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A Hard Day’s Night

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Requested by Lazy276.


“Bouenos dias world.” Paola said as she yawned. She slept well, almost no disturbances. feeling refreshed and ready for another day of lectures on her favorite subject, sociology, she reached her hand to remove her blanket but couldn’t find it, feeling only her smooth, naked body. She looked down and spotted the blanket, it was jammed between her huge cock and gigantic nutsack, and it was wet…

Paola lifted her upper body off the bed and sat upright, supporting her back with her left hand while the right hand started pulling the poor, abused blanket out from between the folds of her skin. This was probably the reason why she slept so well, some of her precum must have escaped while she was sleeping and her erections came and went many times, leaving the cloth lodged where she found it.

Once the blanket was out, Paola tossed it across the room. This was not the first time something like this happened, she was a prolific girl and her monstrous cock and balls had no difficulties making a mess, you could say she got off easy this time. The blanket made a splashing sound as it smashed into a laundry basket she prepared especially for items soaked with her precum. Paola looked at her dick, it was rock hard and pulsed with excitement. Paola’s shaft might not be the biggest, but she loved it still, it was about a foot long and as wide as a soda bottle. Her balls were another story altogether, while some may call Paola’s penis big, it was dwarfed by her balls. Each one was bigger than her, and right now they were exploding with cum.

Paola’s nether regions requested satisfaction, she felt very pleased with the prize she won at the genetic lottery. While her cock and scrotum were way bigger than she really needed, her control over them was extraordinary. “Jefe, I’m sorry, we don’t have time right now,” she talked to her dick and nuts, they flexed and spasmed, making sloshing sounds with the cum in them. She wanted to let loose and come until she feels empty but she knew she had limited time and achieving satisfaction with what she had between her legs took more than half a day. “Please, if you’ll relax I’ll contact Stephanie.” She said in a teasing voice, her monster flexed one more time and started shrinking to a more manageable size while her balls became quiet.

Paola stood before the mirror on her closet, her sack still resting on the bed. Looking back at her was a 21 years old bombshell, with a slim build, flat chest and shoulder long black hair with blonde highlights at the bottom, she loved the color of her hair.

Paola started her day doing squats, 50 in the morning and 50 when she got back home. She was no sports addict, she had to work out in order to manage moving with the huge anchor that was her scrotum. Next, she needed a shower to clean her body, and that meant going to the bathroom. She loved to bath even though it was a lengthy process. Thanks to careful planning (and a great deal of self-control) she had the time. She started to walk slowly, pulling her balls to start moving was the hard part. When she was younger she tried having a board with wheels placed under them to avoid the friction between her giant sack and the floor. It was a great help until she tried to stop. It was then that she recalled Newton’s first law of motion, turns out it’s not really possible for a 140-pound girl to stop a 320-pound scrotum following her at 3 mph dead in its tracks.

Once her balls fell from the bed to the floor with a loud thump, the bed screeched with relief, her sack jiggled and rippled from the shock. Sadly, the person who planned the blueprints for Paola’s house didn’t have a hyper in mind. The doorframes where rather wide but not wide enough for this Futanari, she had to squeeze her scrotum through the tight space and into the massive bathroom, a process that made her moan with a mixture of pleasure and frustration quite a few times.

The shower had no chance of containing both Paola and her massive balls at the same time, the only way to bath in this house was in two parts, first her nutsack and then herself. First, güvenilir bahis she had to place a raiser above her drain, the first time she washed her nuts here, they covered and blocked the drain, Paola only noticed when the house was flooded with water. After placing the raiser, she parked her balls inside, took the shower head and opened the tap. Water cascaded down and around them, she reached for the soap and poured about a quarter of the bottle on them, she had a lot of surface to keep clean. She felt her starched skin as she rubbed the soap in and could tell they were full to the brim and it was no wonder, it has been over a year since the last time she came (unless you count that little mishap 3 months ago). She was so grateful for her self-control, some futanari didn’t have that, accidents were not uncommon. Once her balls were covered in soap she rinsed them clean and took their place in the cubicle, cleaning herself.

She washed and foamed her whole body, rinsing it before dealing with the hardest part of her shower, cleaning her genitals. Being this small when in rest and so enormous when erect meant it had a lot of skin folds, and Paola needed to clean them all. Knowing her body well, she knew she had two options: She could clean each fold individually, this was the safe, time consuming option. The other option was to get it erect, which will starch the folds and make her work much easier but this was also what led to that accident 3 months ago. She was cleaning her cock when she came, took her 3 hours to stop and many more hours to clean everything up.

