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A Pink Slip to Paradise

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Big Tits

Driving home, Gerry wondered what the hell he was going to tell his wife. He’d been fired after being with the McMann Agency for over five years, working his butt off, even sacrificing precious time away from her to build the kind of life the two of them wanted.

Mr. McMann had hired Gerry, but his partner, Nick Shea, had little use for him. He was the kind of asshole that took credit for all of Gerry’s great advertising ideas, figuring a paycheck was reward enough. When Gerry finally spoke up for himself, there was the inevitable confrontation and he was gone in 3 days.

Oh well, Gerry thought to himself, I know I can find work elsewhere and those fools won’t have anyone as good as me to fall back on. Gerry wasn’t even slightly arrogant, he was just very aware of his own self-worth.

Gerry pulled his Mustang into the driveway, slammed the door – yep he was still pissed – and yelled for Misty, his wife of the last 10 years. No matter what, Gerry knew he could fully count on the support of his pretty, blonde wife. She was as loving, as sexy and as warm now at 36 as she was when he’d met her in college 13 years back. It had been love at first sight for the pair of them, they’d been inseparable ever since.

He called out again and realized that Misty didn’t seem to be home. Gerry was dreading telling her, but it couldn’t be avoided. He was mulling over the best way to break the news to Misty when the phone rang.

It was Terri on the phone, the wife of Gerry’s ex-boss. Misty used to kid them that they should have been together. “Gerry and Terri honey, it sounds so perfect!” She and Misty were good friends. Gerry thought Terri was a pretty great lady, even if her husband was a dipshit.

“Hi Ger. I was calling to say I’m sorry, Nick just told me. I told him he was out of his mind – well, actually I called him a fucking idiot and we had a big fight and he stormed out. Anyway, if you’re not busy, why not come over for a drink? Bring Misty and … “

“Misty’s not home” Gerry told Terri “But if you wouldn’t mind my coming alone, I’d love a drink or five.”

Terri laughed, that great laugh of hers. “I’d love the company, I’m here all alone. See you in ten?”

Gerry splashed some cold water on his face, got back in the Mustang and drove the short distance to Terri’s place. For a while, the two couples had socialized quite frequently, until it became apparent to both Misty and Terri that Nick didn’t care much for Gerry. Gerry had never interfered in the women’s friendship, he was fully supportive of everything his wife did. She had her own mind and was fiercely independent.

Gerry reached his destination, parked the Mustang, got out of the car and rang the bell. Gerry then got a pretty nice “Welcome”.

Terri was standing there in this cute pink PVC top and matching short-shorts, with spiky heels, the kind Gerry really liked, the ones with the straps that wrapped around the legs and part of the way up. Terri had great legs, she was a sexy, curvy blonde with great tits and a full, pouty mouth. Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of green and she worked out, there was not an ounce of flab on her. She was exactly the kind of woman Gerry had dated before Misty had snapped him up.

Terri snapped her fingers in Gerry’s face. He blinked, then laughed. “Sorry – you just look – well, hot!”

She performed this mock curtsy, showing a lot of cleavage. Gerry couldn’t help but stare at her again as she intoned “Thank You, kind sir. Come on in, name your poison!”

He went in, watching her great ass wiggle. Terri’s shorts didn’t leave much to the imagination, Gerry asked her for a bourbon, neat, which he needed desperately to distract him from Terri’s amazingly hot body.

Terri laughed again when she handed him the drink. “Get your mind out of the gutter Jack!”

Gerry took a few sips, Terri poured herself a Gin and Tonic. She sat across from him, legs crossed and istanbul escort sexy. She had a great tan, Gerry found himself wondering if she tanned naked? He found himself wondering what she was like in the sack, was she a screamer, he wondered if her tits bounced, what her nipples looked like? Geez, the booze was really getting to him, he was a guest in this woman’s home and all he could think about was what she’d be like to fuck!

“Gerry. You’re drifting off again.”

“Hmm? Oh, sorry Terri. Bad day, although with the bourbon and the attractive – hell, the very attractive company, it’s getting better.”

Terri leaned forward and said in a soft, dulcet tone “Are you flirting with me, Gerry?”

He nodded. “Most definitely. If I weren’t married, I’d be making a play for you.”

She looked at Gerry, intensely. “To get back at Nick?”

He took another sip of his drink to steel himself and looked at her. “No way Terri. You’re a beautiful woman, any man can see that. I’d make a play because you’re very sexy and desirable”

Terri got up from her seat across from him and sat close beside Gerry. “Tell you what, stud – why don’t you forget you’re married, I’ll forget my husband is an asshole, we’ll go upstairs and fuck?” Gerry nearly choked on his drink, he hadn’t expected the sexy blonde to be this forward. But — maybe it was the bourbon, maybe it was the fact Terri smelled as good as she looked, but he decided to go for it. Gerry pulled her close to him, kissed those full lips that he’d fantasized about, kissed her hard. She moaned into the kiss and her hands tangled in his hair. Terri dug her manicured nails into his arms and her breath was coming in short gasps.

