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A Houseful of Incest Ch. 03

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We were two families of two intermarried brothers and sisters, now, thanks to our late uncle’s wealth, living in two purpose-built houses within the walls of an old Manor house and gardens. Incest had been bred into us already and now, with three parents and four children all over 18, we found many, many outlets for our entertainment, our lust and our general sexual appetites.

We were myself Chris, 23 and my sister Debbie 19; our parents Tony and Sandra, both in their mid 40s together with our Dad’s sister Aunt Betty who was 45, along with her two children Paul 21 and his sister Tina who was just turning 20. It had been Betty’s late husband who had made millions in the city before losing his life in a car crash who had empowered our small enclave to thrive and now it was up to us to continue with our delightfully interwoven family life.


The summer was slowly dying on us, the warm days slowly ebbing away, but that wasn’t stopping our sexual activity. In the heat of the summer we’d had some wonderfully wild times on the patio beside our pool and the paving had been thoroughly stained with our juices in many places. But right now the contractors were moving in, starting to lift all the old patio stonework before extracting huge quantities of soil in preparation for our real pool to be built and a new patio laid. It would be some months before everything was done, including a break for Christmas and the damp and chilly winter to come, but it was planned that we’d be able to use the pool probably by late spring.

In addition to the pool itself, we’d had another idea. We’d agreed that we should also add a huge inflatable cover, because with British weather being what it was, we’d be guaranteed to appreciate it’s protection on many a day, summer or not.

In addition to the new pool, extensions were also to be built to join the two houses in the middle, providing extra privacy behind the houses and a couple of spare bedrooms for visitors and for fun.

But indoors things were now heating up. There were still the occasional warm days and on those we were just as likely to be outdoors as indoors as we fucked and played together and today happened to be a pleasantly warm and special day with it being Tina’s twentieth birthday. Her mum had organised a party for her and a number of her friends had been invited so they’d all enjoyed a happy afternoon of innocent cavorting, canoodling and chattering until around five, at which point they all departed and we were invited instead.

Soon Betty’s house was filled with Tina’s relatives and now that it was just family the booze was unleashed and the sexual games were organised…but there was a pause as Tina disappeared prior to making an announcement.

Then, from the back room, Tina emerged hand in hand with a young lad whom she introduced.

“This is Dave, he’s my new boyfriend,” said Tina, her cheeks glowing with embarrassment, “I want you all to be friends with him.”

Assorted murmurs rumbled around as we realised that all incestuous activity would have to stop but nevertheless we all managed to be civil, to be introduced to Dave and to welcome him to the flock.

He seemed to be a nice enough lad, something around six feet tall with a relatively slim waist, but a chest and biceps that looked almost too big for his body. He told us that he did weight training which was where he’d met Tina who was had recently started to work at the gym. He, like all of us was blond and kept his hair short and his facial features were similar to ours, having a typically British look to him, being neither narrow nor broad faced. His eyes were blue and his mouth was generous and looked warm — and his smile was very disarming. He seemed fine, but right now he was a hindrance, until Tina took centre stage again.

“Everybody!” she called out, grabbing our united attention again, “Dave knows and he’s fine!”

For a moment or two there was what sounded like angry confusion, with Dad’s voice loud enough for us to hear him cursing, until Tina spoke again.

“He knows all about what we do and he loves the idea!” she said, “So we can all carry on just like we usually do.”

“So how did that happen?” asked our bemused Mum, “How on earth did you explain things?”

“Well, Dave and I were in his bedroom and we were about to get down to some fun when we heard his mum outside,” she said, “She was calling out to Dave and it sounded as if she hoped he was there.”

“She didn’t know if I’d be home,” added Dave, “So she called out on the offchance I guess.”

“So she wasn’t sure that he’d be there,” added Tina, “And she definitely didn’t know I was there with him.”

“Yeah, anyway, apparently her zip was stuck on the back of her dress and she wanted some help with it,” said Dave confidently, “But because I had to get some clothes on before I could answer it took some time…”

“…So eventually he opened the door and stuck his head out,” said Tina, “But by then…”

“It was too late because it seemed sarıyer escort that since I didn’t answer immediately my mum must have thought that no-one was home,” added Dave, “Because there she was on the landing with the dress right up under her boobs as she tried to lift it off.”

“She looked incredible!” continued Dave as his hand moved to cover his groin, “She was facing my door and with her straining she’d managed to twist her knickers around so that quite a lot of her pubes were on show — well, almost half her pussy I’d say!”

