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A Long Night

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Janey rolled her stockings up one at a time and attached them to the garters. A man once told her that the garter belt, garters and stockings provided a perfect frame for her pussy and drew attention to it. She stood up and looked in the mirror, I guess he’s right she thought, and continuing to look at herself she thought,

“Damn I look good!”

Red hair – everywhere – nice legs, a slim waist, small but well shaped breasts, and her face, even without makeup, well, she’d like to kiss her. Should she wear a bra’ tonight? No, just that black see-through blouse, that would look good. The skirt had to be chosen carefully, but she was sure the lacy black one, just above the knee, yes, that would do. You couldn’t wear it out, or at least you had to be careful, because with stockings on it might show the tops, which wasn’t cool, but her black panties would act as a short slip, and just to go up to a motel room, unless the guy wanted to go out to eat or something, could be very inviting. And sort of old-fashioned, lacy, tap pants, black, of course, guys liked that sort of thing. Shoes? Not the super-heels, as Ron liked to call them, but a pair of sexy open toed ones, yes, the silver ones.

As she dressed, she thought again about the man she was going to meet, he’d sounded so young, so uncertain, when he’d called. He’d never been with a woman before, so this could be fun. At first he didn’t even know she’d want money, and it was always difficult to explain that part. Guys always wanted something for nothing. She’d learned the hard way to get the money first or they’d get what they wanted, then try to stiff you. She was glad, though, that she didn’t have to do this for a living because too much of a good thing could get old pretty fast. She wondered what he looked like, she always did with a first timer. He sounded real down-home, a real country boy.

She was all ready to go, 8:15, and it would take about half-an-hour to get to the motel, but where was Ron? Probably having a drink with the guys from the office, not knowing that she had a date. But she liked to kiss him goodbye before she went out, and let him know where she’d be. She heard his key in the lock, good, now she could leave.

“Hi, honey.” She kissed him.

“Where the fuck are you going?” He’d been drinking, and pulled her ass toward him as they kissed.

“I gotta go. Got a call a couple of hours ago, and have a date.”

“Shit, I was just thinking we might have some fun tonight as it’s Friday. There’s time for a quickie, come on.” As he pulled her toward the bedroom.

“NO! If you’d come home half an hour ago, yes, but now I’d be all messy. I have to go.”

His hand was feeling under her short skirt. “Look, just bend over the hall table. I’ll be quick.”

“No, Wait ’til I come home. I’ll try to get away early.” And she pulled away, opened the door and was gone.

She pulled into the motel parking lot half an hour later. There was a convenience store across the parking lot, with a few people going in and out as she walked over to the building, went up the stairs looking for room 208. A couple of guys in the parking lot watched as she went up the stairs, probably eying her legs and short skirt, thinking they could see something, so she walked close to the rail. They couldn’t see anything, it was too dark, and black underwear wouldn’t show anyway, but guys liked to think they could see up your skirt, and that amused her.

She knocked at the door and a young guy who looked under 18 opened it.

“I hope you’re of age.” She said

“Of age, what d’you mean?”

“Like over 18.”

“Sure – everyone thinks I’m younger than I am. I’m 21”

Well it didn’t matter, he could be lying, but who’d know?

She kissed him on the cheek and went into the room. She had to get the money thing over, because she’d been burned a couple of times in the past.

“You know what I charge, I think, I have to have the money first. $200.”

“Oh sure I’ll give it to you later.”

“No I’m sorry, I have to have it now.” And she quickly explained that men often tried to get out of paying after they’d got what they wanted from a girl.

He still didn’t pay up but just stared at her, at her breasts through her blouse, so she let it go.

“So where do you want to start?” She asked him gently, “Shall we sit on the bed and talk?”

“I’d like that.” And as he sat on the bed she sat down close beside him.

“You’ve never been with a girl before?”


“Not once? Shall I help you?” And she put her hand on his thigh.

Then, “Here, put your hand on my breast.” She took his hand and placed it on her breast. This was going to be tough.

“Mm, that’s soft.” He murmured nervously.

She undid her blouse, glad she hadn’t worn a bra. “Now touch me.”


“Feel how my nipple gets hard when you touch it……That’s it, now roll it between your fingers…..Oh, oh yes, I like that. Not too hard, there I like that. You’re making me very hot.” She was telling the truth, she was getting hot.

“I like you’re titties, but they’s kinda small.”

