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A Reluctant First Date

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It was a first date that took some convincing for the both of them. Jenny had just left her husband a short 6 months ago, and Tom was enjoying the single life. Both were doubtful that anything of real significance would ensue from one innocent date, so they took the advice of their trusted mutual friend and set it up. Jenny was petite, not only in stature, but personality. A stark contrast to her aggressive personality at work, Jenny was slightly timid and shy. Standing only 4’11, she had striking blue eyes. Eyes that conjure up memories of lying on a Caribbean beach, drenched in sun and turning towards the clear beautiful blue water for some reprieve from the heat. The kind of eyes that are just so stunning and captivating that one look is enough to draw in the soul of a stranger. Her short blond hair covered her shoulders, resting on a soft milky white face that hides a smile that could light the midnight sky. Her smile was in fact much like the rest of her body. A priceless gem often hidden and rarely seen. Her petite body perfectly matched her athletic and firm breasts kept neatly hidden behind her fashionable but conservative clothes. She is a lady through and through no doubt about it. In fact, this was Jenny’s mantra. She was a lady, and deserved to be treated like one.

Tom is a bit different than what Jenny is used to. He is outspoken, and at 5’10 has a personality that stands 6’7. The kind of man that does what he wants, and doesn’t feel the need to conform to society. His brown hair compliments his hazel eyes which have been known to stare intently. He didn’t expect much from one date either, but was open minded to meeting someone serious. He called up Jenny for the first time and was taken aback by her conversation. Much to his surprise she was most confident sounding and eager to meet. What should have been a 10 minute introduction was forcibly cut short after an hour of speaking. Tom thought to himself that this might actually be more fun than he had imagined. He went back to facebook and looked at her photo again. Hearing her voice and having an intelligent conversation was a turn on, but this was more. He felt his cock become engorged, and it wasn’t until it pressed against the inside of his pants with such force that he realized how turned on he was. This was exciting and the date couldn’t have come soon enough.

It was finally time to meet, and Tom wound up working later than expected. Wanting to go home and changing into a nicer outfit would have been appropriate, but Tom isn’t the kind of person who puts circumstance before practicality. It just made more sense to throw on a tshirt and jeans and not be late. He figured, “heck. Kuşadası Escort If this restaurant is romantic enough what does it matter what I wear? Either the girl likes me, or she doesn’t.”. He picked Jenny up from work, and much to his surprise she was better looking than in her photos. She was wearing a winter coat and Burberry scarf. For a moment he felt sorry that he didn’t dress up more, but was soon lost n conversation with Jenny. They parked and walked into the restaurant for a romantic dinner.

Hours passed and the two had gone into some serious conversation. It was clear to both of them that there was an expected connection right off the bat. They retired back to Tom’s car and headed for Jenny’s parked car. Upon arriving, Tom anticipated an awkward goodbye. Certainly it would be difficult to hold back the sheer passion that was building up inside, but Jenny was a lady. He didn’t want to risk insulting her and convinced himself to save a goodnight kiss for a future meeting. Jenny agreed to a second date and went in for a hug goodnight. She leaned into Tom and the two came together like a professional orchestra directed by a conductor. With perfect timing, the two of them locked lips and shared a goodnight kiss. It wasn’t just any kiss however. It sent electricity running through both of their bodies. Jenny felt a tingling in her clit that she hadn’t felt for years. Could it be that there was such chemistry? After 4 years of a horrid marriage could one kiss really turn back the hands of time? It certainly seemed so as Tom had a similar reaction. He too lost his breath and felt his balls filling with Cum. His cock sprung to life inside his jeans and begged to be let out. The two broke the kiss and regained their breath. It was clear that this was going to be the start of something special.

For the next few days, the two had been talking non stop. Text messages became hour long conversations which turned into phone calls and continued late into the evening. It was clear that the two were quickly building something so special, and so quickly too. Neither believed in love at first site, but this feeling between them was pretty convincing. In addition to the growing love, there existed a growing physical attraction. At first it was subtle, but with each passing date the feeling became intense. At one point during a movie, Jenny was curled up in Tom’s arms as he began to rub her forearm. The sensation sent such a chill through her petite body, and she couldn’t sit still. She turned around and kissed Tom with such passion and intensity. Their tongues danced together as the world disappeared. For a moment they were flying, Kuşadası Escort Bayan the entire theater had ceased to exist in their world, and the passion and love was all that guided them through this new and beautiful place. They said their goodbyes and retired to another week of lengthy conversations. Something was different here. Something was special. This connection had grown and developed so fast, but it just seemed so right. It was mutual and that’s what kept them both grounded. It’s not one person who was just crazy, it was two sane people both submitting to a love and passionate romance that swept over both their beings.

