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A Privileged Dog

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I never thought about the wealth of my owner, Jessica. She lived comfortably in a big house and sometimes it seems that she has money to burn. But I never thought of anything that a dog doesn’t think about. I’ve been trained as one for so long that all human thoughts are gone, and all I can think about is the next time Jessica pats my head when she wakes up, or calls me a good boy after she cums on my face.

I love my owner, and I know she loves me! She is absolutely gorgeous. Her short brown hair, her big thighs and boobs that give her a perfect hourglass figure, and the freckles on her nose all comes together to make her perfect to me. I wouldn’t want to be anyone else’s dog. I’m a very privileged dog.

I always sleep right by her bed on the floor. She buys me nice dog beds that are so soft and warm! But she always sleeps in a big bed that i’ve never been allowed on. I actually haven’t slept on a real bed in years. I never think about it though. In fact, I like my dog beds. I feel as if I’m in my place, where I belong.

I sleep so comfortably knowing I will obey her the next day!

“Oh, puppy! Come to mommy!”

Every morning she says this in a sing song voice, ringing a bell she always has by her bed. I spring up immediately like an eager puppy, desperate for her attention already. When i look up on the bed, i see one of her boobs slipped out the sheets, while the other is still hiding away under it. I can still make out her nipples as I crawl to her ready to obey anything she tells me.

I sit on the floor by her side wagging my butt and panting as she runs her soft hands through my hair. She always giggles at my eager affections each morning. She looks down to see my rigid erection as she sits with her feet under my cock.

“Awww, I can see a little someone is excited to see me,” she blushes. I bark in response as her toe comes up to gently touch the top of my eager cock. She giggles as it leaks a little precum on her foot.

“Let me take care of my puppy and his little problem. You’ve been such a lovely boy!”

She starts stroking my cock with her feet. They’re so soft, it feels so good as I desperately hump her feet, already close to cumming without it even being a minute yet. Her giggles always warms my heart. I know she loves me in a very special way. I howl and whimper as I shoot cum on the floor and on her soft, delicate feet.

“Awww, good puppy! You like it when mommy rubs her feet on your little stiffy don’t you?” I eagerly wag my ass to show my gratitude as I bark and pant, making a great but humiliating display of gratitude to my owner. As much as I love her soft feet, I always wish I could feel more. She notices my needy stares as I look at her gorgeous pussy.

“Aww, does my puppy like what he sees? He really wants to put his little puppy cock in it doesn’t he?”

I might’ve just came a minute ago, but I was already feeling horny as she spread her legs and used he nimble fingers to spread her perfect pussy. I’ve had my tongue in it before, but she knows I’ve wanted to put more than that in it. She had a little patch of hair right above it, and everytime I licked her off I would see aksaray seks hikayeleri this freckle that’s right on one of the folds.

“My puppy is a needy animal! I can see you’re already hard again! Well too bad now, your puppy cock just came! I’m not planning on using it either. However your tongue…”

She didn’t have to finish that sentence for me to know what to do. I plunged my tongue into her pussy, licking and lapping as if it were my last meal. The smell is like roses, the taste is like candy. I can’t get enough of it, and she knows that through my desperate but diligent licks.

“Oh m-my puppy… it seems like you enjoy this more than cumming on my feet…”

She wasn’t necessarily wrong. I loved cumming from the strokes of her feet, but I also love giving her pleasure through the only way that seems adequate for me to.

She loves having multiple orgasms every morning. The only times I mornings I don’t like are the ones that she just makes me watch her rub and rub for hours. She loves peeking over at me seeing the needy and sad looks on my face.

“Oh puppy… oh my goodness!” I knew what that meant. She clamped her thighs down on my face, trapping me there as she rubs violently on my tongue as she cums all over it. I give her nice slow licks to bring her down gently as she smiles and I feel her legs relaxing gently. These are the moments I like most. As if the world is slowing down.

“Oh puppy… that felt amazing as always…” she pants. “Meet me in the kitchen for breakfast, don’t forget to lick up the mess of cum you made!”

She extends her gorgeous leg with her foot in front of my mouth. It’s still dripping with some of my cum. Without a word I lick it all up, wanting her perfect feet to be clean of my puppy cum. She giggles, gives me a loving smile, then bends down and kisses my head. Her kisses are so soft and pillowy.

After I lick the cum off the floor, I crawl into the kitchen finding her in a robe eight nothing underneath. I see she made a typical breakfast, bacon, eggs, and pancakes. I sit by her with pleading eyes.

“Oh is my puppy hungry? He wants mommy’s table scraps?” I spin around whimpering and whining, barking up to her to show my need. She giggles and gives me a half eaten piece of bacon. Before I eat it, I make sure to give her hand a few loving and grateful licks.

“Aww, you’re such a cute boy!”

Once she finishes eating she gets up as we go to the couch and she enjoys watching TV. I never see what’s on, I only stare at her intently. She is just too gorgeous for me to want to focus on anything else. She snapped her fingers in front of her, so I get on my knees as she uses me as a footrest. She lays each foot on one of my shoulders, giving me a salivating view of her pussy. She doesn’t really acknowledge me as she watches TV. Sometimes it’s like she forgets I’m there, aside from the occasional chuckle she gets when she glances at me.

A few hours went by as she sat there. She looked at the time and realized we were late for something. She quickly got up and I crawled begging her to the shower.

“Puppy, go lay out my nice dress on the bed. Just the dress, no underwear. Then be a good boy and come in here and hold my towel and the bar of soap.”

