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A Naughty Little Moment Pt. 02

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Chapter 3

I brushed my hair dry with my hand as I walked out of the main bathroom, nothing but a large towel wrapped around my waist. As I walked past my parent’s bedroom towards my own, I heard their ensuite shower going and decided to join my mother. However, as I approached the closed ensuite door I heard the tell-tale signs of my father’s truck pulling up the drive. Damn, just my luck, he was home earlier than expected. I thought I better quickly let her know Dad was home anyway and opening the door I popped my head in, getting an eye full of her naked silhouette through the frosted glass shower door.

“Mom,” I yelled to her and she opened the cubicle door and peered out at me. “Just letting you know Dad has just gotten home, before you start frolicking naked around the house.”

Mom laughed as she wiped soap from her forehead before it got in her eyes. “Thanks Greg. Quickly, get your ass over here and give me a kiss.”

Feeling a jolt of naughtiness spread throughout my body with my dad almost in the house, I rushed over to the shower cubicle and pressed my lips against my mothers. Our mouths parted, as her tongue searched mine and we kissed passionately, yet urgently. She flinched as I placed my cool hand upon her wet naked waist, and gently rubbed down over her hip. She moaned into my mouth as I slid my hand up her side and onto her left breast, the heavy globe filling my palm as I gave it a squeeze.

I heard the sound of the front door opening down stairs and attempted to move away but my mothers hand came up to hold my head in place as she kept kissing me, giggling to herself all the while. God, she is certainly risky, but two can play at that game. I reached in behind the shower door and placed my hand between her legs. Although I had just fucked her earlier, a thrill of a different kind swept through me as I felt up my mom, my cock beginning to achingly throb under my towel.

Her legs parted some, and I was granted better access to her as my two middle fingers slid between her pussy lips. The delicate folds spread under my invading fingers as I gently inserted the tips inside her, then pulled them out and traced a line up to her clit to give it a soft rub.

Mom moaned into my mouth then pulled away. “You wicked little boy, now you’ve made mommy horny again.”

“Yeah, my bad, looks like you may have to sneak into my room later so I can finish you off,” I smirked at her, my fingers moving harder and faster on her clitoris, causing her to moan out load before she grabbed hold of my wrist, pulling my hand out from between her legs.

“You’re on baby, but in the mean time, here’s something to keep you good and hard for me,” she purred as she raised my hand up to her face and took my two middle fingers into her mouth, sucking her own juices clean off them, her tongue swirling around the tips. This gesture from her made my cock throb profoundly under my towel and if it wasn’t for my father, yelling something to us from downstairs, I would have attempted to have my way with her again.

She pulled my face in to hers for one last quick kiss before gently pushing me away. “Now bugger off, or we’ll get caught.”

“Okay, okay,” I said as I quickly moved out of the room, only stopping to get one last look at her as I left and was treated to a naughty wink and a smile from my mother as she retreated behind the frosted shower door.

I ran out of her room, down the hall way and into the safety of my own room, avoiding being caught roaming the house with a hard on tenting my towel. I laughed to myself as I threw myself onto my queen sized bed. Laying on my back and staring at the ceiling I let out a satisfied sigh, “Ahhh, the good life.”

I looked over at the clock on my bedside cabinet, 10:34pm, how had 3 hours passed so quickly. Through all our excitement we forgot to have dinner, however as starving as I was, I was more so exhausted and shortly sleep soon took over.

I woke up to sunlight shining in through my window, smacking me right in the face. I slept right through the night, my light was still on and I was still wearing the towel from after my shower. God, it was almost 12 o’clock, I must have been exhausted. I chucked on a pair of jeans and stumbled downstairs to make myself a coffee, almost falling down the stairs as I tried to fully wake up. As I passed by the lounge I marveled at how well Mom had cleaned up after our naughty little encounter……… “Holy Shit!” I said aloud as it all came rushing back to me. “I boned my Mom!” I laughed to myself at memories of the excitement, the pleasure, and all the many variations of the word Fuck. I got a little disappointed when I remembered she said she was going to come see me again last night and never made it, however there was plenty of time for more fun.

