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A Fool’s Gambit

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This story is my entry in Literotica’s April Fools 2015 contest. This is a fantasy tale, written from a man’s point-of-view. All characters are over eighteen. Please rate the story at the end based on your judgment of its writing quality. Thank you.

I always acknowledge proofreading help provided by volunteer editors who work without compensation. Improving the grammar and mechanics of this story was the efforts of ‘sexnovella’.

A Fool’s Gambit – Screwing his mother-in-law became Brad’s obsession.

© SandraMustard 2015

* * * * *

I met Lisa at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on June 26th, 2010, a date I will never forget. My two best friends and I were waiting for the Widespread Panic concert to begin. We had paid top dollar to score our tickets for the sold-out event. I was scanning the crowd around us, sensing the excitement and anticipation buzzing through the mass of humanity. I had looked to my left before, but this time a girl leaned forward five seats away to look in my general direction.

Our eyes met, her face lit up with a smile, and she became my fixation. If the music had started right then, I would not have heard it. Although I tried, I could not stop myself from turning back for more glances. Seating lights illuminated her youthful beauty and danced on the strands of her blonde ponytail pulled through the back of a baseball cap. I had to meet this girl!

She was watching something in the distance beyond me but her eyes darted back to me often. When she smiled again, my cheeks pulled my lips back involuntarily. Her head turned away as she spoke to the girl next to her. Suddenly, both girls leaned out to look at me, and then conferred with each other again. The far girl nodded an apparent acknowledgement … or was it an encouragement?

Her ponytail swished as her head turned to face me. Finding me already looking her way, she mouthed, ‘Hi.’

My lips mimed my response before my brain thought the words. ‘You are beautiful.’

She bowed her head, covering her nose and mouth with her folded hands to hide a coy smile. She seemed to be laughing lightly when she looked up. Her face reflected a pleased glow. Her head jerked a come-hither movement as she said, perhaps aloud this time because I heard, “Come on over.”

There were two couples between us. I turned to the thirtyish man sitting next to me. “Are you four together? Could I possibly get you all to move over one seat so I can sit next to that girl?”

I think his companion had witnessed our interaction because she encouraged him and the other couple to agree. To my utter joy, the four people rose up and gathered their belongings.

I turned to my buddy. “See ya, Steve, I’m gonna sit with a girl over there.”

He couldn’t tell which girl I had targeted but played the ultimate wingman. “Go for it, dude.”

I pressed past the accommodating foursome to arrive at the throne of a goddess. Normally cool and self-assured with girls, my heart was pounding like a high school freshman. “Hello. My name’s Brad. What’s yours?”


I started with casual remarks about concerts in general and the band in particular, trying to learn her habits and music interests. Slipping in some direct questions, I learned enough about her to know I was going to pursue her beyond our chance encounter. I worried about her youthful looks but never asked her age, trying to determine it by deduction. At twenty-four, I didn’t want to date a teenager, even if she was the most beautiful creature on the planet. Yeah, right. Whom was I kidding?

Standing and dancing in place to the intoxicating music, our bodies casually bumped together. When she leaned her shoulder back against my chest to say something, and her butt pressed against the front of my hip, I put my hand around her waist and held the contact; she didn’t resist. My head feigned interest toward the stage but my mind focused on her position and plotted my moves.

At the end of a song, my hand at her side gently pushed her into a turn toward me as I stepped back. Her body completed the rotation without further guidance until we faced each other. I could see her blue eyes were watching my approaching mouth. Tilting her head, her eyes closed slowly, and her lips parted to accept my kiss. Her lips had a soft sensuality that felt simple and fresh. When our mouths broke contact, my tongue tasted her fruity lip-gloss adhering to my lips.

A demure smile dimpled her cheeks and made her eyes sparkle. Was she enthralled by our kiss? I sure was. My arms encircled her and pulled her close for another kiss. She was as eager for more as I was. Our tongues timidly touched at first, then twirled in a dance that made my heart race. Her hands wrapped behind my neck and her breasts leaned against my chest.

Her body felt vibrant in my arms. I could feel my excitement stir my cock. Her hips settled against my groin, pressing firmly until she unquestionably knew my arousal. I slid a hand down to the small of her back and pulled istanbul escort her tighter. Her tongue surged deep into my mouth and her body rocked to the music against me. Our intimate embrace lasted an entire song, nearly sending me over the edge. As it was, I felt the cool wetness of precum in my boxers.

