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A Not So Prim , Proper Wife Ch. 05

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Our story so far: A hospitalized Tessa is unable to account for her whereabouts or happenings, while a dead neighbor lies decomposing in his home, where she was found partially nude, and trapped under his obese, lifeless body. With his seminal fluids in and on her, it adds to the confusion and the consternation. Surrounded by police, she is unable to answer their questions, and they are suspicious of that. Meanwhile, her husband, who has been having his own difficulties, cannot raise her on the phone, which lies alone, ringing in their fire-damaged home.

Two would-be paramours, Ofi and Andre, are in the off-ground, though at least one has plans in play, for Tessa, and possibly for Dan as well…

To remind the readers, the Author has been writing this series of stories at the request of a friend. The descriptions and behaviors, as well as incidents and developments are all written with the goal of satisfying those requests of the friend. Due to this, while constructive criticism is welcomed, anonymous, or otherwise spiteful, hurtful, or denigrating commentaries will be ignored, if not outright reported to the hosting site.

The Author hopes that the audience enjoys this series to the fullest…


“I don’t remember…” Tessa replied. The latest query had been nothing but a re-hash of the last several.

“How did you get there? Who else was present? Why were you there? Are you and the deceased lovers? Did you fight?” The list of questions the female police officer asked. The wording was different, and the order of them varied, but they all boiled down to the same thing. “Tell us what happened?” They wanted to know. She couldn’t, because she didn’t.

“I want to go home now, please.” Tessa started to insist. “I haven’t done anything. It’s like I told you… The last thing I remember was putting some chicken and rice on the stove. The next thing I know, I’m here, and I’m feeling really groggy. I want to know where my clothes are, and why you are yelling at me?” Tessa, for her own part, had been pushing her own line of questions, and was beginning to sob in frustration. These were questions to which the police either could not, or would not answer, including being able to call her husband. That was beginning to really irk her. Proper wife or not, she was beginning to lose her temper, and she snapped at them, finally. “Either let me call my husband, or get out!”

A police detective, however, did not appreciate her circumstance, or her attitude, and barked back. “Lady, you are luck you are not in jail right now, so tell us what you know!”

“I already told you! I don’t remember! I don’t know anything!” Tessa replied sharply, and she began to cry now. Why would they listen to her?

The last exchange caught not only the doctor’s attention, but the nurse’s as well. Coming from the nurses’ station, she barged in and in a hushed, but very direct tone, asked the police a question in general. “Is my patient under arrest?”

“No.” the policewoman replied.

“Then get out.” The nurse instructed. “You will not badger my patient anymore. Or show me a warrant that allows you to hold her. Until then, she is my responsibility, not yours, and you no longer have the right to speak to her in my ER. She is under my care, and she is not leaving right now.”

The nurse’s sharp tone left no room for discussion. They were the police, but this was the emergency room, and this was her domain. She carried a multitude of the tools of her trade, including a stethoscope, and knew how to use them all, even better than some physicians. Even doctors tread lightly around angry nurses. Tessa’s nurse was growing mighty upset, indeed, as Mama Bear Nurse had come out to play. “She will not be able to answer any more of your questions right now, she needs a vitamin shot.” The nurse tersely concluded, as she injected some vitamins into Tessa’s vein. For Tessa, almost immediately, the lights went out, her eyes rolling back in her head, and her body went limp.

“What was that you just gave her?” The detective asked with his serious, even upset tone.

“I told you. A vitamin injection. The fact she went to sleep means she was badly in need of it, and probably fluids. Go home, or where ever it is you go when you aren’t bothering my patients.”

As the detective and officers left, the nurse walked back to the nurses’ station and discarded the needle in a Sharps container. “What vitamin did you give her?” The doctor who was observing the whole scenario asked. He had been content to let the nurse do the fighting for him. The last thing he wanted was more hassles with insurance, lawyers, or the police. “I didn’t prescribe anything.”

The nurse gave a very Cheshire-cat’s smile. “Vitamin H, for Haldol. Now sign here.” And she held out the medical chart, for the doctor to sign off on the drug, which gave Tessa some peace for the next few hours.


