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A Formerly Shy Person Ch. 08

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I took the initiative to walk over and turn the TV off, unplug the wires connecting the camera, and pass the camera to Pandora. I walked out of the room with our glasses, and went to the kitchen to mix more drinks. I decided that I’d best not have much more, so didn’t mix Vodka in with my juice for this round. The rest got double shots.

When I returned with the drinks, our chatter returned and I was relieved that I was able to comfortably participate. We talked about how crazy we were to take a picture like that, and I took secret pleasure – of a lustful sort – that my classmate Joey has seen me naked tonight. A few times. I was confident that all would be blamed on alcohol and went farther than I’d expected I would.

Joey was looking wide-eyed through all this, as though he would miss something if he blinked. I didn’t blame him. Kristi was doing what she could to embarrass me through exposure, and Pandora was helping her along, though without knowing how much I really enjoyed it.

“What other good party games are there that Susan should experience?” Kristi had obviously decided it was time to get me worked up some more.

“I don’t think I need to drink anymore,” commented Pandora as she took another sip of her drink, “so no drinking games.”


We all looked at Joey. “Strip Charades” was his reply before he started giggling and slid off the couch and onto the floor.

“How about something a bit more tame mister-I’m-partying-with-three-sexy-women,” was my contribution. I was cocky and confident while drinking it would seem.

“I know, spin-the-bottle!” Pandora was the focus of our attention now, and Kristi asked me if I’d ever played that game.

“No.” I looked at Joey, who was looking back at me, and suddenly gave in to the urge to look at my feet while my chest and cheeks turned pink.

The now empty Vodka bottle we’d opened was quickly retrieved from the kitchen and we sat spaced around I on the carpet. I was kneeling with Joey on my left, Kristi across from me, and Pandora on my right when Pandora reached out to spin the bottle while saying, “I suggested the game, so I get to go first.”

It spun around smoothly and came to a halt pointing at Kristi. She let out a quite growl, leaned forward on her, sticking her fetching-in-flannel-ass out behind her. Pandora copied the same pose and the two kissed briefly. “Mmmmmm…..I like that,” whispered Pandora as she sat back down.

“I can’t get carried away, not without Rob here, anyway,” said Kristi, as she spun the bottle next. It landed on Joey, and she leaned over and exchanged a brief smooch – and it really was a smooch, not a kiss. I didn’t even think to be jealous, and crossed my fingers as Joey spun the bottle. It moved past me twice, then to Pandora…Kristi….back to Joey. And stopped.

We all started laughing as Joey wrapped his arms around himself and pretended to make out with, well, an imaginary himself. I surprised myself by reaching over and pushing him over onto his side which only encouraged more laughter from all of us.

He soon spun again, and the spin landed on me. On me.

We leaned toward each other and our lips met. I unconsciously put my hands up on his chest, not to push him away, but to feel closer to him. I don’t know how long the kiss lasted, but it felt like it went on and on in a good way. I savoured the taste of his breath, the texture of his lips, the feel of his bottom lip between my teeth as he pulled away at the, “Break it up” and “Get a room” calls that were directed our way.

I sat back, flush, on my heels, but with my hands planted on the ground supporting my body. I was trying to catch my breath when I looked down and realized that if I could see right down the neck of this silly crop-top Kristi has made me wear, then so could he. And I was ok with that. I did, after a few seconds, look up and was thrilled to meet his eyes after knowing he had been looking down my shirt. And I noticed a distinct tenting in his boxers a foot away from my face.

“I guess it’s my turn to spin.” I reached out, and spun the bottle hoping it would land on Joey again. It didn’t, instead landing on Pandora who quickly leaned toward me.

“You’re not dating anyone…yet, ” she said turning to glance at Joey for a moment, a smile on her face and sparkle in her eye. I leaned toward her, and she initiated a kiss. Her hands went to the side of my head as we kissed, holding it in place as I started to pull away. Our tongues intertwined, she nibbled my lips, and I, again, realized my hands had moved up to her chest. I could feel her nipples harden behind the fabric of her top, and I also needed to come up for air.

She let me go finally and set back, leaving me in the same position as Joey had. “And this is a great view too. Thank you,” she said after too many seconds.