Terri took Gerry’s hand and led him upstairs. Her bedroom was huge, tastefully decorated, as he had assumed it would be. A big bed smack-dab in the middle of it. Lots of room for two people to get naked and have a good time. Which is exactly what Gerry and Terri were going to do.

“You’ve been looking at me, let me look at you!” Terri said. He decided to oblige the lady and got out of his dress shirt. There was this lewd grin that came over Terri’s face, at nearly 37, he had kept in good shape, used the company gym a few times a week and played a lot of tennis. Gerry was no jock, but he did believe in physical fitness and Misty had teased him that it helped in the sack too. He kicked off his pants and was naked, Gerry liked to go “commando” and he didn’t wear much underwear. Terri licked her lips, the lady liked what she saw a great deal.

She moved around the room, sexy, like a stripper on the runway. The pink PVC halter came off, revealing those great tits Gerry had been thinking of, desiring, aching to touch and fondle. They were gorgeous, with big, fat nipples and devoid of tan lines. Terri grinned and turned around, slid the shorts down, down, down, showing off a great ass and a tiny matching pink thong. Other than that, she was nude. She walked over to Gerry, hot, desirable, wanton and all of her was Gerry’s for the taking.

“I am going to suck your cock!” Terri said, looking at him and going down on her knees. She looked up at Gerry with those great green eyes and began blowing him. Oh shit, what a great cocksucker, his mind raced. She was so good, she could have been a high-class call girl. The lady loved a man’s dick, she went up and down, taking him in fully, tip to balls. Her mouth was great, Gerry nearly came when she started, and she had this trick of using her nails on the inside of his thighs that drove him insane while she was trying to get Gerry to shoot his nuts off.

“Mmm, stud, you taste good!” she purred, looking up at him.

“Jesus woman, you’re fucking incredible!” Gerry told her.

“Thanks. I love sucking cock.” Terri went back to her task, laving every inch of his meat with her talented tongue. That’s avcılar escort when the coupling duo heard the yells “Mom!!?”

Gerry panicked, but Terri kept her cool. The pretty blonde must have had ice in her veins, Gerry thought. “Up here, baby!” Gerry thought Terri was out of her mind, what the fuck was going on? He was out of my mind with panic. He wasn’t afraid of what Nick would say or do, but he didn’t want his one indiscretion getting back to Misty. Nor did he want Terri’s daughter to cause her any problems.

Gerry considered getting off the bed and hiding, but in through the door walked Terry, Terri’s daughter. He was caught with his pants down, literally and figuratively.

They had met a few times before, Terry was a slender, leggy brunette with long, curly hair that went down to her ass. She looked a lot like her Mom, not quite as curvy, but with the same sexy face and great eyes & lips. If one saw the two of them together, there was no mistaking their relationship.

“Hi Mom. Looks like you’re having fun. Hi Mr. Ferguson.” Geez, Gerry thought, I must be twenty-one shades of red. He meekly waved at her.

“We were just getting started, darling” Terri said, laughing at Terry. “I think you’ve scared the poor man, look, he’s losing his hard-on!” Gerry was feeling the urge to go and hide under the bed, anywhere, to get away from this embarrassment.

“I guess I’ll have to give you a hand getting it back, Mom!” Terry winked, with that, she began stripping. Gerry was totally dumbfounded as he watched this pretty 19-year old get naked, throwing her clothing every which-way.

She was dressed in a skimpy white blouse and denim shorts, when she got naked, she revealed a similar lack of tan lines, and unlike her mom, a shaved pussy. She walked over to the couple on the bed, long slim legs and sexy curls, a college stud’s wet dream. Climbing on the bed, she kissed Gerry softly and he enjoyed the kiss — rather obviously at that. His cock began to twitch once more.

To Gerry’s shock, Terry leaned in and kissed her mother. This was no mother-daughter kiss, this was a I-want-to-eat-your-pussy, tongue-lashing, heated kiss. Terry’s delicate hands took her Mom’s boobs and began to fondle them as Terri began to whimper with delight. Despite his initial shock, Gerry’s cock was stirring again.

“See?” Terry giggled. “I told you we could get you hard again.”

Gerry nodded as the pretty teen mounted her mother and rubbed her body all over her parent’s lush, curvy figure. Her bald pussy rubbed sexily against Terri’s blonde mound, her fingers stroked Terri’s clit, she moved those hands up and down her Mom’s body, playing with Terri’s big tits. Terry sucked her Mom’s breasts into her mouth and began feasting on the big globes and loving them with her lips and tongue. “Ooo, ooo, that’s it darling!” he heard Terri whimper.

