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A Helping Mother Ch. 05

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NOTE: Please forgive the long wait. The next and last chapter will be posted within the next days so the story will soon be complete. Thank you!


While washing myself off (once again) in the bathroom, I was replaying the recent events of the last weeks in my mind.

The whole thing started from an innocent bath that a mother was giving her son because of his injuries. It has however since unraveled beyond my wildest fantasies, resulting in the wonderful, unforgettable feet-job my mother had just given me. Whenever I thought of her perfect little feet on my swollen cock, I felt a warm feeling inside. My dick however was silent. Exhausted and abused, it didn’t even flinch when I thought of what had just happened minutes ago.

I absentmindedly looked outside the bathroom window that overlooked our backyard. Mother was still lying on the chair naked as I had left her. As soon as I saw what she was doing though, I froze. She had tucked both her hands between her legs and was moving them up and down furiously. I couldn’t have a clear view of all the action because she was facing the other way and the foliage of the oak tree partly obstructed my view. She was undoubtedly however masturbating.

Normally a sight like this would send my hormones sky high inflating my cock instantly. My mother naked, lying on a chair, her legs spread wide (even if they were facing the other way) and her beautiful ripe tits jiggling from the movement of her hands. I instinctively lowered my hand to my penis, only to discover that it hang down flaccid. I tried to jerk it to consciousness but all my efforts were futile. It just refused to respond.

I cursed my luck that I was letting such a moment slip away, but I knew there was nothing I could do. Besides, what I had just experienced was by all measures far superior.

I walked into my room and fell on the bed. Moments later I was asleep.

I woke up hours later from the sound of the TV downstairs. There was a wonderful smell in the air coming from the kitchen and only then did I realize that I had missed lunch. My stomach groaned, so I put some clothes on and headed downstairs.

Mom seemed in a great mood while making dinner. She kissed me on the cheek when I entered and waved me to sit down. We had a wonderful meal that we both enjoyed judging from my mom’s happy demeanor.

We chatted as usual about mundane things and if anybody could see or hear us he wouldn’t possibly be able to suspect what had transpired between us hours ago. Only if he could somehow poke into my brain would he be flabbergasted by the images that flooded my mind.

You see, while superficially making small talk with mom, I could not take the image of her masturbating out in the backyard. I watched her hands as she poured water in my glass or passed me a plate and all I could think was that these hands were rubbing her pussy just a while ago. I wanted to grab them, kiss them, suck them but most of all I wanted to see her pleasuring herself again. How could I achieve that?

Needless to say of course that my cock was back on track spurting a massive erection as I was picturing her naked body and the thing that she did to me with her lovely feet.

It became increasingly difficult to focus on our conversation and my mom naturally noticed that.

“What’s up honey? You look a bit absentminded. Are you still tired?”

“No… tired? Of course not. It’s nothing, I just…” I blurted.

“Are you perhaps… thinking about what happened before? In the backyard?” she asked giving me a concerned look.

“Well…yes… and you know, I am a little, I mean…” God! She had just wanked me with her feet and I still couldn’t spell it out!

“You are thinking about it and you got excited, is that it? Don’t worry, you have to know by now that I don’t mind. In fact I find it quite flattering.” She stood up carrying her plate to the sink.

“And of course I am always here to help you find relief as promised” she continued and sat back down opposite me. “But there is something I have to clear up with you. It’s one thing to help you find relief by providing some kind of… let’s say visual aid whenever you need it and a completely different story when it gets… well, physical.”

“But I-” I protested.

“I know, I know. You have been a perfect gentleman so far. It was me that got … carried away and initiated the physical contact, first here and then out in the back.” She looked me in the eyes and continued.

“But this stops here. There will absolutely be no touching between us. A young virile boy such as yourself feels aroused by any woman he sees, even his mother. It’s not perfectly OK but boys do spy on their mothers getting dressed or undressed or search their underwear drawers. This is part of growing up. But getting into physical contact… that’s not OK. It is unnatural and perverse. Please promise me that whatever we do from now on, you will never lay a finger kadıköy escort on me. And I will do the same, whether we like it or not. Otherwise, this stops now.”