Later kuşadası escort I thought about what happened and my reaction, but right then, I was distracted by Kristi, “Well, I feel left out without Rob here. I think I’m going to head off to bed. Joey can use the couch, and you two can use my brothers’ rooms. Susan, can you help Joey find some bedding?” She stood then, and walked out, “I’m going to call up Rob on the webcam and work out some frustrations,” being her last playful words of the evening.

The three of us tightened our circle and chatted away, with more drinks being shared out. The time went fast, and we were all surprised to learn how late it was when Kristi re-entered the room. She was wearing a silky bathrobe, her nipples evident, along with the curve of her breasts and hips. “I realized I needed a bath before bed. Susan, one of the beds I thought you could use is covered with stuff, so would you mind sleeping on the other couch down here?”

I didn’t mind, especially because it meant Joey would be sleeping only a few feet away from me. Pandora pouted a bit, then winked at me. “I guess we’re all fine with things, though if you needed a shower, I guess you enjoyed your web cam session with Rob.” I was being a bit sassy, and Kristi smiled back.

“Oh, so you’re going to be a smart-ass eh?” Sticking her tongue out at me, Kristi continued, “You forget, it seems, who is in charge of what you wear tonight. Remember your promise?”

“Yes, Kristi, I remember. I’m sorry. I thought I could just wear what you have me in now.”

Pandora and Joey were smiling, both of them in a lusty way, and encouraged Kristi, “Don’t let her get off that easily!” Thanks you guys. Seriously thanks!

Kristi laughed like a mad scientist in a movie, making her voice deeper. She let me off the hook, “Naw, I’m going to go easy on her, after all she’s really done everything we’ve told her to tonight, like a good girl. She’s not the prude I thought she was.”

I was still feeling cocky though, and as she started to walk away, I reached out and tried to pinch her ass. That might have gotten a laugh and hand-slap before she continued on her way to bed, but I managed to pinch her towel, pulling it free. Kristi stopped after a couple steps, let out a scream, then ran around the corner and upstairs to her room.

Joey was trying not to laugh and pretending to not look at her naked figure as the towel fell, revealing her in all her silky smooth glory. Pandora didn’t hesitate to look, and laughed heartily at Kristi’s misfortune.

She returned a few minutes later, back in her flannel pj bottoms and hoody. “Well Susan, so much for letting you off easy tonight.” She was smiling and obviously not upset about the baring of her skin in front of Joey and us. She said, “Alas, you’ve left me no choice but to suggest you get the bedding for you and Joey, and return quickly.”

I looked at her questioningly, catching her wink, and acted timid and worried as I went to get a couple blankets, sheets, and pillows from a closet in the hall upstairs. I returned and passed Joey his bedding while I went over to the empty couch and tucked in the sheets. I looked back at Joey and Pandora, then toward Kristi, “What is your command? And should I have another drink first?”

Kristi smirked, and nodded about the drink. I reached out for Joey’s glass, the only one with anything left, and gulped down the remaining juice and vodka.

By the time I was done, Joey had layed out his bedding and was reclining on the couch and under his blanket. He was looking at me, a nervous smile on his face. “Here’s the deal, since you have no choice in the matter, I’ve decided that you’ll be sleeping wearing just these.” She held up a pair of leather wristbands with rings attached to one another.

I shivered, and wondered if she was serious. “I suggest you climb under your covers and strip off the t-shirt and shorts I loaned you. I’ll put these on you, and tuck you in. My alarm is set for 8:00 AM, which should give us all five hours sleep, and I’ll come down with your clothes then. Are you going to follow through on your promise?”

“If I don’t I have to do something worse. Please just tuck me in well so that I’m not showing anything.” I climbed under the blankets, while Pandora laughed and Joey stayed silent lest he spoil the moment. I wasn’t controlling my arms that well as I pulled off my shorts under the blanket, but I managed to do it without showing off my wares. I wasn’t as able to protect my modesty – well, what was left of it – as I removed the t-shirt, and the blanket fell to my waste as I pulled it off. I giggled in my best drunk airhead as I pulled them back up and said, “None of you saw that right?”

Joey didn’t say anything, but couldn’t stop smiling. Pandora said, “Yes, and they were great. Kristi, are you sure you need to let her have a blanket? It is warm down here after all.”

Kristi looked like she was considering it, but then laughed, walked over to me and said, “Naw, the blanket isn’t clothes and I don’t need to punish her that much.” I was relieved, and as she held up the wrist restraints, I sat up, again baring my chest, and put my hands behind me. “Well, I was going to let you wear them in front, but this is even better.”

