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A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Dare

This is the second in a series of three chapters. A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 01: Truth A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 02: Dare A Million Dollar Deal Ch. 03: The Cake

“…For this I would pay you one million dollars. One million to be our sex-toy, willing and without question, until tomorrow morning.”

The words echoed in Katie’s head. The five wealthy hotel guests, the four handsome men and the sexy, smiling woman, and their offer to her. To her, the maid who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Or was that the wrong place and time?

However hard she tried, she could never remember anything else about that afternoon. Thinking back at those hours, she had no recollection as to when she had made up her mind. But she did remember all the reasons. First, there was always the money. It was so much money that it almost hurt to think about. It would mean everything for her. A home of her own, a whole education, security and even lots of icing on the cake for years to come. But that was not why she finally decided to accept their perverted offer. She had been the quiet girl all her life. Never surprising anyone. Not even herself. It was time to do something about it. She had longed for an opportunity to go off the chart for months. This, this was sick. It was twisted, it was so taboo, so wrong. And that was exactly why she wanted to do it. Sexually, she had felt ready for the full treatment for a long time, but hadn’t paid it much attention. Now it was all she could think about.

And that’s why she, at exactly eight o’clock found herself standing in the corridor outside the expensive hotel suite. She was dressed in a classy, red summer dress that clung to her breasts, belly and hips, before widening and hung draped down her thighs to a few inches above the knee. She looked stunning, and this time she was fully aware of the fact. Nervously, she tapped her knuckles on the door. No answer. She was just about to leave, when the woman called Monica peeked out through the door.

“Ah, I thought I heard someone knocking. Hey guys! The birthday kid is here!”

“Great!” Denni’s voice came from within the room.

“Come on in.” Monica said, and Katie followed her back into the lounge room she had left a few hours earlier.

At first, there was no methion of any deal, or dollars or sex. They had ordered in a big birthday cake, complete with twenty candles. First she was properly introduced to the reat of the little crowd. There was the tall, pony tailed Roger, there was Aaron short, blue eyes, really handsome, the more plain but always smiling and good humored Chris, and Monica, the dark haired, olive skinned woman in her bubbly, playful mood. They had her make a wish, blow the candles, and they all toasted in some expensive champagne. Then Dennis finally put down his glass and stood up facing her.

“So, Katie. This is all very nice. But you know that you are not here to just drink champagne. We’re all dying to know your desicion. Have you thought over our suggestion?”

Katie didn’t trust her voice enough to speak, she just nodded.

“And your desicion is…?”

“In my life,” Katie started, choosing her words carefully. “things like this just don’t happen. All that money…it would mean so much to me. It’s a whole different life. I could get a place of my own, I could help dad with the mortgages, and then do anything I wanted…so much. For what? Some sex? I mean, I was probably gonna do it with someone pretty soon anyway. And it would be pointless, overrated and dumb. It usually is the first time, right? At least here it would amount to something. So I’m gonna do this. But bear with me, ok? I really don’t know what you expect of me.”

“We expect nothing, girl.” Roger said. “We’ll let you know what to do.”

“I just wonder,” Katie said. “can I ask you guys something?”

“Shoot.” Roger replied.

“Why? Why me, why all this money? Why didn’t you just pick up the phone and call somebody?”

He chuckled softly. “That was alot of why. But the answer is simple. Because we can. Getting a call girl up here would be so easy. So cheap. Why settle for that? Think about it, we just bought you, a virgin, and we get to, well, fuck you all night. A whore, that is what they are even if they label themselves ‘high-class escorts’, would not be half as fun. They’re jaded, actors. We get the real thing. A real woman, real sex, real reactions. So, why a million dollars? Half of that, even a tenth of that could probably had won you over, or some other girl like you. Why NOT a million? We can afford it, a thousand times over, and if we can turn someone’s life around with that, isn’t it worth it? By the way, before we get any further, have Dennis told you the technicalities?”


“I guess not then. Here’s the deal….”

The deal, the rules for the night were simple. From now, until nine o’clock tomorrow morning, Katie would do what she was told, without question or hesitation. He assured her that she would not be harmed by the ordeal, but that the sex itself might hurt, since this after all was her first time. Katie had expected as much, but hearing Casibom it talked about so upfront made her heart race and her gaze dance around in panic from one face to another.

Monica laughed a bright enegretic laugh, perfectly matching her bright, enegretic person.

