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A Piece of Art Pt. 02

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WARNING: This chapter includes the following “kinks”: futa x female, chubby, growth, dick growth, expansion, hyper sizes, cum inflation, height growth, exhibitionism, giantess

ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18+ and older!


Grace bit her lip when she came closer and slowly reached out to the futa’s most tempting asset.

“Don’t be scared, I would never hurt you” Christina grinned.

Barely a second later she felt the overly eager student’s hand caressing her bulbous glans.

“I…am not…” Grace replied. She tried to sound atleast half as aroused as she actually felt.

“Mmmmhhh… and I appreciate that” the futa gasped and her cock pulsated once more mightily and expanded again -to the blonde teen’s utter delight.

With the young artist being this close she actually heard Christina’s veins thicken and her taut skin stretch. The sound was music in her ears.

“Come…” Christina whispered and slowly took a few steps back towards the bed in the middle of the odeon, while Grace’s hand refused to let go of the pulsating meatpole.

The teenager soaked through her pants and left a small puddle of her dripping juices across the floor with only more excitement and anticipation building up inside of her.

“You don’t need to hold anything back, my dear,” the massive futa said “I will enjoy it if you do. Don’t you worry, you can get kinky!”

The amazon’s green eyes lightened up as they reached the bed and her smaller lover pushed herself onto her huge endowments.

Grace didn’t ask for permission and directly assaulted the redhead’s balls. She was stunned by the weight of the burgeoning orbs full of cum and completely hypnotized by the scent radiating from the pre cum leaking shaft.

“Oh my … god. You smell amazing!” Grace muttered.

“I just wanted to say the same about you” Christina said.

The chunky art student blushed, feeling more honoured by the compliment of the inhumanly hung futa than anything she experienced during her time at the college.

“Th..thank you” she whispered and continued fondling with the redhead’s scrotum.

Christina patiently let Grace enjoy this on her terms and was enthralled when her smaller lover finally took a more proactive approach and shifted her attention on her more needy parts.

Just as the part-time lewd internet artist lifted Christina’s overly filled orbs she discovered where the futa’s intoxicating scent was really originating from.

Her fingers reached and gently teased the amazon’s puffy lips and immediately found the impressively engorged clit of her huge partner.

“Took you long enough” Christina mused and leaned back.

The bed let out a loud desperate squeal when she crashed down to offer Grace a better view at her wet cunt.

“You… are so big. Everywhere. I mean… I think I could fit my whole head inside of it!” Grace muttered.

“I assure you, you could. But is this what you REALLY want?”

“N-no… I don’t think so.”

Grace pulled her curious hand back from Christina’s meaty pussy and looked straight into the futa’s angelic eyes.

“I want… this!”

The small blonde pushed Christina’s proud member down with both hands and literally mounted the throbbing beast, just like she daydreamed about from the first moment she laid her eyes on it.

Her hands went up and down the constantly stretching and pulsating prick with veins popping in and out of view with every increasingly accelerating heartbeat by the futa.

Christina contently grinned and got back on her feet.

Her cock effortlessly lifted the young artist up and hardened noticeable between Grace’s thick thighs.

“Mmmh… you are right. This IS better” the futa purred and her pinched her nipples directly in front the drooling human. “But do you know what would be even better?”

“Tell me…” Grace grinned.

“If you’d also be naked! Show me your beautiful body Grace.”

The chubby blonde blushed and almost laughed out loud. Calling her body beautiful while facing Christina’s was like comparing a child’s doodles to the Mona Lisa.

“Ok…” Grace said timidly and quickly obeyed by opening the buttons on her shirt, revealing her enticing set of double D’s in her dark bra.

“Mmmh… that’s it.” Christina gasped and her own tits gained easily another cup-size within a split second.

Grace continued to undress like she was told and seeing Christina’s genuine excitement and ongoing growth made her body quiver with arousal.

The young blonde stripped down ontop of the futa’s gargantuan meatpole. It seemed to be a bit too slow for Christina’s taste though, who eagerly helped her getting out of her utterly dampened jeans.

“Almost there!” the hung amazon grinned and removed Grace’s bra and thong with one quick swoop of her now much bigger hands compared to when she entered the room.

Any self-doubt about her figure disappeared, even while facing such an impossibly erotic woman like Christina.

