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A Lifelong Affair pt. 4

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Have you ever had a past relationship that leaves lasting impressions, many of us has. We move on but carry the memory or if not that then there are subtle traces or just a nagging feeling. At what point do you convince yourself that you made the right decision and you should simply forget it, but you can’t.
Does being together keep things hot and alive or can being together consume you little by little until there is nothing left. Do you want someone around at all times who may blow out the flame or can an ember burn for long periods until introduced to the right source to flare up again. Wait to long and you fear the ember will fade and that is the point when that nagging feeling fades as well. This is what most of us don’t want to happen because it invalidates the concept of love or rather true love. We would rather keep the faith then truly know so we manufacture things to suit our vision.
Sometimes there is just a chemical reaction between two people and when put together it’s like introducing a catalyst which causes a reaction. This is an apt analogy which describes Lilly and I and it is the reason we never worried or thought about being apart or the flame dying.

A Lifelong Affair pt.4:

The last time Lilly and I were together was when she was 7 months pregnant and I was a couple months away from getting married myself. It always seemed to be long periods in between and at that time we didn’t realize not only the length of time but the distance as well.
I married my then girlfriend Kelly and within 6 months of Lilly having the baby her and Tom moved to Florida. Tom took a better job which required them to move and since then they have had another child and are now blessed with two boys.
Kelly and I decided to have a child so two years after we were married we finally did it, she had a boy and that was going to be it for us.
So this is how it progresses, Kelly and I have our life and Lilly and Tom have theirs. Most of the family lived here so it was Lilly and Tom traveling here more than any of us going to Florida even though Kelly and I have been there a few times over the years.
So between the visits, phone calls and video calls Lilly and I were able to literally see each other yet there was little opportunity for physical contact. With things as they were plus trying to go on with typical life this is how it was for 10 years.
I tended to think Lilly thought the same as I did and as life goes on you just move on from the past and what can never be. We loved each other as siblings but we had spouses and kids so even if we had the opportunity would we take advantage of it or be true to our spouses.

A sad circumstance would provide the opportunity and conducive conditions for the chemical reaction but would our life’s and time apart be an inhibitor.
A relative who lived in the Mid-West had past away and while it wasn’t an extremely close relative it was prudent for at least Lilly, Mom and myself to to fly out and attend the funeral. Mom had flown our ahead of me to visit that relatives spouse and she would stay at her house. I flew out a few days later, as did Lilly, and all of us would have stayed at the relatives place but it was to small so we stayed at a hotel. Lilly and I ended up arriving at the airport within a hour of each other. Mom and her cousin had picked us up then we all went out for dinner.
It has been a few years since Lilly and I have been in each others presence. The last time we were in physical proximity to each other was when Kelly and I went to Florida to see them about 2 years ago.
While Lilly, Mom, her cousin and I we were all together at dinner Lilly and I would catch each others eye but they were just the quick typical glances, we didn’t linger.
Unbeknownst to her I would check her out when I could though as the Florida sun agreed with her.
She had developed a very nice tan, at 30 years old and after a couple of children she was quite the MILF. She had gained a little size on her upper legs and midsection which was natural but she was toned. Her face has matured very well and her powder blue eyes shown even brighter in contrast to her tanned face. She had cut her hair shorter, it used to reach almost to the middle of her back but was now shoulder length and she kept it pulled back behind her ears.
It was summer time and when she arrived at the airport she was wearing a white low cut top with wide straps over her shoulders and the skirt she wore with the top made it appear she was headed more for a tennis court rather than traveling.
Her appearance alone was enough to light a mans fire it would have lit mine but things to this point seemed simply congenial, at least on the outside.

Lilly and I hadn’t had the chanced to be alone and catch up with each other since we landed a few hours ago. We were dropped off at the hotel and after checking in we headed to the elevator, her room was on a different floor than mine.
We reached her floor first and when she exited,

“Want to get together in a little bit and talk”, she said.

I simply nodded my head in the affirmative as she exited the elevator. I preceded to my room and when inside did the things I usually did when staying in a hotel. I adjusted the air, turned on the TV, propping up the pillows on the bed to get comfortable then called my wife.
After an hour of TV along with reflection and contemplation I jumped up and headed to the shower. Upon getting out and getting dressed I went right out and headed to Lilly’s room and knocked on the door. She answered the door and I could tell she just got out of the shower as her hair was still damp and she had a bathrobe on.