“Do you think so? Some men like to kadıköy escort kiss them. Why don’t you?………….Very nice! You could suck on one if you want.”

He pulled back, “I ain’t sucking on no titty. I ain’t no baby. I want to see what you got down there.” He pointed to her skirt.

Okay. She stood up and slowly pulled up her skirt, then slowly pulled down her panties and took them off. Might as well give him a good show. Then she sat down again with her skirt pulled up to show her crotch. He stared at her pubic hair, then reached over and touched it.

“How come there so much hair on it?” He asked.

“That’s the way all girls are.” She was puzzled, what did he expect?

“My brother showed me a magazine with girls in and they just had an iddy bit o’ hair, or nothin’ at all.”

“That’s because they shave themselves. I shaved myself once, but didn’t like it, so I don’t do it now.”

“I like to see it without no hair.” He said petulantly. “I like a girl’s cock to look nice and smooth. Would you shave it for me?”

“Don’t know, not now but if we got to know each other real well I might.” While she told herself, “In your dreams.”

“What do you call this thing, is this your pussy?” As he ran his hand over her pubic hair.

“Yes, that’s okay, pussy’s okay, but the proper name is vagina. Didn’t you ever have any sex education?”

“No, my momma said that was sinful, sex edication. She said that led you into sinful ways, boys and girls together talkin’ about sex.”

“What would your momma think of what you’re doing now?” As she opened her legs so that he could touch her cunt.

“She’d say I was sinnin’ for sure. Can I open you up some? Where’s your pee hole?” He said, feeling her with his fingers.

She reached down and opened her lips with her fingers. “You can do what you want with it. That’s what you’re paying for. And this is my pee hole.” She showed him.

This was fun, giving a complete novice sex education. He was fingering her, examining her, spreading her labia with his fingers, running his fingers inside her. It was starting to feel very nice and she was getting hot.

“Where’s the spot that feels so good, your clicker?”

“That’s here.” She showed him, loving his malapropism. “It’s called a clitoris, or clit. Some men like to lick it. Would you like to try that?”

“Yew, that’s nasty. It’s right next to your pee hole, and there’s your butt-hole, and besides it smells funny.” He said as he pulled away. “My brother told me that in Africa they cut that and other bits off gals so they cain’t pleasure theirselves and be postitutes. He said that’s good ’cause then they can’t make men do bad things, and get diseases.”

She felt a cold dark veil come over her and she closed her legs involuntarily.

“You’re a postitute, ain’t you?” He went on. “You make men do bad things, like fornicatin’ and doin’ adultery and stuff like that. Maybe if you had your clitory and some of these loose bits cut off you wouldn’t make men act sinful. Are you a whore too? I seen whores hangin’ out in the street, my brother showed me some, do you hang round on the street?”

This was getting unpleasant. Maybe she should go. “A whore and a prostitute are the same thing, and no, I’m not one, I’m an escort. But I don’t think I should stay, you haven’t given me the money I asked for yet, and you’re starting to talk unpleasantly.”

He pulled out his wallet which was stuffed fat with bills. “No, honey, Janey, that’s your name, ain’t it? Here’s what you wanted, two hundred dollars. You better count it.” And he handed her a wad of bills, all twenties.

She took the money, maybe he was okay, maybe she’d go through with it. But if he mentioned “cutting bits off” again, she was getting out. She put the money on the bedside table and settled back down on the bed, leaning on one elbow and spreading her legs slightly for him.

He came and sat on the bed, reached over and slid his hand up her thigh to find her vagina, then started to explore it again with his fingers. She opened her legs wider to accommodate him as he started feel her, his fingers sliding into her now-wet orifice. Ah, that was better. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling, but time was getting away, she had to get this over and get out of here.

“Ah, that’s nice.” As she reached out to find his hard cock. “Ooh that’s nice too. Take it out for me, I want it.”

He unzipped his fly and pulled out a rather large cock. “I bin savin’ that for you, I didn’t jack off today.”

He usually masturbated? She wondered, as she stroked his cock that was dripping now.

“Babies comes out of that hole?” He asked.

“Yes, that’s where they come out.” She answered.

“I don’t believe that. Your hole’s too small unless they’s tiny things.”

“When a woman is going to have a baby her vagina stretches so that it can get out.”

“You had a baby?” He went on.

“Yes, many years ago, but I gave it up to adoption because I wasn’t married.” Jaynie told him.