She sneaked a look at the clock, she had time but using the safe route was a bit problematic and she didn’t want to be late today, she decided to take the other option. She reached for her pole, even though it was dormant it was still bigger than any man’s erect dick. Both her hands wrapped around it and Paola started her special ritual. She knew her cock all too well and had the experience of manipulating it. She knew all penises have regions on them, most are just too small to notice or are blended into one another due to size limitations. Hers was big enough and she knew all her shaft’s likes and dislikes. She needed it to grow fast but not too fast, she used her left hand to pull the excess skin towards the base of her rod, then she used her right hand’s fingertips to glide along the cum tube, her cock jolted and started expanding in response, it was now as long as her forearm and too thick to hold in place with her left hand. She knew it needed just a tiny push to reach the size she needed.

She banded her back forwards and used her hand to lift the monster up, once close enough she planted a wet, passionate kiss on its tip, making sure to keep a gentle suction while licking the beast with her tongue. She knew her cock too well, the kiss got it going, she felt gallons of her blood rush to fill the massive erection. In moment its tip was leveled with her nipples and was as thick as both her wrists.

For a moment Paola was mesmerized, the sensation of water running down her hyper pole was too much, her testicles felt like they were going to explode, she could hear the siren’s call. A text ring from her room snapped her out of her trance. She quickly rubbed soap in and cleaned the beast, finishing her shower.

She had to use a special towel to dry herself, it was 8 feet over 6. She started with her balls, first tapping the right one dry and then the left. When both were dry, she moved to her own body. She wrapped her black and blonde hair in a smaller towel and placed another towel around her still erect cock. Then she dried herself and squeezed through the door back to her room.

Her phone’s screen flashed to indicate receiving a text, it was Stephanie. “How are you Paola?” Paola smiled as she tapped the screen, “I’m great, what’s up?”

Paola placed her phone aside and started taking care of her hair, her cock remained erect, pulsing with her heartbeat under the towel. “I need you to calm down soon.” She whispered at her it. Her phone flashed again, it was another massage from Stephanie, “they are!” güvenilir bahis siteleri A picture was attached, it showed the Stephanie Paola knew, with reddish black long smooth hair, brown eyes, lightly tanned skin and a round, yet slim frame. Her huge E cup boobs sprouting two erect, 9-inch pricks. Paola was always attracted to her, and this sexy picture didn’t go unnoticed by her monstrous dick. It fluxed and vomited a gallon of cum into the towel wrapped around it. “Fucking shit Stephanie,” Paola shouted, “what are you trying to do?” She looked at her cock with an angry expression, removing the soaked towel and tossing it along with the blanket. She commanded it, “Down, now!” it complied and shrunk. She grabbed the phone and texted Stephanie, “fuck you, almost started another accident.” The text came back, “so, it didn’t work ha? I’m staying home today, I have to get them under control.”

Paola started dressing up, a shirt was no problem for her, having a flat chest did have its advantages. Her lower half was another story all together. She had special stockings made, they covered her resting cock with ease and offered little support. She had no real solution of her nuts though, she wore a long skirt that reached her heels but had no chance of covering her balls. Paola took a very deep breath and made her way out to the street.

The bright sunlight poured over everything, Paola dragged her sack behind her, taking in the city around her. Turning a corner, she saw a police line blocking her path, she could see the street beyond was covered with cum, probably some poor futanari lost control. The cops and fire department desperately fought all the cum, trying to get the situation under control. “Move along please, nothing to see here.” An officer instructed her. “This kind of accidents happen all the time.” Paola thought to herself as she kept going down the street. Turning another corner, she noticed the wide variety of girls around her. She saw one girl with a shaft so long in rested on the top of a 3-story building and couldn’t help but think how sexy this size made her feel, she caught the girl’s eye and she smiled at Paola who returned a smile. Farther down the block she met two girls with small dick nipples, nothing as big as Stephanie. She wondered if they had sex together and how?

Paola felt a need to rush to the subway station, she was getting more and more turned on and she knew her panties don’t stand a chance against her penis if it got erect. Dragging her balls behind, she could feel the skin being pulled along the pavement, they were fat with cum. The feeling wasn’t painful, if anything it turned her on even more. Two girls crossed Paola’s side, for a moment she considered talking to them, but she was so turned on by what she saw and felt on her way, she knew that if she’d start a conversation with them she would lose control over her cock.

