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A New Experience

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Mya had spent the morning taking pictures of the vast state park she was visiting and had finally paused to enjoy a quick snack. She was sitting on the top of a picnic table crunching her way through an apple when she felt a thrumming vibration through the butt of her jeans. Frowning, she reached a hand down and touched the table to better to find out what it was when the rumble reached her ears.

It was faint, but getting closer and she still couldn’t figure out what it was. Gathering up her camera, she pitched the apple core into the nearby trash can. The rumble was coming closer but the park was thickly surrounded by trees and she couldn’t see anything but a large parking lot, her own car and the bathrooms off to the side.

She stood staring at the entrance to the park, listening as the distant noise turned into an astoundingly loud thunder. When the first motorcycle came into view, it finally clicked what she was hearing. With a grin, she jumped back on top of the table, this time to stand on it with her camera to her eye. Mya snapped pictures frantically, sending up a quick prayer of thanks that she had just put in fresh batteries and a memory card.

There seemed to be tons of bikes slipping past her with the most graceful precision she’d ever seen. They lined up in perfectly even rows through the parking lot, her shiny red car standing out like the worst kind of sore thumb. Her lips tilted in a humorous smirk as the bikes surrounded it, but maintained a respectful distance.

The noise level dropped as the bikes were parked and motors turned off. But now she could hear the voices of the people, mixing and mingling. Slapping high fives, pats on the back and laughter rolled on the breeze. She continued to snap picture after picture, capturing the camaraderie, the bond between the bikers.

As the riders closest to her began to dismount, she took pictures of their vacated bikes; the raw power of the machines holding her enthralled behind her camera. Zooming in close on a big brawly man’s back, she got a shot of the design on the back of his black leather jacket. It was a tan skull with tears of red blood dripping down its cheek and somehow was just as powerfully beautiful as the bikes themselves.

Finally they were all parked. The only sounds now that of the men and women talking in groups. Mya kept shooting, capturing the obvious love and friendship among these people. She felt the first strands of envy crawling up her back. To be a part of something this huge, this intimate would be a most amazing thing indeed.

“Impressive huh?” a smooth male voice sounded beside her.

Swinging her camera down, she caught his image through her lens. He was tall; even with her standing on the table she could tell he was nearly 6′. Amazingly broad shoulders stretched a black t-shirt tight across his incredibly sexy chest. He made her feel small and delicate next to him, her slim body dwarfed against the power that exuded from him. A strong handsome face with melted chocolate eyes looked up at her, showing a trace of amusement.

Lowering her camera for the first time since getting on the table, she looked him in the eyes and felt a strange tingle at the base of her spine. “It’s incredible,” she said softly.

“You do realize that I’ll have to confiscate your camera now.”

Alarm shot through Mya. Her camera was her baby, her lifeline; it was her reason for living. “What? No!”

The man’s soft chuckle washed over, sending the tingle shivering all through her. “I’m just kidding Green Eyes. Just messing with you.”

“Oh god!” Mya nearly collapsed in relief. Her knees were weak enough after her utter panic that she stepped onto the bench of the table and resumed her spot sitting on the top. “You scared the crap out of me.” She glared at him, her green eyes now narrowed in anger.

He laughed louder. “I’m sorry, just couldn’t resist.” He held out a hand, “Name’s Brody but they call me LC.” His head nodded toward the motorcycle group indicating that was a road name and not his real name.

She reached out and took his hand, and immediately the tingles shot harder than ever from her fingers straight to her crotch. “Mya. I don’t have a cool code name, sorry.”

“Very pretty name Miss Mya and I’m very pleased to meet you.” Since she was sitting on the table, she didn’t have to look up quite so far up into his eyes. “You also have very pretty green eyes. If you want, that could be your road name.”

Mya couldn’t stop the smile. “That would be cool. This whole thing is just amazing. I had no idea you guys would be here today.”

LC shrugged. “Unless you’re up on our movements, you wouldn’t know. We ride out here about this same time every year; an annual kind of thing. We’ll go further on down the road to another meet later.” He leaned a hip against the table top, his shoulder only scant inches from her’s, and Mya could feel her body heat respond to his, a spurt of wetness dampening the crotch of her panties and making her nipples Zonguldak Escort poke against her soft, yellow t-shirt.

