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A Slave of the Rus

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When I inherited my grandfather’s computer I found that he had written many erotic stories. I also found many outlines of stories he had intended to write. He often did research so that there would be a historical background for his stories. This particular story about a slave girl was to be based upon the writings of one Ibn Fadlan who was a Moslem on a diplomatic mission to the Bulgars in the year 922 AD. Google Ibn Fadlan to learn more about him.

Note: Because of recent policy there will be no reference to age. This story is about a Slavic girl who became a slave of the Viking Rus who invaded the land of the Bulgars to trade with them over a thousand years ago.

I.The Day of My Enslavement

I had begun life on the shores of that great sea that belonged to the Vikings. My papa was a fisherman on that sea but when he saw a dragon ship of the Viking he would come ashore and hide. For the most part the Viking left the people of our shore alone but occasionally we would hear of a family where the men were killed and the women and children would be taken, never to be heard of again.

One day at the beginning of summer I awoke to a great commotion in our little house. When I looked over the rail of my sleeping loft I saw, to my horror, the body of my papa lying in a pool of his own blood. My mama was bent over him screaming for the loss of her beloved husband. Standing about were four tall redheaded men that we knew as Rus. The Rus came from across the sea from the Viking land. These Rus were dressed for war. They had long red beards which were neatly braided in the same way as their hair.
They each wore leather boots that were tied to their calves with leather straps. Their only other clothing was a leather cape that had the wool turned in. It was clasped over their left shoulder and draped under their right arm. The cape was belted at the waist and from the belt hung on the right side a dagger and on the left side a long broadsword. Each man wore an iron helmet that was molded in the shape of his head with a band that came down over his nose. Their arms were covered in blue tattoos. Each Rus carried a round shield and an axe. I saw that the axe of two of the men showed the red of my father’s blood.

I saw all of this is a flash. I then remembered the words of my father that had warned of this day. “If it ever comes you must hide. They will look for you but if they do not find you, they move on and not take you as a slave.” Before I could think of where to hide, my little brother Aile, who also slept in the loft, screamed for the Rus to go away. Before I could duck out of sight I was seen. One of the Rus dropped his axe and shield and climbed up the ladder to the loft.

Aile charged the Rus attempting to knock him backwards when he came to the top of the ladder. The little Aile was no match for the big Rus who simply picked him up by the scruff of the neck, turned, and dropped him over the edge. I looked over the rail and saw that my brother had landed on his feet but he was quickly grabbed by one of the Rus down there. Before I could turn to look at the Rus who had dropped Aile, I felt him grab me. He tossed me face down on the pallet that was my bed and before I could turn to face him or do anything to defend myself I was rolled up in the blanket I had used as a cover for the night. I felt myself being lifted up and carried down the ladder. When I was dropped upon the floor I heard one of the Rus shouting loudly. I at that time did not know their language.

I attempted to get out of my wrapping but I suddenly felt a foot placed on my back. It forced me to the floor but the pressure was just enough to hold me in place, not enough to hurt me. At least three of the Rus were now shouting and Aile was screaming. I could only imagine that they were hurting him. I had not thought of what was actually happening. Later I found out that one of the Rus was raping my mother as she lay upon the body of her husband and her son was being forced to watch.

I prepared myself to attempt to escape as soon as I was relieved from being wrapped up in my blanket; however, I was again lifted up and bent over the shoulder of one of the Rus. I heard my brother calling to our mother asking if she was alright. She assured him that she was not hurt and she pleaded with him to forget what he had seen. I thought at the time that she was referring to the death of our father. We were shortly aboard the Viking ship and out to sea before I was released from my blanket.

I found myself surrounded by a group of Rus women. They were all tall and red haired like their men. They looked at me with their green eyes and murmured to each other. I had never seen a Rus woman before and was startled by the fact that they were tattooed from fingernails to shoulder with blue patters that looked like tree limbs. Around their necks they wore gold chains and on each breast they wore a metal covering. Some of these coverings were of gold, others were of silver, and some were of copper. These were held in place by leather straps that ran over their shoulders and around their backs. Below the waist they wore a deer skin leather skirt. Two of them appeared very interested in my own garment which was a pull-over nightdress. They were pulling and tugging at my nightdress and it became obvious that they were trying to take it off me. It was the only thing that I was wearing so I attempted to keep it on. I soon lost the struggle. I was allowed to wrap my naked body in my blanket.

