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A Lifetime Kink Ch. 06

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Author’s Note:

A stroll down Daydream Avenue, this short chapter isn’t so much what’s currently happening in the real world of A Lifetime Kink. It’s fuelled by events portrayed to date, and otherwise I chose to add it as an insight into the obsessive mind of Lee’s mother. The choice of direction alone is my reason for changing the narrative style, which is exclusive to this installment.


I know how he sees me. I know the way he looks at me and I’ve seen that look in many a man’s eyes before. The both of us under the hot shower, even though I’m technically clothed, I’m aware of his stealing glances.

Every moment not talking feels like something needs to be said. There’s a knot in my stomach probably no smaller than the lump in his throat. The lump that seems to be obstructing the words he really wants to say.

I think about how he sees me. I try to see myself from his eyes and I know that he loves what he sees, and not just the mother in me. He’s watching the hot water cascading down my body, not just the way those clear rivulets rush down every inch of bare flesh, but also how it makes the material of my swimming costume wet and shiny over my impressionable tits.

He’s close enough that I can’t miss his frequent glances, no matter how he disguises them, and if only his eyes felt like hands on me, wherever they would roam. They might as well be. They’re all over me!


We return to the lockers to fetch our bags, and then without thinking I lead him to a vacant cubicle. I walk in first and mark my side of the bench, dropping my bag and turning to face him. Lee is staring right at me, and yes, that look is unmistakable.

My flesh is cooling now. The beads of water from the shower losing their heat and chilling me, that only makes me aware of the perceived heat of his penetrating eyes, and the stirring warmth I feel down below.

And I haven’t thought this through, or have I? I didn’t consider having to peel out of my wet costume right in front of him, but I’m not telling him to look away. Instead, my body dripping down onto the tiles as I stand there before him, I stare back deep into those warming eyes.

Without hesitating I reach up to one shoulder and slide down the stretchy strap, feeling the material resist and almost snap itself out of my grasp. Then I slide off the other one, still staring back at him. Again, that tug of resistance, and I almost lose control and end up baring myself to him all too soon.

Swiftly I cover myself with my hand and forearm, feeling the costume sliding wetly over my hardened nipples, and even beneath the piercing din of splashing water and echoing voices, the silence between us grows and grows like a balloon.

Part of me wants to just bare myself to him and let him feast his eyes. ‘Here goes,’ I think to myself, and I dare not even swallow the saliva gathering in my mouth beneath the raw power of his gaze. It kars seks hikayeleri has to be me in control right now, not him, as I blur the line between innocence and provocation.

So, my breasts barely covered by one arm, I proceed to tug down my swimsuit, peeling the wet stretchy material down to the waist, and now I am half naked before him, my eyes penetrating his in kind.

The urge to smile, like electricity trapped inside a glass plasma ball, radiates through all of me, and it’s almost unbearable. I pause, refusing to strip any further, and my action seems to telegraph over to Lee, whose thumbs are hitched into his dripping trunks.

I’m certain he’s getting hard again. Hard for me!

We’re standing there before each other like a literal wet dream, and whereas I was only really daring myself, now the dare seems to have communicated across to him. I’m dying to look down, and so is he. It’s written all over his face.

Of course he could see enough, even though he stared right back at her, his thumbs hitched into his trunks. Now it seemed to have become a dare. Who would look down first? Stevie bet that if she did, she would see him getting hard again…

‘You’re staring again,’ I say, as I feel my nerve slipping away. Soon enough he’ll be running this show and there’s no knowing what direction it’ll go in then.

‘I’m waiting for you to turn around so I can take my trunks off,’ he justifies, and begins to pull down slowly. Only in the periphery of my vision as I desperately maintain eye contact do I see more hints of flesh, and that of the soft white flesh of his pelvis.

And I can’t do it anymore. I assure myself that I’m not going to be the one to look away, to look to where my eyes want to stray.

That’s exactly what they do. In the duration of a single blink I see so much – the V of his strong pelvis and hips, the beginnings of his neatly trimmed pubic hair, all so alluring in their cooling wetness. And my eyes become transfixed immediately when I see but an inch of his beautiful thick cock.

I know I’m busted. I gasp aloud.

His face warms into a triumphant grin. ‘Now who’s perving again?!

I try to deny with every ounce of conviction that I have. It turns out that I have none. I’m stuttering and stumbling, fishing for an excuse as my whole body blushes for him. And a hint of laughter escapes my lips right before I take a step backwards, retreating to where only god knows.

And then it happens. I back up right against the cold cubicle wall. Shocked by the sensation against my bare flesh I bounce right off, yelping, and into the arms of my son…

Our shocked reactions wear off quickly enough, leaving us just standing there, taking each other in along with the objective facts:

My naked tits are pressed right up against his naked flesh and my nipples are pressing hard into him. My swimsuit has fallen further down around my hips and so have his trunks. His cock is trapped between us and it’s swelling, warming, twitching, fattening…

The way he holds me in his strong arms, the way I cling to him – in that moment we’re suspended in sheer disbelief and unwanting to pull away from each other. It feels so good to be naked and wet and warm with him.