We had a few more steamy embraces that evening, interwoven with handholding, dancing in place, and informative conversations. If we weren’t both drivers responsible for transporting our concert-mates, we probably would have left together early. Instead, we settled for programming entries into our cellphone contacts.

Lying in bed that night, I couldn’t sleep, memories of her kisses and feminine charms renewing desire for her in my loins. It was almost 2 a.m. but I took a gamble and called her. She answered on the first ring.

“I was hoping you would call, Brad,” she cooed.

The way her voice sang my name caught my breath. I declared that I had no choice if I ever hoped to get some rest; with a giggle, she admitted being unable to sleep as well.

I learned enough about her to know she was a woman that I would do anything to have in my future long-term. She was young but, at twenty, old enough to put all my age apprehensions at ease. She worked as a receptionist for a medical group and she shared an apartment with the girl who sat next to her at the concert. We talked until morning light was glinting through my window blinds. Before our goodbyes, we had a dinner date for that evening.

* * * * *

We sat side-by-side in a booth, our shoulders, arms, and thighs in tight contact most of the evening, moving apart only while eating. The press of her softness warmed my skin; the light fragrance of her perfume delighted my nose. Matching our prevailing mood, our conversation was light and full of laughter. Lisa proved to be witty with a sharp sense of humor. Towards the end of the meal, she demonstrated she was fond of sexual innuendos.

“I’m not shy about going after things I want.”

Her hand casually fell onto my lap. I could feel it covering my cock. My manhood stiffened as her fingers applied pressure.

“I’m attracted to upstanding men.”

Her eyes twinkled mischievously during a moment of silent staring. I didn’t know what to do or say, too excited by her purposeful touch to think clearly. As she turned her head and reached for her water glass, her hand did not lift off my member, but slowly slid down its length. She was the cool one. When I tried to take a drink, my trembling hand rippled the water.

Facing work for both of us in the morning, I took her directly home from the restaurant. Walking to her door, our arms were around each other’s waist. She headed off a goodnight kiss at the door by inviting me inside. After unlocking the door, she took me by the hand as we stepped inside.

Her roommate was lounging on the sofa in colorful pajama pants and white camisole. The television glow helped revealed the dark circles of her large areolas under the thin material. I tried not to stare at her stiffening nipples as Lisa introduced me to Suzie. The awkward moment was brief as Lisa pulled me toward an open doorway.

We were barely inside the bedroom when she spun around and launched an aggressive assault on my body. Her mouth mashed my lips while she panted and whined. Her active hands clutched at me, pulling me close as she squirmed against me. She pulled away and fell to her knees. Her hands feverishly worked to open my pants.

I turned to look at the open door knowing Suzie was just out of sight but the door was out of reach. Hot wetness enveloped my little head and my big head thought, ‘Maybe she wants Suzie to hear us.’ I was beyond worrying about privacy anyway.

With one hand massaging my balls, one holding my shaft, her mouth pumped me. I looked down to see my cock disappearing through her lips; I felt her tongue caressing my glans. When my manhood stretched to its fullest, her hands slid around to my buttocks and pulled my hips forward. My cock squeezed into her throat and she held it there, prompting me to tilt my head back and let a guttural exclamation of pleasure escape. Lisa bobbed her head in long, sensuous strokes. My cock strained against its confines, threatening to explode from the pressure within and the vacuum her mouth created.

Abruptly, her mouth released my wet manhood into the cooling air. As she stood up, I stepped out of my clothes bunched around my ankles. I pulled my shirt off while she did hers. While she unfastened her bra and shucked it aside, I opened her jeans. She hooked her thumbs inside her panties and pushed everything down toward the floor before marching out of them.

A beautiful specimen of youthful womankind danced before me, lit by the glow from the doorway. Pendulant breasts with puffy areolas and stiff nipples jutted out over her flat stomach. A neatly trimmed triangle of golden pubic hairs covered avcılar escort her mons; layered folds of labia opened between gapped thighs. Lisa scooted back across the bed and I crawled after her beckoning portal to cock-heaven.