“Let’s go downstairs and have a few drinks”, I said.

“Come on in, I’ll be ready in a few minutes”, she said while she stepped back and turned.

“I’ll meet you downstairs”, I responded then I instantly turned and walk to the elevator.

I chided myself for not going inside when invited, was I trying to be “good” and suppress what I felt, was I playing coy, was I being protective. Why did it always have to be so long in between and why after such time do I loose faith in the bond we have. When I am in her presence I can feel the pressure inside like a boiling cauldrun then when removed from the heat source the pressure subsides.
I figure Lilly would be awhile since she still had wet hair so by the time she dried it, a little make up then get dressed there would be enough time for me to get a couple of drinks down.
I sat at the bar which was quiet and ordered a drink knowing I had probably 30 minutes. No sooner than the bartender put the first drink in front of me I heard a voice from behind,

“Buy me a drink”, said Lilly with a playful smile.

I was shocked she was here already, she wasted no time at all. Her hair was barely dry and she didn’t have any make up on (I like that) and a pair of hip hugging jean shorts on. I suggested we grab a table rather than sit at the bar and when we walk over to one I checked her form again. Her hips had gotten more full and her ass was to die for, she looked scrumptious.
We sat at that table for two hours talking about everything under the sun. Some of our questions contained subtle queries about our marriages and other little ways to try and gauge or affirm a commitment that we had.
This seemed odd that we were feeling each other out verbally, even though it was subtle, because it was something we never did or had to do before. There was no denying the chemical reaction when we were together but it conflicted with the irrationality of fears stemming from a long separation.
Noting the time that had passed we decided it was time to retire for the night. While on the elevator she remembered she had some pictures of my nephews to give me.
We went to her room and I stood there while she rummaged through her suitcase until she found them. After looking through them along with the usual obligatory comments we sensed things were not comfortable even though we tried to hide it.
Lilly held open her arms for a hug and we embraced, both of us squeezing hard before we began to ease off. We didn’t pull apart because we didn’t want to, then we squeezed each other again until we eased back to see each others faces. We searched each others eyes while still having each others arms locked.
We were denying what we knew, what we felt, what we wanted and what we desperately needed. I leaned in turning my head to square up for a kiss but Lilly didn’t move towards me nor orient her face opposite mine.
I didn’t stop until my lips touched hers and without a response from her I simply kept my lips pressed against hers. She was restraining herself as best she could then submitted to her desire by slightly opening her lips and turning her head. I pulled her tight to me and as our kiss carried on she made whimpering sounds as her resolve melted away.

When our kiss finally broke we were holding each other as tight as possible then we pulled back ripping at each others clothes. We needed to merge our bodies and get what only we could give to each other.
Our flailing and pulling at each other was clumsy so at the same time we stopped what we were doing. While we needed each others body we weren’t drunken and/or horny teenagers or young adults. We loved one another and needed something escort london that just plain sex wouldn’t provide.
We were looking at each other and after a long separation we were once again in sync. We turned and walked to the bed, her on one side and me on the other. While undressing we would look at one another and when naked we pulled the covers back and crawled in then scooted over to meet in the middle. Her body was so warm and soft and the feeling of her breasts mashed against my chest felt great. We kissed passionately while my hand roamed over her ass then up her back. My hand returned down to follow the curve of her hip and down to her thigh then squeeze it with my fingers before moving over her soft plump ass.
I intended to show the proper reverence for every square inch of her incredible body. I kissed her neck before going down to suck a nipple into my mouth and gently chew on each one, this practically caused her to roar.