Defensively and nervously I begin to laugh. ‘Oops,’ I whisper as my hands roam down to his hips. There’s something sexual even in feeling his torso all hard and wet. I search his eyes, not registering that in my now greater-aroused state, I’m breathing so heavily that my breasts are pressing firmer against him with every breath.

That is when his hands trace their way upward and mould themselves around me. Electricity shoots through me stealthily, but I betray a wanton gasp, my lips parting to address him – my son. I groan my approval as he explores my big firm breasts.

Even the nerves in my toes are responding to the way he touches me there now, and as he strokes me and cups me and squeezes me gently, I arch my back and offer them up to him.

I peel off the remains of my costume, letting it fall wetly to the floor, taking a step back so he can feast his eyes on me in all my naked glory. Then, ‘show me,’ I say, as I lay my eyes upon his bulging trunks.

The heft of his testicles evident, the outline of his semi-erection impossible to miss, I could drool, and preferably with my son’s hard cock in my mouth, right here and now.

And he does it! Lee hitches his thumbs back into his trunks and he takes us all the way. Peeling them down over his throbbing bulge, his turgid wet length is revealed to me – springs up to say hello in its randy eagerness – and I reach out to caress it with both hands.

I gulp hard. I swallow so much warm saliva that I might as well be drinking heavily just the thought of having him finally – FINALLY!!

In awe I stare back into his eyes once again. ‘I’d say it’s about time we stopped fantasising about each other,’ I declare, my deep breaths exhaling hard against his bare chest.

‘But I like fantasising about us,’ he replies without shame.

‘So do I,’ I assure him. ‘God I dream so hard about you fucking me,’ I trail off, masturbating him back and forth. I look down and see how the foreskin slides back over the thickly swollen glans and recall a geyser of spunk spurting and oozing out from the tip. I want it in me, all that he’s got.

‘Do you want to do the real thing?’ I ask. If he says no I’ll be crushed. Well this is my dream and that’s not going to happen.

My son reaches down and kisses me. Naturally the kiss becomes deep and passionate. Our bodies lean into each other and I wrap my arms around his neck, his hands steadying me at the waist. I cannot get enough of the taste of his lips and tongue but I want so badly for him to say…



She doesn’t even get that far into her daydream before she comes so hard. When she comes to, her fingers are pruned with the wetness flooding her love canal, and her body is slave to the deep throb of exhaustion.

She’s so desperate to get deeper in. How vivid those visions become when a fantasy takes over, there’s still so far to go, and so much to daydream about. She can almost feel his hardness pressed tight against her belly, how thick it feels in her hand.

She can easily slip back into the erotic interlude before it fades away, to fall to her knees and flick her tongue up against the tip, to feel his heat and to rest her parted lips against him before…

Jesus, that climax though, and before she’s even started with what she would do to him, and allow to be done to her.

It’s been a while since she has experienced such orgasmic intensity, that one powerful blast will do her, at least until the evening. Stevie showers and slips into a fresh set of panties and hums happily to herself as she strolls lazily into the kitchen, otherwise wearing nothing but an old flannel shirt.

There’s the man of the hour himself, his eyes hot and dreamy, as he wanders in from the coolness of the night garden.

‘Hey baby,’ she says with a secretive smile. On the way past he makes a detour and forgets his way. His arms wrap around her waist from behind and he hugs her close.

Hey mum,’ Lee speaks deep and low against her ear. She’s meaning to fix a coffee but it can wait a moment longer. Her son’s attention easily comes first.

She twirls around in his embrace and hugs him back. ‘Yes please,’ she responds invitingly. One kiss on his right cheek and then avoiding his lips to plant a kiss on the other;

‘D’ya love me?’ she searches and his answer is ‘Yes.’ Stevie plants a moist kiss on his lips and then indulges herself in a couple more. ‘I think you’re getting to love these kisses too,’ she adds innocently.

‘Mm-hmm,’ he hums and accepts another before sliding his cheek to hers and inhaling the clean scent of her freshly washed hair.

‘If only,’ Stevie thinks, ‘my hands were wrapped around his big hard cock right now, and I could tell him.’ Tell him that she was so done with fantasising – though not entirely true – and oh so ready to go to bed with him.

If only he had the nerve to ask her. She would more than happily say yes. ‘Right now please, Lee. God please, right now.’ What is happening inside her?

Slave to her plateauing hormones, constantly so horny, so touchy-feely, she doesn’t want to be left alone with her daydreams anymore. They might drive her mad after all.

Afraid, she hugs him closer and says not a word. She groans into his neck, squeezing him harder and inhaling his scent, all the while with closed eyes.

And as he squeezes back tighter she might as well melt. Again a groan, this time crushed from her body. ‘Okay, daydreams will do, for now.’ she promises herself, and bides her time before bed and alone time beckon once again.

To be continued…

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