As soon as her body stopped against her pillows, my head dove between her legs. Her clit was protruding from its nest and it poked firmly through my lips that pushed back her folds. I heard her squeal and felt her hands grasp my head. Her swollen knob stood prominent enough to allow me to make fellatio-like movements. I had her gasping and squirming immediately, continuing my energetic mouthing until her hips bucked uncontrollably in orgasmic pleasure.

I felt no urgency to leave her nether region, finding her sexual responses perfectly attuned to my techniques and utterly delightful to orchestrate. Several orgasms followed until she begged me to take her. I moved into her pelvic saddle and guided my swollen penis to her wide vaginal entrance. My cock slid easily into her hot wetness as I let my weight settle down. My arms slid underneath her; she folded hers behind my back.

Our lips latched in a passionate tongue kiss as our hips began rocking. I had never experienced a smoother fuck. Our thrusting slowly increased until our kiss ended to enable sufficient breathing. Her mouth was next to my ear, gasping whispered encouragement, describing her pleasure. Vaginal spasms pulsed on my cock, pulling my orgasm in glorious waves from my body into hers.

I propped myself up on my elbows to allow her lungs an easier effort to catch her breath. I remained on top of her however, unwilling to withdraw from the warmth of her cavity. I think she liked having me inside her too, because her fingers swirled over my back and butt, and she murmured with contentment.

“That was wonderful, Brad. I’m tingling all over.”

“It was fantastic for me, too. So exciting, like fireworks in my mind exciting, yet comfortable and perfectly satisfying. You have me thinking no one else can ever make me feel so good.”

“I know what you mean. You are more than just a good lover. I feel like something special happened tonight, like I found my soulmate.”

We reposed for several more minutes, basking in passion’s afterglow until her contracting vagina expelled my shrinking penis. I rolled over and sidled next to her. Our hands found one another and her fingers wove into mine. I stared at the ceiling unseeing while my mind tried to grasp reality. How could I have known when I first saw her yesterday that I would be in her bed so soon and feeling so content, so … in love?

“Wait here,” she advised and rolled out of the bed.

She disappeared into her bathroom and I heard water running in a sink. Just then, the television went silent and a moment later, the living room went dark. The water sounds continued for several minutes before her shadowy nakedness came back to climb over me.

I felt a hot washcloth drape over my cock and then her hands cleaning my organ and the area around it. Her dark form straightened and her arm swung out. I heard the washcloth softly land on the carpet before she bent over my groin again. Gentle fingers lifted my flaccid cock so she could suck it through her lips. Her supple tongue began worshipping its phallic idol; hot breath and silky saliva brought it to life.

I reached for her legs and pulled on her until her body moved on top of me. Her musky vulva settled onto my face and my tongue explored the moist crevice from hill to cave. My hand slid over her wiggling ass until my fingers reached her wet slit. Gathering some lubrication, I slid up to her rosebud and teased my way through the puckered orifice. Her hips squirmed between my dual stimulation; her mouth tried to swallow my whole cock.

Pure joy filled my being, knowing I had an exceptional ability to give her rapturous pleasure. I worked her arousal up to solar levels of heat and then buried my tongue in her vagina. Her mouth pulled of my cock and she began screaming out her bliss. My tongue could feel her contractions; a heady mix of her excretions and my seminal deposit flowed into my mouth and onto my face.

Her movements and vocalizations had barely subsided when she spun around and sat on me. She impaled herself on my erection with such force that my butt was driven into the bed, my torso and legs folded upward, lifting entirely off the bed. Our copulation became so violent, the bedsprings creaked their complaint. The headboard banged against the wall; her ass cheeks slapped down on my thighs; our grunts and groans rose to a crescendo.

Lisa had another screaming orgasm and a growl bellowed from my chest as lava coursed through my cock. When our rapture subsided, she sat limply on my groin, her body heaving and lolling around from our heavy breathing. At last, she tilted to one side and fell off me. She crawled laboriously alongside me and exhaled heavily.

“Bradley James, don’t ever stop doing şirinevler escort that to me.”

I felt her body snuggling against mine. I listened to her breathing slow. Exhausted sleep overcame me.

I awoke to Lisa kissing me. Morning light revealed her standing at the side of the bed, dressed only in panties.

“I have to get ready for work. I bet you do too. Coffee’s made. Come have some if you want.”

