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A Good Neighbor Ch. 02

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We sat in different chairs with each of us drinking our beer as we talked about sucking each other cock’s. Tony refer to what we had done together early as he spoke, “I know you liked sucking my cock till it creamed in your mouth?”

“Yes! I liked it a lot. Can we do it again? It tasted so good.” I said.

“We can, but I want you to experience the sexual sucking of your cock again as I go down you, licking each of your hot balls, and thrashing your rosebud till you can’t stand the immense satisfaction. I remember when Steve took my ass opening, thrashing my rosebud with his fingers and tongue, licking it, and making it soaking wet with him finger my inside of my ass tunnel. I wanting Steve to really fuck me afterward with his cock. Steve’s cock is really large with his cock-head exploding in my mouth, and my virgin ass. Steve took my ass from behind me, and then he turned me over so I was on my back, fucking me in my ass he kissed me deeply.”

“Was it painful? Did it feel good going in your ass?”

“No, it wasn’t painful at all. Steve knows how to make me even wetter for the first time he fucked me in my virgin ass. He slid his large cock-head in me, going slowly till I got use to it, then slowly he glided his firm, rigid cock thickness tube in me deeply. Steve went in and out of my virgin ass, gradually moving faster each time. He would slowly take his cock almost out of my ass, then he slipped deeper in my virgin ass again, pump me faster and harder each time. Then it felt good with him fuck me, and I had never had been fuck before in my ass. My cock was really hard as he fuck me deeper in my virgin ass for a long time.”

“That sound like fun too. You don’t mind me staying some more do you?”

“I know it got late from this afternoon, but I would like it if you stayed longer so I can suck canlı bahis şirketleri you till you cum in my mouth.”

I would stay longer as we sipped on our beer, smoking marijuana and cigarette as we watch the movie. There were a different men, and they had been fucking each other more than once, and I thought I would fucking too. I was feeling higher and sexual from marijuana as I watch the movie; getting really hard again, and I notice Tony was getting hard too.

He walked over to me, kissed me deeply as he knelt down, gradually sucking more of my cock in his warm mouth. I felt his heat from his mouth, surround my firm, hard cock as he licked it with his tongue and he rapped his hand around my cock-shaft. He easily moved me forward, feeling his finger searching for my rosebud as he inserting his large finger in me slowly. I felt his finger slide in my ass, and I didn’t know he had put some crème on finger so it went easily. My cock and my ass felt so different, sexual hot even more, and without realizing it I said, “That feel so good, and really fucking my ass is good with you inserting your finger in me. You can go in even deeper if you want. I like my ass with you finger in me.”

Tony took his mouth off my cock saying, “I thought you would like it, but I have more than one finger in you. I am playing with your rosebud all around inside your ass, making even wetter with three fingers in you.”

He went back down on my hard cock as I said, “It feels so good finger fucking me.” I sat back peacefully sexually horner with the feeling of him sucking my cock, finger my ass, and my cock just felt so gorged firmly hard in his mouth. I pinched my nipples as I watch with avid interest with him sucking my cock as made me even more excitement. My balls filled up with cum, ready to violently explode canlı kaçak iddaa in his mouth I said, “I can’t hold anymore. I want to cum in your mouth.” As I said that I felt his fingers enter way deeper in my rosebud. Tony’s mouth encased my cock; waiting for it on his cushions velvety tongue as he licked my cock, and wanting for my cum explode in his mouth.

With a stream of cum, he forced my cock deeper in his mouth, with his tongue sucking me off, with more hordes of my cum cream spewing with force from me into his mouth for what seem like an endless amount of cum squirts. Tony didn’t stop once as I came, unloading more cum than I thought, he kept going, holding my legs inoperative; so he could get all of my cum without quitting shooting in his mouth. I moaned out, “Oh that is so fucking good, don’t stop sucking. Again more. Yes!” As I felt him going on even more that I had been suck before, feeling him suck on me, not wanting Tony to stop, but he kept on going till I couldn’t take it anymore as I screaming out, “Yes stop it, it is driving me crazy. No don’t stop. Keep going. It is so intense.”

Finally after a long moment of cumming in his mouth, he slide off my cock, slipping his finger out of my ass at the same time; catching his breath Tony moaned out, “You did like that and so did I. You tasted so good, didn’t lose a drop of your cum as I kept sucking you off. Your ass is tight to, but it is now loosen up.”

With catching my own breath I said, “That felt really good. I never had cum like this before, and going on for so long. Your finger felt really good too, and deeper in my ass.”

We both sat next to each other, holding each as we lit a cig, relaxing, not saying a word, and enjoying the rest of the movie. The movie ended with the men kept fucking each other when Tony said, “It has canlı kaçak bahis been all day with both of us enjoying it.”

I looked at Tony smiling saying, “This has been a very good day, and something to remember. I had never thought it would feel good having sex with you.”

“I know you liked it, and I liked you sucking me off, making me cum in your mouth, and playing with my ass.”

“I didn’t think I would enjoy it till you explained it as we had man-sex, and I will still having sex with my wife. Then your friend Steve got you interested in the gay-men playing.”

“I know you will start to enjoy it too, and maybe if you tell your wife we might join us too. Who knows she might even like women too, and enjoy seeing men together in front of her.”

I smiled saying, “That I would have to explain it too, but know she would enjoy it too.”

“If she likes to see cock sucking in a movie, she just has to change it to men sucking each other off. You ought to get a bi-movie and see what happen.”

“I hadn’t thought of that before, but I will give it a try next when she come home. Do you watch both kinds of movies?”

Tony took a sip of his beer saying, “Yes I do have quite a few bi-movies and gay movies. You want to try them?”

“That sound great.” smiling at him.

Tony went over to TV area and got a couple of film out and handed them to saying, “You will like them. I just look at the time; it getting late, and I need to get to bed.”

“Yes that is true. Thanks again with the movies, showing me how two men can have sex with each other, and enjoy it. Are you doing anything tomorrow?”

Tony smiled saying, “No, I will be home. If you want come by around 1 pm. I will expect you, and you can just enter the house. I will be naked.”

“That will be fine to get together tomorrow. Take care.”

I left his home, walked home with the movies thinking this has been a good day. I never would have thought this was such a great experience to enjoy with another man.


I hope you enjoyed. There will be more.

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