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A Night at the Livermoore Inn Ch. 01

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The heater was barely working, the two front tires were balding and Adam cringed each time the wiper blades grinded across the windshield just knowing they would stop before the next rotation. The transmission wasn’t making the happiest noise in the world either each time his Mother shifted gears as they drove west out of Fargo on Interstate 94.

At least Ellen Cabbell’s car was running. Adam’s was still sitting in his dorm’s parking lot back at North Dakota St., broken down and waiting for him to make enough money to get it to a garage. It was part of the reason he was headed back home to Jamestown with his Mom for Spring Break rather than joining a few of his friends in Cancun.

The sliver of selfish adolescence that remained inside Adam made him want to ask his Mother several weeks earlier if he could barrow some money to make the trip to Mexico. But as he rode in her barely running Camry through the falling late Winter slush accumulating on the Interstate, he’d matured enough to know she was still struggling herself just to make due.

Adam never knew his Father, really never had mustered the courage to dig all that up with his Mom. Ellen had been 19 when she got pregnant and it wasn’t long before the guy she was seeing had left town. Those were the days before DNA tests and frankly, at that time of her life, Ellen wasn’t completely sure who the Father was. While she didn’t consider herself ‘loose’, she was involved with a couple of guys in the timeframe Adam was conceived.

When Adam was born, from how he looked, Ellen was pretty sure she knew who the real father was. But by then she’d made the decision to pull herself up by the boot straps and make a go of parenthood herself without complicating Adam’s life any further with a Father who didn’t want to be there.

Even as she drove down the highway that evening, out of the corner of her eye Ellen could see Adam’s profile as he sat there and that combined with the sound of his voice, she shivered in private amazement of just how much he reminded her of Adam’s Dad at nearly the same age when she was with him.

The two continued a steady dialogue as they drove on until the occasional pitter pat of sleet hitting the windshield grew too incessant to ignore. The stark North Dakota plains landscape was still covered with its usual late Winter snowcap and as the evening dusk gave way to darkness, it was clear Ellen and Adam were driving straight into the oncoming storm.

“Why didn’t I just go to Cancun?” Adam jeered as the gravity of their situation started to creep in.

“Guess we probably should stop for the night and let the storm pass,” Ellen admitted begrudgingly, knowing her car wasn’t equipped to handle the weather that lie ahead, a fact that was reinforced several times by the tractor trailers whizzing by at 80 plus and covering them with slush.

“Let’s start looking for some motels Adam…the traffic is already starting to thin out. Finding a vacancy’s gonna be tougher with the weather the later it gets,” Ellen said, knowing the lodging options would be few over the remote stretch of highway between Fargo and Jamestown.

Money had always been a sensitive subject growing up and even though he never went to bed hungry or cold, it was quite often a tight squeeze financially. From the shape his Mom’s car was in, Adam guessed correctly that helping him with his tuition had put a serious strain on her pursestrings. Trying to think of how much cash he had in his wallet, Adam was going to suggest paying for the motel room when they stopped but he kept the offer to himself when he remembered only having about 12 bucks in it the last time he looked.

“Let’s try to find a place a little out of the way…all the chain places along the highway will be twice as much as a ‘mom and pop’ place,” Ellen suggested, her knuckles more than a little white now as she gripped the wheel, fighting the elements covering the road.

“I’ve got a credit card I keep around for emergencies…I guess this qualifies,” Ellen added, relieving some of the angst she could sense coming from her Son. “The next turnoff leads to that Indian reservation…there should be some old places along the way.”


The Livermoore Inn wasn’t the Ritz-Carlton. Motel 6 either. But it was a roof over their heads out of the blustery wintery mix that had settled over the area.

Stepping into their room, both Ellen and Adam commented on how strange it felt checking into a motel without any luggage. The only extra clothes either had was the basket of dirty laundry Adam had brought back from school to wash when he got home.

“I don’t guess they have room service,” Adam quipped, taking a look around the room and the way the dingy wallpaper warped in several places on the walls.