I was about to follow her when she warned me to put boxers on so Suzie wouldn’t see me naked. Entering the kitchen, I saw Suzie bent over, reaching into the refrigerator; her bare back down to her ass crack was exposed above bikini panties. She straightened and turned around. Her panties covered little from the front, thin enough to show the shadow of her landing strip. Dark areolas covered a major portion of her small titties.

Finding me staring at her, she didn’t cover up; instead, she opened her arms.

“Hey there, sexy. You want some of me too? I’d like to have you make me scream, ‘Fuck me!’ all night.”

Lisa’s rebuke was stern. “Back off, Suze. He’s off limits.”

“Since when?”

“Since last night. And cover up from now on when he’s here.”

Lisa was staking her claim and it trumped all previous understandings the friends had before. As intriguing as the ‘Since when’ remark made their past, I didn’t need to know what sharing went on. Since last night, I wasn’t looking for anything but my next fuck with Lisa.

Suzie’s arms fell to her sides; her shoulders slumped in a dejected reaction. I took what I figured was my last look at her titties as she left the kitchen. Taking my coffee to the bedroom to dress, I opted to head to my place for clean clothes and a shower. Stopping in the bathroom to speak to Lisa, I knew we both would have been late for work if I stayed. Watching her shower through the glass enclosure made my dick hard.

* * * * *

Our relationship was an intense whirlwind as our emotional bonding tried playing catch-up with our passions. We seldom spent a night alone. Our roommates weren’t any real problem as it turned out.

I practically moved in with Lisa because she had more stuff she needed for working everyday than I did, but we occasionally spent nights in my place to give Suzie a break from the screams. My roommate didn’t mind seeing Lisa half-dressed or hearing her having sex for the masturbation fodder such things provided him. Suzie proved to be a crafty exhibitionist and voyeur. Her antics created more titillation for me than annoyance for Lisa.

Lisa’s mother, Joan, on the other hand, was a huge problem. The moment I saw her, I wondered what it would be like to fuck her. More than that, I tried to imagine how to make it happen despite the implications such actions would have for my relationship with her daughter. I didn’t do a good job of hiding my desires. While Joan made it clear I would be welcomed in her bed anytime, Lisa made it clear I would be dead meat.

Joan had her daughter out of wedlock while still in high school due to a careless night with a casual friend. She was now thirty-seven but looked twenty-five, an auburn-haired body-twin to Lisa with smoldering hazel eyes. Hardest of all to overlook, she was an exotic dancer at a local gentlemen’s club.

I went to the club once to observe her ‘at work.’ Joan was obviously a crowd favorite, able to climb the pole to the ceiling using just her hands. Tossing a dollar on the stage would get a patron’s head shoved between her breasts; a five got their head locked between her thighs, facing mere inches from her bald vulva. I heard other men grumble, probably club regulars, who were unhappy because I got those treatments without tipping.

Besides seeing her breasts and vulva up-close-and-personal on stage, she took me upstairs to the dance booths. I shouldn’t have agreed to go with her. For twenty dollars except on half-priced Tuesdays, dancers gave private lap-dances there. Patrons had to remain immobile, their hands kept on the bench at their hips. The dancers were supposed to avoid all genital contact but Joan broke the house rules with me, knowing how to hide things from the bouncer.

Dancers commonly put their vulva very close to the man’s face. Joan managed to touch her clit to my lips and poke my nose into her slit. She demonstrated incredible Kegel dexterity when her sex was inches away, making her inner vaginal opening pucker and open like a fish mouth. Grinding her ass on my cock, she spoke in my ear about wanting my cock in her pussy.

After I got hard, her hand rubbed and pulled on my bulging pants. By the end of the dance, her body was bouncing in my lap, her hand squeezing my cock, and she urged me to show her what I wanted to do inside her. Messing my pants wasn’t exactly what I wanted. Her fingers played with the semen soaking through the fabric, followed by her mouth licking them clean.

I had to leave the gentlemen’s club with my jacket covering my crotch. I never went back there again, choosing to avoid Joan’s sensuous torture. We could never fuck at the club and if I waited until she got off work at 4 a.m., I’d have trouble explaining my whereabouts to Lisa. Seeing Joan’s nude dancing was any man’s joy but she reveled in her power to make it messy for me. Doing laundry with Lisa made that another risk. I would have to find another way.

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