I nodded and scampered off to her room. I loved the way she looks in this dress. It’s red with a bow on the back. I gently took it off the hanger and laid it out for her. I then crawled off to the bathroom where I kneeled by the bathtub. I held the blanket with my arms, and I held the bar of soap in my mouth.

“Aww, you look so cute like this. You are the most obedient puppy! You are very special to me. I hope your puppy brain knows that.”

I bark happily through the soap as she giggles. It makes me shed a tear of joy knowing that my eager affections and strict obedience to her makes me special to her.

She reaches as I put the soap in her hand as she scrubs everywhere. She always smells lovely, but more so after her showers.

When she turns the water off I put the soap down, and just as she steps out, I dry her off. She fixes her hair and poses a little in the mirror, giving off the most seductive and jaw dropping poses you can think of. I still wondered though, what was she getting ready for? She usually tells me everything.

“Puppy, I need you to shave my pussy. I want it bald, I want it to be as smooth as a babies bottom.”

I looked up at her with a confused look. I didn’t question her of course, I only did as I was told. She sat on the toilet and spread her legs very wide. I gently put the shaving cream on as I began to shave her. I made sure that every little hair was shaved off.

“Oh you’re doing so good puppy. I know you’re wondering what all do this might be for, but you will find out soon enough.”

I wagged my ass as I looked at her, and I barked just as I finished shaving her. I licked away the shaving cream, and from the way my tongue felt, she was definitely as smooth as possible,

“Good boy! Yes you are! You’re mommy’s good boy!”

She patted my head as I gave her hand some licks as I wagged my ass. She then left to the bedroom, where she slipped into her dress. I helped her out on her high heels.

“How do I look puppy?”

She was jaw dropping. I hug my tongue out giving her desperate eyes and wagging my butt. My puppy cock twitched and spurted some precum.

“I think that answers that,” she giggles. “Let’s hop in the car and go.”

We drive for about 30 minutes to a very fancy restaurant. She looks at me with a devilish grin.

“I’m going to eat at this lovely place. I’ll bring you back my leftovers puppy.”

Before she leaves she gives me a gentle loving kiss on the lips. She’s never done that before. I froze up in excitement. I licked her face as that was the only way I knew how to give kisses.

I waited in the car for hours. I whimpered all alone missing my owner as if she was gone for years. When I finally saw her walking out, I barked and howled in joy. However I froze with a face of deep sadness when I saw her holding another man’s hand. I whimpered and started crying in deep jealousy and anguish. My heart was more than broken.

“Oh my gosh puppy! Mommy forgot you were here and I was having a lovely dinner with Mark. I forgot to bring you my leftovers!”

Mark and Jessica hopped in the car. I was making heart wrenching whimpers.

“Shhh puppy, shhh. I’m sorry I forgot about you! But you better be a good boy and calm down. I’ll still get you leftovers.”

What did she mean? What leftovers? I might’ve stopped whimpering, but I couldn’t stop crying. How can she forget about me so easily? She talked to Mark on the way back to her lovely house. Just as we pulled up she turned around and looked at me.

“Puppy, be a good boy for mommy and go inside while Mark and I talk here for a bit. Wait for us by my bed. You can earn some extra good puppy points if you light some candles and sprinkle rose petals on the bed for us!”

Everytime she said the word “us” my heart shattered as I whimpered and let out more tears. I noticed Mark’s hand was very high up Jessica’s dress. I just did as I was told and crawled into my owner’s room. I still loved making my owner happy, so I sprinkled rose petals on the bed, and lit candles. I even put smooth music for them.

I could hear them coming in. the door opened and my heart raced. When Jessica saw me, she couldn’t help but laugh. How pathetic I must look. Setting up the room for them to have sex as I waited eagerly for her. She walked over to me and got really close to my ear to whisper as she grabbed my cock, which was for some reason hard.

“Oh puppy. You look so pathetic right now. Does this make you sad? You’re gonna watch as Mark fucks mommy silly, and you won’t do anything about it. But I think you secretly like this deep down. Clearly your little puppy stiffy does.”

She strokes my rigid cock a little as I whimper but I let out a moan. However she smiles at me as she stops and turns around to face Mark. She slips the shoulder straps off as she exposes her breasts to him. Mark didn’t say kuch, but his face spoke volumes. He cupped her breasts in his hands and then kissed and sucked on them as they fell on the bed.

Minutes felt like weeks, and hours felt like years during their long love making. She moaned loudly, and she came so much. Her face was so lit up through the whole thing. I just stared at her. The way her boobs moved up and down as she rode him eventually became mesmerizing. They eventually stopped and cuddled in bed with me at her side. She looked at me and her face was as if a light bulb went off.

“Oh yes my puppy! Your leftovers.”

She patted the bed for me to jump on. I had never been on it before, and I was definitely hoping for it to be under different circumstances. The bed was covered in sweat and their cum. My owner was drenched. She smiled and spread her legs, revealing her cum filled pussy.

“Go on puppy, mommy needs to sleep with her man. Lick up your leftovers very gently. Be sure to get every drop.”

I did as I was told. Her pussy smelled of Mark’s cum, and their sweat. She slept soundly with me between her legs. It took me an hour to get every drop and make sure her pussy was clean. I slipped out between her legs, and I crawled back to my dog bed. I heard the sheets move as she clung to Mark, cuddling him. On my dog bed however, there was a note.

“Mommy loves you puppy.”

~to be continued~

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