Jenny had only been with one man, while Tom was experienced. This worried Jenny and made her self conscious as she thought about their next steps physically. Would she be enough? Could she handle this? Years of an unhappy marriage caused her to believe that good sex was for magazines and movies. Tom came over to pick up Jenny that night to take her bowling. As a gentleman should, he came to the door to get her. Much to his surprise, Jenny was dressed casual and ready to go. Never seeing her so relaxed and sexy brought a whole new appeal to Tom. Almost instinctively and without thought, he picked jenny up and put her legs around his waist, so she was straddling him. He grabbed the back of her head and pushed her lips in his with a force that caused a moan to escape from her lips. Their tongues touched and danced in unison for minutes that felt like hours. She could feel his rock hard erection through her jeans, and he could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy pressed up against his pants.

He took her to the couch where she laid down and opened her eyes. Tom saw a look of passion and fire. He whispered how much he loved her and how physically and emotionally attracted he was to Jenny. Hearing this, she recognized how loved she really was, and she wasn’t alone in this. He removed her shirt to reveal the most perfect breasts he had ever seen. They were a cups, and so firm and perky. Just what he had been hoping for in a woman. Her nipples were light red and so responsive and sensitive. As he gently caressed them with his tongue, they instantly firmed up and pointed towards his lips. With one swift motion he took it into his mouth and sucked on her left nipple as he cupped her right breast. Jenny became lost in this feeling that took over her body. It felt as if somebody had buit a bridge between her breasts and now aching pussy. She needed to be touched. After 20 more minutes of teasing, Tom traced his tongue down to her panties. He pulled them to the side revealing the most magnificent pussy Escort Kuşadası he had ever laid eyes on. It was so engorged and pink, topped with a protruding clit and lips that opened like two delicate flower petals. There was a scent of pure sex, and sweet juice dripping from the depths of Jenny’s perfect pussy. Tom thought to himself that if he could create the perfect vagina, this would be it. This was the pussy he thought of when he touched himself and imagined the girl of his dreams. “Here she is and she’s mine, he thought”. With that he used his two index fingers to spread her glorious lips. He found a wet pink angelic pussy and Jenny moaned his name. “Oh Tom!”, she exclaimed as he buried his tongue right at the base of her pussy lips. Having some size to them he traced his tongue up to her clit, bringing a trail of hot sweet come and saliva. The scent and taste were overwhelming for him. He continued to lick her clit and spread her open to better reach her most precious bud. As she become wetter, he sucked and lapped up all her fluids. He came back to her mouth and kissed her, letting her share in the deliciousness of their sex.

Unable to hold back any longer, Tom took his bare cock out and rubbed the outside of Jenny’s wet pussy. She loved the feel of his hard cock against her soft pussy lips. She covered him in her juices and grabbed the base of his cock in her small fist. This caused the head to press against her opening and she shifted her hips ever so slightly. With little effort his engorged hard thick cock spread her lips and opened her pussy wide. She slid all the way down his long firm cock until his balls pressed against her opening. Slowly they slide his cock in and out of her pussy, finally speeding up and increasing the strength of each hump. He turned her over and told Jenny to get on her hands and knees. From behind she pounded her soft pussy doggy style as he softly pulled her hair back and scratched her back. Fighting his own orgasm repeatedly , Tom reached over and massaged her clit as his now massive cock slid in and out of her tight accommodating pussy. With a huge scream of passion, Jenny came all over Tom’s cock with a release of fluid that dripped down both of their legs. That was more than Tom could take. He pulled out his cock and stroked it twice before exploding into a heart pounding orgasm. His balls contracted and he sprayed his hot cum all over her back, letting her feel the warmth and sexiness she had created.

The two rolled over and fell asleep in each other’s arms. From that day forward, the two have been inseparable. Their love has grown so much deeper, and the sex has only become so much more intense and hot. With each passing time, they discover new tricks and tips to make each other fly. Their love has also grown so deep and so fast, making their choice to be together one that was a blessing in every way. The only question they have is why can’t everyone else around them be so happy?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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