An argument ensued between the two and they engaged in some kind of ritualized wrestling match. Soon one was thrown off her feet and the other claimed my nightdress as hers. She slipped it over her head. She was slender enough that she was able to pull it down over her body. It looked like a too short tunic on her.

It was then that I noticed that along both sides of the ship the men were manning the oars in synchronized motion. There were fifteen on a side. The woman with my nightdress on walked down the line and stopped next to one of the men. She stepped into his place as he stepped out, taking the oar from him without losing rhythm. He then ran his hands over my nightdress after which he stepped back into place and took the oar from her. She turned to face the women who still surrounded me and shouted something. The women around me and some of the men seemed to hoot back at her.

I looked about and saw two other groups of women. One group was standing around my mother who had been stripped of her clothing and she had no blanket to cover herself. The other group of women surrounded my brother who still wore his nightdress. It was obvious these were not Rus women. As it turns out they were slave girls and slave boys. One of the older slave girls left their group and brought a tunic for my mother and then came to my group and handed me a tunic. After I slipped it on she took my hand and began to lead me away. I attempted to keep my blanket but it was taken from me. I was led to where my mother stood in her newly acquired tunic. The slave girl took her hand and led her with me to where the slaves and my brother were.

Mother wrapped Aile and me in her arms and said that we would not be harmed if we did what we were told. I could not resist saying, “But momma we will never see Papa or our home again.”

“Yes, this is true. Our lives are what our masters allow us to have. All we can do…” Her voice faded away and I saw tears filling her blue eyes. At that point my eyes filled with tears also.

Shortly thereafter I realized that one of the slave boys who appeared to be my age was putting something in my hand. I looked at it and it appeared to be a chuck of leather. Aile said, “It is meat and it tastes good.” I contented myself by chewing on the chuck of dried meat.

While doing so I counted the people on the boat. There were thirty-two Rus men, seventeen Rus women with their metal breast covers, eleven slave girls who wore gold necklaces, white tunics and leather skirts, eight slave boys who wore only white tunics, and eighteen slave girls who wore only tunics like mine. This included my mother, brother, and me.

Sometime after midday the Dragon ship was beached and the other slave girls and boys set about their duties of setting up camp for the night. Four of the Rus women motioned momma, Aile, and me to go with them. One of them spoke enough of our language to tell mother she would be taken as a wife by one of the unmarried men. We came upon two groups of men who were tossing the bones. [Tossing the bones was casting lots to see who would win a prize. It was believed that the gods determined how the bones fell.] For one group of men the prize was my mother as a wife. For the other group they were deciding who would be my master and who would be my brother’s master.

It was not long before one of the men was being congratulated by the men in his group. The Rus woman who spoke our language said to my mother, “You now slave wife to Olaf. If you bare children sold you cannot and children be Rus.” Olaf came before my mother. He was young but looked like all the rest with his braded red hair and braided red beard. Like all the rest he had blue tattoos that covered his arms. His green eyes were upon my mother and his white teeth showed as he spoke. I do not know what he said and I do not think my mother did either but she extended her hand to him and he led her away.

It was then that one of the Rus women stepped in front of me and said, “Bist mein.” The woman who spoke my language said, “You her husband’s slave. Go with.” As I followed this woman I noted she wore only one golden chain about her neck and the coverings of her breast were made of copper. I found out later that the number of gold chains signified her husband’s wealth. So only one chain indicated he had little wealth. Copper indicated he was of low standing in the entire group. Silver would have indicated higher standing and gold the highest of all. We came to where an older slave woman was stirring a large pot that appeared to be filled with onions and cabbage. My mistress said something to the woman and the woman turned to me and said, “You help me.” She handed me the large wooden spoon she had been stirring the pot with. I began stirring and she said, “Do as told, be treated well.” She scurried off.

I looked about at the activity in the camp. Makeshift platforms, in a semicircular array, were being constructed with stones and planks of wood. Animal hides, fur side up, were thrown over these platforms and I assumed these were to be sleeping pallets. Looking at the number of pallets, it appeared there were about as many as there were Rus men in the camp. There were nine fires like the one I was standing at with pots over them at each pot was a young slave stirring. I could not see either my mother or my brother. All of the Rus men were gathered in a group outside the semicircle. They were in a jovial mood as they drank from large drinking cups. I was thirsty. The Rus women appeared to be supervising the slaves. The older slave woman returned and spoke to me in a scolding way. She threw fresh wood on the fire and then took the spoon from my hand. She fished out a slice of green cabbage and blew on it. She bit off a piece of cooled cabbage and chewed. She bursa escort handed the spoon back to me and said, “Stir.”