As I realized that with my hands cuffed behind my back, I wouldn’t able to pull up my blanket if it should fall off. I met Kristi’s eye as she finished, then realized I was showing my breasts again, “Please cover me up Kristi, I’m doing what you said.” I tried to thank her with my eyes, and she winked at me in return. I lay back, thankful the couch was soft and my hands under my back didn’t bother me too much.

“Pandora, I think we need another picture of this before I pull up her blanket and tuck her in. I want to have a memory of this for a while yet.”

Pandora returned with her camera, but asked Joey to take the photo as he was the camera expert. He seemed reluctant, and when he finally stood from his blankets, it was obvious why. His boxers were tented out by what appeared to be a rather sizeable erection. I just stared at it, as he tried to hide it by twisting his body away from the other two.

Kristi said, “Wow Joey, if I wasn’t with Rob I might be tempted to see what’s in those shorts.” He blushed more than he already was and took a photo of me, lying on the couch, covered only by a blanket to my waste and with my hands pinned under my back. I realized as he took the image that I was still looking at his boxers, wishing that he would just pull them off.

Joey sat the camera down on the low table in front of his couch, and Kristi drew the blanket up above my chest to right under my chin, covering me completely. She tucked it in between me and the back of the couch and smiled, “Try not to squirm too much gorgeous,” leaned over and gave me a kiss on the forehead.”

She said, “Come on Pandora, I’ll show you to your room. Joey, I’ll get the lights.” Pandora stuck her arm through that of Kristi, and the two thumped upstairs whispering and laughing. Joey and I stared at each other, me looking, I think, a bit nervous, but also dazed, and him looking nervous, sheepish, and hopeful.

After a minute he seemed to snap out of it, got up and turned out the lights.


We started talking then, and spoke for at least an hour getting to know each other. We didn’t talk about the nudity and kissing and all else from the night, but instead about our past and our hopes and dreams. And he asked me out, “Susan, I mean, Susan, would you like, um, sometime, if you don’t it’s ok, but would youliketogooutwithmesometime?” It was a rush at the end, and the silence after seemed to stretch.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to say yes, but that I couldn’t take a breath…when I finally did, I gasped, “Yes, I mean, I would like to go out with you anytime.”

He said, “Really,” and started me giggling. “What?”

I was able to speak this time, “I’m still pretty drunk, but it strikes me as funny that you here we are, and I’m naked before our first date.”

We both laughed, and as that settled into a comfortable silence, I whispered, “Goodnight Joey. I’m looking forward to our date.”

“Goodnight Susan, so am I.”

I listened to him breathing just a few feet away, and eventually I noticed it change. In the dim light of the room, I was able to make out his shape on the other couch. He was on his back, his blanket around his waste, and hands on his stomach as he slept.

I didn’t sleep that night, instead fantasizing about how he could come over and stick his penis in my mouth, in my pussy, anywhere he wanted. I was helpless, but definitely not unwilling, and regretted not being able to reach and caress myself. I tried clenching my thighs and squirming, but didn’t find relief.

As the sun started to come up, I again looked to my side toward Joey. His blanket had fallen to the ground and, again, his boxers were tented. From this side, though, his fly was parted as the fabric was lifted, and I could see the pale outline of his hard cock. I longed to touch it, to taste it. I was feeling so wonton, and I realized, I was loving it.

I could see the clock across the room saying it was 6:48 AM. I was still covered, but started to wonder, as I looked at Joey, about what I might do.

I used my feet, quite easily, to pull the blanket down my body to just above my nipples. I paused, appreciating the cool air on my warm flesh. At 7:04 it was light enough to see that Joey’s erection and I stuck a leg out from under the blanket; baring my my hip against the wall of the couch down to my toes on that side; my chest was still covered. At 7:12, I pulled the sheets a bit farther down my body baring a breast on. At 7:17 I pulled it down below both breasts. At 7:19 I had only my pussy and one leg covered. I suddenly got nervous realizing that Joey could awaken at any moment, but at 8am, regardless, Kristi would be down here and if I was uncovered, she’d probably humiliate me further by waking everyone else up. I was torn.