“Hey, don’t you worry, honey. I’ll be here with you all night. If those gentlemen do anything against what’s agreed, I’m gonna bitch-slap them into little cry-babies. They’ll go far, allright. But never too far.”

So, that was it. Tonight she would be their play-thing, and tomorrow it would all be over, and the party of five would leave for another town and another outrageous deal.

“To avoid suspicion,” Chris explained with some pride the payment method that he had arranged. “to anyone but you Katie, it will look as if you just happened to win a bonus round of the national lottery. Yes, we have the means to do that. It’s all about the right bribe in the right pocket.”

With that, explanation time was over. Dennis stood up and took charge of the conversation again.

“I think it’s about time. Katie, this is your chance to back out of this without a feather ruffled. Walk out with your five hundred dollar tip, and you’ll never see us again. However, if you want to earn more money tonight than you might do in a lifetime, then this is where you give yourself to us. You stand up, take off your clothes, and have a very happy birthday.”

So she silently stood up, and the rest of the men stepped out of the way as Dennis led her to the middle of the room. There she began, without ever looking up at the hungrily staring faces around her, by crouching down and removed her shoes.

“Very good, now your pretty dress.”

She stood there motionless. She looked helpless from one face to the other.

“I…I can’t.”

“Ooo kayyy. Hesitating already?” Dennis said. “Take it off, or we’re done here.”

“No, I would, but I can’t. Honestly. …just…help me reach the zipper…”

Dennis sighed, “Why didn’t you just say so right away? Chris, can you help our little darling out of that thing?”

“I most certainly can.” he said as he walked up behind her. She could feel his breath on her neck, and she gasped in shocked surprise as his hands grabbed hold of her hips.

What he did then even seemed to surprise not only her but the rest of the crowd too. Instead of pulling down her zipper from her neck, he let his hands roam down her thighs until he reached the end of the dress. He then began stroking her thighs upwards again. But this time on bare skin, slowly inching the dress up as his hands gently caressed the now almost paralysed girl’s legs. She could feel the other’s lustful stares as he caressed her thighs, hips, waist, slowly showing off more and more of the delicate treat that lay ahead of them. So embarrassing. So…liberating? In a strange way it was. Those men’s eyes, taking in the sight, worshipping her beauty. Adoring her. Parallell to the embarrassment, she reveled in the undivided attention.

When her crotch and finally all of her skimpy panties were exposed, she heard an unexpected voice. “Oh. My. God.” It was Monica from the sofa. She was watching with a mesmerised smile dancing on her lips. Chris continued the relentless peeling of her dress, her tight belly now exposed as his hands rested just below her breasts. In one swift motion he slid up under the now tight hugging fabric and grabbed her breasts through the pink bra. She cried out softly in…what? Fear, surprise, humiliation? Confusion? Or by stimulation? As soon as she stopped, she couldn’t remember. He gave her breasts a soft squeeze and whispered in her ear.

“Pull up your arms, Kitten.”

Trembling, she did what she was told, and in one elegant motion, he peeled the rest of the dress off her, above her head and off her arms. Now she stood, her full young curves exposed for the very first time to the big, strong sexually charged men in front of her. Just then did she realise what she was wearing. Those tiny, almost see-though panties and the goddamn sexy, slutty ‘fuck me’-bra that barely covered her nipples and left half her areolas exposed. Jesus, she must look like the biggest slut in history. What would they think of her now?

“Sweet Jesus!” breathed Roger. “She’s spectacular.”

“Yeah…” Dennis mused. “Where did you get those adorable things?” He locked her big deer eyes with his. “Come over here. I want to taste you.”


“No questions, remember? Now come.”

She slowly walked up to the man who reached out, put his arms around her and pulled her close. His big hands were locked to her ass and her back, pressing her body against his. He let go of her back, nudged her chin up and promptly kissed her out of surprise already open mouth. She let out a muffled yelp and tried to wriggle away. But he had a firm grip and held her in place.

“Honey, now you’re trying to resist again. Didn’t we tell you that was not a part of the deal? Were you supposed to back off?” She shook her head. “Good. Let’s start over. I’m going to kiss you and you’re going to kiss me back. You do know how to kiss don’t you?” She nodded.

“Well Casibom Giriş then…” he said as he again put his lips on hers and pushed his tongue into her mouth.