I said to her, “I have to pee.”

She looked at me quizzically for a moment. She then lifted her skirt, squatted, and peed. I looked about and no one even gave her a glance. I lifted my tunic’s hem, squatted, and peed. After straightening up, I began stirring again. I glanced about and no one seemed to be looking in my direction. I looked at the sand where I had peed and only a damp spot remained.

The Rus men began moving to their pallets and slave girls and boys came by the pots to get food placed on the plates that they carried which they took to the men. The older woman handed me two plates and said, Fill one take to master.” I joined in the procession filling a plate with food. I did not know which man was my master but I saw my mistress as she sat on a palette so I assumed the man there with her was my master. I presented the plate of food to him and he smiled as he took it from me. I took the second plate through the line to fill it with food and presented it to my mistress. She took it and handed me an empty cup. I looked at the cup and wondered what I was to do now. I looked at her and she pointed in the direction of where the men had been before. There was a large barrel there and slaves were getting cups filled from it.

When I arrived at the barrel I found one of the slaves who were ladling the beer into the cups was my brother. We greeted each other and I asked if he thought it would be alright if I had a drink. “Sure sis, most of the other slaves have a drink from their master’s cup.” It was a sweet beer and not entirely unpleasant. With my thirst quenched I returned to my mistress with a full cup of beer. When she took it from me she handed me her plate. Wondering what I was to do I glanced about and saw that at other pallets the slaves were eating what had been left on their master’s plates. There was not much left for me but then I was handed the second plate and after I had eaten that food I found I was satisfied.

Someone at the far side of the semicircle blew on a horn. Everyone grew quiet and looked in the direction of the horn. Three slave women were walking slowly toward the center of the semicircle. The center woman was my mother. She had a leather skirt like the Rus women but she still wore the white tunic she had been given on the boat. She had a wreath of flowers in her hair. It looked like she was being honored. The horn was blown again and my mother was led to where a single Rus sat on his pallet. He did not rise to meet her but instead he pulled her down to sit beside him. He put a single gold necklace about her neck. The Rus women made a guttural grunting sound. He kissed her and then had her stand before him. He raised her skirt and appeared to examine her. He lowered her skirt and shouted something. All of the men and women laughed.

He unbuckled his belt and let it slide with his dagger and sword to the ground. He then exposed himself by moving his cape to one side. He motioned for mother to move closer. She shook her head. A woman’s voice shouted in our language, “You must or you and your children will die.” Mother moved closer and then I saw something I had never even dreamt that anyone would do. Mother took his member into her mouth. I looked up and down the line and saw that all of the Rus were watching my mother but at nearly every pallet a slave was doing the same as my mother.

I glanced at my master and saw he was moving his cape aside. I felt my mistress’ hand on the back of my head. “No,” I said.

“Ja, ja,” my mistress insisted as I was pushed toward my master’s member. There was nothing I could do. Words I had been told earlier echoed in my head, “Do as told, be treated well.” He pulled his foreskin back exposing the purple head of his member. It looked big and ugly. As I was pushed in closer I smelled his unclean odor. I had felt so good after eating but I did not feel well as my lips met the tip of his member. My mistress said something that I interpreted as “open mouth.” I tried to pretend that I did not taste it but the tangy taste came through anyway. I found it was not totally unpleasant. Then I was pushed so far onto his member that I gagged. I expected to lose my entire meal but I was allowed to back off. My head was again pushed forward and I was allowed to once again back off. I began to breathe out as I pulled back and in when being pushed forward. This seemed to prevent the gagging I had experienced earlier.

I heard what sounded like the men cheering. My mistress pulled me off and pushed me aside. My first thought was to look to see how my mother was doing. What I saw I had not expected. My mother was naked. Her new husband was lying on his back and mother was astride him with his member deep within her. I looked up and down the line to see that every man was being ridden by their Rus wife or a slave girl in the same way.

I looked to my own master. He was lying back on his pallet. My mistress had, like all the others, removed her breast coverings and her skirt. Since that was all she was wearing she was now totally naked. From where I was standing I could see my master’s member disappear within her as she came down on it. She would quickly rise up off it to the point of nearly pulling it all the way out before she would drop down again. I glanced up and down the line and saw that the same was being repeated on all thirty-two pallets. Most of the slaves were getting the cups filled with beer.