Trailing kisses down her stomach I went teasingly slow working my way to her cunt. Once I positioned my body below her I faced the most heavenly cunt I have ever had. She was completely shaved and it was perfectly smooth. With legs spread her slit was gaped open and her luscious soft cunt lips curled back just begging to nibbled.
As I moved my face closer she already had her fingers locked in my hair and tightened them when I placed my mouth over her opening and sucked her lips in.
I slowly lick her snatch while looping my arms under her legs then around so I could use my fingers to spread her open more and rub across her clit. She whimpered each time I sucked those lips in and chewed the edges. It was almost like she was trying to maintain control for awhile but my tongue lashing had and effect. She pulled her knee’s to her chest which caused me to pull my hands back and now I was able to place them on the back of her upturned legs and had full access to her nether regions.
I teased her taint with my tongue and once I knew I had given her slot and clit a proper licking I concentrated further down rimming her brownie hole with my tongue.
Each time the tip of my tongue touched her anus she wiggled and bucked her hips from the sensation but she held my head down when I tried to move up or away. With to much sensation in one spot I would alternately lick up her slot then rim her asshole until she could take no more.

I picked my head up and began to move my body to get on top of her. She pulled at me while I positioned myself and once I had mounted her I reached down between us and aimed my cock.
I moved my hips forward slowly to let the tip of my cock pierce through her lips. Once my head reached her hole and slipped in she tensed up,

“UHH”, she grunted.

I couldn’t believe how tight she was and how much she grunted while I continue to push into her. I knew I hadn’t gotten that much thicker and wider although I haven’t been quite this engorged in a while. My cock had expanded due to the situation and it was hanging large and heavy. My enthusiasm to get deep in her as quick as possible only exacerbated her discomfort and as I eased off she started pulling at my hips.
This was no time to be gentle, she wanted me to take her so I pulled back and jabbed forth driving more of my cock inside of her,

“UHHHHH”, she moaned loudly.

Each time I pulled back I quickly jabbed in again, then again, then again. Each time she cried out in response with painful yet pleasureful grunts and moans. If it wasn’t for the tongue lashing I gave her cunt it wouldn’t be this wet down there. The more I got in the more dry she was and even though I knew it couldn’t be comfortable for her I didn’t stop nor did it seem she wanted me to.
As I worked in and out I finally inserted myself fully inside then began long rapid strokes. While my pistoning cock ravaged her cunt Lilly continued to loudly grunt, moan and wail. I have never heard her like this before and as I worked to fuck her I didn’t even realized she moved her hands from my hips.
She laid them beside her like she was completely helpless while I pumped her like priming her well. I finally felt some wetness within her which was good because the friction was getting to much for me.
I hadn’t felt her cunt this tight and seemingly inexperienced since the time I popped her cherry. Her once tense body began to ease and her breathing became less erratic as I continued to fuck her.
I was completely surprised I was shooting off before now but her initial dryness kept me from getting to a boil. Since she did secrete some jizz to lube things up I had begun to get that feeling. I stiffened my back, raised my torso up then slid my knee’s closer to her and started to fuck her faster and harder.
This all wasn’t like I thought it would be or even wanted it to be, my thoughts had a cooling effect and I felt my need diminish. I was almost to the point of slowing things down because I was a little disappointed and getting tired.
Lilly had gotten more quiet and was breathing evenly, her eyes were closed and even with that I could tell she was in another place. I worked in and out of her with steady rhythm the she slowly raised her hands and clamped them around my wrists.

Her mouth slightly opened and she began to breath more through that than her nose. As her breathing increased she tightened the grip on my wrists. As she was getting closer she would open her mouth to draw in breath then bring her lips together like in a whistle and let it out. Her body became more rigid, her nails dug in to my skin, she panted loudly now then suddenly her body seized up, breathing stopped and,

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”, she squealed loudly.

Her body went slack as scorching liquid washed over my cock. With that immense feeling of relief she opened her eyes while bringing her arms up and around my back. She was pulling me down to her while raising her torso up to meet me then kissed me deeply. She eased back and I followed her down while she held me tight and kissed me with appreciation.
This was all it took for me and a wave of cum washed up and out of my shaft flooding her insides with successive waves. I pumped into her while we held tight then I began returning the kisses of appreciation until we had to break free and breath.
When we pulled our faces back to look at each other she brought her hands to each side of my face and had such a look of bright happiness which I haven’t seen from her in a very long time.
With her hands puling my face we deeply kissed again before I pulled my cock from her now drenched pussy. I rolled to one side and she rolled with me and we held each other.

“This hasn’t happened for me in a loooong time”, she said in a loving tone.

“I thought maybe something was wrong”, I responded.