I decided to pull the blanket back up at 7:22, but in my attempts to grab it with my feet and knees, managed to have it fall completely to the ground, leaving me naked, on my back, with my hands cuffed behind me between my back and the couch. I almost orgasmed right then and there, but that would be an embarrassment too much and I resisted. At 7:24 I started to get nervous, and I tried to roll over on my side to face the back of the couch to provide myself some cover. My arms though gave me no leverage. Nor was I able to sit up now or swing my legs off the couch. I was stuck, like a turtle on its back. Except I was naked.

At 7:31, I was lying there, my head tilted to the side to look at Joey sleeping, noticing again, that his boxers were tented, though this time without offering a peek through the fly. According to the clock on the VCR, it was 7:32 when I heard Joey snort, then saw his hands come up as he rubbed his eyes. I closed mine as fast as I could, turned my head to face the wall of the couch and did my best to appear asleep.


It was so hard to keep my breathing normal as I lay there naked as the day I was born and unable to cover myself. I heard the sounds of movement on the couch, then total silence. All I could hear was my own heart beat and breathing, and a voice inside my head yelling at the top of its lungs, “HE IS LOOKING AT YOU TOTALLY NAKED.”

I heard the release of a breath held too long from Joey, and, I think, a whispered, “Woah.”

I longed to look to see his face, to know how he was reacting. And to see how that tent in his boxers was doing. I began to count in my head, “One thousand and one, one thousand and two…” and so on; I reached 407 before I heard anything from the couch across from me. That’s almost seven minutes of him able to stare at me in the morning-sun lit room, without any reason to look away. What was he doing?

When I did hear something it was movement on the leather couch, the fluff of a blanket being put back on then after ten seconds of silence, a cough. Then a loud yawn. I realized he was trying to awaken me so that I could think I’d woken before him and avoided being seen naked. It was a wonderful gesture, and I realized that he was, truly a wonderful guy.

I didn’t wake up and cover myself, despite the noises he made of slowly waking up. I heard him, “Susan….Susan,” as he whispered, getting louder and louder, “wake up Susan.” I didn’t respond. I simply noticed the ache in my hard nipples and the tingling between my legs. I loved this exposure for which I couldn’t be blamed – both because of alcohol consumption, kept oaths, and the sleep of the drunk.

I heard a beeping from upstairs, faintly, through the walls and floor. It was Kristi’s 8:00 AM alarm clock. She was getting up.

I heard a sudden shuffle from Joey’s direction, the ruffling of a blanket and felt it fall mostly across my body, covering me from mid-thigh to well above my head. It wasn’t the greatest of throws, but was appreciated. Through the blanket I couldn’t hear everything around me, and wondered if Joey was back ‘asleep’ or getting dressed now that he’d covered me up.

It must have been a few minutes before I heard the sounds of another person in the room. I didn’t know if it was Kristi or Pandora. I also didn’t hear any talking, so that meant Joey was feigning sleep as well. I thought I could hear a quiet chuckling, and shortly after I heard a voice near my ear speaking through the blanket, “Susan, are you there. Are you awake.” I was glad she was whispering, because, I realized, my head was aching. I stayed quiet.

Pandora, mumbled, “I bet you’re going to be out for hours. I feel like shit…” and then quiet. I heard after a few seconds her repeat her whispered attempts to wake Joey.

“Fuck. I wonder how late they stayed up drinking and talking.”

I heard Kristi’s voice respond to Pandora’s last whisper. “I got up to pee just after four, and peeked downstairs and they were both chatting away. I think they really like each other.”

“I know. It was fun to see, though I admit I have a bit of crush on Susan myself.” I was surprised in some ways, but not others by Pandora’s revelation. “And from what I remember of last night, we all did a few embarrassing things. Sorry, I hope that doesn’t offend you.”

Kristi laughed, “No. It doesn’t at all. I can quite understand crushing on Susan. She’s adorable.” I was blushing under my blanket, glad it was covering my face. “She’s my best friend, but so shy and naïve. I love how trusting she is, but worry about her being taken advantage of. Well, I guess I was doing that a bit last night. I wonder if she’s still naked under there, or if she found some clothes.”

Pandora let out a sudden bark of laughter that was quickly muffled, “I forgot about that. I can’t believe she let you do that to her, but I’m not complaining and no harm was done. Let’s peek.”

I was surprised, but not upset at this suggestion, and steeled myself to breath normally and not move, no matter what.

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