I decided to do the same. Aile was still filling cups with the ladle. When it was my turn to get my cup filled I asked, “You saw?”

“Yes,” he said as I took a drink and then held the cup out for him to top it off.

“This is our life now,” I said before returning to my master’s side.

His wife was still riding him but he took the cup from me and drank from it. He stopped his wife and she drank from the cup. She passed it back to me and continued with her rapid up and down motion. The sun was setting over the sea and the air was growing cool but my mistress was perspiring. A little river was running down between her breasts. My master rose up and licked at that stream of perspiration. He then pulled her down on him so that she only needed to move her hips up and down. Soon he placed his hands on her hips and held her tight to him, thrusting his hips up to drive his member deep into her. I watched as his ball sack drew up tight and then I could see that he was pumping his seed into her. After that they lay there catching their breath.

I glanced at the other slaves and saw that most were doing as I was, simply watching our masters. I heard my mistress say, “Gut,” which I assumed meant “Good.” She eased up and his limp member fell out, hanging down over his balls. It was covered in white liquid and white liquid oozed out of her. She raised herself up and stood at the side of the pallet. She took a few steps away still naked. She squatted and peed. My master seeing this, sat up, swung his legs over the side of the pallet, and taking his member in his hands aimed it in the direction of his wife. He began to pee but the stream did not reach her. She stood and laughed at him. When he had stopped peeing she charged him and knocked him to his back as she landed on him. They then locked in a kiss.

One of the Rus was shouting for everyone’s attention. The slave next to me said to me, “You do not understand their words?”

“No I don’t,” I said.

“That is your mother’s new husband that is talking. He says she is the best fuck and he would like to share her with every man here. Out of respect, those of lower rank will take him up on his offer. Lucky for her there are about five who are of lower rank.”

“Are you saying my mother is going to be fucked by five different men?” I asked.

“Yes, the Rus women think it is an honor to be fucked by one man after another. They enjoy fucking.” Her conversation with me was interrupted when her master wanted more beer.

I looked down the line and saw my mother lying down on another Rus’ pallet. He lifted her legs up wide.

His wife was there to guide his member as he thrust his hips forward. It appeared that he was thrusting with all of his ability and his wife began to spank his ass. I wondered if my mother was enjoying being fucked. I wondered if she, like the Rus women, thought it was an honor to be fucked by one man after another. By the time my mother was fucked by the fifth Rus, the sun had set and it had grown dark. The only light was from the fires that the slave boys kept burning.

When I saw my mother returning to her husband’s pallet, I turned to see if my master wanted anything else. He was asleep in his wife’s arms. She said, “Come,” and indicated I should lie beside her. I had wondered where I would be sleeping. As I lay on the pallet I noted that other slaves were doing the same. We pulled master’s cape over us and my mistress held me with her left arm in the same way she was holding her husband with her right.

II To the Land of the Bulgar

The next day we entered a wide slow river. The Rus appeared to be in a hurry to get somewhere but well before nightfall we were again camped on the shore with the same arrangement of pallets. There was no wedding but when the horn sounded I was again forced to take my master’s member into my mouth. Like the night before this only lasted a short time. Again I was pushed aside and my mistress mounted him. She rode him like she enjoyed it. As I watched this scene of thirty-two Rus being ridden to ejaculation I thought of my conversation with my mother earlier in the day.

It had taken place early in the morning while we were washing at the water’s edge. I asked her if her husband treated her well and she said he did. I asked her if she had enjoyed being fucked by five men in a row. Her frank reply surprised me. “A woman must learn to enjoy what comes her way.”

I asked her if she had been embarrassed by being nude and she said, “These people accept nudity as normal. We can’t be embarrassed by anything they accept.”

“But being fucked in public…” I could not seem to finish my question.

“They accept that so we must accept it,” she said. Then she added, “I expect that one day soon they will hold a ceremony where you will be initiated into their public fucking.”

“But I am so young,” I said.

“When they see you as a woman, you will be a woman no matter what age you are.”

Now I wondered when that day would come. I wondered what it would feel like to be fucked. I wondered how many men would take me that first time. I wondered if I would be married like my mother. If so I hoped he would be a man of low rank.

I slept in the same way as the night before cuddled up next to the warm body of my naked mistress. The next morning as I bathed in the river I decided to see what it would feel like to be naked right there in front of everyone. I noted the warmth of the morning sun. I noted the chill of the morning breeze on my wet skin. I did not notice any feeling from the eyes that might have noticed me. I believed I now knew what mother tried to explain to me. You cannot be embarrassed by doing what is accepted.