She nervously responded, licking the tip of the intruding tongue, before plunging out into a full, energetic french kiss that lasted until she ran out of breath. She broke it off, panting, her face blushing, and her knees trembling.

“Now that was a kiss!” Dennis exclaimed.

The routine was the same with Chris and Robert. They would grab her, hold her still and feel her up. Then they kissed her until she responded like they wanted her to.

Finally, she was handed over to Aaron, a short man only barely taller than Katie. Charming blue eyes and a winning smile met her as he caught her up and embraced her just like Dennis had done. He didn’t kiss her mouth however. Instead he tilted her head back even more, and kissed her all over her neck and shoulders. Then down her arm. Then he knelt before her, and before she knew what happened, his tongue was circling her bellybutton, before sticking it in and leave a wet kiss. Then he worked himself down to her hips, thigh, leaving little kisses on the way. He reached up to her hips, spun her around and let his lips travel all the way up again, leaving kisses and licks up the back of her legs, her ass, and up her back. He pulled her close, and she cringed as she felt a hard bulge in his pants pushing itself in between her cheeks.

“This is gonna be a great night.” he whispered before releasing her.

Eyes closed, so nervous, so excited she could barely stand, she was nudged out into the middle of the circle of men again. All thought of backing off had long since vanished. Those men was going to take her, touch and taste her body, push themselves inside of her. Take her virginity, in a way that she would never had dreamed of. Take possession of her. Fuck her, use her. She knew this now. But it was impossible for her to grasp what that really meant. She would soon find out.

In a neutral voice, Dennis commanded her to remove her last piece of clothes, as well as the gold chain around her neck. Slowly, she did what she was told. Then she stood there, naked, eyes shut, clutched over her breasts. That she still tried to prudently hide was beyond her own comprehension. It wasn’t as if it would make any difference. But Katie was beyond common logic at this point.

“You shouldn’t cover yourself, Katie.” the voice of Roger said. “That body of yours doesn’t have a single spot on it to be ashamed of. And why don’t you straighten your back while you’re at it?”

As if in trance, she let her arms fall to the sides and straightened up her posture. At least now she couldn’t get any more naked, the stripping was over. She looked up, and saw with a mildly panicked fascination that the stripping really was over. The four men had all quickly removed all of their clothes. Four naked men stood in front of her with their eyes and hardening cocks aiming at her body.

She had never seen a grown man naked before, other than on pictures and the occasional nude-flash in an R-rated movie, but never one with an erection. She stared amazed and horrified at the scene before her, and her eyes were inevitably drawn to the man right in front of her. The man called Dennis, whose cock now stood full attention at the sight of the beautiful girl. How big was that thing? How bad would it hurt inside of her? Humiliation and confusion were a thing of the past. Katie was terrified.

The truth was, those men were no porn stars with unnaturally giant cocks. Granted, they were young, well built and attractive in their own right. Dennis cock, the one that her eyes were currently fixated on, was a pretty normal model. But to Katie, the perspective was different. It was hard, it was close, and it was meant for her. She saw a huge, muscular predator with a monster between his legs.

“..oh…shit…” she whispered as he took a step towards her.

“It’s time, Katie.” he said. “Down on your knees.” Again she hesitated for a few seconds. But finally she sat down on her knees and he came up to her, his cock hovering just millimeters away from her face. She could had reached out and licked the head, she realised. It was as if he could read her mind.

“Wet your lips, honey. And then soak my cock.”

She reluctantly let her tongue touch his cock head, just as a small pearl of pre-cum formed at the tip. The slimy essence stuck to her tongue. And when she pulled back, almost too nervous to breathe, she looked down in horror-filled fascination at the string of sticky fluid hanging between them. The taste was not as unpleasant as she had thought it would be. It was thick, salty and warm, in any other situation, pepole would had called it ‘an acquired taste’. It gave her a strange short moment of relief to concentrate on the signals from her tongue. It was weird, but it was nicer than the humiliation and degradation she was being put through.

Dennis urged her to go on, and bracing herself, she let her tongue coat the whole shaft with her saliva. When she was done she just sat there, not really daring to think of what would come next. He took Casibom Yeni Giriş her head between his hands and positioned her mouth right before his cock again.

“Now, do you know how this is done?” he asked. But he didn’t wait for an answer. “It’s simple really. Open wide, don’t bite. And try to relax.”

