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A Shy Kid Ch. 09

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Friday finally came and I headed out the door to Gloria’s place right after dinner. Gloria greeted me with her usual big kiss and hug with lots of tongue and body contact before we headed to the car and on to the movie theater. During the movie we were necking like crazy when she whispered in my ear, “Peter, would you spend the night with me, I would love to wake up in the morning lying next to you.”

I agreed and when I had a chance, I text my mom telling her that I would not becoming home tonight. I felt I was abandoning my mom even though she had told me that should I ever want to spend the night with Gloria, it would be okay. It still made me feel bad and said I would make it up to her. It turned out that my mom was about to text me to urge me to stay the night with Gloria because of what was going on at my house,

So while I was at Gloria’s house for the night, having my normal hot sex with both her and her sexy mother, my mom was enjoying a night with a young stud. About an hour after I had left to pick up Gloria, Randy, the new black kid in school, dropped by my place pretending to be looking for me. As soon as my mom saw him, she went all goo goo and invited him in. The sequence of events went like this.

Genie’s story …………….

I was surprised to hear the doorbell ring and totally surprised to see Peter’s friend Randy, whom I’d met briefly at the mall a few days ago, standing at my door with a huge grin on his face. He said, “Hi Mrs. Anderson. I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d drop by and see Peter.”

God he is a good looking kid; tall, dark, muscular and well groomed. I smiled and said, “Well, Peter is not here Randy, but come on in anyway.” He smiled and cautiously stepped past me as I held the door. Shit he smelt good too. I walked into the living room with him right behind me and I felt like he was eye balling my backside. I was wearing a short black skirt that accentuates my ass and legs, and when I wear it, I have always gotten a lot of looks like Randy was doing. I had him sit down on a chair and I sat across from him on the couch letting my skirt slide up as I crossed my legs giving him a good view of my thighs. He was very polite and kept his eyes mostly on my face but occasionally I could see him glance at my exposed thighs. At one point I uncrossed and then re-crossed my legs, he did not take his eyes off my thighs the whole time. I wasn’t sure whether or not he could tell that I was going commando. We chatted for awhile and he wanted to know how I was and then out of the blue, complemented me on how nice I looked. I was just buzzing on the inside knowing that not only was this young black stud in my home, but that he was admiring me.

I then asked if he wanted something to drink and he responded by wanting to know what I had. I told him to follow me into the kitchen and we’ll find out. He followed me as close as one could and when I got to the refrigerator; I opened the door and stood back a little to let him see what I had. He took a small step forward and leaned into the refrigerator with his face now being only inches from my tits. He turned his head toward me staring right at my tits briefly as he reached in for a soda, I was so tempted to just lean forward a little and let my tit brush against his face, but I didn’t. He stood up and stared down at me without losing eye contact, being so close to him, my knees felt weak and my heart was pounding. We both just kind of froze in that position with what seemed like a long time but really was only a few seconds; I was completely mesmerized by this young kid. Then he suddenly bent down and kissed me very firmly on the lips. My immediate reaction was to place my hands on his chest to resist him, but I did not break off the kiss. His soft lips remained on mine while he reached around and pulled me closer into him. I continued holding him back with my hands on his chest, but I wasn’t being real forceful. He then opened his lips and I could feel his tongue rubbing against my lips and my resistance melted. I opened my mouth letting his tongue penetrate my mouth while I moved my arms up around his neck and pulled him tight against me with my tits pressed into his chest. By this time I could feel his hard boner pressing against my belly. He then set down the soda and slid both hands down my back until he had both hands gripping my buttocks. He lifted me up high enough so his cock was now pressing against my pussy. I had no resistance and spread my legs slightly letting his hard boner penetrate the space between my legs. While holding me up in the air, he rotated us so my back was now against the cupboard and then he pressed against me really hard while our lips were still locked together.

I needed some air so I broke off the kiss but did not break eye contact. He just stared at me and began to gently bump and grind his pelvis against mine. I kept my arms around his neck and said, “Oh god Randy, I ………” He began kissing me again with our bodies in a tight embrace kadıköy escort as we continued to dry hump each other. I don’t know how long this went on but finally I broke the kiss and said, “Oh god this feels so good Randy, you absolutely totally surprised me. How did you know I would be receptive to your advances?”