Finally, she reached the subway station and called the elevator, stairs were always a weak point of hers. When her balls were empty they weighed about 270 pounds, tiering to carry but somewhat manageable, but since she didn’t cum for over 3 months now she could tell they were full and weighed about 320 pounds. She cramped inside the cabin with her squishy testicles taking most of the space inside, before the doors closed she spotted a futanari with balls smaller than hers, the poor girl got an erection in the middle of the street and had an embarrassed look on her face, the doors closed and Paola felt the elevator moving down. When the doors opened again Paola made her way to the platform.

Paola pondered whether to use the regular train car or take the futanari car. She looked over to the futanari section, 3 girls waited there. One blonde with balls about half Paola’s size was talking to a raven black haired futa with beach ball size boobs topped with huge dicks. The last girl just stood there, playing with her red hair she looked totally normal, Paola guessed she was what’s called a futanari fangirl.

Next, she looked over to the regular platform and she saw mostly women, beautiful women, her cock and nuts iddaa siteleri rumbled and juggled to let her know that if she wants to arrive at school she better take the futanari car, she hoped the fangirl won’t make a move on her. Lucky for her the train pulled in just as she finished dragging her hefty balls to the platform. The futanari car had no sits, it was spacious and had railings on the ceiling for balance, the car itself had special shock absorbers to keep everything extra stable because the vibrations from the ride could set a futa off easily.

Paola started walking into the train, but for some reason she felt she had to work extra hard to get her balls moving, it was making her fatigue, the floor beneath her sack felt different, unpleasant. She took her place and before the car took off she saw the floor was covered with a carpet, some moron probably wanted to make futanaris feel more comfortable but never thought it created more friction for her kind. As the ride went on the fangirl’s face seemed red to Paola, the girl looked as if she was fighting an internal battle, Paola took a deep breath and thought to herself, ‘I hope she won’t make a move on me.’ As the train approached the Paola’s station the girl started moaning and groaning and a noticeable bump formed in her pants, she started crying. The futanari with the dick nipples noticed and talked to her, “Are you OK?” The fangirl just kept crying as her pants started to strain against the ever-growing bulge. “Are you a grower?” The blonde asked. Paola could feel her balls and cock come to life as the fangirl shook her head, “yes, an extreme grower, I can’t hold it in.”

The train pulled into the station just as the blonde hit the distress button next to her, and alarm went off as the girl’s cloth ripped open at her crotch and her monstrous member leaped forward, smashing against the window next to Paola’s head before breaking in and moving into the station, the whole thing took place in less than a minute but the cock grow so big it filled the car’s window and reached the fire exit, about 10 yards away. The girl lost all control and frantically tried her best to get herself off but to no avail, cops stormed the car just as Paola dragged her nutsack outside, the sight took her so very close to the edge.

Trying to catch her breath, exhausted from dragging her nuts along the train station at full speed, she waited for the elevator to take her up, two girls passed her and she overheard them. “Futanaris don’t really feel anything in their enlarged organs,” one of them said. “Are you sure?” The other asked. “Yes, they feel nothing, look.” The first girl said and rubbed her hand along Paola’s balls. The skin rippled and shook, making Paola gasp and turn to look at the girl, “Perra! Are you stupid? Next time you touch me I’ll call the cops!” Both girls giggled and looked at each other and then back at Paola, “So you can feel, my bad,” she turned her look back at her friend, “one in a million, I tell you, most of them don’t feel anything.” And with that the girls took off.

Paola inhaled deeply, her cock was starting to wake up after everything she’d been through and the day hasn’t even started yet, she could feel her stockings strain with the increasing size. “No!” she commended her body, “I have control over you, you will listen to me!” Her testicles rumbled and protested, “I’m sorry babies,” she said as she patted them, tears started to form in the corners of her brown eyes. “I know how much you want to let loose, it’s not easy being me. Please, just let me get through school today and I’ll see what we can do to give you some release.”

Paola’s dick started to deflate and her balls turned quiet, she exhaled loudly, “thank you babies.” She wiped her eyes and arranged her hair, then she squeezed into the elevator and ascended to the street, Ignoring the overweight alarm. She couldn’t believe she made it, and with 5 minutes to spare, “lucky me!” She said as she crossed the road, arriving at the school gate. Looking around, her heart fell to her pants, the stage in the schoolyard was full of girls with white T shirts, the banner read, “Wet T shirt contest!” Paola felt her body wake up again.

“Mierda, maybe I’m not as lucky as I thought.” She said and did her best to move as fast as she could to her first class, dragging her wobbling balls behind her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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