With that he pressed his prick against her lips. They parted slowly and Katie opened her mouth, somewhat resigning to the inevitable invasion. The swollen cock, wet from her licking, slid in easily and soon his cock head was resting on her tongue. The salty, sweaty taste was stronger and heavier now. So strange, but still just a taste, nothing unpleasant. But the taste wasn’t important to her right now. Her head was screaming at her. You have penis in your mouth. What is a penis doing in your mouth? This stranger has stripped you down and shoved his erect penis…no…his hard cock into your mouth! The situation was so alien, so utterly bizarre that she almost felt like laughing.

Without a word of warning, Dennis began to shove his cock even deeper inside of her. Katie gagged, put her hands on his thighs and tried to pull away. But with his hands firmly on the back of her head is was useless. The retching passed and more of the big cock was pushed into her mouth. With a final thrust, the whole length was buried to the hilt in her mouth, pushing a fair bit into her throat. She tried to grunt a wordless protest, but she couldn’t breathe anymore, and instinctively began to panic. Then the cock was suddenly pulled out almost entirely, and Katie gasped for air. But the attack was not over, as the man began to rhythmically pump in and out of the helpless girl’s mouth. All she could do was to try to take short breaths through her nose whenever he pulled out far enough.

Then she felt something else. Someone had come up behind her. With her face being relentlessly fucked she could not turn around and see who. She felt hands reaching around and cupping her tits, she felt a torso pressed up against her from behind and a hard cock coming to rest between her buttocks. The man behind her started to massage her tits, and for variation he would pinch and pull on her nipples. It stung a bit, but she also felt what she used to when she was masturbating, a slowly rising tingling sensation. She felt it in her pussy too. With all the incredible and bizarre things happening right then it was hard to form a comprehensible thought.

“Mmf?” was all her stuffed mouth could say.

She heard the man behind her chuckle. It was Aaron. And it seemed like he understood her confusion.

“Don’t worry girl. I know what you’re thinking. A bit overwhelming isn’t it? Just relax and let it happen.”

With that he took one hand and put it between her legs. He massaged her pussy lips and slightly twisted one of her nipples. She felt his fingers trace the edges of her slit and part it. With a sharp sting of excitements she realised that she was already becoming wet down there. Aaron pushed his finger into her opening until he hit the barrier of her hymen. He then pulled out a bit and began a slow fingering. Katie felt a familiar warmth spread between her legs. Meanwhile, Dennis kept on fucking her mouth, constantly increasing the pace and force in his thrusts. He was breathing heavily and let out an occasional grunt.

“Oh, yes.” He panted. “Your mouth feels so good. Suck on me, baby. Be a good girl now. Yes…that’s it. Just a little bit more…I’m gonna cum…soon…”

Meanwhile Aaron increased his efforts on Katie’s pussy. He was now shoving two fingers into her, while using his thumb to rub her clit. His other hand was still working on her left nipple, and his hard cock was softly pushing at the entrance of her asshole, coating it with his pre-cum. He was not trying to enter her, just using his prick as another finger stimulating her sensitive areas.

“Hold on tight, baby!” Dennis growled. “I’m cumming! …yes!…Oh Fuck!”

He drove his cock deeper and harder into her mouth than ever before and buried her face in his crotch. This time he didn’t pull out though. He just held her close and after a second or two he let out a loud grunt and the meat in her mouth twitched and spasmed as it pumped thick, hot semen down her throat. She retched and coughed, thus forcing the fluids up into her mouth, filling her with the taste of his semen. Another spasm and another, smaller load, was shot into her. Then the grip on the back of her head was released, and the cock in her mouth began pulling out. Soon she could breathe again.

Her first thought had been to cough it all up and spit it out, but all thoughts quickly left her mind. Through his friend’s orgasm, Aaron had relentlessly worked the girl’s pussy, nipple, clit and ass. And as the cum-soaked and gradually softening cock finally popped out of her mouth, her own orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. Her body tensed up and her legs started to shake. This orgasm was much more powerful than the one she’d had in the shower, and as the first wave of it washed over her she shuddered, clamped her thighs together and her mouth formed a soundless scream. All through her spasms, Aaron held her tight, fingering her and squeezed her nipple and clit. When Katie’s orgasm subsided, she just hung limp in his arms. Dennis kneeled in front of her, took his head in his hands and gave her a soft kiss on her lips.

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