This was a mother-daughter sexfest not to be missed. Terry swung her lithe, sexy body around and her pussy was on her mother’s mouth and she plunged her face deep into her Mom’s cunt. “Ooooh, Mommy, eat me too, eat me tooooo!!” she squealed, as her slutty Mom ate her avidly. Despite a few pangs of guilt over his betrayal of Misty’s trust, Gerry knew there was no way in hell he was going to miss this.

The bed shook from their exertions, Terri’s fingers plunged into Terry’s cunt as she ate her. It was sexy, both of them were hot in their own way. Gerry could not decide who he wanted to fuck more, but he was content to watch — for now. When he saw Terry slide one slender finger into her mother’s ass for a moment or two, Gerry’s self-control nearly went down the drain. Both women were such uninhibited fucksluts, it was a total turn-on. Their tits mashed together, bodies gleaming, they were the sexiest sight Gerry had ever seen.

He heard them panting and moaning and Terry said “Mommy, can I fuck him? Please?” Her şirinevler escort mother nodded and moved away from Terry, who wiggled her ass at the older man and said, simply, “Bow Wow lover!”

Gerry obliged her, fucking the tightest, horniest cunt he had ever fucked. She took as much of his shaft as she could, he grabbed her hips and pumped her full of dick, while she readily buried her face again in her Mom’s snatch. Her slim, sensual body moved against Gerry’s in carnal bliss, the sweet young teen was a sensational fuck!

Their lesbian antics inspired Gerry to the fullest, he fucked Terry harder than he had ever fucked a woman, the incestuous coupling in front of his eyes was a great kindling for his heat. Terry’s tongue snaked out and licked her mom’s body, pussy, thighs and belly. “Fuck me stud, fuck me, fuck me harder, fuck me with your big cock, you fucking bastard! Oooh Mommy, he’s fucking good, you have to fuck him!”

“Sounds good baby, my turn!” Terri smiled as they split apart. Terry relinquished Gerry’s cock and Terri mounted his dick. She rode him in a reverse-Cowgirl position while her teenage-slut of a daughter sucked her beautiful big tits and fingered both of their joined bodies. Hearing the women cry out for more cock, moaning how good they were making each other feel, Gerry wasn’t sure if he could hold on. He wanted to cum, he ached to cum, the screams of the two women were bouncing off the walls.

“You like my daughter, lover?” Terri grinned. “She’s a hot little fuck, I trained her well, didn’t I?” Hearing Terri talk about Terry like that made Gerry’s dick even harder, if that were possible. He arched forward and drove it deep within Terri’s educated pussy while her nymph daughter sucked her big boobies.

It was all too much for Gerry to take in, the sexy Mom riding his cock, her sexy daughter licking at their joined bodies. He began to pulsate, but Terri sensed his impending orgasm and slid off his cock. She urged Terry to join her alongside his dick and their licking tongues brought Gerry off. Both of his sexy partners licked him clean, then turned to each other, cleaning each other’s faces of the remaining cum. Gerry thought if he could cum again, he likely would have at that erotic tableau.

Good as it had been – and it had been incredible, mind-blowing … Gerry felt like shit afterwards, the recriminations of what he had done to his loving wife hit him like a Tidal Wave. The women, still fondling and caressing each other’s bodies on the bed beside me, moved over to him, one on each side. Their hands began roaming all over Gerry’s body once more, but he pulled away a bit. “What’s wrong, lover?” Terri asked as Terry kissed him and ran her hands all over his body, trying to arouse him yet again.

“I cheated on Misty. We’ve been married for 10 years, I’ve never done that. I feel like a heel. She’s been a great partner and I had no business betraying her trust like that.”

Terry giggled and Terri picked up the phone. “That all? Here hon, talk to your wife. It was all her idea. I called her when I found out you’d lost your job – I didn’t know you hadn’t told her yet – and the two of us planned this entire afternoon!”

Dumbfounded, when his wife’s soft, lilting voice came over the phone, Gerry asked her about what Terri had just told him. He heard Misty’s warm laughter over the telephone as Terri & Terry watched his face drop in shock.

“Of course baby, I wanted to make my man happy. I figured those two could do it, if anyone could. I can assume they succeeded, can’t I?” Gerry laughed and said “Oh, yeahhh!”

Then she added something that just knocked Gerry’s socks off.

“By the way, tell those two crazy sluts I forgot my dildo over there yesterday! And I’ll be over there in a hour to pick it up!” Gerry heard a click on the line as his wife hung up the phone. He was dumbfounded at her confession, this was something he intended to find out more about!

As the sexy mother and daughter crawled towards Gerry, lustily licking their lips again, he decided temporary unemployment might not be such a bad thing. He could get to know his sexy wife even better, perhaps join her for some of her “visits” to the mother / daughter duo. His cock certainly seemed to agree with that philosophy!

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