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A Mother’s Love

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Beautiful Brunette

Joe had just graduated from school and was looking forward to spending his last birthday at home and leaving the next day for college as a 19-year-old. The only thing he was not looking forward to was leaving his mom behind.

However, the reason he didn’t want to leave his mother was her drinking. Left to raise two kids for years by herself she had done well, raising the two to be caring and hardworking. But when they crossed the threshold to adulthood it seemed like she had finished. Regularly drinking herself into a drunken stupor every night she would collapse on the couch or her bed.

Joe would never bring this up to her, instead of pretending nothing had happened. It was on one of these nights that Joe came home from work too. Coming through the front door he could hear his mother in the living room. Creeping down the dark corridor he looked in, disappointed. The room stank of alcohol, the only light on was the TV on mute. Joe’s mom, Joyce, was lying on the couch with a glass of something amber.

Hidden in the doorway Joe ran his gaze down her body. Joyce had let herself go over the past few months but could still turn heads if she ever left the house. Her most impressive feature was her large tits that could drown a man. Still surprisingly perky for her age they suited her now, softer features, not fat by any means, but definitely a little bit of excess weight.

Joyce had brown hair, cut short to match her sharp moods. She could be a total bitch when drunk.

“Knock, knock,” Joe said stepping into the room, “It’s pretty late mom.”

Receiving only a grunt in response and a waved hand, Joe sighed and bent down to help her up. Wrapping an arm around her, he began to stagger up the stairs with her stumbling along next to him.

At one point she giggled at him and said, “What are you gonna do, you big strong man with a helpless girl like me?”

Joe sighed and just shook his head.

“Exactly! You’re such a pussy, I can’t believe you’re MY son.”

Joe tried not to let it show but inside he just wanted her to be happy. The things she said she would never remember in the morning so he never told her and tried to ignore it. He reached the landing and watched her stagger off to her room, stripping clothes and throwing them aside. The curve of her breasts was visible on either side of her back.

Joe jerked his head away before he saw anything too bad and went off to his room, shaking his head to try and clear the thoughts of his mother. Walking into his room, he took off all his clothes (he slept naked) and got under his covers.

While lying in his bed his hand moved down to his penis and began to pull it, letting his mind wander to his boss kırıkkale seks hikayeleri who had a brilliant ass. Normally he would beat his meat thinking about a girl but his mother’s comments kept playing in his head so he went to sleep horny and dissatisfied.

It was sometime later, Joe didn’t know how long. The room was still dark and all he heard was a floorboard creak. Unsure of why he had woken up he began reaching under his pillow for his phone but froze. Joyce was standing in the middle of the room, swaying from side to side. She walked unsteadily over and sat down on the bed, her thigh touching his hip through the cover.

Joe thought that whatever this was, she wouldn’t remember and thought he would just stay still until she left. In the morning she would be hungover, but at least reasonable. Lying on his back, with his arms crossed above him, he didn’t realize how much he was showing off. Joe wasn’t hugely muscled but he had toned arms and a firm chest that was clearly visible with the cover trailing at his belly button.

Shutting his eyes he stayed deadly still as he felt the cover slowly sliding off him. Confused at why his mom was doing this, his confusion turned to panic as he realized she would see his erect penis. The thin fabric caught on the head of his cock and the teasing feel of it rubbing his sensitive head was almost too much for him to stay silent about. It lifted his cock in the air before it slapped down on his skin, naked.

Joe stayed still, unsure of what to do. His foot twitched as he felt Joyce’s hot breath on his shaft, luckily the cover still hid it. It took all his might not to gasp as Joyce held his cock by the base in her hand and began to squeeze it. Joe realized that he needed to say something.

Sitting upright he opened his mouth to begin speaking and immediately swallowed his words and his mother swallowed his cock. Joe couldn’t speak as his cock plunged in and out of her mouth. Through second nature he reached out with his hand and held onto her hair, holding her head in place to assist his cock, sliding in and out of her slippery mouth.

Her tongue danced on the underside of the cock, slipping over the meat. Even drunk she clearly knew what she was doing as Joe felt his cock was fully in her mouth with no difficulty. He felt her spit drool out of her mouth and onto his balls while her pouty lips slid up and down the shaft.

Joe settled his hand on her head no longer pushing her down but simply grabbing her hair and feeling its silky texture wrap around his fingers.

“Oh fuck,” Joe moaned out, no longer concerned about pretending to be asleep. Her head pistoned up and down on his cock, swallowing every bit of the long, hard shaft. She was sucking it so hard it was like she wanted to use her mouth to rip it off, trying to make his entire cock feel like heaven.