Turning her gaze back to the group, Mya ordered herself to get a grip before she embarrassed herself. “So, who are you guys?”

“We are the Desert Warriors Motorcycle Club.”

“Desert Warriors? Since we’re pretty far from any desert I’m guessing there’s a certain meaning to that.”

LC was quiet for a moment before answering, his voice roughened. “Nearly everyone here was in the war at some point.”

“Oh my god. Really? That’s amazing and even more cool than just being a gang or something.” She gave a soft, half laugh before speaking, her voice reverent, “Heroes. I’m surrounded by heroes.”

LC’s gaze shot back to her, seeming to search her face, looking to see if she believed her words or was just speaking them. Mya continued to stare at the men and the bikes, her eyes gathering moisture at the thoughts of what they had been through. He cleared his throat before taking a deep breath, “We’re brothers and sisters. Family.”

“That is so beautiful.”

The smell of charcoal fires starting up drifted to them on the breeze. Mya could see some of the group gathering around picnic tables and the grills the park provided on the other side of the clearing. “We’re going to be cooking. You can come join us if you want.”

Longing filled Mya. To be in among them, to talk to them would be like a dream. “I don’t want to intrude.”

“You could get some more pictures.” His voice was soft, tantalizing.

Shaking her brown hair off her shoulders, Mya looked back at him. “I find it hard to believe that you’d just invite a stranger into your private gathering like that.”

He leaned in closer and she was caught by those brown eyes. His male scent whispered to her, musky and enticing. Her gut clenched hard in desire and her gaze dropped to his mouth, his lips close to hers. “We like meeting new people. You’d be quite welcome.”

Mya sighed softly as she felt her body respond to his nearness. “Maybe so. But I think you’re a dangerous man to me.”

A wicked grin lit his eyes and caused a slight dimple to appear in his cheek. “So come on over and take a walk on the wild side for a while.”

Mya bit her lip to stop the moan from escaping but that only seemed to encourage him more. With his eyes staring at her mouth she was afraid to move, afraid to speak, unsure of what might escape. A shout pulled LC back away from her and he turned, breaking the spell that had been weaving between them.

She took a deep breath to steady her nerves and ordered herself to calm down, to get a grip. This guy was a total stranger to her, hell he could be some sort of axe murderer for all she knew. Looking back at him as he spoke to an older man with gray hair and a beard that hung to his chest, and colorful tattoos lining his arms, Mya knew better. She was probably safer here among these scary looking people than she was in her own lonely bed at night.

She quickly snapped off more pictures of the obvious friendship between the two men. Focusing on the older man, she had to smile. He looked so much like a typical biker dude with the full flowing beard and black leather, but the kindness in his gray eyes told a different story. Once more she felt like an intruder into a close family reunion and wondered how to discretely get to her car and leave while it was surrounded by bikes and people.

As she started to ease off the table, LC turned back to her. He reached out a hand to her and she unthinkingly took it. His rough palm slid against her smooth one in a caress that shouldn’t have been as sexy as it felt. He gave her a tug and pulled her to him.

“Green Eyes, this is Cookie, he’s our chaplain. Cookie this pretty thing we’re gonna call Green Eyes for obvious reasons. She’s going to join us for lunch, aren’t cha darlin’.”

Cookie burst out laughing and held out a hand to her himself. Mya could only respond, letting her camera dangle from the strap around her neck to shake the man’s hand. “Of course she’s joining us for lunch. Anyone as pretty as this one is more than welcome.”

The older man’s voice was rough and gritty and she found that she instantly liked him. Giving him a smile in return she asked, “Is that so?”

Giving her a wink and keeping her hand in his, he gave her a pull closer to him so now she was strung between the two men. He leaned down closer to her and said, “I’m a lot prettier than he is though, you should leave him alone and come with me.”

Mya gave LC a mischievous grin, “Hmm… I wonder if I like this offer better?”

As Cookie burst into loud laughter, an equally gray haired and stout woman stepped up beside him. She took in the situation in a glance and gave Mya a smile. Slapping Cookie on the arm she demanded, “Let that girl go before you get into trouble.”

