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A Holiday in Kerala Ch. 4

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Nothing happened over the weekend. Naani came in the morning as usual and helped around the house. When I tried to get her attention, she ignored me.

“We shouldn’t be careless. Otherwise we will be in trouble.” She warned me quietly.

On Monday, before she left after finishing her work, she came up to my room where I was reading, on some pretext, and quietly told me. “Leave the back door open to night before you go to bed. We will come.”

Before I could say anything she left.

Granny went to bed at 9.00 pm as usual. I locked up and waited. My bedroom window was open to let in the cool night air. I switched off the light and waited. I could hear distant thunder and lightning. I was worried it might rain and the women would not come. Only the dim staircase light was on. I could not stand the waiting. I quietly went to the kitchen, opened the back door and waited for the girls. It was almost 10.00 pm when I saw them coming. When they neared the house, I quietly called out to them. As they, entered the house, large drops of rain started falling on the roof. We closed the door and slowly we crept upstairs to my room. Luckily Granny was a good sleeper. Now the rain fell steadily with occasional thunder and lightning. It was good for us for any we didn’t have to be so quiet any more. I switched on the nightlight.

Naani and Devi were both freshly washed and smelled of perfumed talc. They were carrying a small satchel. They took some snacks some bananas and left them on the table. Naani took a bottle of milky liquid and placed it on the table. Then she placed a small bottle of oil on the table. I examined the large bottle, uncapped it and smelt it. Naani and Devi smiled.

.“It is fresh toddy,” Devi said. “It is sweet, you can taste it if you want. We usually take a bit every day to refresh ourselves after a hard day in the fields.”

I took a sip. It tasted like fresh coconut water. I took a gulp. I wanted to take another gulp when Devi stopped me. “Drink it slowly,” she warned. Then they too took a gulp each. I was not used to taking liquor. We then sat on the floor. Within a few minutes, as we were chatting I felt light and warm. The girls noticed it. They took another gulp and started to undress me. Naani pulled off my lungi while Devi took off my shirt. They set work on me. Devi took hold of my prick with both her hands and started massaging it. A tinge of warmth ran through my body.

The rain began to pour. It was usual for the rainy season in Kerala. The wind was blowing the rain into the room through the open window. Naani got up to close it. As she was busy closing the window I sneaked on all fours and tugged at her mundu. It slid and fell on to the floor, exposing her naked backside. I immediately hugged her backside and licked it all over. I was feeling tipsy now. The sudden exposure must have chilled her for she wriggled her backside while closing the window. She was also wet in front by the drizzle. Her blouse was wet and Naani was not wearing a bra. Her dark skin around her nipple showed through the thin white blouse material. Her nipple was also protruding prominently.

As she turned around after closing the porno window, Devi took my lungi and wiped her saying, “Poor chichi, she is all wet and cold. Here let me take off the wet blouse.” She proceeded to unhook the blouse. Naani let her remove the blouse.

“Let me warm you, chechi,” Devi massaged her breasts and started kissing her on the lips. She licked Naani’s nipple and hugged her close, rubbing her back.

“That is nice, Devi. Oh! Suck me” Naani moaned.

Naani removed Devi’s mundu, and blouse. They were both naked and were busy rubbing and feeling each other. They kissed deeply and played with their tongues. They both sat down hugging each other. Devi sat astride on Naani’s lap.

They seemed to have forgotten about me. I got up and switched on the florescent light to brighten the room now that the window was shut.

“Put the mattress on the floor, etta,” Naani requested. I did so and smoothened the spread. They rolled on to the mattress and continued their game. They interlocked their thighs and were rubbing their cunts together. They kissed deep and were squeezing each other’s breasts, grunting and panting. I was lost. I sat besides them and kissed and rubbed whatever part was available to me. Now it was Naani’s bum, which I spread and probed with my fingers. Before I could get a feel she would turn over and then it was Devi’s firm thighs. After sometime they sat up and asked me to bring the bananas, which were on the table. It was a local variety, stout and about five inches long.

“These are not properly ripe yet,” I complained.

“We will ripen them for you,” Naani said smiling. Taking two bananas from me, peeled their skins, she gave one to Devi. They changed positions, getting ready to suck each other’s cunts, with Devi on top of Naani. Then I noticed them inserting the bananas into each other’s cunts and moving them in and out. I could see the stout banana really stretching Devi’s tight cunt. Then the bananas were pushed completely inside and remained there. The girls continued to lick each other’s cunt. The vigour increased till they reached their climax and rolled over exhausted.

The rain was pelting the roof loudly. We had to talk loudly to be heard. Naani stood up and walked delicately to me and asked me to lie down. She straddled me and squatted on my face, presenting her cunt to me. Rubbing her wet and musky cunt on my face, she asked me to open my mouth and insert my tongue into her cunt. When I did so, she strained a little. The banana in her cunt peeked out a bit.

“Eat it now, Mohan etta, it is now ripe and tasty,” she said.

I placed my mouth at her cunt opening and bit off a small piece of the banana. It was now soft warm and mashed. It was mixed with her cunt juice and tasted fantastic. She stopped straining. The banana went back inside. I probed the inside of her cunt with my tongue. There it was deep inside. She strained again and a little protruded for me to eat. She finished feeding me the banana in four mouthfuls. After the meal, I licked her cunt clean, taking an especially long time to clean her swollen thick long clit.