“I was afraid something was wrong with me all these years”, she said.

“YEARS, you haven’t had an orgasm in YEARS” ?, I asked.

She didn’t verbally answer rather she simply shook her head no and I thought that may be the end of the discussion then she spoke up,

“Do you need to call Kelly or anything”, she asked.

“No”, I said shaking my head.

“Stay the night with me” ?, she asked with raised eyebrows.

I answered by moving in and kissing her passionately while letting my hands roam her body. When I broke the kiss I brought my hand to the side of her face to hold her steady and look into her eyes. Nothing else needed to be said at that point even though there could and would be plenty of that but right now we were back in our element, back where things felt good, right and natural to us.
Each of us has been married for many years now but we needed to renew our connection and talk. We really never did talk about what her and I have together rather we spoke of what we didn’t have with our spouses and marriages.
Lilly and I filled in each others gaps, this became much more evident after we were married. The years were going on and you feel like time is running out and you want to make rash decisions while lamenting our marriages.
There were things we each wanted to experience certain things but it seems neither of us quite meshed with our spouses in way we would like. Now by all appearances Lilly would be deemed conservative, she has that look and her names fits the look yet inside was want and need mixed with some naughtiness. I am the same way by nature but there are things I would like to do as well.
We danced around the “things” we kept referring to while hoping the other would come out and say it. I knew in my heart that there wasn’t anything Lilly could tell me that would shock me and I felt she was the same.
Her husband treated her exactly like the type she appears, this isn’t bad of course but a woman can be the sweet innocent mom and wife but also be able to be unleashed in bed. She knew Tom didn’t want that, he wanted the same tame wife in bed and not want to think or treat her like some depraved slut.
With Kelly and I it was the same just in reverse, she would talk to me about things as benign as filming ourselves doing it or tying her up but it was always just talk. When it came time to do something about it nothing happened. Either she wussed out or maybe figured I wouldn’t respect her or who knows what. Hell I would respect her more if she would be herself without reservation escort service instead of talking about these things. She would get me all worked up until I am ready to explore and satisfy her inhibitions then she lets it go by the wayside in lieu of “regular” sex and simply state “maybe the next time”. I could certainly give Kelly what she wanted and then some but if she is not comfortable being herself with me then we only have 50% of what we should have together.

I expressed all this verbally to Lilly and she conveyed the same frustration in her marriage with Tom. Actually our marriages for all intense purposes were fine, we weren’t mistreated nor did we mistreat them (except for what Lilly and I are doing together) but we each had a big empty spot inside which had nothing to do with our spouses and everything to do with our spouses. We know about ourselves and can only assume what is deep inside our spouses minds, for all we knew they may be unfulfilled as well.
Either way all this talk of things we desired, which has been brewing for many many years, had me excited. My cock was growing hard and when I flexed my groin muscle it brushed by her stomach.

“I’ll be right back”, said Lilly as she rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom.

When she came back she had a wicked smile and the sash from her bathrobe which she held taught between between both hands. I jumped up and stood in front of her then looked down her body and back to her face. I hadn’t seen her naked in a very long time and the years didn’t diminish a thing rather it only enhanced it. I placed my hands on her shoulders and looking right into her eyes let my hands follow her arms down.
Once I got to her wrists I clamped down and as she let go of one end of the sash I pinned her arms behind her. I went at her neck and started munching while working up the side of her face then tongued her ear. This caused her to shudder a little and when I pulled back I kept my lips near her ear,

“you want me to have my way with you”, I whispered.

“uh huh”, she responded weakly.