“I didn’t, I was just hoping you would be.” He then began kissing me some more and I just ate it up, I pressed my tits and pussy into him as hard as I could, I instantly became very horny.

We stopped long enough for me to say, “You have got me so hot. I don’t know what you had in mind, but I just want you to take me to my bedroom and fuck me. Oh god I want sex with you so bad.” Randy didn’t say a word but carried me into my room and when he let go of me, I walked over to my bed and began removing my clothes. He did the same and when we were naked, we crawled onto my bed and began fondling each other. He at first used both hands on my tits and I stroked his big cock while at same time we resumed our passionate kissing. He then cautiously slid a hand down my belly and very gently began to play with my pussy. He rubbed his fingers around my pussy lips and then along my crack and finally slid a finger into my wet pussy. I loved what he was doing to me, his cock was getting damp with pre-cum and so I asked him if he was ready to slide his big black cock inside my white pussy. He just pushed me on my back, got on top as I grabbed his big black cock and guided it into my pussy; he immediately began to fuck me with long deep thrusts never showing the need to bang me.

We continued our passionately kissing while we were fucking; it was exciting to have this young black kid be so gentle and yet so aggressive with me, I loved it. I could feel his cock begin to get even larger and knew he was about to cum, I love the sensation I get when I feel a man cum in my pussy. I love having my cunt filled with a man’s gooey cum, and especially this time when it will be filled with cum from a black guy. It has been a long time since I last experienced sex with a black man.

Randy stopped his thrusts and said, “Alright to cum in you?”

I responded by nodding and saying, “Thanks for asking.”

I wasn’t wrong, within seconds he began to grunt and push his big cock deep inside me as his cock spewed a big load of cum. That was the trigger and off I went with a fantastic orgasm. I laid back with my eyes closed, my body tensed and my legs wrapped around Randy’s buttocks, god I love this feeling. We both began to relax at the same time and Randy laid on top of me for a short time before he raised his upper torso and looked me straight in the eye saying, “That was better than I expected! That was one of my best fucks ever.”

“Have you fucked a lot of girls or women?”

“No, I do not have very much experience.”

“Well, you did great for such a young guy. What made you think I would be willing to fuck you?”

“I didn’t. In fact I was just hoping that you would not kick me out. But the look on your face the first time I met you and how you looked at me in the living room made me think that maybe you would be receptive to my advances. So I took a chance and wow, what a pay off. You are so beautiful and have such a fantastic body; I just could not resist you and what a joy it is to fuck you.”

“Well I’m glad you could not resist, I really enjoyed having sex with you Randy. Have you ever had sex with an older woman before?”

“No, I have not. I’ve fucked a couple girls at my previous high school.”

“Were either one of them white?”

“No, both were black.”

“So you took a gamble to fuck an older white woman, that’s amazing.”

“I would not have tried except for the look of hunger in your eyes when we met. I’m very much attracted to you and somehow I just knew that you would be receptive to me.”

“Well you sure know how to read me, yes the first time I saw you, I wanted to fuck you. You are a very handsome young man that, I have to admit, has mesmerized me. There is something about you that just fascinates me. When we first met in the mall, my pussy immediately got wet just looking at you.”

“Well I assume your pussy is still wet because I just pumped a big load of cum deep inside you. I think it was the most cum I have ever generated.”

“Even if we had not just fucked, my pussy would have been wet just looking and touching you. You have a great physic.”

“Thank you, I try to stay in shape.”

I then asked Randy, “Is this a onetime thing with you or are you interested in a repeat.”

“I really hadn’t thought that far ahead, but after tonight’s experience, would love to do it again.”

“Well, I would love to do it again and again and have you as my fuck buddy. Would that work for you?”

“What about Peter? What will he think about you and I having sex?”

“Let’s talk about that later. üsküdar escort Do you still want something to drink? I’m going to pour me a glass of wine.”

“I’d like a beer.”

“I think I have one but you can’t tell anyone I served you a beer.”

