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A Night With My Neighbor

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It was about midnight and I decided to take my dog out for his last walk of the day. On the way home from the hockey game that night , since my wife was out of town, I’d stopped at the video store and purchased a little evening viewing, Oral Fixation 4, which I just let run in the VCR while I took the dog out.

After Duke took care of business I came back into our apartment building, there waiting for the elevator was my next door neighbor, Nicoletta, so I said hello. She’s in her late 20’s, single, and very cute, very petite, and Romanian.

We made small talk riding up the elevator then got to our apartments and I opened my door first and she could hear noises from inside — people enjoying themselves noises. Nic looked at me funny and I said, don’t worry, Karen is away for the weekend and I picked up a movie to entertain myself. She nodded, started to walk away, then turned around — “One of my ex-boyfriends always wanted to watch porn with me but I never would, would you mind if I borrowed that tape sometime? I’d like to give it a try — on my own.”

Before I knew it, I’d said “Well you’re welcome to come in and watch it with me.” And immediately, I thought oh no. But she started walking back my way. As soon as we walked in there was a huge guy doing a girl doggie style. Nicoletta watched the screen transfixed. Then it zoomed in and she said “No guy is really THAT big.” and as an afterthought — “and it’s too bad they aren’t.”

About that time, I was hoping she wasn’t looking in my direction — or my crotch’s direction. Next they showed this guy going down on his partner and her screaming in pleasure. Nic said “Just once, I wish I could find a guy who could make me orgasm that way. Karen is lucky, sharing a wall sometimes I can hear her scream. You must have a skilled tongue.”

With that they went back to the girl sucking the guy off — the movie was titled Oral Fixation– until the scene ended in the standard opened mouth cumshot.

Nicoletta looked at me, then at my pants this time. And I saw her eyes get big. Then she moved from her chair and parked herself, kneeling, between my legs.

“Look, it’s been a long time for me,” she said. “And clearly you were horny tonight or you wouldn’t have rented this video. So why don’t we forget the rules and just have some fun,” all as she unbuckled my belt. Who was I to object, and as she unbuckled my belt and slid my pants down, my erect cock popping out of my boxers, she said “Oh my god. Maybe they do make them that big for real. This might not fit.”

“Oh, it’ll fit”, I said. “Why do you think I have to lick Karen so much?”

She licked and played for a bit, then I pulled her up to me. I started unbuttoning her top as we kissed. Then I said, “Look, this is a one time, forget-the-world thing. So here’s what I want to do. Anything you want, anything you’ve ever imagined or fantasized, just tell me and we’ll do it.”

I heard her utter a “my god” but I couldn’t tell if it was from what I’d said or my hands lightly making their way from her breasts to that perfect spot on her side just above the belt line on the stomach that has a direct connection to the clit. Then she gasped “this is going to be a fun night.”

“Okay, anything?”, she said. “I’ve only ever been with two guys, my old college boyfriend, and this guy I dated last year. But there is a lot I’ve dreamed about.”

“Let’s start at the top of your list” I said, then moved my mouth to her right breast. Licking and sucking all around before finally lightly flicking my tongue over her nipple.

Between gasps she said “Ive always wanted a lover to talk dirty to me. Say anything, tell me what you want, tell me how I make you feel. And I’ve always wanted to talk diry in return.”

“Good,” I said. “For a long time, I’ve wanted to tell you how I’ve wanted my big cock in your tight little pussy. How much I’ve wanted to lick your little cunt, flick my tongue over your clit, and have your juices all over my face.”

“Oh god, that’s it. I can’t even imagine how good your enormous cock is going to feel almanbahis in my hot little cunt. Please don’t keep me waiting.”

“I think I’ve got some licking to do first” I said as I stopped sucking and licking her perky little B tits. Then picked her up and carried her toward my bedroom. I layed her down on her shoulders first, then pulled her pants and panties off as I layed her butt down.

I wanted to lick her pussy immediately, but I knew I should wait — or make her wait. So I started at her earlobes and kissed and sucked and said gently “God am I going to make you come tonight” as licked down her neck. “I’m wondering if you’re going to come more on my tongue, or more on my cock. What do you think?” And she only gasped as my hands moved down the outside of her right thigh.

Slowly I made my way down, “Finally” she gasped. “Lick my clit, I need you to lick my clit.”

“That’s it my dirty talking little girl. I like that. Tell me what else you want.” But I didn’t lick her clit. I licked around her pussy, avoiding her clit, then moved down and licked and kissed all the way down the inside of her right thigh. And the way down, massaging her calf, then over and up the other leg. Finally, I lifted her little ass in the air, and let my tongue glide down her crack, up through her slit and then had my tongue dart to the left before it would have made contact with her clit.