I brought her hands around the front and wrapped the sash around her wrists. I wasn’t being rough nor did she want me to she just wanted to feel helpless. I’m not sure about the look on my face or in my eyes but maybe it was showing through and I didn’t even realize it.
As I turned her around to get her on the bed her look went from wicked a few minutes ago to apprehensive. I was falling into the roll but it was easy because I wanted this so bad. Not that I ever had a thought of doing this for real and actually taking a woman by force or without consent but purely as a mutual thing. Perhaps she was playing her roll as well yet I could sense some real worry in Lilly while she sat on the bed then laid back, looking at me the entire time.
I crawled onto the bed intent on taking full advantage, we didn’t discuss the “rules” yet we felt we knew the limits, we knew what we wanted. She wanted to be taken advantage of and I wanted the opportunity and the excitement of taking a woman like this.
I worked my way beside her head and while I knelt I grabbed a handful of her hair and turned her head to the side until she was face to face with my throbbing meat.
I pulled her to me while pushing my hips forward as she opened her mouth wide while I eased in. I was maybe halfway before she sealed her lips around my shaft and drew suction while I eased back before going in again. I loved it that we left the lights on all this time especially looking down at her stretched mouth struggling to deal with my girth. As I looked down her body with her hands tied together then back up I was overcome with the feeling of power. With the primal instinct surfacing I began to thrust as deep as I could into her mouth, I felt I was forcing her to suck my dick.
Actually she was trying to force more into her mouth than I was, as I pulled her head and thrust my hips she was pushing her head more than I was pulling. I realized that no matter what she was only able to get but so much of my cock in her mouth and I needed sensation further down my shaft. I had been fingering her slit with my other hand in preparation of fucking her pussy. I slowed my thrusts into her mouth while easing the grip I had on her hair until I pulled out.

She raised her hands over her head and while I knew she wanted her hands tied together as well as tied to some type of structure. With headboards in hotels being fixed to the wall, no posts or anyway to secure someone then all she could do was keep them over her head.
I positioned myself between her legs then leaned over and onto her while guiding my cock to her cunt. I pushed in and instantly buried myself all the way to the hilt which caused me to groan out with pleasure. I was holding myself up on my forearms and keeping off of her enough yet were I could feel her boobs on my chest. She worked her arms under the pillows until her hands found the headboard trying to find a hand hold as I began to thrust into her cunt.
She was so soft, warm and wet inside as opposed to the time we did it earlier. I was fucking into her hard and each time I slammed it home I grunted with effort. I had plenty of energy and I didn’t have the need to cum, I was fucking Lilly and she was being taken meaning we were getting what we needed from each other. I had something on my mind when we started this that I really wasn’t sure if she thought about. It was something we haven’t done together but surely would have if we had been together all these years.
I had lost count how many times she came while we fucked but she kept herself plenty wet which played right into my next purpose. I slowed my thrusts until I was gently moving in and out of her while we caught out breaths. Lilly kept her eyes closed and moved her head from side to side while coming down from her natural high.

I pulled out and began to untie her hands, she opened her eyes and looked at me quizzically. I had the look of purpose on my face while I worked the knots out of the sash which bound her wrists and once I had freed her,

“Turn over”, I said flatly

She searched my eyes while she still had that puzzled look on her face. I had a blank look on my face but couldn’t contain it any longer as my mouth formed a slight smile. A smile formed on her face and she flipped over putting her hands behind her back. I worked the sash around her waist then looped each wrist separately before tying the sash. With her wrists bound on each side of her waist she raised up on her knee’s and I helped position two pillows under her stomach and on for her to lay her head on.
With her in position I knelt behind her and stared at my target, her puckered brown hole. I’ve never had the pleasure of her ass and didn’t anticipate getting it like this which made it all the more exciting.
Her entire crack was glistening wet from our prior session and as much as I wanted it her cunt was looking so delicious as well. I had to wet my cock again anyway so I looked down as I brought myself to her cunt and watched her luscious cunt lips spread apart as it disappeared inside. I fucked in and out a few times while I fingered her anus then I pulled out and rested the head of my cock at her hole.
The anticipation was immense so with restraint I stayed on one knee and planted my other foot onto the bed for better alignment. I raised up and with my cock in hand I point it and pushed forward.
My cock head deformed as I applied pressure and as her anus was forced open my head disappeared in her butt. It was choked as she groaned then clamped down on my engorged member. I moaned in pleasure as my head was buried and surrounded by the tightness of her hole. She raised her head up and turned it as far as she could then looked out the corner of her eye back at me. Even with the side view I had of her face I could see and sense she needed me to take her, use her and do what this whole scenario was intended which was for me to have my way.
i was torn between the love I had for Lilly and the power I had over her at this point. It was hard to keep my lust in check and to not get out of control while I fucked her in the ass. I needed to stay aware of her signs that I may be to hard or hurting her while at the same time letting go and giving her and I what we wanted to happen.

