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A Lost Daughter Ch. 06

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Amber had stayed true to her word. Sienna was not permitted to leave the bed until her pack of cigarettes were smoked to the filter and the 6-pack of beer was gone to the last drop. It did mean that Sienna again nearly pissed herself and chain-smoking that many cigarettes had given her some severe nausea, but she pushed past it and met the challenge with determination—making both her mother and I proud. After that, however, she passed out in our bed and thus ended her first day of regimented corruption. I had a lot of trouble falling asleep that night, hyper-stimulated by the days’ events and the ones awaiting me the next day.

I found myself tossing and turning, at times painfully erect and unable to break the loop of what I’d seen that day from playing back in my mind on repeat. Feeling like a teenager again I decided to stroke myself while laying next to my two beautiful angels, hoping one last orgasm would lead the way to some relief and a bit of rest. About half-way to cumming I adjusted my position to be kneeling on the bed, looking down at my beautiful daughter sleeping soundly below me. She was laying on her back, her plump red lips parted slightly, and her long brown hair splayed out on the pillow, a vision of heaven if I’d ever seen one.

The thought of all the dirty stuff she’d done that day while looking so serene and pure was sending me straight toward another powerful orgasm, my fourth that day. I looked down at my beautiful angel and imagined the wrinkles that would begin to form around those bee-stung lips after intense smoking. I imagined some of the fullness of her youthful face start to fade as she moved on to meth and heroin. I imagined her firm, toned, muscular body atrophying from a lack of exercise, traded in for the life of a junkie. I imagined her smooth, flat, defined abdomen bulging with my child as I relentlessly filled her womb with my fertile seed.

I imagined all that and more as I felt my toes tingle and my ass flex and propel the first jet of white cum from the head of my prick onto the face of my sleeping daughter. After that it was as if a dam had been broken and I shot thick globs of semen all over her face and hair. I made sure to hit her lips too, hoping it would slip between them and down her throat. I watched as my cum painted her face and made a special attempt to get a few jets to land in her hair—a weird kink I’d always had. After I’d emptied my balls for the fourth time that day I remained panting and sweaty, looking down at the mess I’d made of my daughter.

Unbelievably, she had not stirred at any point of the ordeal. Amber and I had given her quite the workout, with all the sex and substances, so it made sense that she was closer to comatose than slumber. I allowed myself to relax, laying back down and finally feeling my mind fuzz over and stop torturing me with the visions of debauchery that I’d bear witness to that day. My final view before closing my eyes for the night was of Sienna’s sleeping face covered with my thick load.

The next morning, I awoke to the sound of lighters clicking. As my eyes blinked open and I stretched myself awake I felt a smoky exhale cascade over my face from beyond my peripheral vision and enjoyed the bliss of awakening to a hazy bedroom and two beautiful smoking women. I squinted over at my two bedmates and took in the sight of the two loves of my life smiling at me lovingly and smoking. Sienna was exhibiting more and more comfort with her new addiction and her drags were becoming longer and her cheeks collapsing much in the same way that Ambers’ did. She still held her cigarette a little bit awkwardly, but her inhales were deep and held for several seconds each time.

She had made a comment last night about wanting to hold the smoke for a long time like her mother, so they could have matching sets of black lungs sooner rather than later. I wasn’t entirely sure that she’d yet fully appreciated the ramifications of her decision to smoke but she didn’t seem hesitant in racing towards the consequences with reckless abandon. I shuddered a bit at my willingness to facilitate such a journey, knowing how much effort she’d put into becoming a star athlete complete with an athletic scholarship. I briefly contemplated how I’d try to stop this process if I wanted to and basically concluded that the point of no return had long since passed. For better or worse this train was off the tracks, I might as well fight the guilt of it all and enjoy it.

Speaking of enjoying it, I was suddenly overcome with excitement at the prospect of the day’s events. This was, as Amber had indicated yesterday, the first step to making Sienna a junkie. I hadn’t gotten a close look at the bottle of pills that were on the kitchen table yesterday, but I was willing to bet Amber was able to score something nice considering her healthcare connection. Imagining Sienna railing lines of white powder brought back strong memories of Amber doing the same. That day at the hotel flooded istanbul escort back into my mind and prompted my crotch to rouse in response.

