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A Little Tickled

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It’s a particularly warm day as Kevin and I lounge on the couch. The sun shines through the window next to the couch, its warmth counteracting the cool breeze of the air conditioning. He’s snuggled with a pillow on his chest as he watches a TV show on the projector and drinks from a glass of whiskey and ginger ale. His firm legs are across my lap, and he periodically moves his right foot into my hand so that I can rub it. The skin is smooth, soft, and warm as I knead the muscles underneath and tweak his toes. He gets a lopsided grin when I do that. It’s adorable.

I’m only somewhat paying attention to the show- Ok, fine, I’m not paying attention at all. I glance at him and am distracted by light hair as my gaze moves up his thighs. The hair thickens slightly as it disappears into the edge of his red and white kiddy briefs. The outline of his cock in the thin jersey fabric is enough to make my breath catch, its plump form distending the pouch that barely contains it. He’s usually in a diaper when we’re home alone, but he was feeling hot today and opted for his favorite briefs. They’re my favorite, too. Big surprise, I know. His foreskin covers most of the head of his cock, but I can still see where the edge of his glans ridges the soft fabric. His balls are neatly tucked in above and behind his cock, resting gently against his thighs. Underneath, I can see where the fabric has pulled taught between the bubbled cheeks of his ass, giving a tantalizing view of his crevice. The top of his briefs give way to a gently curved belly. Just pudgy enough to be cute. The light treasure trail of hair emerging from his briefs runs smoothly up to his belly button. It’s calling my name.

I gently rub the inside of his thigh with my left hand, moving in small circles with the tips of my fingers. Kevin gives a slight sigh of satisfaction and scoots his butt further down the couch, closer to me. This puts my hand on his hip, with the backs of my knuckles resting against his warm cock. He’s asexual, and sometimes nervous about physical contact, but he’s always friskier when he’s been drinking. I consider taking my hand away. …Nah.

I start to move my fingers gently back and forth, rubbing slightly against his shaft. I feel a slight shift, and it almost seems like the shaft firms a bit. Is he… getting turned on?

“Mmm,” he says lightly, and swats gently at my hand. Foiled.

I move my hand to rest on the top of his briefs, against the slight swell of his tummy. I play lightly with his trail of hair, swirling the short, fine hairs with the tip of my middle finger. I start to follow the trail up his stomach to his belly button, and I poke my finger into the hole. He giggles softly and snuggles closer to me again. Interesting. I run my fingers around the edge of his belly button, dancing their tips softly on his skin, just close enough to cause a light tickle. He giggles again and squirms, the pillow falling off his chest and onto the floor. He’s still looking at the screen, but I can tell I’ve got his attention as he sneaks a look out of the corner of his eye. As he looks away, I repeat the tickle around his belly button, eliciting another giggle. I move my other hand onto his belly and start to tickle with both hands. He’s giggling and squirming, his legs rubbing on mine as he moves. His calve rubs across my tumescent cock, and I feel blood beginning to pulse into it as a tickle of pleasure runs through my abdomen.

I start to tickle him in earnest, and he’s laughing now, grabbing short breaths when he can. I pull myself from under his legs and move slightly on top of him as I continue running my fingers across his belly and sides, letting them dance lightly over his skin. He’s laughing çankaya escort harder now, and having trouble catching breaths. His legs have started to squirm together, and I move to sit on top of him. My bare ass, hugged by my white and blue jockstrap, rests against his briefs, the tip of his cock tucked right between the firm globes of my ass.

“Haha, I really—Ahaha,” Kevin says, trying to grab words between the peals of laughter that make his belly jiggle and his eyes water. His hands are above his head, and he’s gripping the arm of the couch. “Ahaha, No, seriously—haha—have to—haha,” he manages, as I continue relentlessly, a devilish smile plastered on my face. I can feel him pressing his legs together under me, and he tries to move one of his hands under me, his fingers brushing the tip of my cock, which is almost fully hard and has begun to tent the fabric of my jockstrap. I grab his hand with one of mine and move it back above his head. My cock twitches as he submits to my firm grip. I start to tickle him harder with my free hand, leaning across him slightly now, and leaning into his stomach. I feel his legs tense up as I press on him, and it occurs to me that he’s probably been trying to tell me that he has to pee. I make a point to lean harder on his abdomen, and I feel my cock go completely rigid, forcing my jockstrap away from my body.