Our görükle escort trip up river continued until I lost count of how many days we had been traveling. One day along the way we met another dragon boat coming the other way. That day we stopped early. There was an exchange of goods and slaves. That night the two encampments were separate but so close that some exchange of wives took place. I did not understand the purpose of this and the neighbor slave who had previously interpreted for me had been one who had been exchanged. This caused me to determine to learn the language of the Rus.

The next day we came to where the river was too shallow to continue. We started a portage; that is we dragged the boat over the land. The younger slaves, including me, were assigned to preparing the portage path. The path had been used by others before us so all we were doing was repairing places that had been damaged. Our work was not nearly as hard as those who did the actual dragging of the dragon boat. The
Rus women worked alongside of their men and the older slaves. For a whole day they pulled and pushed up a gentle slope. All were exhausted at the end of the day. Our encampment that evening did not follow the usual pattern. Most of the higher rank [gold and silver] slept in the boat. My master and mistress slept on the ground beside the boat. Of course I slept with them as usual. There was no fucking that night. I think all were too exhausted.

The next day we started downhill and we moved nearly as fast as we could walk. Before midday we launched into a lake which our men rowed across before we encamped that evening. For two days no one had washed and so while us slave set up camp and cooked the evening meal all the Rus had a bathing party. Even the older Rus were like children in the water. There was much splashing and shouting and some good natured wrestling.

While unguarded two of our male slaves decided to slip away. Several of us saw them go but said nothing; however, when the Rus discovered that they were missing some of the older slaves told them which way the escapees had gone. My master and three other low ranking Rus were sent to retrieve them. The rest of us slaves were watched closely for the rest of the evening. My master did not return that evening. I spent the evening trying to learn some things about my master and mistress. His name was Bard and her name was Katche. They were cousins. Their fathers were brothers and had not sailed as Vikings. They had two children that they had left with their grandparents parents. She did not sail with her husband on his first two Viking voyages. She expected to have a third child on their return voyage and she would not sail with her husband on his next voyage. She expected he would not sell me but instead would marry me when I came of age. I asked her when I would be of age and she said that is up to the gods.

There was the usual fucking that evening and I was surprised when my mistress joined in the fucking with a neighbor. I carried numerous cups of beer that evening and then slept in the arms of my mistress.

Bard and the others returned with the slaves in the morning. To insure that they would not run again a leather thong bound their legs together so they could not run but only hop. I was also told that they would be sold to the Bulgars when we reached the summer encampment. We reached their summer encampment in three days. There were already two great houses that had been built by the Rus who had been there before. Our group decided to build a third so they would not be crowded. A great house was large enough to accommodate as many as fifteen Rus, their wives, and slaves. With everyone working at it the third great house was completed in three days. It was half again larger than the two previously built houses.

The Bulgars, who were a really unpleasant people, objected to the construction of a third great house made with their trees. The Jarl Rus invited four of the Bulgars into the new great house to discuss the terms of an agreement. Most of us younger slaves were instructed to sit about and look uninterested. As a distraction five Rus fucked their slaves on nearby pallets. Also when the Jarl’s slave brought them all beer to drink she went under the Jarl’s cape and sucked on his member. The Bulgars were so agitated that when the Jarl offered to give them one of the male slaves that had run away for their trees they accepted. He then offered to sell the second one to them at an outrageously high price which they refused. He then asked them for an offer and they paid more than the slave was worth. They then asked to see some female slaves that were for sale. The Jarl pointed in our direction but said none were for sale and sent the Bulgars away. This was a Rus trading strategy, that is, always send your customer away wanting. That way when he came back he would be willing to pay more in order to persuade you to sell that which you do not want to sell.

That first night after the completion of the new great house, seventeen pallets were set up and all 32 Rus, their wives, and slaves crowded into the great house for a coming of age ceremony for one of the slaves.
When the horn sounded and she was led in, in her white tunic and crown of flowers, she did not look any older than me. She definitely was no taller. She was led before the center pallet which was occupied by the Jarl [or chief of the Rus] and his wife. She was asked by the Jarl if she was happy to come of age and she responded with a yes. One of the Rus wives asked if she had been fucked yet and she said no. She was asked who her master was. She announced loudly, “Raagar!”