“You fucking evil bastard” she said with a pant. “God you make me feel so good.” Finally I conceded and covered her clit with my mouth. I let my tongue fly and dart over and around it. Faster than she ever knew a tongue could go, lightly then with more pressure, massaging her hard little clit. “Oh my god, that’s the kind of pussy eating man Ive been looking for, that’s it, don’t stop. My god that’s it. Jesus I’m so jealous of your wife. Oh stay right there.”

But I defied her wishes. And stopped, with one long lick back down into her pussy, my tongue reaching inside and up to try to reach her G-spot. Then I moved up and kissed her breasts. Rubbing my cheeks soaked with her pussy juice along her nipples to moisten them. I moved up and kissed her on the mouth then said “I love eating your pussy. First I’m going to lick you till you come then I’m going to fuck this tight pussy until you come again. And remember, any requests, just ask. Your wish is my command.”

And I dove back southward, this time using my right hand so that my middle finger was inside of her and my thumb was massaging just below her asshole. My left hand meanwhile was rubbing over her nipples, still wet from her own pussy juices.

“Oh god, Im getting close. That’s it. No one has ever made me feel like this.” Then I stopped again. And this time as I moved my body up to kiss her, I slowly entered her — all the way — extremely slowly. As my face moved in front of hers, I felt her breath leave her body. As if there was no room for both my cock and her breath inside of her. Twice she tried to catch her breath and failed. Then I pulled out and moved further up. My wet cock head touching her right nipple. Then my shaft running down the length of her nipple. Finally moving up further to rub the length of my shaft across the side of her neck — I love the feeling of a woman’s soft skin rubbing across my moist cock.

Finally I moved back down and started licking again. Then paused and said “I’m not stopping until I make you come this time. I’m too anxious to get my cock back in that pussy of yours.”

“Uh-huh” she whimpered in agreement.

So I licked and used both hands on her breasts before finally moving my left hand down and then used just one finger inside, making a come here motion to stimulate her G-spot while my tongue danced over and around her clit. When I knew she was getting close, I backed off once more and lifted her ass into the air. Then licked down her slit, let my tongue dance around between her cunt and asshole, then circled her little asshole. Then returned to her pussy. This was too much for her. Her breathing got louder and shorter, “Oh stay there, that’s it.” she cried, almanbahis giriş limited to one syllable words. “Ahhhhh- AHHHHHH” she cried with an explosion, her hands instinctively grabbing at the back of my head thrusting it further into her snatch. Her moans continued and heightened as I tried to lick even faster and faster, then finally they began to subside — “I need you inside me RIGHT NOW.”

So enter I did. With one hard, deep thrust. All the way. And again her breath escaped her. But this time I pulled almost all the way out, slowly, letting her regain her breath, before slowly entering again. Then sliding out nearly all the way, then plunging forcefully back in. “Stop” she said to my surprise. “Wait” as she turned over then put her ass in the air. Then she barked, a mild, sexy little “woof-woof”.

I positioned my cockhead at the gaping entrance and pounded inward, holding the tops of her legs then moved my hands up to her butt as I moved in and out. “I knew from the first day I saw you in the elevator that you liked it doggie style,” I said. “I’ve never known a girl with an ass as perfect as yours who didn’t like to point it up at a guy while she was getting fucked.”

“Mmm. That’s it, harder” she cried.

“God I could come just watching my cock slide in and out of your pussy” I said. Then I took my right hand and gave a very gentle little spank to her ass — just to see if she’d like it. I was guessing she would.

“Fuck yeah,” she gasped. “Do it again”.

I was pounding in and out, enjoying the view with every thrust, and occassionaly spanking that perfect little ass. Then I pulled out, I couldn’t take it anymore, looking at that perfect little asshole, and I moved down and pulled her cheeks apart and kissed it and licked. Then one long stroke of my tongue to her pussy. “Mmmmm” I moaned.

“My turn”, she said as she pushed me back and climbed on top of me. Her tiny hand felt so good as it held my shaft while she was easing her body down onto my cock.

Now she was bouncing up and down on top of me for all she was worth. Reaching one hand back to fondle my balls. God how I love that. “For only being with two guys before, you’re the hottest little slut I’ve ever fucked” I said. Testing my borders with the dirty talk she requested.

“I love being your little slut” she said, then she put one hand on either side of my head and leaned over me so her tits were hanging in my face. As she bounced up and down, I licked and sucked. Then held one nipple between my teeth and she bounced up and down. My hands on her ass, pulling her ass check apart as to apply more pressure to her clit.

“God I’m going to come again” she said. “I’ve never come from fucking before. Can you hold yours?”