“No I won’t. My dad lets me have one now and then.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfortable just don’t get dressed, I’m not done with you yet.” I jumped out of bed, grabbed my robe and headed for the kitchen. I came back with my wine and a cold beer for Randy. He was sitting up in bed with the covers over his lap. I set my wine down and handed him his beer. I stood there just admiring the handsome boy in my bed when he said, “Are you getting back in bed?”

I just smiled as I began to remove my robe and just before I was going to slip under the covers he said, “Wait, I want to just look at you and your hot body. You are so beautiful, I really like seeing you all naked.”

“You do, hey! Well I like being naked with you around. So what parts of me do you like the best?” I twirled around giving him a complete view of my naked body.

“I don’t know for sure. Your tits are fantastic, your legs are gorgeous, your ass is outstanding and your pussy looks so inviting. I love your shaved pussy. The other girls I’ve fucked didn’t have shaved pussies.”

“Did you eat their pussies?”

“No, I didn’t.”

“So you have never eaten a women’s pussy?”

“No, I have not.”

“Would you like to eat a women’s pussy? Would you like to eat my pussy?”

“Ah yes, I think that would be awesome thing to do.”

I smiled at Randy and slipped into bed next to him and said, “I want you to know, my pussy is always going to be available for your pleasure, to either fuck it or eat it.” I snuggled up against him and rubbed my pussy against his thigh while I slid my hand down toward his semi-hard cock. I stroked him a few times saying, “Let’s enjoy our drinks and then get back to some more fun sex.” We laid there chatting and drinking while rubbing each other frequently. I was stroking his nice cock when he said, “When will Peter be home?”

“Oh I got a text from Peter when I got our drinks and he said that he would be staying over at Gloria’s for the night.”

“Really? I didn’t know he and Gloria were ….. that much involved.”

“Oh yea, he and Gloria have been sexually involved for quite awhile now. Is that a problem for you?”

“Oh no, just a bit of a surprise. I don’t think most the kids at school realize that either. I think that’s great. And it seems like that it’s not a problem with you.”

“No, not at all. They are both 18, so they are old enough. So what about my earlier question about being my fuck buddy? Peter would not have a problem as long as you don’t take up all my time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I assume you are seriously thinking about being my fuck buddy. Am I right?”

Randy nodded while saying yes.

“Well then, I need to tell you a little bit about my life. Okay?”

“Yea, okay. Is there something dark and mysterious?”

“Oh no, I just need to make sure that what I tell you stays just between you and me and Peter, Okay?”

“My lips are sealed.”

“You promise?”


“Okay and by the way, you have nice lips. Can you plant them on me again, I so loved how you kissed me earlier.” At this point Randy rolled over toward me and planted a really passionate kiss on my lips with lots of tongue. I continued stroking his cock while he messaged my tits. We were really getting worked up before he backed off saying, “So what is it that you need to tell me?”

“I want to let you know and maybe you can tell already that I’m very sexual. I need lots of sex and as it turns out Peter and I have been screwing now for about a month or so. Does that surprise you?”

“Ah yea, it does. But I certainly can see the situation from Peter’s point of view. It would be hard living here with you and not be able to fuck you. You are so hot and sexy, and if I couldn’t fuck you, I would constantly be in my room beating off.”

“You say the nicest things. Speaking of beating off, your cock is feeling really nice and I can’t wait to get it back inside me. Are you ready to fuck me again? Or would you like to eat a little pussy before you fuck me?” I threw the covers back as I laid sprawled out on the bed in spread eagle fashion. I began rubbing my pussy back and forth with my middle finger slipping in and out of my hole.

I looked over at Randy whose eyes were wide open taking in all that I was doing. I said, “Want to taste me? I guarantee you will like it. I’ve been told that my love juices are very tasty.” I raised my pelvis up and down a few times to entice him to eat me. He immediately slid his body down placing his face right over my snatch. I said, “Eat me sweetie, lick my pussy and stick your tongue in me, see if you like the taste.” He didn’t need tuzla escort much coaching as Randy immediately began licking and sucking my pussy. I said, “Do you like my snatch?”