Raagar was called to the come to the front. He was asked how long he had owned this young slave. “This is the third summer,” he said. He was complimented on keeping her pure; then he was asked if he wanted to sell her. He did not but a higher offer was shouted from the back and he said no. A still higher offer was shouted from the right. He again said no. An offer was shouted from the left followed by a “No” from Raagar. An even higher offer was shouted by a woman from the back. He again said no. The Jarl made a much higher offer and Raagar said only if he could fuck her right here right now.

The Jarl said no his offer was for an un-fucked slave. He asked the slave who she wanted as her first fuck and she said, “My master Raagar.”

The Jarl laughed and offered to promote Raagar from copper to silver for the slave and Ragar said he would prefer to earn the honor. The Jarl complimented Ragar for being a hard bargainer and an honorable man.
The Jarl and his wife moved to the neighboring pallet of his assistant and Ragar and his slave were invited to do the honors on the Jarl’s pallet.

Raagar vaulted up on the pallet and reached down to raise his slave up. His wife came to stand beside the pallet. When Raagar undressed the slave girl his wife pointed out her pail un-blemished skin and her small but firm breasts. She pointed out her near hairlessness and her un-bloodied slit. Offers for the right to fuck her were coming from all sides and Raagar ignored them as he raised her up to show off her beauty. When he set her on her feet she knelt before him with a bowed head. He unbuckled his belt and let it fall with his sword and dagger. His wife reached over and pulled his belt to her. She announced to all, “Raagar is now armed with the only weapon that no woman can resist. A woman can try to swallow it to disarm him but it will not be swallowed. The third arm is man’s arm of the gods. It cannot wield a weapon but is itself a weapon.”

Raagar removed his cape and stood naked with his member above the girls head. She looked up and rose up enough to take his member into her mouth. He grasped her head and forced his member into her throat and released her. She pulled back. This was repeated about a dozen times. He then knelt with her and kissed her hard on the lips. He may have even swept her mouth with his tongue. That is what Rus men do when they kiss a woman not as a possession but as part of him. He pulled her down to a laying position with him and his wife instructed the slave girl to sit upon his member. She announced, “The pain of opening your woman’s wound will not last. That pain will be healed by the pleasure you receive.”

The slave girl kissed her master and then stood. Placing a foot on either side of his hips she slowly began to squat down. Raagar’s wife reached over to point his member at the slave girls slit. When she came into contact with his member it was obvious how wet she was in anticipation of what was to come because her dripping juices drenched his member. She lowered herself slightly and the head of his member disappeared within her. She lowered herself a little more and it appeared that he was not going in any further but then his wife moved his member to a different angle and instructed the virgin to bare down. He soon slipped in a little farther. She continued to slowly lower herself down and was soon completely impaled. She rose up slowly until his wife warned her to stop. She moved steadily down until she was impaled again. Now she rose up more quickly and let herself drop. She did this repeatedly until he reached up and pulled her down so he could kiss her. Now his wife assisted the girl in moving her hips up and down.

It had been quiet in the room as everyone wanted to observe this first time for the slave girl. Now they began clapping in rhythm with her hip movements. As I clapped I realized how wet I had become. All the while I had tried to imagine myself in her position. I was sure my day was not too far away. It was then that my mistress Katche put her hand on the back of my head and directed my mouth to my master Bard’s member. I had become so used to doing this that I had begun to enjoy the experience. I tasted of it and liked the taste. I ran my tongue over it and thought of the day he might sweep my mouth with his tongue. I knew that day would come and then he would be telling me he wanted me not as a possession but as a part of him. Even the discomfort of taking his member deep was no longer a problem for me. I knew what was coming and when and was prepared for it. Soon I was pushed aside as usual.

I looked to the slave girl. She was still fucking herself on her master’s member. I looked to where my mother was and saw her mounting her husband’s member. Most of the slave girls who were not involved in fucking were busy bring beer to the Rus. I quickly ran to do the same.

After Raagar finished filling his young slave with his semen he place a gold chain around her neck and announce, “This slave is now my wife. She is a good fuck and I invite all to come share her with me.” I became involved with my own master and mistress so I did not keep track of how many fucked this young slave wife of Raagar.

The next morning as I was washing I realized I was next to the slave girl who had been initiated the night before. I asked her how she was. “Good,” she said.

“How was it to be fucked for the first time?” I asked.

“It was so good I want to do it all the time,” she said as she splashed cold water from the stream on her slit.

“How many fucked you,” I asked.

“I lost count at five. escort bayan Master Ragaar says it was seven plus him.” 