“And not only that,” added Tina breathlessly, “As she kept on straining so her dress suddenly went up over her tits and pulled her bra with it!”

“Yeahhh! Fantastic tits they were too; super nipples as well!” breathed Dave excitedly, “And because I hadn’t said anything Mum still didn’t know we were there, so she just stood there with the dress covering her head while she got her breath back.”

There was a small pause as Tina and Dave grinned at each other, then Tina spoke again.

“Anyway, she carried on wriggling around and we realised that she’d managed to get the dress off by herself so we quietly went back into his room and closed the door,” said Tina, her hand quivering with excitement as she held Dave’s, “And Dave’s cock was so damn hard — we were undressed in moments and he had it up me seconds later!”

“Wow,” breathed Debbie, “But…but that still doesn’t explain about what we do, does it.”

“No, but I asked Dave about him and his mother and he said he’d always fancied the idea of fucking her,” said Tina, “So I asked him how he’d feel if he really did.”

“I told her that it would be the best feeling in the world,” said Dave, whose jeans were now straining to contain his aroused cock, “I told her that it would be a dream — a marvellous dream.”

“So that’s when I opened up to him and told him that I’d had sex with you, Uncle Tony,” Tina continued, “And, and…”

“…and when she told me I just shot off — just like that!” he said, his face contorted with the delicious and yet embarrassing memory, “It went everywhere ‘cos it slipped out of her and jerked so hard!”

“I was covered and it was really super!” enthused Tina as her hand now slid down over Dave’s bulge, “And speaking of hard, he stayed hard too, so we did it all over again, only better!”

“So you want it to happen, do you?” asked Mum, her own hand now caressing the stiffened cock inside my trousers, “And other things too, I guess!”

“Ohhh yeahhhh! I’d love to have my mum,” sighed Dave, his hips now rocking against Tina’s fingers, “Tina said she’d try to help eventually and I said I’d love to watch her getting fucked by her dad!”

“Got to help the poor boy!” said Tina as she stroked his penis, “So I told him that if he’d come to our party then he’d probably see things like that happening!”

“More like bound to happen!” added Dad as he put his arm around his daughter, “So what else has she told you?”

“I’ve told him everything — how we’re all related and how we live and all that,” said Tina interrupting as Dave was about to speak, “And all he could do was to get hard again — really hard!”

She laughed at the memory, then slid her hand down inside Dave’s waistband.

“He’s very hard right now too!” she said with a sigh, “Should I get him out?”

“You shouldn’t embarrass the poor lad!” said Tina’s mum Betty as she moved right close beside them, “Just wait a moment — let me do it instead!”

A few seconds later and her hand was undoing his zip and delving inside, then she turned and looked at us all.

“She’s not wrong — he really is stiff — and he feels big too!” she breathed excitedly, “Fuck it — I want this cock!”

In the moments that followed we all lost track of her actions because there was a sudden flurry of activity as we all began to throw clothes off. Mum, who almost stripped herself in moments, was removing my trousers and underpants while I was trying to slide her knickers down; Dad was divesting Debbie while Debbie was busy tearing her father’s clothes off and Paul and Tina quickly getting naked too. Not more than a couple of minutes later and there were eight naked people in the room, the menfolk all with erections and the women all looking eager to explore.

The sudden sexual eagerness seemed to have taken us by surprise and now there was a flurry of renewed activity as Betty disappeared with Mum following her. Tina and Dave stood quietly as Dad, Paul and I began to move furniture around and brought out some big soft cushions and pillows from the utility room and then Mum and Betty reappeared with armfuls of booze, towels and tubes of lubricant which they dumped on the table.

“Help yourselves,” said Betty as she gazed around at the men, “I’ll get yours Dave — you just stay there.”

In a moment she was striding across the room to Dave, her hand immediately slipping down over his cock once again.

“That’s what esenyurt escort I like about young men, they stay so hard!” she said, “Ohhh, I’m going to enjoy this one!”

“Hey, I brought him along!” said Tina as she tried to push her mother aside but her brother quickly reached her, embraced her then rubbed his stiff cock against her arse.

“Won’t I do instead?” he said as he reached around and cupped her tits, “I’m just as big as he is!”

I saw Tina wriggling her arse against his penis, then she reached around behind her.

“And just as hard I think!” she added as she stretched up and kissed her brother, “Yeah, come on then, let’s show him how we do it!”