I made myself a coffee and walked outside to sit in the sun, grabbing my phone on the way out. 2 new messages, one from my mother and one from Bianca, my girlfriend. I checked the message from mom first, most eager kırşehir seks hikayeleri to see what she had to say. “Hey sweets, jst leting u knw how amazin lst nght was 4 me. Cnt wait 2 c u 2nite wen i get home, luv u lots, MWAH.”

Flippin’ Sweet! She is certainly interested in continuing into our naughty little world of sin, and I am in no way thinking of stopping myself. It’s not everyday that you stumble upon an opportunity like this, an opportunity that is so fueled with the forbidden that the very idea is enough to make you come right there on the spot.

I text mom back excitedly, “Gud morning naughty little lady. I luvd last nite 2, cant wait 4 anutha piece of that fine ass. Luv u 2 mom.” I never was one for romance.

I read the second text from Bianca. “Hey sugar, what do u want 2 do 2nite, hopefully ur taking me out.” Oh, it’s Friday and I have two choices. I could take Bianca out, cost me alot of money that I don’t have and hopefully strike it lucky, or, I could stay at home and hopefully get to fuck my mother again. The decision was simple, just the thought of getting to be with mom again blew my mind.

I replied to Bianca, “Hey babe, sory but im really not feelin well, mite jst stay in 2nite”.

I decided I’d give mom a surprise for when she got home and do the yard. I spent the next couple of hours mowing the lawns and cleaning up outside. The day was hot and I had built up a good sweat as I sat down to chill out with an ice cold lemonade.

Around 3:30 I heard my mother’s car pull into the drive. Odd, she was home early, so I got up and went into the house to see what was up. She came in the front door as I entered the living room and we stopped and stared at each other for a moment. She was wearing a loose fitting white blouse and a calf length blue skirt, her hair up in a messy ponytail. Had what we shared the night before never happened I would have thought she looked rather average, however less than 24 hours before this woman was a ravishing sex goddess, and her sexuality had a glowing aura around her body.

“Hey,” she said, unsure.

“Hey,” I replied.

We moved closer, only a foot apart, looking at each other, waiting. She then reached her hand behind my head and pulled me down into her, our lips pressing together tightly as she let out a gentle sigh. We kissed passionately, the overwhelming excitement of being together again soared through our bodies as we let our tongues mingle and our lips caress.

We broke our searing kiss and just looked at each other, she smiled her wicked smile I had seen so much of last night, it was her naughty smile, one that no child of hers was ever meant to see, reserved only for her lovers.

“Hey,” I said again, stupefied.

We both laughed, at me mainly, but also at the awkwardness of the entire situation we had found ourselves in. A day ago we were a normal mother and son, she told me what to do and I ignored her, she did my washing and I left a mess wherever I went, she cared for me through every stupid decision I made, I in turn tried to make her life as impossible as I could, very normal. But yesterday, a boundary had been crossed, we both knew what we were doing, and excited beyond all that was sacred we wanted it to happen. I’d never imagined ever wanting this, I had heard of incest, but the thought had never crossed my mind as being something I’d be into, let alone something that would ever come to pass. But now, the actual thought of getting to be with my mother, the woman who gave birth to me, it was a sin that fueled the burning fires of lust within my very body. It was going to be very awkward between us, we weren’t programmed to be in this situation, we were just going to have to let things happen naturally.

We sat down on the sofa, the same sofa we had played around on the night before.

“So let’s talk my dear. How was your day?” she asked smiling, acting as normal as was possible.

“My day was good actually mom, I’ve only been awake for about 3 hours though, and it only seems to be getting better,” I smiled back at her. “How ’bout you, why are you home so early?”

Mom laughed, “Well to be honest I faked a fever to come home early, you see your father will probably be home on time tonight and I was hoping to get a little work out with my darling son before he got in.” She squeezed my thigh playfully. “What can I say, I’m kinda into you.”

“Wow mom, you’re bad,” I softly laughed. “But I had the same idea, I cancelled a date with my girlfriend tonight in the hopes that me and you could……. get it on again.”

“Gregory Michaels!” she playfully scowled like she did when I was a naughty young boy. “I never knew you had a girlfriend.”

“Oh… yeah I do, we’ve been going out for a few months now…… did I never mention her?” I asked, surprised at the lack of communication between us.

“No you’ve never mentioned her young man. What’s her name?” she asked, still acting like the cross mother of a naughty child.

