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A Friendly Chat

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All information in this story is fictional and names/screen names are false and created. All characters are over 18. I would also like to note that this story is made up as I go and do not want to see any distribution without first contact of me.


As usual, I was alone and kicked back behind my computer screen. It was my twenty-first birthday, but what did that matter? I was going from chat room to chat room, even resorting to use of my old MSN and Yahoo! contacts. While looking through the lists, none of the screen names looked familiar. Only a few were on so I sent a message to all of them. *Bleep* I got a reply. It was from a charmedbabe@hotmail.com. How typical and stupid of a screen name, I guess I wasn’t one to complain though. I sent the first message and my screen name was no better. The chat went pretty basic to start.

Myself: Hey there!

Her: Hello!

Myself: How are you dear?

There was a 5 minute pause. I went to close the chat, thinking it was pointless but right as my hand grabbed the mouse she started typing.

Her: I’m alright, are you?

Myself: Yes, why do you ask?

Her: Oh.. Oh, no reason. Just, that it’s your birthday and you are here, doing this?

Myself: How did you know?

Her: Um, your profile.

That was strange but, okay, I will take it. I need company and saying anything was out of the question if I wanted to keep the conversation. I went to change the conversation but she started typing so I deleted what I had and waited.

Her: grandbetting giriş So why are you on here?

Myself: Just looking for company. Admittedly, kind of lonely, have been for a while.

Her: Well is there anyway I can help?

The worst question to answer honestly. I knew I had to lie and keep it basic.

Myself: I guess just stay for a friendly chat?

Her: How friendly do you like? 😉

I felt like I was getting led on, but found myself also starting to feel excited by the idea.

Myself: Well, honestly, I am looking for a little closer than friendly.

Her: Well tell me, how about this…

She then sent a webcam invite. I was nervous. I covered my webcam and clicked Accept. Just as I did I saw some very perky tits, such a light pink and such perfectly rounded breasts. I was so turned on by the sight, I almost uncovered my cam but as I did, the video chat closed.

Myself: Wow… That was soo sexy.

Her: OMG! You are such a pervert!

I was so confused. What kind of guy wouldn’t think that? How am I a pervert when she flashed me?

Myself: What the hell do you mean?

Her: It’s me Michael, Krystal. Krystal Gaines. I just did that as a joke!

My lord, Krystal Gaines.. My cousin. It has been almost 6 years since we last talked. She has grown so much, mainly speaking developmentally.

Myself: Oh my god.. I am so sorry Krystal! Please tell no one this! I will rat you out for doing that if you tell on me!

Her: grandbetting yeni giriş How about this, I showed you how much I grew up, return the favor and we will be even.

Wait, was my cousin asking to see me or my cock? I hoped not my cock. It was bulging so bad still and showing that off would be so bad. I quickly brushed my hair down and slipped a shirt on. I looked back at the screen.

Her: Deal? I can tell everyone mine was just a joke.

Myself: Yeah, fine.

I sent a cam invite and it was almost instantly accepted.

Her: No, no. The cam down more. I showed my tits. I want more than a face.

I smirked and tilted the cam down to my chest and lifted my shirt, showing my average body. Not really proud of it, but it was what she showed.

Her: Nah-uh. Not the same. Come on and stop fooling around.

I could feel my cock throbbing. I tilted the cam back to my face.

Myself: Are you serious Krystal? I am your cousin.

Her: Yes, you seen me exposed and liked it. Expose yourself now, or I will expose your secret.

She then grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it to mid-stomach area, smiling teasingly. I shoved the camera down. My cock was aching to get out and I wanted this over with. I slid my pants off along with my boxers and my cock freed itself, standing tall on camera. I almost instantly ended the call after. After I did, I got a video call invite. I hit Decline. Another.

Myself: No, why do you want to cam again.

Her: grandbetting güvenilirmi Please…?

Myself: Why?

Her: Come on…

Myself: Why!?

Her: Because, well… I liked it and I want to try this…

Myself: Try this? Try what?

Her: I want to try cam sex..

I couldn’t believe myself. This was insane. I strangely wanted the same thing but this was just beyond what I imagined.

Myself: Well, the idea of taboo is great and all but do you think it is like you want it to be? Be honest with yourself.

Her: We can always try…

She closed the last video call invite and opened a new one again. I clicked Accept. The cams opened and there sat Krystal topless, her hand sliding down her firm stomach to her clit as she started to rub it. I turned my cam down to my cock and started to stroke myself. As I did, I felt pre-cum already covering the head of my cock. I rubbed my hand over it and slid it down to the base, making my cock so easy to play with. She reached up with one hand and began typing while still playing with herself.

Her: Are you having fun? Do you like this?

I stopped and whipped a hand off on my shirt and typed with one hand as well.

Myself: Yes, we should try for more sometime..

We both went back to our sexual activity. As I started to feel my shot coming close, she started shoving her finger deep inside herself and began to hit her climax. I hit mine just before she hit hers. She closed the video call. We both cleaned up a bit. Right after we had, she sent me another message.

Her: Seems you can’t last as long as me 😉

Myself: Come try it out and see then!

Her: Challenge accepted.. Later. As of now, i got a life to live.

She closed the chat and signed off, leaving me back to my lonesome self.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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