In a second she was on her knees adjusting some cushions and wriggling her peachy bare arse around and moments later her brother was behind her, sliding his cock up and down her slippery crack.

“Look Dave, this is how we fuck!” she moaned as her brother slid his cock into place, “Just imagine how good it feels!”

“It already feels good!” panted Dave, “Your mum’s mouth is amazing!”

Betty had his cock well and truly buried in her mouth, her blond hair sadly covering the scene of the crime but even so, the sight of her naked, curvy, delicious back and out-thrust arse was highly erotic in itself.

“You’d better be able to cum twice,” said Tina, “Cos after she’s sucked you off she’ll want you giving her another load up inside her!”

“Ahhh, don’t know if I can — all I know is that I’m going to cum any minute now!” Dave panted, “Ohhh fuck, it’s coming already! Ahhh — here it cums — ahhh, ahhhh, ahhhh!”

The whole room fell silent now as Betty sucked his load into her mouth and swallowed noisily, the sounds of her blow-job echoing around the quiet room.

“Ahhhh!” grunted Dave yet again, “Oh, no more, no more — I’ve had it!”

Betty knelt upwards as she let the depleted cock slip from her lips, then turned around to face us, opening her mouth to reveal the contents. Then she swallowed again and smiled happily.

“Lovely load!” she said, “Big, warm, delicious and thick!”

She turned to look at her daughter and blew her a sloppy kiss.

“He’ll do!” she said, “Now, if he can get it up again he can fuck me just like he wants to fuck his own mum!”

They moved apart as they grabbed refreshments and towels and the attention turned towards us now, as Mum wrapped her lips around my throbbing erection.

“Ohhhh Mum, that’s lovely!” I sighed as she caressed and aroused me with her lips and hand, “You’re the best!”

“No, I’m better at blow-jobs!” yelled Debbie from underneath Dad, “I’ll show you just how good I am tonight Chris!”

“Jealousy!” sighed Mum, “Children today, I don’t know!”

Then she absorbed me once again, taking me deeply into her mouth, my cock squeezing down into her throat.

“Ohhh MuuuuM!” I moaned as she worked on me, “You keep that up and you’ll make me cum so quickly!”

Mum pulled away again and looked up at me.

“You know I want you to cum darling!” she said as she licked her lips, “Do the same for me as Dave’s just done for Betty — a nice big load please!”

“Can’t promise that,” I panted as Mum resumed her activities, “Hope I can get hard again afterwards though.”

“You’ll have to!” answered Mum, her words fluffy around my cock, “Cos you’re definitely going to fuck me afterwards!”

More silence enveloped the room as we all settled to our sexual fun, the only sounds rising from us being gasps and the occasional grunt along with some heavy breathing and a mixture of sloppy wet noises. There was the added excitement of watching Dave as he started to fuck Betty, his muscles moving visibly, his strong body already gleaming with sweat.

It was I who broke the silence now as Mum’s energetic lips and busy tongue pushed my envelope.

“Slow down Mum,” I grunted as I felt my hips beginning to move by themselves, driven by my impending orgasm, “You’re going to make me cum any minute now!”

Instead of her slowing down I actually felt her head and hand moving faster now, working to draw the spunk from me while Mum’s other hand had now risen and was gripping my arse cheek firmly.

“Ohhh Mum, it’s cumming, I can feel it!” I gasped urgently while her grip on my arse tightened, “Just a bit more — ahhhh, yesss, here it is Mum — suck me harder, please!”

Mum didn’t even need to suck really because my orgasm had taken over, pumping gush after gush of cum into Mum’s mouth.

“Ohhh, ohhh fuck, ahhh!” I cried as I unloaded, my sounds accompanied by warm contented hums from Mum and matching howls from Dave and Betty.

And then I was emptied and Mum was letting my cock slip from her mouth, her lips then stretching forward to give my cock a parting kiss. Then she levered herself up until she stood beside me, her heaving breasts pressing warmly and softly against my chest, her face glowing with sweat.

She opened her mouth to reveal the big creamy puddle of cum on her avrupa yakası escort tongue, a puddle that suddenly overflowed over her teeth and lips and spilled down between us.

Mum quickly closed her mouth and swallowed, then smiled at me.

“Ooops!” she said, “Lost that bit — sorry.”

I could feel the warm slippery dollop of cum sliding down my belly now and somehow that was almost as exciting as her sucking. Suddenly I felt my cock twitching and Mum noticed it too.