“I don’t think so,” his Mom replied. “The old lady at the desk said there were a couple of diners down about 2 miles or so but I don’t feel like going back out in that stuff…the places anadolu yakası escort might close up early anyway. Here…here’s the bag of Doritos I brought in from the car.”

The two tried their best to settle into such a cramped space. Thankfully they’d stopped soon enough to get one of the rooms with double beds but unfortunately the room was located at the far northwest corner of the motel and its thin, rickety walls took the brunt of wind from the incoming storm.

The heater in the room 122 did work, barely, but at least the toilet did flush and there was lukewarm water in the bathroom sink. The blankets on the bed did look relatively clean but neither Ellen or her Son wanted to be the first one to peel the covers back to see what waited beneath.

An avid reader, Ellen always kept a couple of books in her purse to read when situations allowed so she was more than content to pass the evening propped up under the covers catching up on one of her romance novels. Adam on the other hand flipped on the tv but there wasn’t much to choose from. The motel didn’t have cable and the few channels he could pick up on the antenna were fuzzy at best considering the weather outside. Exhausted anyway, Adam decided to just crawl under the sheets and call it a day.

Seeing his Mom was off in her own little world reading under the dim light of the lamp on the nightstand between the beds, Adam stripped down to his teeshirt and boxers, peeled the blanket back and crawled in bed. Pulling the covers tight over his head, Adam spent a couple of seconds trying to build up some frictional heat until the chill in his bones steadily disappeared. It wasn’t until he was about three quarters of the way asleep that a long forgotten memory filtered back to him.

Adam couldn’t have been more than 7 or 8 at the time in a circumstance eerily similar to the one he and his Mom had found themselves in that night. It had been Thanksgiving night all those years earlier and they were making the three hour trip home from visiting his Grandparents for the holiday when their car had blown a tire. Pulled over on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, it wasn’t long until the late Autumn chill had taken its toll. In those days before cellphones and without the muscle or equipment to fix the flat, Ellen decided it would be safer to huddle together in the car under several blankets and wait for help than to walk aimlessly to the next town. It was nearly an hour before someone finally pulled over and stopped to help.

Young Adam just knew it was going to be a chainsaw killer that pulled up behind them and with the bright headlights flooding the interior of his Mother’s car, he huddled even closer to her knowing he was about to meet his maker.

“Its gonna be fine,” Adam remembered her telling him before giving him a confident hug.

It still didn’t prevent Adam’s spine from turning to jelly when he heard the loud creak of the pickup truck door opening in the vehicle behind them and the slow trod of approaching footsteps on the ground outside.

Adam was nearly afraid to look as the man’s towering shadow enveloped the interior of the car. He could hear his Mom rolling down her window and waited there silently beside her as she told the gentleman what had happened. It took a few moments, but listening to the man’s calm, friendly voice and hearing his own Mother’s apparent ease talking to the stranger, Adam was able to look up and make brief eye contact. At some point the man who’d stopped to help, who had also been driving for awhile and was thinking about stopping for the night himself, offered to drive Ellen and her Son up to the next motel then come back the next morning to fix the flat for them.

Adam remembered through the blur of that evening his Mother trying to pay for the man’s room once they got up to the motel. Finances weren’t that great now for his Mom but back then she barely had a penny to her name, but she was insistent. Sitting in the lobby waiting for them to check in, Adam could picture the stranger and his Mom going back and forth in a friendly way about who was going to pay and even though to this day he never knew exactly who won, he did remember seeing out of the corner of his eye the gentleman slipping several $20 bills to the desk lerk and his Mother giving him and defeated but appreciative smile.

Somewhere during his hazy recollection of the past, Adam heard his Mother switch off the lamp beside her and go to bed. Dangling precariously on the precipice of sleep however, he continued with his drowsy recount of what happened years earlier. He remembered sitting there in the chair in the lobby watching his Mother and the stranger talk quietly to each other after each had got their room key. He couldn’t hear anything the two were saying and frankly after the huge Thanksgiving dinner he’d eaten hours earlier and the ordeal with the flat tire, the only thing young Adam really wanted to do was curl up and go ataşehir escort to sleep.

