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A Mother’s Seduction Ch. 05

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I have to be the luckiest nineteen-year-old guy that ever lived, here I am lying naked between two of the horniest cougars a kid could ever hope for. Fucking both of them balls deep and hearing them moan as my eleven inch dick spreads them wide open, whining like little girls the whole time. I can’t believe my luck.

Lisa, with her gym rat body that you can bounce a quarter off, and whose tight little ass I just split wide open an hour ago, teases me with her nails digging into my cock. Kneading my cock like a cat that’s sharpening it’s claws, the thrill and slight pain are beyond words with its pleasures.

Then there’s Cathy, what a body she has and she knows exactly how to tease me with it. Gorgeous legs and a tight little butt matched to those perky tits, I love watching as she spreads her ass wide open so I can see her pussy dripping big drops from her lips as I lay here being teased by both of them. The fact Cathy is my mother only pushes the excitement even more for the three of us.

“Poor tiger, are we frustrating you too much?” Lisa asks me.

Just looking at Lisa’s nails going up and down my dick and squeezing my balls so gently but just enough to make me moan. She knows exactly how to drive me wild and is enjoying every moment as it unfolds.

Cathy ever so slowly uses her nails on my thighs and balls. Being on her knees with her ass wide open, letting me see that tight little pussy spread open just a few feet away. I can feel my cock starting to throb for that tight hole she has waiting for me, to slide all the way in and feel how tight it grabs my cock and then hear her moan for more. This is heaven.

“C’mon pendik escort Cathy, slide that tight pussy down my cock and I’ll make you moan for more.” I say almost out of frustration.

“Cathy, I like that, call me that when ever you are going to fuck me with that big dick of your’s.” She responds.

Lisa wraps her lips around the head of my cock and starts sucking and stroking me as Cathy turns around and straddles me. I need this; they are just so sexy and know all the right buttons to push.

Well, I know how to tease too, she starts to take my dick inside her when I grab her cheeks and stop her from coming down any further. I love this game of just going in an inch or two and hearing her whine for me to fuck her deeper.

“Let me have it all, fill me all the way. I need it.” She moans.

Lisa quickly joins in and starts to rub Cathy’s clit as I keep her hanging with my dick just inside her. I feel Lisa’s fingers starting to rub her asshole too. I never thought a woman would do that to another woman, I can feel my arms starting to struggle as she tries to force herself down on me.

“Make her beg for that big dick.” Lisa says.

Finally, I can’t hold out any longer and Cathy slides the entire length of my cock all in one fast movement. She is so wet; I glide effortlessly all the way inside her. God, how tight she is, I can feel her thighs quivering from me being so deep in her.

“OH my God, Lisa don’t stop, please keep rubbing me. This is goanna be the best ever, I can feel it coming. Keep rubbing my ass too, don’t stop.” Cathy moans.

My fingers kartal escort roll her nipples as Lisa rubs her clit and ass while I’m buried inside her. I’ve never seen her so turned on; she lifts halfway up my cock as she starts moaning and shaking.

“That’s it; push your finger deeper in my ass. I’m right there.” She moans.

What a strange sensation, I can feel Lisa’s finger as it pushes in and out of Cathy’s asshole, I wonder what it must feel like to a woman to have two dicks in her. The girls in the pornos all seem to like it. I sure like feeling the sensation too.

That has to be the best orgasm I have ever seen, not that I have seen a lot but she is shaking and moaning as Lisa and I fuck and rub all her erogenous zones at once. For two or three minutes she just loses control as she feels her climax approaching.

Opening her mouth, she leans down and we kiss, our tongues intertwined as she starts to cum. This is the first time we have ever kissed like this, funny how I could fuck her but kissing seemed too taboo. Not any more though.

“That was too much, I’ve never cum like that.” She says.

I figured she might want a break but she starts to ride me up and down faster and faster. Her pussy makes all the noises from being so wet as my dick starts to find it’s rhythm in her.

“Lisa, show him your pussy, that’s what he likes to see, don’t you Shawn. She says.

Hearing her use my name like that only turns me on more, why-I’m not sure but I start fucking her harder and deeper. Looking at Lisa with her legs wide open and even her tiny asshole still swollen maltepe escort from how I assaulted it a little while before, drives me wild.

“I always liked looking at pussy and now I have two cougars all to myself.” I moan.

“Two cougars that are going to suck and fuck you like you never dreamed of kid.” Lisa says as she rubs her clit faster.

“I’m goanna cum.” Is all I can say.

I feel my cock pumping into her tight little hole, she slowly slides up and down me, extracting the last of my nectar out of my dick. Letting me see it stick to my cock as she slowly ride up and down. I love seeing my cock sticky with my cum, knowing I just shot it deep in her. Cathy slowly lifts off me and starts licking my cock clean. Watching her tongue wrap around me sends shivers through me. Lisa continues rubbing her clit and moans softly as her climax over takes her. These two are so hot; I don’t think I could ever be with someone my age again.

As Lisa moans as she cums, I watch as Mom straddles her face as my cum is slowly oozing out of her. These two are just too much. Lisa locks her mouth on Mom’s pussy while rubbing her own clit furiously.

“That’s it, suck it all out of me you skinny whore. Let him see your face soaked with his cum.” She says.

I never thought I would ever hear my mother talk like that, it is such a turn on as I watch them act out their own fantasies together.

“He’s goanna put that big dick in that tight little ass of yours, then we’ll see who the whore is.” Lisa responds as she moans while cumming.

Cathy looks at me and says, “You better rest Shawn, we’re not done with you yet. There better me more left or we’re goanna fuck you all night till we’re satisfied.

I think this is going to be the best summer I’ll ever have, not much will ever be able to compare with this.. Just watching and listening to them, I know how hot they are and wonder if it could get even hotter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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