“Bianca. She’s pretty cool, you’ll like her….. ahhh, I mean…..” I stammered, unsure of how mom would feel about my having a girlfriend with what was happening between us.

Mom was acting like mom again, trying to read my thoughts through the look in my eyes. “Darling, I don’t want what has happened between us to get in the way of your social life, it’s very important that you still find yourself a girl that you can fall in love with. If you don’t then I will be forced to stop the fun that you and I can have together. Because that’s just what it is sweetheart, it’s fun, I still love your father as my husband, just like I still love you as my son, but why can’t we have just a little bit more. Do you understand son?” The look in her eyes was that of a mother who truly cared for the well being of her child, and it made me love her that much more, as a mother.

“I understand mom, thanks,” I answered. “I’m kinda glad I didn’t have to choose between you two.”

“Oh, you’re certainly gonna have to choose my dear,” she said smiling at me once more. “You’re gonna have to choose how to best fuck your mother without the young Bianca finding out.”

I smiled back at her, thankful for mom being as good a mother as she is, as well as being extremely hot. “Well you never know, if I’m clever enough I may be able to work it so I can fuck you both at the same time.”

I laughed as she slapped me on the shoulder. “You’d like that too wouldn’t you,” she scolded me, then smiled cheekily. “But imagine that…….. I think I’d like that as well. Would be very naughty.”

“Very naughty, and we’ve already deciding that naughty is fun,” I said as I placed my hand on her thigh.

“Oh, and we certainly like to have fun now don’t we son,” mom replied as she leant into me, pushing me back on the sofa and pressed her mouth against mine once again. As we kissed I let my hand roam up over her waist to cup her left breast through her blouse, giving it a good squeeze while my tongue danced with hers.

“Now what makes you think you deserve to play with those young man?” she asked as she parted from our sensual kiss, motioning down to her glorious tits.

“Well… I have been a good boy, and I even cleaned the yard for you,” I smiled cheekily at her.

“Did you mow the lawns?” she asked as she stopped my wondering hand from trying to touch her.

“Of course,” I replied as I tried to move in on her again.

“With the catcher?” she asked as she again hindered my advancement towards her.

“Yes, gosh,” I feigned to be upset as I threw my hands down in my lap.

“Good boy,” she smiled. “So I guess you’re in need of a little treat, should we use my bed…. or yours,”

“Definitely yours,” I answered quickly as we both stood up. She kicked her high heels off, then taking my hand lead me up the stairs to the bedroom she shares with my father, every so often looking back over her shoulder to give me a seductive sexy smile, hot enough to melt through ice.

There was an extreme feeling of naughtiness in the air as we entered her bedroom, not only was this woman willingly about to have sex with her own child, she was also cheating on her beloved husband in the very bed that they share.

“So…. shall we,” mom purred sexily at me as she moved onto the bed and began to crawl slowly towards the head. I watched her ass as it swayed with her movements, the tight skirt accentuating the fullness of her behind. Her ass looked delicious and I wasn’t letting it out of my sight. I jumped onto the bed behind her and grabbed onto her hips tightly, stopping her from moving any higher as she looked back at me surprised.

“I have to have a piece of your ass mom, it’s beautiful,” I stated as I began to run my hands over her full behind, caressing the cheeks, hips and upper thighs through the course material of the skirt she wore.

“Mmmm, help yourself son, my body is yours to do with as you please,” she groaned, pushing her ass higher in the air as she pressed her chest down into the bed. I bent forward, giving her left ass cheek a quick bite through her skirt, causing mom to yelp in surprise.

“So anything goes then aye?” I asked, excited that my own mother would leave herself open to all of my most wicked desires.

“Mmm hmm,” she confirmed as she wiggled her ass at me. “I’ve been a good girl for far too long, it’s time to bring back the old me.”

“Really? You’ll have to tell me some of your naughty tales some time mom,” I said, interested in hearing about my mother as a young girl.

“Another time darling,” she breathed as she raised her head to look back at me. “Right now I am so fucking horny I could screw a whole rugby team, please don’t leave me hanging any longer.”