All she was looking forward to was what hopefully bakırköy escort would be coming next.

“Look at that. You are even more gorgeous when you are naked” Christina said calmly and groped the student’s sizable bosom. “A beautiful woman which knows exactly what she wants…mmmh… I love that!”

Her green eyes flickered for a split second in an odd shade of blue before turning back to her usual piercing green colour.

“Christina?” Grace asked.

“Yes, my dear?”

“Are you… I mean… what are you? Or… are you even real?”

“Does it really matter?”

“Not really… well…maybe… I want to believe that this is not just a dream ya know…”

Grace looked down at the monstrous member throbbing between her thighs and stroked it gently before returning her gaze to Christina.

The redhead just looked amused and smiled knowingly.

“Usually most start freaking out at this point. Realizing that they aren’t dealing with anything they ever met before. But you… you just hope it’s real. I think that’s why I chose you, Grace. You wanted this to happen… all of this. And enjoy it.”

Christina laid both hands on Grace’s chunky hips and pulled her closer, practically rubbing the blonde’s gushing pussy all over her cock in the process. Both let out a moan in the process.

Their breasts collided with the futa’s huge rack easily dwarfing Grace’s puny DD’s.

“Even if you doubt that this is really happening, I’d say we can make the most of it. Don’t you agree?”


Her right hand lifted her cock, including Grace, up, while her lips closed in on the blonde’s.

They met. And Grace’s mind was drifting away from reality as she lost herself in the ongoing fight of their tongues over dominance.

Saliva was soon dripping down her chin as she tried to keep up with Christina and compensate for the difference in size with eagerness.

Judging by Christina’s moans and how passionately she cupped Grace’s bare tits the artist assumed she did things right enough.

It was also no surprise to her that the futa was an exquisite kisser. She was never overwhelming despite dominating the blonde teen, nor did she back down at all.

“Just perfect” Grace thought and rubbed her chunky thighs around the pulsating piece of girlmeat and felt veins push into her chubby flesh with a frantic rhythm.

Christina’s overgrown hands reached lower and each of them firmly took hold of Grace’s buttocks, fondling and increasingly eagerly groping the girl’s voluptuous ass.

Grace came again within seconds.

The young artist couldn’t even start to think about how long the two were making out, but the second their lips parted she felt like even an eternity wouldn’t be enough.

Christina concluded their kiss with a playful smooch on Grace’s lips and for a moment left the blonde in the dark what would come next. Whatever it would be, it surely would only be pure bliss and ecstasy.

“What a kiss” Christina said. Her voice oozed with admiration.

All that Grace took away though, was how even the futa’s voice now transcended beyond mere “sex appeal” and reached almost orgasmic proportions. Just like her body.

Seeing the redhead’s fired-up green eyes peak out from under her now sweaty curls hanging down all the way onto her massive bosom filled Grace with a sense of accomplishment.

It wasn’t the only filling she craved though. But all in due time.


“Yes, my dear?”

“Can I ask you a favour?”

“Anything you want.”

“Can you… make them grow while I play with them?” Grace asked.

She pushed Christina’s gargantuan tits together, admired their firmness and shape for a split second before leaning in to assault the futa’s closer massive mammary.

“Of course, … mmmh… yessss” the futa gasped and the moment Grace’s lips reached their target they engorged even more.

In her past experiences with women Grace always took her sweet time while sucking on nipples. She knew how much pleasure this brought to her partners and loved the sensation herself, but Christina’s overgrown nipple felt more like it was meant to be worshipped like a cock instead of tender kisses.

Grace felt herself being pushed back as more and more titflesh piled up before her and the nipple in her mouth got even thicker.

“Mmmore…Grace… MORE!” Christina moaned.

Her cock flexed between Grace’s legs and pushed them further apart while the artist was almost starting to choke.

In the meantime, the hall was filled with the sounds of Christina’s flesh stretching and her balls churning louder with gallons of cum.

Soon Grace noticed something … odd. Not that much could surprise her anymore, considering by the situation she found herself in, but she tasted a strange flavour in her mouth.

“Milk?!” she muttered. But it only came out as another muffled moan.

“THAT’S IT! YESS!” Christina yelled.

Her nipples erupted and unloaded into the teen’s unprepared beşiktaş escort mouth. The steady stream soon turned into a tidal wave of Christina’s delicious milk.