“Yeah” I moaned, “I don’t want this to end”. So she bounced up and down harder and faster, again reaching a screaming climax.

After she came, I flipped us over so I was on top. “Wait,” she said, and wrapped her arms around her knees, pulling her knees up to her ears, lifting her butt a few inches off the bed. “Just fucking ream my cunt with that big thing.”

So I went at it. I’d never been able to fuck this hard, this fast for this long before. It’s a good think I’d already beat off watching the movie that night.

“You’re unbelieveable,” I said. “God Im close to coming”

“Another request?” she gasped between poundings….

“Any” bamn “thing” … I said.

“Pull out and come on my tits, then come in my mouth like the movie.” While I knew she wanted me to jack off on her like the actor in the movie, I didn’t really want to leave this tight, wet cunt, but rules were rules and promises promises.

“I don’t know if I can do both…” and with that I knew I’d gone to far. All the high speed thrusts plus her magic words “come in my mouth” had taken me past the point of no return. I pulled out and moved up and landed one good shot between her tits, then I moved upward again, stream two landing a bit on her chin before she opened her mouth and I finished jerking off into her mouth while she sucked the almanbahis yeni giriş end.

“My god you’re the hottest thing I’ve ever come in, on, or near” I said as I used the tip of my cock to scoop up the come off of her chin and put it back in her mouth.

She swallowed and said “Mmmm. I’ve never done that before.” Then I kissed her, my tongue entering her mouth, to show my gratitude. Then I moved down to lick it into her pussy, again . She was now totally relaxed and spent so I stayed there and very gently and lovingly licked her pussy.

“I could lick this pussy all night, Nic,” I said.

“Well I just might let you,” she replied. I kept licking softly until she was on the verge of another orgasm. “I hope your hard again,” she said, “cause I always need fucked right after I come from oral.” So as I kept licking, I reached down between my own legs and rubbed myself so I’d be ready for her. Then, very calmly this time, she approached her orgasm. It was long and not nearly as loud as the first, but she seemed to enjoy the length and transquility of this one as I slowly with long strokes kept licking her clit.

When she was done coming, she flipped over on her flat stomach and I entered her again. This time with her legs together in a prone position, my legs outside of hers, she was remarkably tight. I could tell that my movements were causing the sheets to rub against her clit this way. I was taking long, slow, penetrations to match the way I’d just eaten her out.

“Just seeing your perfect little ass below me makes me think I’m in heaven” I said.

“Nope you’re only in Chicago” she replied. “… And in a Romanian” she grinned and turned her head around. “Another request” she said, then a pause. “… I’m sort of hesitant to ask.” I stopped moving and layed down on her. My chest resting on her back, me still inside of her.

“Anything for you tonight, you know the rules. Whatever you want,” I whispered in her ear then put my ear near her mouth as she whispered her fantasy to me.

We changed positions again as I lay on my back and she mounted me facing away from me. I loved getting to see her pretty face and perfect tits, but I wasn’t disappointed to watch her ass bounce up and down as her pussy clinched my cock.

She held my knees as she bounced up and down and with my long arms I reached up and fondled her breasts. Then I pulled her back down so she was laying on top of me, both of us looking upward. I pounded harder and moved my right hand to play with her clit while my left hand stayed on her tits. My large hand spanning both smaller breasts, playing with both nipples simultaneously.

“That’s it, Im going to come again” she said, as I quickened my pace. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, ahhhhh” Then after she finished coming, she leaned back forward so she was perpindicular to me and kept bouncing up and down.

Finally I said “Im going to come. I don’t think your pussy is big enough for my cock and all the come I’m about to fill it with.”

“Try me stud” she said.

She reached under her to play with my balls while I came with a loud cry. I could feel four or five strong bursts leaving my cock and entering her pussy. Then she got her last wish as she turned around and moved up and positioned her pussy right over my face. I could already see my thick white come oozing out of her.

My tongue dove into her pussy. Feeling my own juices gliding back down out of her.

“God I’ve dreamed of this. You’re so sexy. Lick my cum filled pussy.”

I tried to say something but it was impossible with her grinding her cunt in my face.

She had one knee on each side of my head and both hands on the head board while I had both hands on her ass. Pulling her towards me.

She came with another loud squeal. And fell off of my face, onto her back, and passed out, exhausted and satiated.

I was hard again, so I wiped my face, kneeled to the side of her and started to beat off. At one point I rubbed my shaft across her cheek, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin on my shaft. Then I continued to stroke myself over her, appreciated her perfect body. I came a few minutes later, over her sleeping body, over her small, perky breasts and tight stomach. Then nestled in beside her, kissed a cheek, and said “See you in the morning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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