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A Kind of Love

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Tonight I feel nostalgic. I have my lover with me, my only real love. I think back to an earlier time all those years ago…

Remember my sweet, how easy it was to seduce you on the night before your wedding? I’m sorry for that, for planting that seed of doubt at such a traumatic time. But I wanted to remind you of what you were leaving behind. Anyway, I should have known you’d always come home eventually. I needn’t have worried. A leopard never changes its spots…

I watch the sweat forming in the hollows of your thighs and see the cord tension as your body arches against it, hungry for the whip, or my leather belt, whichever I choose to caress you with next.

I bind your breasts tightly and with some creativity, using nylon filament, the kind that fisherman use. It bites into the flesh deliciously. The blindfold you have asked for prevents you from seeing what I am doing, but the way I have constricted your breasts now gives them a completely new shape so that they resemble fat cocks or obscene balloons. I think you’d like it. I wish you could see your nipples swelling with blood and your breasts turning a deep purple hue. But blindness is your choice. You tell me it accentuates the sensations I bring upon your body. I take your word for it, I wouldn’t know.

You are perfect. I know that you bahis şirketleri will want me to whip you as usual in a moment or two, especially your breasts when they become fully engorged and hot with agitation. They will love the lash that stings them. But it is only a sting and the resulting marks will fade in a day or two. I’ll suck them viciously and your hot, wet cunt will tingle and beg in my hand. But you will have to be patient my darling.

You are so easy; the merest brush with my nail on your little clit would be enough. You know I can make you ‘cum’ easily, anytime I want. But I won’t allow you this yet. I want you to wait for this part too.

I force your belly down so that your lower half straddles my knee. I part your cheeks with one hand exposing your little brown ring, a chocolate star so full of promise, fondly thinking how many times I’ve had my tongue in there. I’ve never tired of it.

I can feel the heat coming off you; smell the sex oozing from your pores. I want to see your buttocks redden deliciously under my belt, feel them clench and relax, clench and relax. In a moment I’ll put a nice rubber cock in you which I can inflate and stretch you while I slash the belt across your arse. When I’m satisfied the cock has stretched you enough, I’ll turn my attention to your other opening. bahis firmaları Through here I can reach the very core of your soul.

Sometimes I feel it would be nice to invite one or two strangers off the street to join me – big dirty workmen with pendulous cocks. I’d let them go to work on you, encourage them to take liberties with your body. I’d watch your face as they violated each orifice in turn and while they were doing this I would finger my own pussy and have some fun at your expense. I have a fantasy about it. This is how it goes…

I invite them off the street. There are two of them, one a teenager, his sculptured, golden body gleaming with sweat in the afternoon sunlight. A construction worker fresh from the site. The other is older, a road sweeper, about 40, heavy and unshaven. I already have you prepared, that is to say, I’ve tied you and liberally lubricated your two openings. I give the young one the pleasure of your arse; the other takes your cunt. You cry rape, but only because you know it excites me. We know it is not rape because this is what you secretly desire, and you desire it because you are happy for me to see you violated by something I cannot give you. I’m not interested in their faces. In my mind they are ciphers. I watch their cocks slide in and out of you; watch the sweat drip from kaçak bahis siteleri their foreheads as they work hard in the humid room. You all settle into a nice rhythm. I wish you could give me a running commentary of how it feels to be penetrated from behind and in front at the same time. I have never had it done to me, but I feel it through you. Your flushed face looks out at me from the sandwich they have made of you. I see you mouth a silent, “I love you,” and I return the compliment with a blown kiss.

I tell the men there’s no hurry for I can delay my orgasm indefinitely. I would like to climax when they do. I want to see them soil you with their ‘cum’ and then urinate on you. That would give me such a buzz. I bet you think I’m awful for saying that. Well, if you think that’s bad, listen to this…I’d love to eat their ‘cum’ as it dribbles from your arse and cunt and then spit it into your mouth for you to savour and swallow. Would you still love me after that?

When they are done with you I send them scuttling back like gutter rats into the shadows of my mind.

Soon, when I’ve had my way with you, I’ll untie you. The deep purple will fade from your breasts and their true shape restored until next time.

I will hold you in my arms and kiss you. I will wash your body and then rub almond oil into your skin. With my long blonde hair I will kneel and dry your feet, and if you wish it, tell you stories of love until you sleep. I will never leave you…And you..?

You will always come back for more…you know you will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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