“You’re pressing—Hahaha,” (here his other hand jumps down and tries to work under me to his cock) “—Seriously—Haha—OH,” he says, a breathless, laughing gasp escaping his mouth as his moist eyes go wide. He continues to laugh as I tickle him, but I feel his legs shudder slightly under me. I can tell he’s losing control of himself. I feel the fabric between my ass go wet and warm as Kevin gasps out, “Haha—Andrew! I can’t—aaahaha—I’m wetting!” I can feel the wetness spreading quickly across the front of his kiddy briefs as pee jets out of his cock, soaking my ass and the bottom of my balls as it runs down between us. My cock is pulsing in my jock, rock hard and sticking out of the top of the waistband. I’m so close to cumming that I can feel my balls pulsing slightly, my breathing is shallow, and my head feels light. There are waves of pleasure pulsing through my cock as I feel Kevin’s warm pee saturating his cute undies as he wets himself uncontrollably.

I stop tickling him and let his hand go, but he doesn’t move it. I look down into his wet eyes and realize that the tears coming out of his eyes aren’t entirely from laughter anymore. His face is flushed with embarrassment, and he’s breathing hard as the pee stops flowing from his slit.

He scooches out from under me and stands up, facing me. “You… Y-you didn’t stop,” he says almost accusingly. “I had to pee and I couldn’t hold it.” My heart breaks a little, but I’m still hard as fuck. Is his embarrassment turning me on?

I stand up, just inches from him, and put my hand on the side of his face, rubbing the tears from under his right eye with my thumb. “Hey! It’s ok, sweetie. You’re totally fine. It was my fault.” I lean down, my lips inches from his. He isn’t usually into kissing, but maybe this will be different. I hear his breathing catch slightly, and his eyes flutter shut as I look at him. He suddenly wraps his arms around my neck and presses his face into my shoulder, his tears wetting my skin. I wrap my arms around him, enveloping him. “Shh-sh-sh. It’s ok. I’m here. I don’t mind at all that you wet yourself,” I say soothingly. “That’s what the plastic under the couch cushions is for.” I pet the back of his hair lightly with my hand.

He nuzzles me softly and says, “I just wanted to be a big boy today.” keçiören escort My cock is pressed tight against his soft belly and, though I’ve backed down from orgasm, it is HARD. There’s no way he can’t feel it, but it doesn’t seem to be making him uncomfortable.

He sighs softly, and I hear a slight hissing noise. I feel splashing on my feet and realize that he’s peeing himself again. “Go ahead, Kevin. Let the rest out.” The warm liquid wets the carpet under him. I can clean it later. I take one hand from around him and move it between us, placing my hand directly over his pissing cock. I can feel the spot where his slit leaks pee through the pouch, and it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever felt in my life. It only lasts a couple of seconds, but I’m back to being close again; my cock feels like an iron rod, but somehow still molten hot. I feel the pee stop, his bladder empty, and as it does, I can feel his shaft firming and elongating, the head swelling undeniably. He is definitely getting turned on.

He reaches an arm down and moves my hand off his growing penis, placing it instead on the round, firm bubble of his ass. I pull back a bit and he looks up at me, his eyes still moist. I lean slowly down, and place an exploratory kiss on his lips. They’re soft. I pull his lower lip between my lips as I pull back. “Ok?” I ask. I know this isn’t usually his thing.

He bites his lip slightly. My heart melts. He gives a shy little nod, and I lean down again and kiss him a little harder, placing my hand on his scruffy jaw. I moan a little and can’t help but grind myself against his stomach. After a second more of working my lips firmly against his supple mouth, I pull back again. “You did very well at being a big boy, Kevin, but I like you being my little boy. I think we should get you padded up. Would you like that?” My heart speeds up a bit. He’s never let me put on his diaper before; he always changes alone. This is a big moment.

“Yeah,” he says softly. “You can take care of me.”

I feel a surge of adrenaline again. This is the hottest damn thing I’ve ever done. I turn him around, and as I do I sneak a glance at his cock. It’s hard. Not just semi. Rock hard, sticking across his soaking briefs, against his hip. My cock twitches in solidarity. Placing my hands on his ass cheeks, I slowly push him through the hallway and towards our bedroom, grabbing a towel from the bathroom along the way. I lay the towel on the bed, and he immediately lays down on it, his legs bent and splayed out, exposing his still raging hard-on in his piss-soaked kiddy briefs. For the third time, I nearly come right in my jockstrap.