He just nodded yes as he was really getting into eating my pussy. “I want you to find and suck on my clit. Oh yes baby, eat me, eat your friend’s mother’s pussy.” He did not take long to find my clit and was paying special attention to it. After just a few minutes of this action I suggested that he rotate so I could suck his cock. There we were, in a 69 position enjoying each other’s private parts. He has a nice size cock and it is so black. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a black cock to suck on, and it feels good to do it again. It has always excited me to see my white hand on a black cock and to feel such a large hunk of man meat. I was savoring the feelings as I sucked his cock when I realized he was now licking almost the full length of my crack, going near but not touching my asshole. I love it when a man does that and so when I felt his tongue sliding toward my anus, I raised my ass up and said, “Yes, yes I like that.” I wanted to see what he would do and to my surprise, he did what I wanted and he licked my asshole. I raised my butt pressing my ass against his face and moaned really loud. He knew he hit pay dirt and just concentrated on my asshole for awhile. He was using both hands to spread my buns while forcing his face deeper into my ass with the tip of his tongue being dead center of my asshole. I could feel a little bit of penetration of his tongue which was really turning me on. I took his cock from my mouth and said, “I’m ready to have this monster shoved deep into my cunt baby, I need for you to fuck again me now. I want to have another load of your cum pumped into my cunt.”

He removed his face from my ass, rotated around and got on top of me and immediately sank his big black hard cock into my wanton pussy. Oh god his big cock felt so good sliding deep inside me, I matched his downward thrusts and was getting the pleasure of having his entire cock thrust in me to the bottom of my pussy. We fucked really hard for quite awhile until we both reached an orgasm, it was awesome. God I love to fuck, I love to be naked and expose myself, and to have multiple orgasms. I need to be gangbanged again, to be fucked over and over in rapid succession, having one cock in me while sucking or stroking the next cock that will fuck me. I love seeing many guys in the room with their cocks out getting ready to penetrate one of my holes or sometimes getting both my ass and my cunt penetrated at same time. I sometimes just crave to be fucked.

After Randy shot his second load deep inside me, he pulled out and lay next to me exhausted. I reached down taking his semi-hard cock in my hand and said, “I loved the feeling of having this big cock of yours inside my pussy, you are a good fucker and like I said, my pussy is yours most anytime you want it.” He turned his head toward me saying thanks and kissed me while he fondled my tits. We just both laid there in a bit of a fog for quite some time fondling each other.

I stirred and looked over at Randy; he was starting to doze off, I said, “You want to stay the night? I would love to share my bed with you all night long.”

“Ah yea, I guess. That sounds cool, but I will have to call my dad because I have his car and he needs it to go to work in the morning.”

“Okay, I’m going to get another class of wine, want another beer?”

“No, I’m okay.”

I headed for the kitchen without putting on my robe for another glass of wine, when I returned Randy said, “My dad said fine as long as I get home by 8 am.”

“That’s great! That will give us time for a quick morning fuck before you have to go home.”

Randy sat up and said, “God I love watching you walk around all naked like you are, you have such a sexy body. How do you keep yourself in such good shape? Do you exercise a lot?”

I laughed saying, “Yea, I fuck every day. I get a lot of hip action.”

“If fucking keeps you in shape, you definitely must be fucking a lot. Do you do it with just Peter?”

“Mostly, but like tonight, I get some screwing on the side once in awhile and I hope with you around, I get a lot more.”

“Sounds good to me and don’t see why not.”

“Good, that is what I want to hear. Are you hungry for any more pussy juice, or would you like to just screw me again?”

“I really enjoyed the oral sex we had and would not mind a little more of that. Your shaved pussy really fascinates me.” When he said that, I raised one foot up and stretched my leg out onto the bed giving Randy a good view of my pussy. I reached down and began playing with myself, rubbing my pussy in a manner that caused my pussy lips to expand. I said, “So you like my shaved pussy. That’s good, and I like showing it off to you. Would you like a photo of my pussy to look at when you beat off?”

“Oh shit yea, that would be great.”

“Well go get your phone and I’ll pose for you. Just don’t get my face in any of your photographs; I’m not ready to have nude pictures of me floating around amongst teenage boys. But shots of just my pussy are okay. You can show your buddies the white pussy your fucked.” Randy jumped out of bed to fetch his phone and when he returned I was stretched out on the bed waiting for him.

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