to satisfy your sexual escapade dreaming!”

“Yes, Trish, I promise! I replied. I never want to really cause you embarrassment, but I do enjoy when there is potential risk of discovery. Don’t you experience some degree of excitement and sexual stimulation when there is some risk?”

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