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A Mother’s Love

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I am a 30 year old guy who has recently had his entire world turned upside down. I’ve been married for 7 year and have two son’s, one 5 and the other six. My father, who was my best friend, passed away a little over a year ago. I have still not completely accepted the fact he is gone.

After the birth of my second son my wife changed. She has lost all interest in everything including sex. I have to do most of the housework now. She just does not seem to care. Our sex life is pretty much over. She has absolutely no desire so we have sex about once or twice a year and then she just does it to appease me. My frustration became so unbearable I began to consider having an affair. I even had the woman picked out. She is older than I and is a coworker of mine.

I work at a plant and my shift starts at 10:00 AM. Since dad’s death I stop and visit mom on my way to work. She looks forward to my visits and she lives right on my way to work. One day, during a visit, I told mom some of my problems at home. I felt more comfortable discussing things like that with dad but he’s gone now. She listened and told me how pleased she was that I would share that with her. I didn’t get into the sexual frustration I felt during that discussion.

A week or so passed and during one of my visits I talked more about my situation at home. This time I told mom everything. I told her of my sexual frustration, that I had not had sex in nine months, and that I was considering having an affair. Mom was horrified and upset by the whole mess. I regretted telling her. I told her not to worry and that I did not mean to upset her.

The next time I visited her she quizzed me about the mess at home. I appreciated her concern but was afraid I would just worry her more by talking about it. She told me she was very worried about my talk of having an affair. She went on to tell me my father had had an affair many years ago and how deeply it hurt her when she found out. She said she eventually forgave him but she could never forget it. I was stunned at this revelation.

As mom and I talked she revealed things to me that she never would have discussed before dad died. Mom told me she wished she could güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri give my wife some of her sex drive. She went on to say that since menopause she had had more of an interest in sex than she had when she was young and could not explain why. She even admitted dad had teased her about it. Mom, speaking in her most motherly tone, told me she was telling me this so I might understand that others have feelings like that and just learn to control them. I understood her point but it didn’t help.

More time passed and mom and I talked very little about my problems. Then, one day, the subject of my proposed affair came up and I told mom the woman I had in mind. Mom was horrified. She couldn’t believe I would pick someone that much older than I am. Mom reminded me that the object of my affections was just a few years younger than her. I jokingly told my mother that if she were not my mother I could be interested in her. I reminded her that she is trim for a 60 year old and looks great. Mom blushed and didn’t say much. That ended our conversation.

The next time I dropped by mom’s house I could tell something was bothering her. Her tone was more firm and deliberate and it concerned me. During our conversation she seemed to stiffen and she asked me if I was serious about this affair with the older woman. I said “yes”. Mom again told me what a mistake that would be and she said I am prepared to do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. I was a little scared at this point because I had no idea where this was going.

As we sat there mom took a deep breath and stunned me with her next statement. She said that what she was about to suggest is horrible and disgusting to most people but she would do it if it would keep me from making such a mistake. She asked me if I was serious about finding her attractive. I was almost speechless because I knew where she was going with this. Obviously I told her I was serious about that.

She looked at me and said, “When you need to be taken care of, and you know what I mean, then come by here and I’ll take care of you…OK?”

I was speechless for a moment. I asked her if she was saying what güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I thought she was and she nodded her head.

She said, “Son, I’ve thought about this a lot and now you need to think about it.” “If you agree it will be just between us.”

I went home and didn’t sleep well for several nights thinking about it. I was approaching year with out sex, except for masturbating, and I was so damn horny…but this was my mother! At first I was appalled that I was thinking about it but then I began to wonder what it would be like to sleep with mom. What would she look like naked? I began to think of all the stories about older more experienced women and wondered what kind of lover she might be. Mom had admitted she liked to fuck and my wife definitely did not. Thinking about this I had periods of feeling so damn horny followed by periods of feeling like a disgusting pervert. I finally made my decision.

I left a bit early for work so I could drop by mom’s. I had not talked to her in a few days. As soon as we sat down at the kitchen table I just blurted it out. How do talk about this without it sounding horrible?

I said, “mom, I want you to take care of me, that is, I want to fuck you.”

I said it and I didn’t want there to be any doubt in her mind because I didn’t want to have to say it again. She took my hand and told me she knew it was difficult for me too.

Then she said, “come with me,” and we walked down the hall to her bedroom.

Mom was wearing the same robe she usually wore when I visited except today, once we stepped into her bedroom, she slipped it off and there she stood, naked. My mother was naked for me. I can’t describe how I felt. Mom quickly pulled the covers back and slipped under them. Then she pulled the covers back on the other side and patted the bed. I undressed and got in bed beside her. When mom was young I remember how small her breasts were. They were A’s and now they appeared to be B’s. I think I was barely breathing.

Mom and I turned on our sides facing each other. Who would make the first move?

I heard mom say, “I know this is awkward but just relax”, and then I felt güvenilir bahis şirketleri her hand wrap around my cock.

I believe it was instantly hard enough to cut diamonds. I felt her other hand cup my balls. God, it had been such along time since anyone except me had touched me there. Mom smiled and told me it was alright if I touched her. I cupped one of her tits in my hand. It wasn’t as firm as my wife’s but it was much more willing. Mom’s nipple was hard and it felt great. She was slowly stroking my cock. I was concerned I wouldn’t last very long so I told her to take it easy. She nodded yes and then I kissed her. This was our first kiss as lovers. It was awkward at first but mom responded, our bodies were together, and my tongue entered her mouth. She let me explore her mouth as she gently sucked my tongue. Mom is a great kisser.

Suddenly I was so horny and so ready to fuck I thought I would explode. I mover on top of her as she spread her legs wide to receive me. She grasped my cock and rubbed the head up and down her slit being certain to touch her clit. I could tell that felt so good to her but I was about to explode. Finally she positioned the head of my cock at her entrance and told me to “give it to her”. I was buried balls deep in my own mother but it was my first pussy in nearly a year and it was fabulous.

I fucked mom like there was no tomorrow. My cock is about 7 inches and reasonably thick but she took it with no problem. As I pumped away, first slow then fast, she kept her eyes closed and obviously enjoyed it. I was getting close to cumming when it occurred to me that I didn’t know if she cared if I came in her or not. We never discussed it and I was getting close. By now mom had her knees drawn up so I could get in her as deep as possible.

I mentioned that I was close and she cupped my face in her hands and told me she wanted to feel me cum inside her…and I did. I think I came a gallon! As my cock went limp and slipped out I lay down beside her. Mom commented that I must have been full. We lay there a moment before she got up and cleaned herself up.

I got up and began to get dressed because I had to get to work. I told mom how much I needed that and she admitted she did too. I think we both knew our relationship was forever changed. Mom agreed to take care of all my needs if I would promise not to have an affair.

Little did I know that my mother was far more sexual than my wife ever dreamed of being…but that’s another story.

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