Cookie pretended to jump away from Mya and put on a outrageously innocent act. Before Zonguldak Escort Bayan long the small group was in stitches from his antics. Mya was introduced to Cookie’s long-time wife known as Cupcake. When she asked about the unusual names, they laughingly explained that Cookie was well known for his love of sweets and the group decided that Cookie and Cupcake was the perfect road names for the couple.

Cupcake took Mya away from the men and they wandered through the large group. She was introduced to so many people, she knew she’d never remember their names and gave a silent thanks that everyone had their name stitched on patch sewn to the the front of their vest or jacket. As the smell of grilling meat began to take the place of the charcoal smoke, Mya knew she’d stay for lunch. Everyone she met was friendly and open to her and several asked for copies of her pictures.

Cupcake had introduced her to the president of the group and she was explaining about her website where she would post the pictures when LC found her again. He came up behind her and laid a gentle hand at the base of back, causing a warm flutter inside her. The two men shook hands while the president and Mya finished discussing the pictures. With his blessing to take all she wanted, he gave LC a clap on the shoulder before moving to another group of people.

“This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.” She turned and snapped a few more shots as a couple exchanged a soft kiss under a shade tree. Capturing the adoration on the woman’s face as she gazed up at her man brought a tug to Mya’s heart.

“Come on, let’s a take walk before lunch. It will be a bit before they’re ready.” LC’s fingers tightened on her back, urging her away from the crowd.

Since she was feeling a overwhelmed, Mya let him lead her to one of the many walking paths through the park. She could see other couples and small groups scattered through the park and laughed softly at a young woman feeding ducks near the edge of the lake. As they moved farther from the large crowd of people, and the noise level diminished, she felt the peaceful surroundings easing the tension she’d had.

But as the quiet began to close around them, she also realized that now they were alone. Her nerves returned but this time for a different reason. She was alone in the woods with a strange man. What could possibly happen? As her mind filled with grisly images, the path opened to a small clearing with a wooden bench and LC pulled her down to sit.

Looking around, Mya could see other people in the distance around the edge of the lake and felt some comfort in that. He obviously didn’t have a chainsaw in his back pocket to dismember her with so she chided herself for her fears and sat beside him, once again feeling his body heat soak into her’s. They sat close together and LC casually laid his arm along the back of the bench behind her.

His fingers found their way to the ends of her hair and began idly playing with them. A cool breeze brought his unique scent to her once more and a different kind of tension began to build. Sensing her discomfort, LC began to ask questions, engaging her in conversation, keeping the tone light until she relaxed next to him.

“So why do they call you LC?”

“That is a long twisted story that’s a little bit embarrassing and I’d rather leave that to the mystery for now.”

Mya’s eyes narrowed as she considered that answer. “Okay, so what do you do for a living then?”

“That’s an easy question. I’m a police officer a couple towns over from here. It was a job that just seemed to click once I got out of the Marines.”

She looked thoughtful. “So that’s the reason for the short hair and the buff body,” she said more to herself than to him.

“You think I’m buff?” he teased.

Mya snorted. “Yeah. I haven’t seen that many muscles in once place since I dated the quarterback in high school.”

Tilting his head to the side he looked over her firm body, taking in the softly rounded curves. “If you dated the quarterback were you a cheerleader?”

A quick burst of laughter escaped before she could choke it back, “Oh hell no. I was the school photographer. But getting dates with jocks was easy as they thought that meant they’d get their picture in the school paper and yearbook.”

“Hmm.” He considered. “And what else did these jocks do to get in your good graces?”

Mya giggled. “Not as much as they wanted to do. They were quite disappointed when I wouldn’t play favorites.”

LC gave a gentle tug on her hair. “So what’s it take to get you to play favorites?”

Just then her stomach gave a loud growl. Raising a brow she looked him in the eyes and answered, “Food. I’m starved.”

He gave a laugh and pulled her to her feet and they started back down the path. Before reaching the park picnic area, he pulled her behind a large tree and pressed her back against it. “Did I mention there’s a price for lunch though?”

Mya Escort Zonguldak looked at him in suspicion. “No. You did not.”

Nodding he answered, “Yeah, sorry. Gotta pay up before I can feed you.”

“What’s the payment?”

He leaned into her, his mouth a breath from her’s and whispered. “Just a kiss.”