Grace struggled to match the still growing teat’s output and soon her cheeks bulged outwards as the milk was pouring down her gullet.

“DRINK IT ALL!! ALL OF IT!!” the redhead’s husky voice ordered and Grace had to oblige.

She gulped down what felt like litre after litre and it didn’t look like Christina was slowing down any time soon.

Quite the opposite in fact.

Christina’s nipple once more gained an inch and now rivalled an above average man’s penis in length and girth. This only increased her output even further.

Grace couldn’t keep up and simply wasn’t prepared to get deepthroated by a nipple that simultaneously threatened to drown her.

Her belly started to feel beyond full, almost like she gave in on one of the late-night meals she tried her hardest to avoid. Now she’d had the full course… and then some.

She craved for oxygen, but also couldn’t get enough from the sound of Christina’s voice trembling as orgasmic bliss overtook her.

The futa’s screams almost overshadowed the constant splattering of milk on the ground, which came from her other, neglected, nipple – only adding to the puddle that Grace left during her continuous climaxes.

“What a shame…all this delicious milk” was the only thing Grace’s mind was able to come up with, even when her vision got increasingly blurry.

Her body quivered amidst another mind shattering orgasm, to savour the last bit of this inhumanly intense experience before she’d inevitably pass out.

“What a shame…”

Grace’s belly swelled through all stages of pregnancy and made her look like she was expecting triplets and just when she thought she couldn’t hold on any longer the flood abruptly stopped.

Almost enraged by this she let go of the overgrown teat.

“Why di-…” she gasped before she realised how desperately she needed to breath and coughed up some of the tasty white liquid.

“Take it easy, Grace. I… got a bit carried away. I am sorry” Christina said.

The smaller blonde laid back ontop of the futa’s even meatier fuckpole and took a few breaths before her senses and breath fully returned.

She could tell by just looking up to the, now way closer looking ceiling, how much Christina grew.

“You…are full of surprises” Grace muttered.

“So are you” Christina smirked and rubbed the exhausted girl’s milk-filled belly. “It’s been a while since someone was able to take so much without losing consciousness. Especially a first timer. I am impressed.”

“Thank you… but you could have warned me” the artist laughed.

“It wouldn’t have been a surprise then” Christina mused.

The two shared a short-breathed laugh and Grace wondered for a second how comfortable resting ontop of Christina’s cock felt.

Almost like a warm… and throbbing… bed? Grace silently laughed at that comparison. Well, in terms of width it more resembled a tree log and matched the blonde’s waist. She could only fantasize about the sheer length of it yet. Gosh, she couldn’t wait to give this hulking behemoth the treatment it deserved.

“So… what are we doing next?” Christina asked rhetorically and flexed her monstrous member to point out the obvious option.

“Mmh… I got an idea or two” Grace said.

Her body felt heavy and sore already, but nothing would stand between her and taking as much as she possible could from this outrageously gorgeous cock.

The blonde groaned as she turned around, the fatigue in her core spreading to her legs and arms. Atleast Christina’s dick was now easily wide enough that she didn’t have to bother about keeping her balance on top.

“Oh my god! You are HUGE!” she screamed.

With her now actually seeing the ground below and the glans stretching several feet from her, Christina’s staggering height was revealed.

“Yes, you made me grow quite a bit. Not a bad start, my dear.”

“Start?! Wait a second?! I did that?! You are fucking … I don’t know… 10 feet tall!”

“I would say more around 11 feet, but yes. Just like I said, I will enjoy it when you enjoy it. And there is nothing that I enjoy more than growing!” Christina chuckled for a moment and moaned loudly as her whole body, including Grace ontop of her cock, stretched a few inches further towards the ceiling.

The young artist didn’t know how to react. This had to be a dream. No way in hell could she possibly be responsible for turning Christina into such a … goddess. Yes, goddess would be the perfect word to describe her.

“Don’t you believe me?” Christina smirked while sensing Grace’s doubts.

She leaned forward to whisper something into the tiny human’s ear.

“Do you see your schoolmates over there?”

She pointed at the odeon and at the students that still sat on their designated places, petrified and most frozen in the act of self-indulgence, beylikdüzü escort like lewd statues.


“What if I tell you I could make them see us. You and me, while we have some fun. Is that something an exhibitionist like you could enjoy?” Christina said calmly, but huskily enough to make her offer that much more enticing.