IIIThe Death of a Rus

After that first night in the large great house the community was divided so that for the rest of the summer we slept in all three of the great houses except when a special ceremony was held which was not often.

The summer was spent trading with the unpleasant Bulgars. They would bring cabbages, onions, and other vegetables. They would bring freshly butchered meat—both wild and domestic. They would bring fowl of every kind. The Rus treated these items of little importance but in truth we needed the food. However, their strategy would often get them enough food to feed our entire community for many days for only one slave boy. Although the Bulgars asked for slave girls only slave boys were traded.

The Rus asked for furs and the Bulgars would bring a few which the Rus would reject as not worthy for trade. The Rus would ask for metal—copper, silver, gold, and iron. The Bulgars claimed they had none. It seemed for a while that nothing was treaded. Then one day four Bulgars came into the Rus camp carrying heavy leather bags. The Jarl Rus spoke with them and called out to the horn blower. When we slaves heard the horn we knew to assemble in the newest great house.

Several Rus men came in and took their slave wives to pallets and began fucking them. We slaves and the fucking was meant to be a distraction to the Bulgars. We were told that in their society fucking was only done in private and they were distracted by seeing public fucking. In addition we slave girls were told to take our tunics off as we sat in a group within sight of the Bulgars. I had no interest in watching the trading but instead I watched my mother being fucked by her husband. They were on a pallet nearby.

He began by being very gentle with her, kissing and hugging her. She had told me that he always began by sweeping her mouth with his tongue which indicated he was taking her as a part of him and not just a woman. Soon they were both naked and rolling around enjoying each other’s bodies. Then mother did what was always expected at the beginning of a fuck—she took his member in her mouth. I marveled at how deeply she took him without gagging. This, like always, only lasted a short time. Next she impaled herself on his member and the fucking began.

I could not resist feeling of myself and I found I had become quite wet. Although I had never yet been fucked, I knew that when women wanted to be fucked they always became wet. I looked toward the Bulgars and saw that one of them was pointing toward me while whispering to one of his fellows. One of them spoke to the Jarl while pointing at me. I heard the Jarl say no and then he called for the slave boys to be brought in. While they were brought in I lifted my wet fingers to my nose and smelled of myself. I watched one of the Bulgars pointing out to one of his fellows what I was doing. I put my fingers back down on my wetness and then brought them to my mouth. All four of the Bulgars were now watching me, so I licked my fingers while I put my other hand into my wetness.

The Jarl insisted that he would only give two slave boys for the bags of gold, silver, and copper. The Bulgars made one more attempt to get two slave girls but the Jarl said his final offer was two slave boys. One of the Bulgars pointed at me and said something. The other Bulgars shouted at him and then the three of them agreed with our Jarl to take the two slave boys. The two largest slave boys were selected and the Bulgars left but the one continued to watch me right up until he left the building.

We slaves now began to pull our tunics on and go back to our duties but the Jarl asked me to stay. He thanked me for distracting the Bulgars. He asked me who my master was and I told him that Bard was my master. He then told me that I could go.

That evening my master had two gold neck chains that he showed Kache and me. They were just like the one that Kache already wore. He then explained that they were payments for what I had done to distract the Bulgars. He then placed one around Kache’s neck and the other around mine. He also explained that now he was not one of the poorest of the Rus. Kache said, “Bard must show his slave he appreciates what she has done.”

“Ja,” he said as he drew me to him. He placed his lips on mine while hugging me tightly to him. I felt his tongue and I allowed it into my mouth. He swept every part of my mouth and I felt the thrill of knowing I had become not just his slave but I was now part of him.

When he released me Kache took me into her arms, “We are now one.” She placed her mouth to mine and pushed her tongue into my mouth. She also swept every corner of my mouth with her tongue. I was so thrilled to have been accepted by both of them that I would have done anything that they might ask of me. When she released me she said, “You not married yet but you are promised.”

“When will we marry?” I asked.

“When the gods say you are a woman.”

This is the answer I had received before and when I had asked how they would tell us I was told that was up to them but this time I chose to pursue a better answer. I asked, “Will it be when I bleed for the first time.”

“Yes,” Kache said, “When Frye opens your woman’s wound and causes you to bleed then seven days later you and Bard will marry.”

“After Bard fucks me for the first time will he offer me to all the Rus?” I asked.

She smiled as she said, “Yes he will.”

“Did he do that with you,” I asked.

“Yes and it was the best time of my life,” she said with a dreamy look in her eyes, continuing she said, “And my father and mother and my brothers and sister were there to watch. It was absolutely wonderful.”