I nodded and reassured her that I would never touch her in an inappropriate way. After all I loved and respected her too much to do that.

She seemed satisfied and gave me a peck in the cheek. She then moved close to my ear and whispered: “Apart from that however, you can ask me anything you want…”

I gulped and felt my cock stretching the material of my shorts. Her warm breath in my ear sent shivers down my spine.

“Well, actually… I am pretty excited right now.” I said and pushed back my chair revealing the tent in my crotch.

Mom giggled. “Oh God, what have I done? Your little monster just can’t get enough, huh?” Instead of replying, I just shrugged my shoulders.

“So what would you like to do?” she asked smiling.

I summoned my courage and looked her straight in the eyes. “I want to see you doing… the thing you were doing in the yard… when I left.”

At first she looked me a little confused, then she realized what I was talking about and her eyes opened in amazement. She smiled and gave me that mischievous look that I had come to adore.

“Were you spying on me you naughty boy? Shame on you watching your mother pleasuring herself,” she said coyly.

Hearing her admitting it so openly, I felt the familiar numbing that preceded the afternoon trysts with her. My penis was throbbing now.

Mom paused for a moment, thinking. “Say honey, you don’t have a lot of experience with girls do you?”

“Ah, no, not particularly.” I replied.

“So, you don’t know much about a woman’s body, is that right?”

I nodded no. I really liked the way this was going.

“Hmm, I think perhaps a lesson in basic female anatomy is in order, what do you say? After all it is for your education, it’s not just for pleasure, right?”

“Uh-uh.” I eagerly agreed. Words suddenly seemed so pointless.

My mom turned towards the door of the kitchen. “I am going now upstairs to my bedroom. If you are in an… educative mood, come up in twenty minutes.”

The next twenty minutes lasted more than hours. I heard the shower running and then the sound of her feet running to her bedroom. I stripped very slowly, gathered my clothes and brought them up to my room. I went to the bathroom which was full of the steam of her quick shower and looked for the lotion she had given me this morning. Once I found it, I started applying the warm liquid all over my penis, balls and ass. This time I wanted to make it last as long as physically possible.

It was, I think, the first time in my life that I was walking through the house completely naked and with my penis at full mast. It was also the first time that I felt confident about what lay ahead. It felt great knowing that mom was 100% OK with what we were doing as long as there would be no touching. And of course I wasn’t fool enough to spoil what we had by disrespecting her decision – or so I thought at the time.

I reached her bedroom door and stopped. I raised my hand towards the handle but then decided to knock instead.

“Come in, honey.” I heard my mother say, “School is now in session.”

I opened the door slowly and walked in. Mom was lying on the bed covered with a white bed sheet up to her neck. This was not quite what I expected to see but I would not let that discourage me.

She motioned me to sit at the edge of the bed opposite her. She saw my abdomen glistening from the lotion I had applied and gave me an approving smile.

“I see that you catch on quick. Very well my boy! Nevertheless I think that we should take it slowly this time, what do you say? I promise you, you won’t regret it.”

“Sure”, I said. “I think… I can do that.”

“Well, let’s start then.” She pushed herself up a little so that she rested on the headboard in an upright position, still covered with the sheet though. “As you probably know, the female body has several erogenous zones. The ear, the lips of course, the neck and also the shoulders, if you treat them right, you can achieve miracles” she said and traced the respective parts of her body with her right finger. When she got to the shoulders, she lowered the sheet a little bit.

She started caressing the part from one shoulder to the other, lingering with the tips of her fingers in the neck area. “You have to be gentle, both with your hands and with your mouth. Small kisses are perfect for this but the reaction you’ll get from the occasional gentle nibbling will also surprise you.” Her voice started to tremble a bit. Her eyes were half closed and she seemed to be enjoying herself.

She began to lower the tips of her fingers lower than the neck, pushing the sheet down while caressing her smooth skin. I could see her breasts rising with each shallow üsküdar escort breath she took.