He was still fondling her as he mulled that üsküdar escort over. Then he put both hands on her and tried to open her vagina wider.

“Ow! That hurts!” She screamed. ” What are you doing?”

“I was just atryin’ to see how much it would stretch out.”

“No, you don’t understand. After a baby a woman goes back to normal again.”

“You say I can do what I want with your vaginy?” He asked as he continued to push his fingers in and out of her.

“Yes, whatever you want, my love. Except don’t try to stretch it again, okay?”

“Good, I’m gonna shave it with my grandaddy’s straight razor. It’s in the bathroom, and I’ll sharpen it up some.” He jumped up and ran to the bathroom with his big cock hanging out in front of him.

Janey froze! He wasn’t going to come anywhere near her vagina with a straight razor, after all that talk about “cutting bits off”. She looked for her clothes. There were panties, her skirt was across the room, her heels beside the bed, her purse…Where was her purse? Shit! Ah, there it was.

She got up quickly and stuffed the money in her purse, hesitated, then put half of it back, grabbed the rest of her stuff quickly, then called out:

“Take your time, honey, I’ll just relax here till you come back. Just make sure the razor’s good and sharp so it won’t nick me.”

She could hear the slap – slap of the razor as he stropped it, so she got up, gathering her things in her arms quickly. She’d finish dressing after she’d escaped. She pulled the door open as quietly as she could, then slipped out.

She closed the door quietly and turned to run.

“Shit!” Her skirt had caught in the door. She yanked on it and it just started to rip. Her favorite skirt too. Fuck it, she’d have to leave it. As she turned to run, her purse fell out of her arms, and as she stooped to pick it up everything fell out. She grabbed what she could and ran shoeless down the steps and out to the parking lot.

She hid behind a pickup and watched as the guy came down the steps, holding what looked like her skirt, and looked around, and as he looked at the row of cars, she moved around to stay out of sight. He went over to a flashy new pickup, unlocked the door and rummaged around. Then he came out with a flashlight, shone it at the cars, then under the cars. She got up on the running board of the pickup so her feet wouldn’t show. It was a bit precarious, but she held on tight, looking through the pickup window until he turned away and went back up the steps to the room. Poor guy, she thought, he still hadn’t got laid.

She stepped down and took stock. She’d lost a nice skirt, but gained $100. She was glad she hadn’t taken all the money, now he had no reason to call the cops. There was the $100, her wallet and ID, good now she could drive home where Ron was waiting. She walked over to her car, reached into her purse, and……Where were the car keys? They had to be here. Jesus! She looked through everything. No car keys, they must have dropped out when she dropped everything. Maybe she could sneak up the steps and…NO! He’d be sure to come out and find her. She had to think of something else.

She suddenly realized she didn’t have her panties on. Great! She put them on quickly in case someone came out to the cars. She’d call Ron to come and help, and reached into her purse for her cell phone. No cell phone! She was getting dizzy, she felt as if she was going to faint. Now what? She’d have to try to go back up, and if she didn’t find the phone and the keys, she’d go to the room and explain everything to the country boy. He’d let her back in, pull out his straight razor, and cut her pussy to ribbons! No. She had some change, she’d pull down her panties to cover her bare thighs, the straight legged panties she was glad she’d worn, so they’d look like a very short skirt. Then go over to the small store across the parking lot and see if it had a phone.

Just then a guy came out of the store and was walking straight toward her. This must be his pickup, she realized, and as he came over to get in, she moved behind her car, out of sight, and said:

“Excuse me!”

He looked around, and saw her looking over the top of her car.

“Talking to me?”

“Yes, please, can you help me? I’ve lost my car keys.”

“Why sure honey. Let me take a look.”

As he came around the car he saw her standing there in just panties, and with her garters showing.

“Holy shit! Looks like you lost half your clothes too.”

“It’s a long story.”

“I bet! Okay, let’s see what we got.”

There were no open windows, and he said he wasn’t much at stealing cars.

“But look, I’ll take you home, and later you can come back to get it.”

She thanked him profusely as she climbed into the cab of his pickup. As they drove she concocted a story of being attacked and running away, dropping everything as she ran, then hiding behind the cars in the parking lot. Then she noticed something, they were going the wrong way.

“Hey, you were going to take me home, this is the wrong way.”

“Look honey, I know what happened, you’re a tuzla escort hooker, and things went wrong and you ran. Can happen to the nicest girls.”