Grace always loved the thrill of potentially being seen during sex. She sometimes even got out of her ways to get fucked on public toilets or in the gym shower – and it was enthralling.

“How would Christina know about that though?” she should have wondered, but instead the voice inside her head only screamed “Just fucking do it!”

And she once more chose, against better judgement, to go along with Christina’s increasingly impossible path to pure sexual bliss.

“I… would actually love that…a lot…” she admitted.

“I know. Here we …go, Grace.” Christina huskily moaned and within moments the other student’s eyes came back to life.

While their bodies weren’t allowed to gave into their desperate need to masturbate, their eyes instead were immediately drawn to Grace ontop of Christina’s loudly throbbing behemoth.

The blonde teen spotted many eyes from her classmates travel over her plump set of DD’s, even the “oh so perfect” Stacey mutely drooled when seeing her seatmate’s cumfilled belly.

The hole room looked at her and Christina and just knowing that they couldn’t do anything about it, then staring in disbelief and envy was nothing less than orgasmic.

“Oh god… soo…” Grace started to moan until another epic climax silenced her.

Christina’s reaction followed moments after. The blonde’s juices didn’t even fully drip down from the futa’s cock as her already gargantuan body expanded outwards.

Her member swelled in thunderous surges, while her balls loudly smashed into her thighs. Her whole body joined in as she stretched herself towards the ceiling and destroyed the perception of Grace that she was already massive. That was really just the beginning.

“Sooo…good!” Christina concluded with a loud scream and shot pre-cum all over the marble rows.

The few student’s fortunate enough not to get their faces covered in cum were bewildered but eagerly following Grace’s literal rise upwards towards the ceiling – with the rest of Christina’s inhumanly sexy body.

“Fuck yes! Grow for me! Feel how fucking horny I am! Show them what you’ve got!” Grace mindlessly slurred and rubbed the constantly twitching and throbbing member.

“Mmmh…now you are speaking my language!”

Her boobs inflated like balloons until her massive 8-inch nipples pushed in Grace’s back.

The blonde student barely picked up on the constant stream of milk shooting onto her as she was thoroughly occupied by rubbing and now licking on as much girlmeat she could possibly reach.

“That’s all for me! Only me! You have to give it to me!” Grace demanded and came again.

“You are gotta get ALL of it… soo much of it!” the redhead purred and shot once more into the rows of art students. This time she didn’t miss anyone.

“Aww… they aren’t even able to see us now…” Grace mused sarcastically.

“But they can hear us…”

“I bet they do! They should hear us when you fuck me into oblivion with that huge cock of yours!”

Grace drooled when saying that and once again turned around ontop of Christina’s rod. Her puffy lips and engorged clit brushed along the redhead’s most prominent vein as many more drops from her gushing pussy splashed onto the ground.

“With pleasure!” Christina chuckled.

The massively overgrown redhead grabbed Grace by her waist and effortlessly lifted her up like a doll.

Grace’s anticipation reached almost a breaking point when she saw all of Christina’s body on full display.

Her tits and balls were now bigger than her head and her massive booty could be seen from upfront. And even approximately 15 feet above the ground Grace could hear the futa’s balls churning and feel the heat radiating from Christina’s fuckpole lining up to ruin her forever.

It shouldn’t fit, it couldn’t fit, but she knew it would. She needed it.

“Use me like a fucktoy! Fuck me already!” Grace demanded.

Every second it took for Christina to line her cock up was one too many. She wanted that huge dick and she wanted it now.

“Oh? Am I taking too long?” the futa smirked and to add salt to injury she teasingly rubbed her glans across Grace’s gaping pussy.


“Say please.” Christina said with a devilish smirk.


What followed next proofed everything Grace learned about sexual anatomy wrong.

The logic defying member slowly but steadily made the impossible possible. Grace’s welcoming pussy got split apart and stretched further than she could have even imagined. Much wider than her hips allowed.

“YESSSSS!! MORE!” the erupting student screamed.

The girth alone would have made her mind shatter amidst a never ending crescendo of orgasmic bliss, but Christina put her unfathomable length also to good use.

10 inches, 15 inches, 20 inches, 24 inches, 30 inches she pushed into the slurring and quivering teen and had many more left to go.

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