While I was overcome with anticipation I was also keenly aware of the fact that I had stayed in bed all day yesterday engaging in sweaty, strenuous sexual activities. I was badly in need of a shower. The only issue was I hazarded a guess that Amber and Sienna were thinking similar thoughts. I didn’t exactly want to ‘blow my load’ early, knowing how amazing the day would get, but I was still tempted to enjoy a family shower. I decided to bank on the idea that nothing would be able to keep my libido in check once Sienna started snorting.

“Gonna hop in the shower, you two want to join me?” I asked, making sure to flash a devious smile and leaving no question as to what I really meant.

Instead of answering both ladies slipped their feet out of the bed and followed me to the large master bathroom. We were all disrobed by the time we stepped onto the tiled floor and I looked down at my two lovely beauties. I briefly broke my gaze and started the shower, letting the temperature reach the right level while I turned back around and enjoyed the sight of my two angels kissing passionately inches from my face. I watched as Amber’s hands began to explore Sienna’s body, caressing her perky breasts and the smooth skin of her abdomen and thighs.

I reached my hand down and began stroking myself slowly while Amber’s snaked down and began rubbing Sienna’s mound. Sienna let out a soft moan in response and I slid the glass door to the large shower open. The two women stopped kissing and touching and stepped gingerly into the shower while I enjoyed the sight of their two apple-shaped asses passing me by. I reached out and squeezed Sienna’s thick, athletic ass, unable to resist grabbing a handful of her milky white flesh as it bounced with each step. Sienna squealed, shooting me a playful smile over her shoulder and biting her lower lip suggestively.

“You like my big ass daddy?” Sienna tempted, sensing she’d uncovered another predilection of mine—an accurate assessment.

“I love it,” I breathed, grabbing another handful of her thick flesh and giving it a hard slap for good measure.

“Ooooo, daddy, that’s turning me on,” Sienna squealed again, her face going a bit flush.

Amber was in the middle of lathering up her petite frame while she watched us play, occasionally reaching her hand down to her pussy and rubbing her clit a moment before resuming her bathing routine. Sienna was now bent over slightly, her shoulders and hair in the stream of water coming down from the shower head. She was rocking her hips in such a way that her ass cheeks were bouncing up and down, smacking against each other and then spreading apart to reveal her thick labia. I believed this was my first experience with what the kids were calling ‘twerking,’ and it was certainly a sight to behold. Something about the jiggling flesh and suggestive hip movements were driving me wild. It was if it was speaking directly to a deep and carnal version of myself, a primal calling of sorts.

I dropped to my knees and grabbed Sienna by her hips, pressing her softly in the direction of the shower. She took the hint and stepped forward, now sharing the rain of water with her mother but retaining the bend at her hips and resuming the twerking motion. I leaned forward and buried my face in her thick, engorged pussy, enjoying the slap of her ass on my face. It tasted quite musty and had a salty nature that was likely a result of all the sex we’d had the previous day. I took it in, accepting the unmasked flavor of my child, the literal fruit of my loins. This was MY daughter, I created this beautiful woman and I was now tasting the sweet nectar of my labor.

My wanton desire was now in full force, as I had really worked myself up with my thoughts of eating the pussy of my own child. The deliciousness of her thick ass was overwhelming me, and I pulled back my head to get another view of her bouncing, jiggling ass cheeks slapping together. I switched my gaze from her glistening cunt to the puckered pink asshole that revealed itself each time she shook her hips up. I had never been enticed to taste a woman’s ass before, but something was stirring inside of me that told me it was time. I decided to go for it and grabbed Sienna’s thick ass cheeks, spreading them apart to reveal Sienna’s beautiful little asshole.

It was nestled between her toned cheeks amid a hairless valley of milky white skin. There were no discolorations or imperfections and if I hadn’t known better seemed manicured to look flawless. The water from the shower continue to run down Sienna’s back and with her cheeks spread open was now running across her beckoning asshole. If I was ever going to do this, I figured this was the best-case scenario. I leaned in and allowed my tongue to graze her hole, running avcılar escort the length of it across the area. I didn’t detect a taste or foul odor which bolstered my confidence to continue. I ran my tongue across her asshole again, this time more deliberately and with more pressure. I allowed my tongue to linger on the slightly rough sphincter which elicited a soft moan from Sienna.