I knew I had to let certain sympathy go while we did this and I had to do what is natural and what she wanted. With that I placed a hand on each of her hips and tightened my grip, I raised up a little more and pushed in while pulling her hips with my hands.
There was a smacking sound along with a little escaping air as I forced more cock in stretching her hole, this caused her to belt out a painful moan. It also caused me to let out a very pleasurable moan due to the depth I made plus the constant squeezes her anus made around my shaft. The tightness of her anus wringed away any lube that was on my cock and her hole. It was the last thing I wanted to do but I pulled my cock our of her butt then ran it deep inside her pussy a few times.
I quickly pulled out and lined up with her butthole and pushed right in to half my length then started to fuck in and out to get her acclimated.
Lilly was grunting loudly and trying to mouth words which wasn’t coherent and while I wanted to follow my animal instinct escorts in london I loved her to much to purposefully hurt her. I asked if she was OK and she shook her head yes, I suddenly felt like a wimp for not just fucking her madly like she wanted. Here she was willingly tied up and knowing I was going to fuck her in the ass and I’m asking her.
She wanted me to be the man, she wanted and needed someone to be the man and fuck her like she has been needing. She liked the innocence yet she, like a lot of woman, have recognized the connection between pleasure, pain, helplessness, control and fear.
It was hard for me to reconcile this within myself and just take a woman even knowing this is what they want on occasions. This is especially hard when you truly love the woman the woman you are with.
There was a primal feeling within me that was so excited by having Lilly tied up in this submissive position and all I was doing was denying myself and her by holding back. I could literally feel my cock expanding inside if her, my urges caused it to swell while my fingers dug into the soft flesh of her hips. With my sphincter muscle tightened I pushed more cock inside of her ass and Lilly opened her mouth wide,

“OHHHHH”, she moaned painfully.

I threw my head back in pleasure and continued fucking in and out while I pushed more dick in her with each thrust. Lilly was loudly moaning as I just kept forcing more and more meat into her asshole. Once I had my entire manhood inside she stopped moaning loudly and was just able to breath while I pumped cock in and out. The squeeze of her anus on my entire shaft was fabulous and even as much as she wanted me to do this she would have put her hands back against my legs of she could to impede my progress. With her hands tied she had no choice but to be fucked mercilessly yet she kept twisting her wrists like trying to get loose.
It took no time at all for the boiling cum in my balls to race up my shaft with no ability whatsoever to delay the inevitable. I groaned with each successive shot thick hot semen while I continued fucked in and out of her. There was so much spunk spraying from my dick that it quickly filled her up and was making squishy squeaking sounds as it tried to force it’s way back around my dick.
As I was squirted my last I stopped fucking and had pulled back keeping my head firmly inside until I knew I was done. Lilly dropped her head down and was still panting but she never relaxed her anus muscle. When I pulled out of her she relaxed and her once stiff back suddenly relaxed then she started taking in regular breaths.
I looked down to see the results of my handy work and watched as cum bubbled from her ravaged asshole. I let go of her hips and she fell to one side staying curled up. I was unsteady as I pushed myself to a standing position then looked down at Lilly. I could see how people got into this and in all my years to date I had never actually tied up and woman and had my way with one. As a mutual thing it was as powerful and natural for the man as was the helpless pleasure for the woman. I left her lying there while I went to the bathroom and splashed cool water on my face then dry off. I didn’t realize how much sweat I worked up despite the cool temperature in the room. While looking in the mirror I wondered how I could get to this age and not have actually done this before. It had been talked about with several woman over th years but it seemed it was just banter without enough seriousness to it.
I know I have missed out on many an opportunity by not being assertive enough and taking control when it was required. I guess you just have to be with the right woman and have that comfort level and again Lilly and I have that. I certainly didn’t think less of her for this in fact I appreciated her more than ever. She could be her true self with me and I could be with her, neither of us ever trusted anyone like we trusted in each other.