“How many fucked you?” I asked.

“I thought it would be more but only six,” she responded.

“How many for me?” I asked.

She smiled broadly and said, “With these,” she fingered our new gold neck chains, “maybe eight or ten…maybe more. Oh you will be in such ecstasy. After three you will just want more and more. When the last one finishes you will beg for more. Maybe Bard will give you more like he did for me.”

Bard had been listening quietly but now when we looked to him he said, “Ja, Bard will give you more. I would like to fuck you now but we must wait for Frye to open you.”

All about us the others were fucking as usual and so Kache directed my mouth to Bard’s member. As soon as she pushed me aside I headed off to the beer barrel with our empty cup. Of course as usual I went to the one where my brother, Aile was ladling the beer. “Look,” I said as I held my neck chain for him to see.

“You are not married are you?” he asked.

“No, I am promised. This was given to my Master Bard by the Jarl. It shows how wealthy he is becoming.”

“But I thought only married slaves had neck chains,” he commented.

“It is a promise to marry as soon as I become a woman,” I said before hurrying back to my master with a mug of beer.

The next morning we were awakened by the horn blowing. All of the Rus men quickly armed themselves, not even bothering to put on their capes. To me it seemed funny seeing them rush outside bare ass naked but still fully armed with helmet, dagger, sword, axe, and shield.

The Bulgars had been attacked by one of their enemies and they were asking the Rus to assist them in driving the enemy out. When it was determined that we were in no danger for the moment the wives and slaves took the capes to the men and bade them good fortune in battle. The Jarl addressed them stating it was “a good day to kill those who resist us.” He then told all the higher level [Gold] Rus to remain as security while he led the rest on the expedition.

There were eleven Gold Rus who remained. They and all the Rus women made sure that none of the slaves would attempt to escape although I wondered why they would worry. I could not imagine being better off in a strange land without the safety of armed men and women to protect me.

We went about our day in much the same way that we always did but when word came by a Bulgar runner that the battle was won and our men would be returning that day we began preparing a victory meal.

The celebratory meal was marred by the display of one dead Rus who had lost his life in the fight. None of the others were even wounded. Many words of praise were spoken in honor of the dead Rus. His wife wept over his body. That evening after the meal she was fucked by one Rus after another. I was told that this was to help her cope with her loss. She would in two days be taken as a wife by lot by one of the men who had no Rus wife.

The next day a replica of a Viking dragon boat was quickly built. Since it would never float on water, little care was given to its construction except from the outside it had to look right. It only took one day to build. They then placed the body on a large bed of straw in the middle of the boat.

The next morning shortly after morning wash-up the horn sounded and we all assembled in the largest great house. A slave girl who had been the dead Rus’ slave wife was crowned with a wreath of flowers and told she would be honored that day by being fucked by each of the Rus men from highest rank to lowest. The first to fuck her was the Jarl. We all watched as one Rus after another came to the palette where she lay spread open for them to fuck her. All the while she was being fucked she was being given beer to drink.

I am sure that if I had drank that much beer I would have done as she did. When she could hold it no more she peed. After a time she was filled with so much semen, it was running out of her along with the pee. She screamed for more fucking and more beer. She must have been in absolute ecstasy.

When the last Rus finished fucking the slave, she was carried into the funeral dragon boat and laid upon the body of her master. She was still calling for more fucking and beer. The Rus wife of the dead man took his long sword and drove it through the body of the slave and into her husband. She then set the straw beneath them afire. She and the two who had carried the slave girl quickly exited the ship before it began to burn. The fire was still burning as the sun set.

We all retired to the largest great houses where we proceeded with our nightly fucking, with the wife of the dead Rus being fucked by her new husband and a dozen or so of the lower ranking Rus including my master Bard. Before he went to fuck her I had to take his member in my mouth to prepare him.

When he returned, Katche administered to him to restore his member. Once it was restored she impaled herself saying she had seen so much fucking that day that she was in desperate need. As I served them beer I wondered if I would be the one to die with my master when he died. It was a sobering thought after witnessing the events of the past few days.
The next day I asked Katche about my concern and she said if we could keep him alive until he died of old age none would have to die with him. In addition she said, “But can you imagine how wonderful it must have been to be fucked by each of the Rus? Can you imagine how she felt by the time the last one fucked her? She must have felt so good she was ready to die.”

A Slave of the Rus
By Tim I Done
IVI Become a Woman
This story will be continued shortly.

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