By the time his Mother had shepherded him to their room, Adam was nearly asleep on his feet and within minutes he was snoring under the covers.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his straining bladder woke him up sometime after falling asleep, he would have never seen his Mother leaving the room. All the lights were out and he turned around just in time to see Ellen slip through the small opening she’d made before closing the door as quietly as she could behind her.

At that instant Adam really didn’t give it too much thought. He got up and answered the call of nature before returning to bed assuming she’d left to run down to the ice machine or smoke a cigarette or two outside to unwind as she often did.

He pretended to still be asleep when she returned to the room that night. He didn’t really know exactly how long she’d stayed gone, but even thing Adam sensed where she’d been. All these years later he’d never been able to put words to what he knew but at some point he did understand. He didn’t hate her for it, not in the least, leaving him all alone like that to go do what she did. In fact he understood and as he’d gotten older and been able to see things both from her perspective and the stranger who stopped to help.

While he had never once broached the subject of that night with his Mother since it happened, Adam was now mature enough to admit the one thing the memory of that night made him. And that was jealous, in a way he’d somehow probably never understand.

In that instant, the memory of that night long enough went poof and Adam found himself laying wide awake in the darkness of his room at the Livermoore. The warmth his body had created under the covers had finally taken the chill out of his body but the moment he tried to shift himself off his stomach, Adam felt his inflated erection catch hard on the mattress below. A low groan leapt from his throat as he tried to turn, his cock pressing painfully like an unforgiving log beneath him as he tried to turn on his left side, so that his back would be to his Mom.

“Shit…this is crazy,” he mumbled to himself, feeling his manhood continue to throb annoyingly between his legs.

It had been three long weeks since Adam had fucked someone other than himself. It had also been four days since he’d masturbated and all that pent-up energy inside his 20 year old body picked a lousy time to manifest itself.

“No way I’m gonna be able to fall asleep with this,” he thought to himself, reaching down now with his right hand to lazily rub at the warm and pulsing meat bulging from his crotch.

“I’m not about to jack-off right here…Damn…if I’d gone with my buds I’d be in Cancun right now fucking a real girl…Hell…maybe two or three,” Adam dreamily noted as he grazed his fingertips lightly over the steely prick protruding from his boxers.

For a few seconds, Adam tried conjuring a couple of the tried and true visual images to take some steam out of his ill-timed arousal. Picturing Betty White naked, Barbara Bush playing with herself, even a greasy plate full of liver and opinions didn’t seem to work. Unfortunately, it seemed a much more ethereal power had taken control of which direction his blood flowed.

“You know what you have to do,” he finally grumbled. “Just get up…go into the bathroom and take care of it.”

Jerking his head around just to make sure his Mom was still sound asleep, Adam then peeled his covers back slowly before stepping out of bed. Taking special care to keep the front of his body, and his jutting erection, turned from view, Adam made a silent, sideways beeline to the bathroom.

Once safely inside, Adam closed the door and took a deep breath. Flipping on the light, once his eyes were able to adjust he was able to look into the mirror and access the situation. What he saw was the front of his cotton boxers severely tented. With the flip of his fingers, Adam’s cock leapt from the fly and swung like a blunt and brooding club over top the sink.

“Let’s just get this over with and get back to bed,” Adam told himself as he fondled his manhood.

Taking a couple of steps to the right until he was standing directly over the toilet, Adam thumbed through his mental file cabinet trying to come up with an image or two to help him blow his load as quickly as possible.

Reaching over to flip the bathroom’s exhaust fan on to provide some background noise to conceal his indecent chore, Adam immediately cringed when the rusty blades spun to life and vibrated in the ceiling.

“Should have just jumped in the shower and took my chances in there…the fan’s gonna wake up everyone on this floor including my Mom,” he growled.

“Let’s just make this quick,” Adam resolutely decided, wrapping his right hand back around his cock and cupping his left underneath his balls.

Focusing his tired and scattered mind on anything ümraniye escort he could find for a quick nut, Adam tried to picture some of the attractive women he watched on tv, a few of the pretty girls he knew from school, even some of the shameful fantasies he’d carried with him from childhood. He even accidentally pictured the overweight and elderly Native American woman who’d checked them into the hotel that night.