“All this area is fine too, but the spot you really need to concentrate is of course a bit lower…” she said and lowered the sheet beneath her lovely breasts.

Man, what a sight! Her tits in their glorious and bare magnificence revealed themselves before my eyes. I gasped although I had seen them only hours ago. My mom had truly awesome, slightly heavy breasts, but not particularly saggy, with a soft, full roundness. The skin was smooth like silk and milky white in color. Her nipples, engorged from her arousal were now looking as fairly large pebbles, more red than pink. There was nothing I wanted to do more at that moment than dive into them and lick them, suck them, stroke them, own them. But… I had to keep my promise.

Mom slowly traced a line around the top of each breast and down the side again. She drew a finger to the center of her right breast and circled it around her pink areola, tracing the outside edges, spiraling inwards until she gently stroked her aroused nipple. “Breast stimulation is an essential… part of the foreplay and any… woman will be grateful for the attention she is getting… here”, mom said with a husky voice, pausing to catch her breath.

She reached up with her other hand and ran another finger over her left breast. Now both were getting pleasure and obviously sending simultaneous slight waves of pleasure through her body, since her breathing had gradually become deeper and harder. She began to lightly flick her fingers over her engorged nipples. Seeing her running her fingers around them in tiny, light circles and gently squeezing them, while sitting opposite her with my penis throbbing, was an incredible experience. I was thankful for the powerful orgasms I had experienced earlier, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to last a second.

“You can also… use your mouth… on them. We really… like that.” Mom said and brought her right hand to her right breast and wrapped it around it, barely able to get a hand on of half of her luscious breast. She started to massage her breast as she held it, and brought it close to her mouth. She slipped her tongue down on to it and started tapping the tip of her tongue down onto her pink nipple. A wave of pleasure seemed to pass through her body and she moaned loudly. She slowly began to run her tongue in circles around her nipple, gently at first, then harder and harder.

Her body started to tremble slightly and I could see her legs moving under the sheet, as she was trying to rub them together. While still playing with her tongue on her right breast, she used her left hand to grab her left tit. Holding it in her hand but barely containing the tender flesh, she pinched the large nipple with her thumb and index finger, rolling it between them. She let a moan escape her lips and her body writhed. She continued fondling both her ample breasts as a strong orgasm ripped through her body. She cried out one last time, brought her body off the bed, pushing the sheet down to her belly and collapsed on the mattress.

I was looking at her mesmerized. I could never imagine that watching a woman climaxing would be such a fascinating sight. Mom was lying on the bed breathing heavily and still holding both her breasts. It was an incredibly erotic image so I started stroking my cock enjoying the view of her naked body.

Slowly she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Wow, that was… very nice. I never thought I could… feel this way, just from touching my…breasts.” I felt that she was being careful to use the right words.

“Anyway,” she sighed, “on with our lesson, shall we?”

I nodded affirmatively and continued to slowly stroke my cock, enjoying the slick sensation of the lotion on my skin. I looked at my mother who had started to lift the sheet off her body.

“I won’t tire you with the other parts of the body, you know belly, etc. I suggest we go straight to the main chapter that both you and me are eagerly waiting for, what do you say?” she asked and without waiting for an answer she took the sheet completely off her body.

She now revealed her lower torso and her beautiful long legs to me. To my amazement I saw that she was wearing panties. I was taken aback for a moment because I really thought she would be totally naked. However once I got a closer look at it I changed my mind.

The garment was so miniscule that it seemed as though it were a white lacy patch that was covering her crotch, not an underwear. It also seemed to be a couple of sizes too small – probably a remnant of my mother’s sexually active days — because a very clear and moist camel toe was forming on it.

Mom did not want to waste any time, so she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of the flimsy undergarment and started lowering it down her thighs. There was quite a bit of wiggling around to maneuver it down and around her ass and hips since tuzla escort it was such a snug fit. Needless to say that I wasn’t bothered at all by the difficulty since the swaying of her full breasts actually added to my ever growing arousal.