“Yes, daddy. Lick my asshole daddy,” Sienna implored, perhaps finding a new kink of her own in that moment.

Her words further motivated me to continue and I made my tongue a pointed spear and aimed it directly for her twitching asshole. I pressed it against her hole and wriggled, trying to work it inside with renewed vigor. I felt the tip slide in and a sharp inhale from Sienna revealed she was enjoying this new sensation as well. I continued pressing my tongue into Sienna’s hole and enjoyed the sounds of Sienna’s pleasure as I did. Finally, I reached the deepest my tongue would go and began sliding back out, making sure to keep my tongue as firm as possible. I began tongue-fucking Sienna’s asshole with purpose now, swirling it around and rimming her as I did. I was trying to gape her little asshole as I continued to tongue-fuck her, wanting to enjoy the sight of her gaping hole after my work was done.

As I continued working my tongue into Sienna’s ass Amber dropped down beside me and looked suggestively at my handiwork. I had not known Amber to be interested in rimming, but there must have been something special about it being our daughter, just as it had with me. I took the hint and removed my tongue from Sienna’s asshole, enjoying the sight of her slightly gaped asshole just as much as I thought I would. I didn’t have a chance to enjoy it too long though, as Amber wasted no time in replacing my tongue with her own. Amber showed none of the hesitation that I had, and her tongue was much longer and thicker than mine—something that I’d always enjoyed about kissing her.

Sienna was now squealing in glee and pressing her ass out toward Amber and even bucking with her tongue thrusts, trying to pit Amber’s tongue as deeply into her asshole as was possible. Amber to her credit was trying her best to keep in control of the situation and had a firm grip on her ass-cheeks, spreading them wide and trying to keep Sienna’s lively hips somewhat steady. It was quite a show and watching my wife eat my daughter’s ass with such fervor was making my erection painfully hard to ignore. Sienna looked back at me stroking myself and smiled, locking eyes with me during the mayhem.

“Do you want to fuck my ass, daddy?” Sienna asked, seeming to read my mind.

I simply nodded and stood, which prompted Amber to slide out of the way and allow me to take up position behind Amber’s thick, delicious hips. I gazed down at Sienna’s gaping asshole, noticing that it was slightly red and swollen looking, showing the signs of having been assaulted by a pair of ravenous tongues. I could see inside Sienna’s asshole and she was flexing her sphincter, causing it to appear to be beckoning me forward.

“Stretch my ass, daddy,” Sienna gasped, obviously overcome with anticipation of my thick rod being inside of her gaping hole.

I didn’t need any additional encouragement at this point, but hearing my angelic young daughter order me to enter her was music to my ears. Amber appeared from next to me, still on her knees, and spat a large glob of saliva onto Sienna’s glistening asshole. She reached out and smeared her spit on the puckered opening, making the last-minute preparations for my approaching entry. Amber removed her fingers, apparently satisfied with her improvised lube job and then the way was clear. Sienna was pressing her ass out toward me, practically begging me to impale her virgin asshole.

I wasted no more time and grabbed the base of my shaft and guided the head of my penis to the opening of Sienna’s ass. Sienna felt the head of my prick press against her asshole and she tried taking matters into her own hands by thrusting her ass into me. It nearly did the trick with how much we’d worked her asshole with our tongues and the rest of the way went quick with just a bit of pressure. I felt the tightness of her anus wrap around the length of my cock and was utterly enveloped by her warmth and grip. It was tighter than any hole I’d yet entered, and I figured it was largely due to how toned and athletic she was. As I slid all the way in I shivered, not from being cold but from the incredible sensation of being balls deep in Sienna’s airtight hole.

I hesitated before starting to thrust to enjoy the sensation a moment longer but felt Sienna try again to rock back and forth to start the motion. She was positively rabid at this point, having slid her hand between her legs to rub her clit furiously. I took the hint and began sliding in and out of her, meeting the rhythm of her thrusts. It didn’t take long before we were working şirinevler escort together, my length slamming into her and causing the meat of her ass to jiggle in tight little waves each time my pelvis crashed into her. Amber again appeared at my side on her knees, perhaps feeling a little left out and wanting to join in the action. She reached out her hand and I watched as she popped my cock out of Sienna’s anus and directly into her mouth.