Dan, for his part, was still in his hotel room, fuming. His wife had some very serious explaining to do. Her cell phone went unanswered, and the home phone was just gave some out of service notification. Had she left the phone Isparta Escort off the hook? If she didn’t want to be disturbed, it could only be for one reason. She was cheating on him, and it had to be with that black guy, her boss. In his mind’s eye, he could envision her, right this very moment, nude on their satin sheets, her slender, trim, buxom form sliding along the slippery bedding, as she was lewdly kissing her black lover.

Her tongue was intertwined with his, as his thick lips left a gap to display their mutual lust and Tessa’s wantonness, the sharing of saliva easily observed. Her soft voice mewing as his long, thin, dark fingers cupped each breast fully, his palms rubbing her nipples as he squeezed her melons, making her nipples grow to their full hardness, her long blonde hair trailing to the pillows, pooling there as her head swiveled in their deep French kiss.

Ofi’s fingers were digging into Tessa’s skin, the near-coal black skin contrasting against his wife’s soft, gently tanned flesh, his groping making sure to mark her breasts in multiple points about and along her breasts. The kiss breaking and that flat-nosed African face burrowing into her neck, a long, series of kisses hitting her erogenous areas, making her legs softly splay widely for him, as his thick lips latched onto her below her ear, and then suckled hard as he bit her.

Tessa felt it, the sting of his hickey beginning, as his suction broke her fragile blood vessels, a deep, dark oval purple bruise forming, one that would take over a week to heal, if not more. Tessa’s own hands were gently caressing and feeling her black lover, long nails gently trailing along the back of his neck, allowing her to feel his muscles and sinews below his oily shimmering skin. Their communication was not words, but a far more primal level, her blue eyes fluttering open as she looked into his dark ones, her soul bared to him as she gave him that sift, sexy smile she had used to give only Daniel. Yet Ofi now had it, her smile, as he had her body.

But the smile turned into a look of shock and her voice emitted a loud wail, while her back arched, her slickness having been poked open, and violated, as she felt her lover’s cock slide into her. She took him whole, and as he buried himself inside her to the hilt, resting on top of her to let her tightness stretch to accommodate his long shaft, she gave him that smile again, and parted her lips to kiss him. His tongue, however, didn’t kiss her, but attacked her lips, and inside her mouth, sweeping a wide circle, along her gums, and her teeth, while she simply whimpered. Her hands, which had been on her lover’s body, fell aside, limply, as she felt it. It was his power, his strength, and his will, in short his domination of her. Impaled as she was, and her mouth now held prisoner by his exploring tongue, she, in that moment, became his.

She let her long lashes flutter closed, as her red-painted lips surrendered, her soft whimpers turning to purrs, and then moaning. She could feel her will wilting away. She was being subjugated, and she was losing her identity as Dan’s wife, but becoming Ofi’s woman. She was beginning to fall in love.

Then his thrusting began. His pulled back his hips, and then slowly pushed them forward, his pace would ever increase, yet his depths would not change. Fully, long, and firm, his pubic bone would bash her clit, making her voice utter a soft cry, as she felt a pang of pleasure for each invasion of her vaginal walls. Her lips would gape open, and her breathing grew heavier, and harder, until she was panting, each breath accompanied by a soft cry.

Ofi’s thrusts were hard, now, as was his intense gaze. “Tonight you get my baby, my wife.” He would command her, and she could only reply through her breaths.

“Yes… yes… Cum in me, Ofi, cum in me… Give me your black child, my husband!” and she then shuddered, wailing as she was lost in the shattering throes of a climax, her writhing body finally being flooded with Ofi’s semen when he bellowed out his own release, his mighty male warrior visibly pumping his virile seed into her fertile garden, inseminating her, and giving her newly released egg a battle for life.

Falling back, she broke into a wide grin, and Tessa then reached her arms up to around Ofi’s neck, and she spoke happily to him. “I love you, Ofi.”

“I love you too, Tess…” Ofi spoke, using Dan’s shortened name for the lover in his clutches. Then Tessa gasped.

“I felt it… that… that ping?” She said, unsure of what to call it. “My Love…” she resumed, using her pet name for Daniel, only saying it to Ofi. “I’m pregnant with your child!” Then she lifted her head up to kiss her new man, a long, loving, deep kiss, as they became a couple.

The last shook Dan from his reverie, and he looked about. He was still in his hotel room, alone, the illumination of the laptop screen’s glow as the only source of light in the room. The thought infuriated him, his emotions growing heated. The black hands were on his wife, his woman, and those were his nipples he was playing with. Those were her lips he was kissing, and it was his Isparta Escort Bayan tongue that should be swapping spit with his wife, not some interloping asshole. But the image would not go away.