“Please, I’ve had enough trouble tonight, just take me home.” She begged.

“We’re going home.” He said. “My home.”

She felt his hand on her thigh, as he said, “Look honey, if I’m going to do you a favor you have to do me a favor. We’ll go up to my place and I’ll fuck you, then we’ll get you home.”

“My husband will be worried. He’ll expect me home.”

He laughed. “Your husband? You mean your pimp? Don’t make me laugh, he must be used to you coming home any time. I haven’t had a piece of ass in a while, so it’ll probably be quick.”

She felt his hand creep up over the stocking top to her bare thigh, then start under the leg of her panties to touch her pussy. She resigned herself to the fact that this guy was going to fuck her.

As they drove he questioned her about what happened, so she told him the whole thing.

“You really thought he was going to cut on you?” He asked.

“How do I know. When you get that close to someone with a razor like that, who knows what crazy notions might go through his head. I didn’t want to wait to find out, would you?”

He agreed that having someone cut on you was too big a risk to take. He thought of someone cutting on his cock and it made him shudder. But the idea of cutting bits off a woman’s labia somehow turned him on, and he felt disgusted with himself.

Al had had a tough day. First of all three guys at his work site didn’t show up, then he’d tripped over some debris and banged up his knee, so running into this babe had been a gift. Being with her made him forget the whole fucking day, and he enjoyed tricking her into coming back to his apartment with him. Now, in spite of the fact that she was a whore, or maybe because she was one, he was beginning to like her.

“What’s your name?” He asked her. “Mine’s Al.”

“I’m Jaynie.”

“Your real name, or your professional name?”

“Both, but spelled differently. If you put a “y” in Jane it seems sexier.”

Then turned into the parking lot at his apartment complex.

“Here we are.” Al said as he gathered up his stuff. He had a heavy canvas bag and a book like a ledger.

Jaynie got out on the other side, feeling very conspicuous without a skirt to cover her thighs, and realized she should have taken off her stockings and garter belt, then her panties would have just looked like short shorts. Luckily the parking lot was empty as they walked up to the building.

As they went up the stairs there was an older couple coming down. The man stared, while the woman pursed her lips and looked straight ahead, and after they’d passed Janey heard her say:

“………that’s disgusting………….no shame…………no better than she should be…..” As her husband glanced back over his shoulder.

She and Al both chuckled.

They went down the hallway to Al’s apartment, and as soon as they were inside he asked her:

“How’d you like a drink? You probably need one. What would you like, I’ve got about everything.”

“I’d like a scotch and water please.”

He poured them both a drink and they talked as he stroked her thigh.

She told him how her husband had talked her into becoming a freelance prostitute, and she really enjoyed it, because she enjoyed sex. She really liked to meet new men, liked the way guys looked at her when she was in sexy clothes, and liked the feel of their hands exploring her body.

They had another drink, and now his hands were doing some serious exploring as they kissed. The feel of his rough hand on her soft thigh over her stocking top was delicious, and soon she had her panties off for him and he was feeling her vaginal opening and gently rubbing her clitoris. With each new move she gave a small involuntary gasp. First he touched her labia, spread them and felt the warm wetness inside. Then it was her clit and:

“Oh, ooh, that’s so nice.” she said softly, as she sat, eyes closed, legs apart.

Al took her hand and led her to his room, where he gently pushed her back on to the unmade bed, and she lay, legs apart, waiting while he undressed. He fell into her waiting arms, and as they kissed, and kissed, and kissed, he opened her labia and slipped his hard penis into moist vagina.

She sighed deeply as she took him into her body. This was what she loved about being a whore, lots of foreplay then straight fucking. Al was the sort of man she needed, forceful yet gentle, and as he fucked her she realized he wasn’t wearing a condom. When he paused for a moment:

“Shouldn’t you be wearing a rubber?” She whispered in his ear.

“Why, have you got a disease?” He whispered back.

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Then I’ll take a chance as long as you’re on the pill.” He kissed her ear and she thought that if she were to have a baby again, it would be by a man like this.

He was good, hitting all her highs as the heat rose between her legs, absorbing her whole body. She seemed to have a continuous orgasm with just pauses to get her breath. Then when he finally came, squirting his living sperm deep inside her, she thought again about how it would be if he were actually fertilizing her, planting a living creature in her womb. She felt the natural longing that all women have at one time, and as she lay there with her legs wrapped around his still body, she regretted that it wouldn’t happen.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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