I’m not sure how much time I spent in the bathroom but when I finished up and walked to the bed Lilly was breathing evenly like she was asleep. I gently called her name a few times and even shook her a little but I didn’t receive a response so I left her alone and didn’t even bother to untie her hands. I pulled the blanket over her then went back to the bathroom to warm up the shower and before entering I looked back out to see if my noise had wakened her but she was out.
It was the same when I finished showering and as I laid down beside her I thought about untying her at some point but I fell asleep.

When I did wake I was looking straight up at the ceiling and the night before flooded back into my consciousness. This made me turn my head and look towards Lilly who was staring right at me.
I suddenly realized she was still tied up, this caused my eyes to open wider and before my mouth could open to express and apology she smiled at me.

“I’d like to get a shower”, she said.

I nodded my head and rolled off the bed and stood and while I walked around the bed to get to her side she scooted off the bed and was on her knee’s. I walked up to her and immediately started getting hard as she looked up at me. There she was on her knee’s hands tied on each side of her waist and staring at me with sultry eyes.
With a natural movement I ran my hand over the top of her head and stroked down the back of her head until I had a hand cupped on the back of her neck.
I twisted my wrist to level her head and eased closer to bring my dock to her mouth. As it touched her lips she didn’t open her mouth so I pushed forward and used my hand to pulled her head. Her lips parted and wrapped around my stiff member but I could tell she was purposefully holding back. I placed a hand on each side of her head to hold her while I began to fuck her mouth, she struggled at first but then started to move her head back and forth sucking and slurping.
With the momentum going I dropped one hand to my side and put the other behind her head. I needed more cock in her mouth so I thrust forward and pulled her head causing her open wider. I couldn’t do this like her pussy or asshole nor could she take it like that but the purpose was for us to feel this was being forced. This was fine for a while but I needed those lips farther down my shaft and my head to have the sensation of being deep inside and she wanted to see what she was capable of.
As I slowed the thrust of fucking her mouth I again placed my hands on each side of her head and held her tightly I pulled my cock back before slowly rocking my hips forward. She opened as wide as she could while I inched my way in. As I felt the back of her mouth on the tip of my cock I eased in just a little more which caused her to gag and cough. I pulled back a little but she followed me and I got the clue that It was time for me to be still while she tested the limits of her ability.

With my hands still gripping her head I held my hips still as she leaned forward and took my cock deep into her mouth. I closed my eyes and my mouth dropped open as I felt myself once again hit the back of her mouth. She stopped briefly then preceded ahead only to instinctively swallow as I my head entered the top of her throat. She squeeze down as due to the natural gag reflex then still leaned in more to take all she could before holding back her gag. She eased back then took me into the same depth and repeated it while she acclimated herself.
I stood still with eyes closed tight while she continued to throat me before pulling back to the flare of my head then suck me back in again. She was into a regular rhythm now so I naturally began to thrust my hips and pulled her head while she sucked and slurped. Finally able to open my eyes I watched as she knelt before me, hand tied at her sides and me with a hand on each side of her head.
My sister Lilly was tied up on her knee’s sucking my dick and the sight plus the work she was putting into it had the effect it was supposed to. As I built to an eruption my hand clamped down tighter, my breathing became labored.
Unlike last night I had control over my sphincter muscles and I tightened them which caused my cock to swell. She looked up at me and knowing what was about to happen she sped up her action
As the intensity built I kept control over my cock but lost control from the neck up. As my head raised up and back my eyes closed tight and I began to wail,

“UHHHH, UHHHH, UHHHHH”, while holding in as long as I could until I couldn’t contain it anymore.

“OHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHH LILLY BABYYYYYYYYYYY”, I moaned as the first shot sprayed straight down her throat. I pulled back and as she kept her lips tight around my head I rapidly convulsed as more cum spewed forth. She sucked my head hard and swallowed while I continued to pump cream into her warm mouth.
Finally emptying my balls I was pulled out of my trance when I realized she was trying to pull her head back as I held trying to remain in her mouth. I let go and she pulled back catching her breath.
I helped her up and she turned so I could undo the knot on the sash with bound her hands at her waist. She began to walk away and I gave her a smack on the butt, she turned with a devilish smile,

“We’ll save that for the next time”, she said.

I watched as she walked away then gathered my clothes before returning to my room so I too could prepare for the day we had ahead.

Before I left I thought about what she said and all I could think about was the next time……………..

(to be continued)

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