It was then Daniel noticed something. He had a full-hardness erection. Looking at the clock, he realized he had enough time to take a shower, and get the day started, perhaps using the hot water to help relief his newfound tension. He uttered a curse in frustration. He wouldn’t be home until that evening.


Tessa had made it home, courtesy of a taxi voucher from the hospital. It had been hours since she was rescued, and the only evidence left of her night was the police tape securing Roberto’s front door, warning visitors it was a crime scene and not to cross, and her own front door, which was boarded shut. Thick plywood had been nailed to the frame, and there was no way to open it.

Wearing only a set of green hospital scrubs, the remainder of her personal effects were held in a plastic hospital bag. The content was exactly one short pink satin robe, without a sash. She looked about as she made her way up the driveway, her car still present and locked, only seeing a paperboy throwing his newspapers several houses down, and heading away from her. It was around 3 o’clock in the morning, and yet she wasn’t even the least bit tired, because the Haldol-induced nap had given her a deep sleep, and refreshment. Realizing she couldn’t get into her house, she sighed and uttered a soft “Shit!” and made her way to the back. She couldn’t remember if she had locked the back sliding doors to the kitchen or her bedroom, so hopefully she could get in that way?

The neighborhood was dead quiet, and dark as night would be. Making it to her backyard, she saw her bedroom sliding door, it, too, was boarded shut. “Shit…”

Then she moved farther over, and found a pair of big plywood panels, one nailed to the sliding door frame, and another lying against it. Her shoulders slumped in frustration. “Really?” she exclaimed in despair. She had to quickly glance around, for her outburst had been loud, and she was fearful of waking the neighbors. To do so would be impolite, and that wasn’t what proper wives did!

Making her way, exploring, a little further, she was relieved to find that her back kitchen slider was actually open! She could get home! She broke into a smile of relief as she stepped through the open door. Then she frowned as her bare feet felt some debris on the floor. Looking back, she inspected the doorway. The door was actually locked closed, but the glass was gone!

It explained what she was stepping on, the small, tiny shards of safety glass, though not as many as she would have expected. The firemen must’ve cleaned up a little, she thought. Then the scent of smoke and burned wood hit her nostrils, and she blanched. “Evidently they could have cleaned a bit more.” She muttered aloud. Crossing the kitchen gingerly, in case there was something dangerous on the floor, she reached the light switch and flicked it on. The room was still bathed in darkness. Flicking the switch on and off didn’t help. Then she looked at the clock, and realized it was dark, too. “Dammit!” She spoke with more frustration. There was no electricity, probably turned off by the fire department.

Dark adjusted, her eyes now let her see hints of her kitchen. The stove had obviously been the source of the fire, and her microwave oven and cupboards were destroyed, as were some cabinets and kitchen tools, like the toaster. Some favored wall-décor was also incinerated, along with some photos, and the ceiling had some holes and scorch marks. She couldn’t tell how bad it really was until daylight, but all she could do was shake her head, and start to leak a few tears. Daniel was going to just kill her! Then she gasped. Her cell phone!

Reaching into the cabinet across the kitchen, she drew out a small emergency flashlight. The batteries were low, if not near-dead, but it gave her enough illumination to see, and she started across the kitchen to search the house for her phone. It was a common problem she had, of setting it down, and forgetting where. Many a time, Daniel was bitching at her for losing track of it, as the search was making them late for an engagement. It was aggravating to her, and almost enraging to Daniel.

It wasn’t on the dining room table, which had been pushed aside, probably by the firemen, and it wasn’t in the living room, either. Checking the den, she saw nothing out of the ordinary, and no phone. Moving next to Dan’s home office, she swept the room carefully with the flashlight, and there it was, on the far side, and it suddenly popped into her head why it was there. Having come home, she went to drop the mail on Dan’s desk, and set her phone down as she thumbed through it. Picking it up, she held the flashlight and with her well-versed thumb, swept the phone to life. Nothing happened.