Devi came next. She too sat on my face and offered anime porno her fruity cunt to me. I sealed her cunt lips with my lips and gave a long hard suck. The banana pulp plopped into my mouth. I swallowed the sweet offering and cleaned her cunt too.

All three of us lied down and rested. The rain was pouring. There was a bright bolt of lightning followed by a loud clap of thunder. Another round of toddy was passed around. I felt a strange feeling of warmth passing through me. My prick was still painfully erect, wanting to discharge. Naani told me to be patient. We were all feeling light.

Devi got up and took the small bottle of oil. Naani too got up. She went to the bed and bent over. Devi took some oil and applied to Naani’s arse-hole.

“O.K. I am ready. Now Mohan ettan, I am offering my arse to you. Do you want to try it?” Naani asked me.

“ Can I? I am willing but you must guide me,” I couldn’t help being curious.

“Come” she said and bent forwards nicely. I could see her brown arse-hole. She strained slightly and the hole opened up. Devi applied some more oil into the hole with her finger and then to the head of my penis.

“Palce your prick at the entrance of my arse-hole and press lightly,” Naani instructed. I did as she said, while Devi spread her fleshy buttocks. Her hole though well oiled, was still a little tight. My head slowly went in. “Move it in and out” Naani instructed. I did so. Soon her arse-hole became looser and more of my prick went in and out, till finally all of my prick could go in. I rested my prick in her hole. The feeling was great. The grip was tight. It was warm. Slowly I began fucking her arse. I wanted to enjoy it to the maximum. As I moved in and out, it became mory slippery as she produced more juices. Devi watching all this began to rub her cunt. I fucked her hard. Each time I knocked her buttocks, the fleshy masses bounced up and down. Naani was grunting loudly, encouraging me to fuck harder. Faster and faster I fucked. I could see her pink arse skin engulfing my penis and moving in and out with it. I reached my peak and shot a large amount of juice into her arse. She let a low howl and squeezed my penis within her arse and fell on to he bare bed.

The rain was beating hard on the tiled roof. We were panting and sweating from our efforts. Devi was relaxed. She opened the windows slightly for some cool air to enter. She passed the toddy around again after taking a gulp. All of us needed a piss. Naani and I needed a wash. We went to the bathroom downstairs quietly. I gently peeked into my Granny’s room. She was sleeping soundly under the blanket. We dispensed with the formality and squatted (Indian style) in front of one another and pissed. The ladies then washed their cunts and backsides. I took a towel from the clothes line in the bathroom and gave it to them to dry. I then washed my prick and dried my self. I took a long cold drink from the earthed pot in the kitchen and offered some to the girls. They too were thirsty.

We sneaked back to my room. We closed the windows again lest someone see us from the outside. We had another gulp of toddy and lay down arap porno on the mattress and relaxed. I was in the middle with both the girls on either side. Devi was itching now. She still was not satisfied. Idid not know if I could go another round again. Devi began to tease my prick again. The toddy was taking its effect. My prick began to rise again. Devi quickly engulfed it in her mouth and started to suck it kneeling. Not to be left out, Naani immediately knelt behind Devi and started to lick her cunt. Devi raised her backside higher to make it easier for Naani. I just watched. My prick was now hard again. I could feel it deep in Devi’s mouth. Her head was moving up and down giving it the right suction. Soon she was hot. She sat astride me and took my prick into her cunt and started rocking. Naani too sat astride me, facing Devi. The both hugged and kissed each other. Naani was playing with Devi’s breasts. I saw the cunt with the big clit near my face and couldn’t resist it. I pulled here arse down and started licking it. My tongue penetrated her cunt and fucked it. Devi was increasing her speed. Naani was rubbing her cunt in my face. I then inserted two fingers into her swollen cunt. She too started moving her backside up and down fucking them. We increased our tempo. I was on the verge of spurting my juice. Devi and Naani were hugging each other and moving in unison. Faster and faster they moved till I shot my juice into Devi’s cunt. Devi screamed and slammed her backside hard on my prick. Naani too reached her peak again and sat on my face almost smothering me. Her cunt juice was flowing freely and I licked it to my heart’s content.

We then finished the remaining toddy and lay down in each others arms. I could not believe my performance that night. I wondered how their husbands were able to satisfy these sex starved women. I asked them.

“This is a beginning for you. You are young. I can see that you will be a strong young man soon. I admire the woman who is going to be your wife. Our husbands are manual workers. We manual workers like physical sex. They are well built. They also come to us after a few months of no sex. That is why, as long as they are here, they will fuck us day and night. We too like it.” Naani told me.

“I shall never forget you two. You have taught me much. I must thank you both for it” I Said.

“We too are thankful to you” Devi said. “Our husbands’ long absence made us so itchy. You have satisfied our itch very well. Other wise it used to be bananas and carrots for both of us,” she laughed.

When I woke up in the morning, I was alone and naked under the blanket. Naani and Devi had apparently left in the night. The toddy must have lulled me into a deep sleep. The sun was shining through the window. The rains had stopped. I could hear Naani sweeping the courtyard. I rose and went down to the bathroom. Granny was in the kitchen.

“You overslept today, must have been because of the rain. It is already 10.00 o’clock.” She said. “Go take your bath and have your breakfast.”

I went out to where Naani was sweeping. She gave me a big smile, but did not say anything. Lazily I took my towel and toiletries and went to the pond. I wanted to take a leisurely bath.

We did not have a chance meet again after that night. It would be two years before another chance came in my way. That would be another story. But I remembered both Naani and Devi well.

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