She sucked vigorously, deepthroating hard and gagging almost intentionally, slobber dripping from her mouth in stringy tendrils. I watched amazed at how voraciously she sucked my cock, as if she was trying to extract whatever remnants of her daughter’s asshole remained there. After she had satisfied herself for the moment she replaced my cock in Sienna’s ass, her hole now properly gaped and accepting of the re-entrance. I took up my previous pace, thrusting hard into Sienna while she continued moaning and squealing with delight, manipulating her clit like a woman possessed. Again, Amber grabbed the base of my cock and popped it out of Sienna, putting it right back into her mouth and slurping and sucking with everything she had. Between the two extremes of pleasure I wasn’t sure how much more I could take before I blew my load.

Amber shoved my prick back into Sienna’s asshole and I raced toward climax, wanting to make sure to blast my cum deeply into Sienna’s ass. Amber seemed to sense that I was nearing orgasm and positioned herself on her back between Sienna’s legs, so I could look down and see her face waiting in anticipation for our daughter’s first anal creampie. I felt my whole-body tense and I tightened my grip on Sienna’s hips as my climax built its way up from my toes. I planted my cock to the hilt in Sienna’s asshole and blasted the first shot of my ejaculate as deeply as I possibly could. I even flexed my pelvis right as I came to propel my load into the deepest regions of her rectum.

After that I gave in to the orgasm, allowing my seed to shoot out of me in powerful and sporadic bursts. I squeezed the thick flesh of Sienna’s hips hard as the ejaculations ripped through me, sending shockwaves of pleasure through every neuron in my body. After a few more powerful blasts my orgasm sputtered to a close and my spent member slipped from Sienna’s wrecked asshole. Amber lay below with her mouth open and hands on either side of Sienna’s ass cheeks awaiting her prize. Sienna shakily arched her back and sat up, aiming her gaping chasm of an asshole directly above Amber’s mouth. I watched as her sphincter spasmed several times, Sienna clearly trying her best to work my huge load from deep in her rectum.

Finally, her asshole gave birth to a large glob of pearly white semen, emerging as a thick mass and plopping out of her swollen pink hole in one motion. It hit its intended target and landed on Amber’s tongue, quickly followed by several more anal secretions that were much more fluid and poured from Sienna’s asshole in quick spurts. After the cum stopped coming out Amber adjusted her position back to her knees and made sure to lick and slurp any remaining droplets that stuck stubbornly to Sienna. After she was satisfied that she’d extracted all the stray drops she opened her mouth wide to display the mouthful of cum that threatened to overflow out of her very full mouth. I peered into her maw to appreciate our combined efforts and nodded lovingly.

Amber closed her mouth and swallowed the gigantic mouthful of semen without struggle. She swallowed several more times for good measure and then revealed her clean mouth while beaming with pride. Sienna was also watching and leaned in for a congratulatory kiss, which Amber graciously allowed. They kissed each other softly and passionately, even embracing one another while the water continued cascading over their naked bodies. We eventually finished up our bathing routines and dried off, each of us resuming our posts in the bed afterwards. Perhaps the shower should have motivated us to wake up but after our sexual escapades it seemed we were all in agreeance that we needed a little nap.

I awoke next to Sienna, who was fidgeting with the pack of cigarettes on the nightstand. As she shook one out and lit up I noticed that Amber was nowhere to be found.

“Where’s your mom?” I asked Sienna, who began shaking her head while taking a very powerful looking drag on her cigarette.

“I just woke up, she wasn’t here,” She replied, sounding a little out of breath due to harboring a giant lungful of smoke as she spoke.

I watched a moment as she exhaled a very thick, seemingly never-ending stream of smoke from her plump lips. She caught me looking and smiled.

“So, you never get sick of seeing this? It’s always a huge turn-on every time?” She asked, before taking another monstrous drag.

I paused before answering to enjoy another insanely deep inhale followed by several seconds of lung holding and finally another thick stream of smoke.

“Does that answer your question?” I asked, a wide grin plastered helplessly to my face.

“I guess it does,” She replied, the traces of her last exhale still present through faint wisps of residual smoke punctuating her words.

I glanced up from her beautiful face to the wall to see the time, 12:03pm.

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