To make it a bit easier, she lifted her legs off the bed, bringing her knees on the same level with her chest. As she proceeded to peel off the panties, I was first treated to the sight of her dark cleft that parted her juicy ass cheeks and then her puffy hairless pussy lips, moist from the secretions of her vagina. A rich, musky female scent filled the air of the room. I moaned at the sight and started to masturbate a little faster.

She tossed the panties on the floor and put her legs back down on the bed spreading them.

“This is the female vagina,” mom said and brought her left hand down to her crotch. She used her index and middle finger to part her wet vulva exposing her inner pussy lips. With a third finger she parted these too and showed me the bulb of her clitoris and the opening of her vagina. Her beautiful pink clit was resting just beneath the small rectangular tuft of brown hair. Using her right hand she pointed to her pussy lips and tried to explain to me in a husky voice what was what.

Once she was done with her pussy, she spread her thighs further and went lower. She put her left hand under her left buttock, gripped it and spread her ass. My mother’s puckered asshole was now exposed in all its glory. The skin around it was clean and pink. Mom brushed with her finger over it. “This is another area that deserves your attention. You may play around here… gently and always well lubricated… and if the woman responds positively… you may begin to poke a little bit to test the water”. She pressed lightly on her puckered rosebud and after a while she slid her finger inside her anus up to the first knuckle.

“Ohh… this feeling can be quite exhilarating… as you recently found out yourself, don’t you agree?” she said and pushed her finger further all the way up her butt stretching the sphincter muscles. She closed her eyes and licked her lips.

She started breathing heavier while pushing her finger slowly in and out her ass. All this fingering around must have made her very horny, because abruptly she stopped talking, put her other hand on her snatch and started rubbing her pussy brazenly before me. “Now… I am … going to … show you… how … a woman… pleasures herself.” she said pausing to catch her breath.

She used two fingers to run up and down her dewy slit, trailing juices to her ass which was being fucked by her other finger and then back up to her hard nub. When she brought them down again she let them slide into her pussy.

I could hear her pussy squelching and her sexy female aroma filling the air. A constant stream of short wails and “mmm—mmmm—uhhh-uhhhh” came from my mother as she masturbated openly before me. I quickened my pace on my cock which was now oozing precum, not taking my eyes from this wonderful sight.

I sensed she was close to the end, because she lifted her legs up to her chest again and opened her slit more wide. She used three fingers to rub the folds of her pussy in a circular motion, paying extra attention to her clit. She started stroking faster and faster and her moan was now a constant wailing.

“Ooooohhhhh… yesss… uhhh… honey…. I am about…mmmm… to cum” she said and closed her eyes.

I don’t know what came over me at that precise moment, but somehow I felt I had to do something. I respected and loved my mother very much and would never deliberately ignore a direct request of hers. In spite of that though, I moved up on the bed and came closer to her. I felt like I was outside my body watching me.

Mom had her eyes firmly shut, so she didn’t see me lowering my head to her crotch. I was now seeing her fingers up close, rubbing and stroking her dripping pussy. I opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out and plunged down on her cunt.

When my tongue first made contact with her pussy, she almost jumped and tried to bring her legs back down. I put my hands on her knees and gently pushed them up again so her pussy would remain open to me.

I licked and sucked, not having a clue of what I was doing. The taste of her juices and the feeling of her tender pussy folds were so infatuating, they made me wanting to go on forever.

“No, no, no, no… don’t… you mustn’t…uhhh… please don’t…ohhh… don’t… mmmm… don’t stop! Ohhh, lick my pussy darling… make me cum!” It seemed she was giving me the green light after all.

Mom grabbed my head and started stroking my hair in a circular pattern. I imitated her action and started to lick around her aroused clit in the same manner. At the same time I slid two of my fingers inside her pussy and started fucking her rhythmically. Mom moaned again and pressed my head between her legs.

She tasted so good — I just couldn’t get enough. I brought my tongue lower and stuck it in as deep as I could into her and began fucking her. Meanwhile my fingers played with her enlarged clit. Delivering the final coup de grace, I slipped my right index finger inside her well lubricated asshole. I was now fucking my mother’s pussy with my tongue while finger-fucking her ass. I was officially in heaven.

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