I pull a diaper and some wipes from a drawer under the TV, and set them next to him on the bed. Then I put his knees up and together and reach to the sides of his undies. He lifts his hips, and I slip the soaking underwear down and off. As the waistband pulls past his cock, it pops free and slaps up against his belly. I can’t help but admire it for a second. It has a gentle upward curve to it, the shaft extending generously to the foreskin, which is pulled just barely past the tip of the glans, even fully hard as he is. The ring of tight skin at the end of his foreskin is slightly rigid, and sticks just barely away from the inward curve of the glans, as if it too is slightly erect. A large vein runs up one side of his shaft, bulging slightly. His balls are not particularly large, but they hang fairly low, especially considering his erect state. They rest gently below his shaft, hanging just slightly onto his perineum. His balls and shaft are shaved, and his pubic hair is trimmed very short.

I realize that I’ve etimesgut escort been staring, and he’s looking at me with a slightly mischievous look. I toss the wet briefs onto the laundry pile in the corner. As I pull a wipe from the container and move toward him, he suddenly lets a jet of pee fly from his boner, launching up onto his chest. He giggles and grins. I try not to cum again.

I take the wipe and begin working it along his legs. “It’s cold,” he says disapprovingly.

“Would you like me to warm them up for you?” I ask, with an accommodating quirk of a grin.

His only answer is to smile and bounce his arms on the bed. I take the wipes into the kitchen and microwave a few of them quickly. They’re warm, almost hot when I pull them out, and I take them back to the bedroom. When I get back, his cock has softened. “I peed a little again,” he says slyly, and I see the wet spot on the towel just between his legs.

“Now you’re just being silly. I know you can wait,” I say with faux admonishment in my voice.

He just shrugs and grins at me again. I take the warm wipe and begin on his legs again, wiping away the smell of piss. He moans softly as I massage his legs, moving further up his body. As I get to the inside of his thigh, his cock starts to inflate again. I put my hand under his ass and lift slightly to get him to lift his hips, and then wipe along his ass. I dip the wipe between his firm cheeks, and he moans again. The wipe is beginning to cool, and I switch it for a warm one. I wipe along his perineum, and it feels firm as his cock goes completely erect. I take special care as I swirl the wipe around his scrotum, swishing both balls softly. I can hear him breathing hard now, matching my own breathing.

“My… My penis feels funny,” he says breathlessly. Is he close already? My pulse quickens even more, and I begin to slide the wipe up his shaft, rubbing his skin up and down as I go. “I think I need to pee again,” he says. I slide the wipe up and around his shaft and then swirl it on the head for a second. That’s all it takes. Kevin cries out, and a jet of cum erupts from his piss-slit, flying up and onto his chest, landing right on the wet spot left from his piss earlier. I am so close to cumming I can barely think, and I move up against his ass and grind my dick against his perineum. “Oh, oh, it feels so good,” he moans, as more ropes of cum follow the first. I explode as well, waves of orgasm wracking through my body as a stream of cum pours out of my cock and arcs onto his dick. The next shot is less of a stream, but goes just as high, and our moans mingle together, mine almost growling, and his almost begging. I lean forward onto him as I continue shooting, and press my lips desperately against his. He presses back just as hard, and I open my mouth. He allows my tongue to press past his lips, and I taste the warm sweetness of his mouth as the last cumshots erupt from my cock and mix between us.

My forehead is still pressed against his, and we’re both breathing heavily as I open my eyes and look into his. “I love you, sweetie,” I say, and kiss him again.

“I love you too,” he says against my lips.

I clean us both off with wipes, and then toss my dirty jockstrap onto the laundry pile. I put his diaper on, powdering him lightly so as to avoid rash. Once he’s thoroughly padded, I pull out his favorite pair of plastic shorts to wear over the diaper.

“No, I’m ok. I’m just tired now,” he says with a giant yawn. He scoots across the bed and lays his head on his pillow. I smile and shake my head. Can’t help it. He’s adorable. I toss the towel in the laundry for later, and put away the supplies. Then, still naked, I climb into bed next to him. He rolls onto his side, and I pull him close against my chest, tucking my cock up against the soft back of his diaper and hooking my right leg over him. I put my right arm across his hip, resting my right hand directly on the front of his diaper. He sighs softly, snuggles his ass tighter against me, and we drift off to sleep together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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