“Well that aint helping,” he scolded himself, pumping his shaft now without any real passion, only a dutiful efficiency to complete the chore.

The one thing he couldn’t bring himself to fixate on mentally, as he stood there masturbating, was the very thing that had caused his erection in the first place.

About two minutes after he started, Adam began to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Pumping faster now, he’d locked on a image of two of the girls he went to school with naked and making out with a couple of imposing sex toys. It seemed to be working as his cock hardened and his balls warmed in his hand but just before he passed the point of no return, there was a light rapping at the door.

“Adam…are you alright in there?” Ellen Cabbell asked her Son through the closed door.

“…Ye…Yee…Yeah…I’m fine,” he stammered, biting his lower lip in frustration as he shoved his confused cock back into his shorts.

“I’ll be out in a sec…you need to come in?” he offered.

“No…,” Ellen replied. “Just making sure you were OK.”

“Just not meant to be,” Adam grumbled, shaking his head before flushing the toilet just to make the ruse seem more real.

Washing his hands and gathering himself in front of the mirror, Adam wiped his hands on the dingy bathroom towel, laughed to the mirror, then walked back out into the room. He was relieved to see his Mom had crawled back into bed but could tell through the dark she was still awake.

“Sure you’re OK?” Ellen asked from under the covers.

“Yeah…fine,” he replied before crawling back into bed himself.


Quit once again settled in the room. Other than the occasional rise in one of their exhales or the constant thrust of the wind outside, not a sound passed between Ellen and Adam for nearly five minutes. Still, they each could sense the other was awake.

“Damn…its really blowing out there,” Adam broke the silence.

“…Yeah,” Ellen’s half awake voice answered.

There were another couple of moments of dead air between the two as each struggled for anything tangible to say.

“There’s something on your mind, Adam?” Ellen finally prodded, sensing something weighing on her son’s mind as only a mother could. “Is it something at school?”

“No…school’s fine,” Adam replied calmly, now staring straight up at the ceiling, knowing he’d never find the polite words to explain what was keeping him up.

“So how’s Uncle Larry?” Adam asked, desperate for anything to change the subject.

“Oh…he’s better,” Ellen said, taking a few seconds to adjust to the sudden shift in topics. “He got out of the hospital last week…he’s just got to do a better job with his diet and losing some weight with his diabetes…other than that he should be fine.”

The two made some more benign small talk for a few minutes before the pall of silence once again sheathed the room.

Before he could stop himself, the memories that Adam had bottled up inside him suddenly found a voice.

“Remember when we got stuck at a place a lot like this a long time ago…I was 10 or so maybe. Got a flat coming back from Grandma’s after Christmas or Thanksgiving didn’t we…I remember it was cold,” Adam recollected.

“Yep…That it was,” Ellen agreed. “That sounds right…I’d just got the Camry earlier that year and I’m still driving the same damn car after all these years…It was Thanksgiving I think cause we had leftover Turkey in the car bringing it home.”

“It’s a pretty hazy memory, but didn’t some real nice man stop and help us?” Adam continued, only this time, his Mom didn’t seem to answer as quickly.

“…Yes…Yes he did,” Ellen finally said but her initial hesitation and vague difference in her tone caused Adam’s insides to squirm.

Adam allowed the last bit of dialogue to hang in the air, not on purpose, just simply because he couldn’t think of anything to say next. He could have simply just kept his mouth shut, closed his eyes and pretended to fall asleep and ended things right there. Instead, that horrible thing in the deepest and darkest pit of his psyche spoke up in that utter moment of weakness. The words had left his mouth before he could ever fathom the repercussions.

“Did you have sex with the guy?” Adam heard his own voice leave his lips with stoic, almost emotionless matter of factness.

The air seemed to get sucked completely from the room. Even though no immediate response came from Ellen’s mouth, Adam could feel a chill radiating from her.

“…Sex with who?” his Mom asked cautiously.

“The guy who stopped to help us that night…I remember opening my eyes just as you were walking out of the room right after you thought I’d fallen asleep…and you were gone for over an hour,” Adam continued, laying flat on his back and staring pensively up at the ceiling.

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