“Ohhh, he’s still alive then!” she said as her hand quickly found my cock and began to stroke it once more, “Nice and slippery too — and he’s getting hard again already! I didn’t drain him then!”

We were close enough to the ‘refreshment table’ for me to grab a can even while Mum stroked me, then Mum let go as she picked up a towel and wiped the dribbles of cum from our bodies, after which she looked at me and winked.

“How about we swap partners,” she suggested as she licked her lips once again, “You have Betty and I’ll give Dave a go.”

“Yeah fine,” I agreed, although to be honest I’d have preferred to stay with Mum, “I see she’s got him all nice and hard too!”

Betty and Dave came to stand beside us and his penis, like mine, was pointing skywards with his glistening knob all exposed and ready. Betty meanwhile was busy dabbing at her pussy, wiping away the results of Dave’s quick climax.

“Well done Dave, you’re having a busy time I see,” I commented as I slapped his back sociably, “Good on you for getting it up again too!”

Mum, with her eyes on Dave’s cock repeated her suggestion.

“Yes, why not swap! Adds a bit more spice, doesn’t it,” agreed Betty as she put her mug down and reached out to take hold of both our cocks, “Mmmm, they’re both so stiff, aren’t they.”

Without further comment Betty settled herself on her back and pulled a pillow under her head and as she did so she pulled Dave down to lie beside her, their bodies reversed.

“Sandra loves to be on top,” she explained to him, “You make sure you give her a good ride!”

A moment or two later and as Betty held his cock upright Mum settled astride him then gently lowered herself onto his penis.

I listened to Mum’s happy sounds and watched as she made herself comfy then climbed between Aunt Betty’s thighs and eased myself down until my cock could touch her juicy pussy. I gently rubbed my knob up and down in her slit until it was glistening with her juices, then looked up at her.

“Ready?” I asked and Betty smiled then waved for me to move forward and enter her.

She was hot and her vagina was so very slippery that I was fully inside her in one stroke, then I pulled back and apologised, but Betty was happy.

“You couldn’t help it,” she said as her hips settled my cock comfortably inside her, “I knew I was all sloppy and wet — blame young Dave there — it was his lovely cock that got me like this!”

Her hands pulled me closer and her vagina began to stroke and squeeze my cock as I slid deeper into her once again

Mum too was obviously wet and juicy too, if the delicious sloppy, sucking, slurping noises coming from their union were to be taken as evidence and now Mum confirmed it.

“You too!” she said, “I’m so wet that you’d never have thought that I’d just wiped myself.”

“She’s bloody wonderful though,” said Dave with feeling, “She’s even more slippery than Betty was I think.”

At that moment I felt a hand sliding between my body and Betty’s and realised almost immediately that it must be Dave’s — and I was right. It moved around slowly, passing over Betty’s pubes, tickling her clit — which caused her to gasp — then it slid down until it surrounded the shaft of my cock as I slid in and out of her hole. I didn’t actually consider that it was Dave’s hand at least for a few moments, simply because the feel of anything on my cock just added to my rising excitement.

“Ohhh,” I groaned as I felt the additional sensation on my cock, “Ahhh-hhh-hhh, that’s lovely!”

I couldn’t help but appreciate the extra touch and actually found myself making room for him to hold me more easily.

“That’s a nice thick cock,” Dave murmured, “That feels amazing, ohhh yesss, I like it!”

“Mmmm, so do I!” I replied as his touch sent non-stop hot spasms through me, “Squeeze tighter — ahhh, like that!”

The additional sensations that his hand were creating were already having an effect on me and I quickly felt the spasms of an oncoming orgasm, even though I’d not long ago filled Mum with my juices. There hadn’t been much in the way of man-to-man contact within our family and this was more than just exciting.

“Ohhh, let go Dave,” I moaned, “You’re going to make me cum if you keep on doing that!”

His hand disappeared quickly and Betty sighed too.

“Oh, I was enjoying that!” she breathed as she squirmed deliciously, “I don’t mind if you cum quickly — I’ve already had a lovely ride on Dave so it doesn’t matter if this is only a quickie!”

“No, I want to enjoy you properly,” I answered as my thrusts gathered pace again, “You always manage to cum so strongly — I want to see you cum before I do.”

“Ohhhh, well that won’t take long!” gasped Betty, “Him touching me added that bit extra; kind of shortened my fuse…and if you keep doing that I’ll cum any minute now!”

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