Pushing the side button, she tried to manually turn it on. She started pushing all the buttons in frustration, but again, nothing happened. The phone was dead, the battery already low Escort Isparta when she got home, and then Dan’s nearly incessant calling draining the battery as the phone’s vibration setting wore it down to death. “SHIT!” She exclaimed loudly! Inside her house, she had little to fear about excess noise, and she dropped her phone back on her husband’s desk.

The flashlight then fell to the ground, the bulb winking out in the concussion with the ground and enveloping the room back total in darkness. It fell as Tessa was grabbed from behind, a firm hand clamped over her lips before she could scream. A dark, menacing voice spoke to her ear, as another hand reached around her waist, hefting her up into the air slightly. “Remember me, Mrs. Lang?” A bad chill ran down her spine, as Andre held her tightly, pulling her backwards.


Daniel had set himself down in a meeting, the one meeting that mattered. He was clearly exhausted, and yet seated across a conference table from two men, who were an unlikely pair. Both men were of different races from Daniel, and each other, and the heavy accents and cultural differences were making his day difficult. Just saying the usual business pleasantries took a seemingly forever to Daniel. Finally ready for business, he opened his folio and started by apologizing.

“Gentlemen, I do so apologize for what misunderstandings went on during our last meeting. I am thankful that you allowed me this time to meet, and hopefully clear up the issues, so we can move on for the better of both our companies…” the tone was cordial, and very polite. Daniel knew his proverbial ass was on the line. The problem was, he didn’t have a chance. Both of the other men had a different idea in mind, a rather buxom young associate of Dan’s, who had made an initial contact after Dan’s last failed meeting. Her sweet smile, soft perfume, and revealing business attire had certainly captured their attention, and it was her work that had gotten Dan’s foot back in the door. He just didn’t know they were about to slam it shut and break his ankle.

“I think we wish a new representative.” The man from India said. He was dashing, in a dark, mysterious way a woman would find attractive, and had no real dispute with Dan, other than his lack of creativity at times, but if Dan could be replaced by a very attractive blonde, then he was going to do his best to make that happen.

The news was deafening to Daniel, for he knew their words were crushing his career as they spoke them. “But why? What have I done?” Dan asked.

“Nothing.” The Indian man’s partner said. His own accent was a thick Mandarin, with the difficult to comprehend lack of certain consonants that Dan and other English speakers took for granted. “That is your problem. You do not inspire us to succeed, while the young lady does. She is our new choice.”

The Indian man shared a side-glance, nod and smile with his Mandarin counterpart. This wasn’t about business, it was about sex, and neither of them wanted to have sex with Dan. The very young woman, however, would do nicely. Petite, with a set of C-cup breasts, and a trim figure, she was a beauty, indeed, with a smile only the finest dentist could provide. She came from old money, actually, and her parents knew the Indian man from past business dealings. So a deal had been struck. Get the woman into Dan’s job, get her the experience she needed for her career, and then she would be off to her next venture. The father’s business would gain extra profits from the increased sales, and the men would get eye-candy and perhaps more business as well. Whether either man would bed the woman was their problem. Dan, however, was simply a throw-away, and would be discarded. Who cared about a dedicated man when they could have a smoking hot woman to deal with, and hopefully inseminate?

Dan sat back in shock. Reverse sexism? How ludicrous! Dan had years of experience, and an excellent track record, at least until these powerful clients had changed their views. Dan was screwed, and he knew it, so he simply and politely made his excuses and departed, his voice furious as he telephoned his supervisor with the news. Dan knew he had to strike first, to save his career.

The conversation was short, but not overly so. He gave his report, and his suspicions, and was given simple directions. Go home, and report to the office on Monday at 10:00 AM, where his future would be announced. So Dan did just that, and worked his phone and travel arrangements, to get an earlier flight home. Then he went to the airport to wait for his 5 hour flight. He would be home mid-afternoon, local time.

Dan called home to try and reach his wife. The phone company automated message rang with three loud tones, and announced that the number was not in service. The service had been cut by the fire department the night before, along with the electricity. He tried Tessa’s cell phone again, but it went directly to a message. “The mailbox is full, and cannot receive any new messages.” Followed by a sharp disconnect. It was his fault; of course, Dan had called his wife near-constantly, perhaps fifteen times, leaving messages of various duration and tones. These, coupled with the normal messages she had in her account, had locked him out until he got home. Dan was left to stew in agony. No wife, no office, no nothing. Dan felt like an island in the middle of an airport terminal flooded with people.

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