“Yes, oh god don’t stop,” Joe groaned falling back on the bed. She sucked him like she was starving, with an almost angry energy practically attacking it. With a smack, her mouth left Joe’s cock, thick drool connecting the two as she began to slowly rub his cock, spreading the saliva over every pulsing, twitching part of the thick cock.

“You’re so dirty aren’t you?” Joyce slurred, “Mommy’s dirty little boy.”

Joe grunted in response, not being able to respond to her hands. The other had found his now well-lubricated balls and were squeezing them in his hands.

“Who knew such a boring guy had such a big cock,” Joyce continued, smiling evilly, “You are disgusting, I’m your mother for fuck’s sake.”

Joe could only bite his lip in reply. Smiling, and staring directly at him with her brown eyes, she attached her suckling mouth to the side of his cock and began sliding up and down his shaft, her tongue busy the whole time, lapping against his cock. Joe felt his balls beginning to stir from the oral assault. Joyce ran one of her hands up and down the base of his cock while sucking, jerking him off.

Just as he was nearly about to cum she released his cock from her warm mouth and swung a leg over his. This was when he noticed through the darkness that she was as naked as him. Stretching out on top of him she stuck her tongue into his mouth and began a long soul kiss. Joe’s hands reached down and soon found two handfuls of a firm, soft ass to grab on to. Joyce had one hand on his chin pulling him towards her, while another was scratching his chest. He could feel her wet pussy humping his leg and assisted with the hands on her ass, dragging it up and down.

Finally pulling her long tongue out from his mouth, she reached between her legs and found his cock, sitting upright she sat down on top of it, penetrating herself on the whole meaty shaft in one move.

Joe could only lie there as he let his mother take the lead, his head spinning. His mothers tight pussy was stretched around his cock, pulsating around him. The feeling was indescribable, the tight, hot, wet and warm pressure on him giving him so much pleasure.

“Oh, you’ve wanted this for so long, haven’t you,” Joyce moaned, swiveling her hips on top of him. Reaching down she grabbed his wrists and slapped his hands on to her exposed breasts.

“Fuck, I have,” Joe groaned back at her. His hands squeezed her breasts, loving how the flesh pushed between his fingers.

“You love mommy’s tits don’t you, you little pervert.”

Joe couldn’t respond simply nodding as he clamped his hands on her breasts, feeling the hard nipple scratch his palm.

“You love filling me up with your long, young cock don’t you.”

Joe’s head was spinning from the crushing silky feel of his mother’s pussy.

With a smile, Joyce began to bounce up and down on his shaft, milking the cum out of him. Joe exclaimed in pure sexual joy watching this perfect goddess bounce up and down, tits bouncing in front of him. Fleshy orbs that he couldn’t even get his whole hand over, escaping his open palms.

Placing her hands on Joe’s shoulders she began crashing down on him more and more violently. Joe began thrusting back up at her, meeting her movements with his own. Their flesh slapped against each other as their bodies collided to meet each other. The room became full of the sounds of moans and the slap of Joe’s balls on Joyce’s ass cheeks.

“Fuck you’re huge,” Joyce moaned upwards, craning her neck upwards.

“Ugh,” was all Joe could manage as his mother’s animalistic movements became too much for him. He let his hands fall from her tits and onto the bed.

“Come on, come on, come on baby, OH FUCK!”

“Oh shit you’re tight,” Joe moaned, encouraged by his mother, managed to grab her ass and began lifting it up, to slam back down on him. Sweat hung in the air as the two dripped gallons of the stuff. The new position caused Joyce to swing closer towards Joe now. The view of her tits swinging in front of him nearly sent him over the edge.

“Mmmmm Baby look at this.” Moving to lean to Joe’s left, he saw over Joyce’s shoulder. Looking over he saw his cock move in and out of her sopping pussy. The sight of his cock disappearing and out of his own mother’s tight cunt. It was this view that sent him over the edge, letting out a low deep groan he began shooting load after load of hot sticky cum into his mom.

“OH FUCK YES!” Joyce shouted, feeling her own orgasm overtake her. She began bouncing wildly on top of him while driving forward knocking him further and further up the bed. Reaching out with an arm, she hooked around his neck and pulled his face into her soft, sweaty tits.

Joe felt like he was about to leave his body. The pleasure was so great but so was the pain. Joyce’s silky, wet pussy was milking him dry, her nails digging into his shoulders drawing blood. Her soft body felt incredible on his, the big tits surrounding his face like a stack of pillows. He couldn’t breathe, the lack of air to his lungs giving them a sweet sting.

Finally, his balls empty, Joe relaxed as Joyce collapsed on top of him. Cradling his face she slowly kissed his lips and jawline. Feeling relaxed, Joe lay there enjoying her body, simply letting his hand trail up and down her leg absentmindedly squeezing her ass. Joe felt spectacular.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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