His warm breath on her lips nearly made her groan. A low curl of heat slid through her belly. “That’s kind of a high price isn’t it?” She whispered back, her tongue darting out to wet her lips.

LC let out a low groan as he stared at her wet lips. “God woman you’re driving me crazy. You smell so freaking good I just want to…” his voice trailed off as his hand settled at her waist and tightened.

As the little voice in Mya’s head screamed that she’d lost her mind, she lifted her head the final fraction of an inch to touch her lips to his. The heat was immediate and intense and went straight to her pussy. She heard him moan again as her mouth softened and opened to him, her tongue darting out to taste his lips.

He quickly met her tongue with his, touching and tasting, flooding her mouth with his flavor. The world fell away as their existence shrank down to just the two of them. Her fingers twisted into his t-shirt, as they continued to explore each other’s mouths, liquid heat infusing her body. Just before the top of her head blew off leaving her completely breathless, he gently broke the kiss and pulled back a scant inch.

Their raspy breathing mingled as he lay his forehead against her’s. “Holy. Fucking. Shit.” His whisper was harsh, his body hot as it leaned close to her.

“Well said,” she managed before trying to unlock her fingers from his shirt. Mya finally brought her other hand up to smooth the wrinkles out of his shirt even though that little voice was telling her that she only wanted to touch his hard body.

“Damn you’re one hot little package.” His groin ground against her’s, his erection feeling huge and hard.

Mya groaned, unable to keep from grinding against him. Her body felt on fire, wet and tight, and lifting her lips, latched onto his again. She felt his hands grip her ass and pull her up into him and she brought a leg up to wrap around his hip. Rock hard nipples stabbed into his chest, as their mouths ate at each other, tongues swirling and sucking.

LC slipped a hand around and had her jeans unsnapped before she could think. When his fingers slid into her wet heat, they both moaned. While she humped against his hand, LC manipulated her clit, bringing her to the edge of orgasm.

Mya reached under his t-shirt to feel his skin on her’s. Shoving up both their shirts, she pressed her flesh against him, and gasped at the exquisite feel. LC gave her clit a strong tweak and she flew over the edge, shattering into convulsions of ecstasy. Once she settled, he pulled his hand free but kept her cuddled close until she was steady once more.

Clearing his throat, he pulled father away and looked down at her. “Green Eyes you are one potent little package.”

As her heart still raced in her chest, she grinned up at him, “So did I pay a good enough price to get dessert too?”

Surprised laughter escaped from him before he helped her with her clothes, adjusted his and taking her hand, pulled her back to the path. “Little one you can have all you want of anything you want.”

“Hmm, really?” Her voice was low and sexy.

Intense brown eyes gazed into her’s as his fingers brushed her cheek. “Sweetheart, I guarantee there are some things I’d serve you myself.”

Mya bit her lip and gave a quiet groan. She should have known better than to tease him as images of him feeding her his cock while she knelt in front of him on her knees caused another intense reaction to her crotch. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she decided to it best to wait for a better time and more privacy before going there.

The food was plentiful and cooked well. When she asked where it all came from, LC pointed out the saddlebags on nearly every bike. By everyone carrying a fair share, they were able to transport quite a lot. She was licking barbeque sauce from her fingers when he handed her a small Styrofoam bowl filled with a wicked looking dessert.

“Oh, what have we here?” She asked, taking it from him.

“A Warrior’s wife’s specialty, prepared by a wonderful woman named Angel who has the hands of an angel when it comes to making her strawberry trifle.”

Mya looked down at the bowl. There were chunks of cake and strawberries and some sort of creamy confection swirled all together. “Spoon. Give me a spoon.” She demanded, anxious to try the sinful looking dessert.

LC only smiled. “No spoon.”

Disappointment filled her, “Then how do I eat it?” LC dipped a finger into the cream and held it to her lips. “Like this.” When she only stared at his cream covered finger he leaned in and whispered, “Don’t worry, I washed my hands.”

Her mouth dropped open in surprise at how he’d read her mind. Taking advantage of it, he quickly slid his finger in her mouth. As the sweet cream teased her taste buds, she wrapped her tongue around his finger to clean it. Seeing the glazed look enter his eyes, Mya sucked his finger harder pulling it rhythmically into her mouth.

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