“Right, my bad,” I cursed myself as I again focused on the beautiful sight before me, my hands spreading out across her behind then on up her back as I leant in to press my face between her full ass cheeks. I had been playing it cool so far, but my control was diminishing quickly as I took in the musky scent of the excited woman before me and could no longer wait to sink my teeth into my mother’s naked flesh. I reached to the top of her skirt and pulled down the zip, the tightness slackening enough for me to pull the material down her wide hips, her white cotton panties coming into view. I pulled the skirt down her thighs as far as it could go in this position, and eyed her tasty rear hungrily. Her plain underwear covered her ass maturely, and she wiggled it in my face a little as I leant in to inhale her womanly scent, my senses becoming overwhelmed by the shear fragrance of my mothers most private of body parts.

I bent lower and clamped my mouth over her cotton covered pussy, taking in the fullness of her mound as she let out a long overdue sigh. With enthusiasm I worked on her meaty pussy, biting, sucking and licking through the fast becoming wet cotton underwear. I longed to taste the juices directly from her naked cunt, but wanted to prolong this experience for as long as possible, to have the flavour of your own mothers pussy on your tongue was something special, and never again will this kind of a first ever happen in my lifetime. I continued to saturate her underwear with my saliva as I sucked on her womanhood, but could tell mom was itching for more stimulation and sure enough her hand soon reached behind her, grabbing hold of the top of her panties she pulled them down her ass cheeks. My heart skipped a beat as the full globes of her delicious ass were bared, crowning her delicate wet pussy, framed by an expanse of dark pubic hair which became sparse as it ran up to her asshole. The folds of her cunt were slick with her excitement, the lips thick and puffy, beckoning me sinfully into the very being of her body.

“Baby, please, don’t tease……… OHHHHHH,” she groaned, not getting a chance to finish her sentence as I buried my face between her ass cheeks, my tongue spearing between her pussy lips, searching for the forbidden nectar of her lust. As she pushed her ass back higher into the air I reached up to her crotch and parted her pussy lips apart with both hands, her clit protruding outwards, bigger than any I’d seen before. I quickly flicked my tongue across her clit a couple of times, mom moaning aloud as I then ran my tongue up her slit to again enter inside of her dripping pussy, the taste of her arousal was quickly becoming addictive and I knew I was going to crave and worship the essence of my mothers womanhood for the rest of my life. My mind clouded over at that moment and I lost all control as I began bathing her whole mound with my tongue and lips, not one part of her pussy was left untouched, she really went wild when I introduced my teeth as well, chewing on her meaty lips and occasionally her clit as I sucked it into my mouth.

“Oh baby, honey, that feels so good, I love you licking my pussy… mmmmmm, keep licking mommies wet pussy…” mom moaned as I did my thing. Her love juices were dripping down my chin as I pulled back slightly, my hands clutching onto the round checks of her ass as a pulled them apart some more. Her asshole winked up at me, daring me to further explore what made this woman tick, to see if she indeed has no boundaries sexually. I clamped my lips over her clit one more time, sucking the sensitive nub into my mouth, my mother squealing with delight as she wriggled her ass into my face. I released her clit and gave it a few quick swipes before licking slowly up her pussy, my tongue going deep as it spread her pussy lips apart, delving through the folds of her innermost secrets as she gasped, her voice becoming muffled as she buried her face into a pillow. Finally I ran my tongue up and over her asshole, she squealed some more, to my delight, as I continued to flick my tongue over her sensitive rosebud.

She carefully pulled her skirt and underwear the rest of the way off her legs without me missing a beat behind her and spread her legs further to give me easier access to her body. She further surprised me when she slid a hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit while I licked her asshole, every so often she would push a finger deep inside herself and I had to sit back for a moment to watch her. It was an extreme turn-on to watch a woman pleasure themselves, and even more so because this was my own mother. I lent back down to lick her pussy, my tongue joining her finger as we both went about giving her the satisfaction she craved.

She moaned out loud as my tongue pushed her finger aside on her clit and I continued to swipe her little nub furiously. “That’s it honey, lick my clit, you’re making me feel soooo good.”

Her hand that had been between her legs moved from underneath her and onto her left ass cheek, opening herself up to me even more as my tongue ran from her clit back up to her asshole and down again as I pushed it deep into the depths of her juicy pussy. I had a naughty idea to see, again, how far my mother was willing to go and while I licked her clit I reached up to her hand and gently pulled it over until her middle finger was resting on her asshole.

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