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A Small Mistake, Big trouble Ch. 03

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Kristi tried to keep herself busy the next few days. More than usual, she totally immersed herself in her work. Because of this, it was easy to avoid seeing Amy but it didn’t keep her from thinking about her and what she said. She found herself thinking of what it would be like to taste Amy’s pussy.

“What would it taste like? How would it feel on her tongue?” These and other questions would suddenly pop into her thoughts. As they did, Kristi would begin to daydream about the two of them together. She would then quickly pull herself back and dive into her work. It was after work, at home where she had the hardest time not allowing herself the luxury of daydreaming.

It wasn’t just about Amy she thought about. Since seeing Tim’s huge erection, she found herself thinking about big cocks. It was not like she wanted to have sex with him. She just thought about his dick a lot. Not necessarily Tim’s dick, but maybe one likes his. She wondered what sex would be like with a dick that size. She wondered what a cock that size would feel like in her hand and what it would feel like inside her. She tried to imagine something that big would feel “different”.

That evening as she sat alone, sipping on a glass of wine, her thoughts wandered again. She thought about seeing Tim’s cock again and even let different little scenarios run through her mind, like catching him jerking off again or walking in on him in the shower. Things like that. She even thought about what it would be like to spy on him and watch him jerk off. She imagined threesomes with Tim, Amy, and her.

Last night she dreamt that she came right out and asked him, “Can I see it?” and he showed her! It was soft but still very long, hanging down between his legs. She watched it grow right in front of her into this monster hard-on. Again she woke up with a start and found herself extremely wet between her legs and so turned on that she reached into the nightstand and got her vibrator out. She pulled her panties to one side and brought herself to an incredible orgasm as she recalled the dream. The orgasm she had came surprisingly fast and was unusually intense.

It was becoming more difficult not to think about sex. Whether it was with Amy or Tim’s big cock. It was becoming almost an obsession. Something she would have to act on or the thoughts might consume her.

She didn’t consider anything she was doing, bad or wrong. They were just thoughts and dreams. She justified herself by thinking that plenty of people had ‘impure’ thoughts all the time. It’s not like she was acting on them, trying to do anything with her son or her best friend.

That night she woke up from another dream that should have really disturbed her, but it didn’t. She dreamt that she asked Tim to see his cock again, got him hard, gave him a hand job and let his cum spray all over her. She woke up with her finger already inside her pussy and before too long, she grabbed her little vibrator, spread her legs and fucked herself with that toy like crazy. Again her orgasm almost overwhelmed her.

It had been 3 weeks and the monster between Tim’s legs was now huge. Even limp, it was heavy and thick. He measured it and was now over 9 inches and that was before it became erect. His erection was even bigger and harder than before. It also became rock hard and taut. So hard it hurt.

His balls were bigger and heavier too. They seemed always full and ached to be emptied all the time. He tried to ignore the need to jack-off, to relieve the pressure but he couldn’t. He was doing it 4, 5 times a day and he could do it even more. His cock was controlling him.

It was ruining his relationship with his girlfriend, Darlene. He couldn’t explain to her what was going on. How he was afraid to even touch her let alone kiss her. Just thinking about it may him hard. What would happen if he got an erection while he was with her? She probably run away screaming.

She was a virgin and Tim was pretty sure she wouldn’t want a huge cock the first time. Maybe he was wrong but he thought he knew her pretty well.

In about a week he would be back with Amy to measure his progress with the acne pills. As far as the acne went, it was all gone on his face and his back was almost 100% clear. When she asked about side effects, she would get an eyeful. The problem was it was a week away and his cock continued to grow. If he did unburden himself he might go crazy but whom?

Amy walked into Kristi’s office and flopped in the chair across the desk.

“It has been crazy here this week,” she sighed. “How are you holding up?” There was genuine concern in her voice.

“It was rough at first but I got my second wind,” Kristi replied as she got up and walked from behind the desk. “You look beat.”

“Yeah,” was all Amy could say.

“Here, let me see if I can help.” Kristi stood behind Amy and began to massage her shoulders. She massaged deep into her.

Amy sighed. “That feels good.” She relaxed as Kristi continued.

Kristi massaged her shoulders through her blouse kadıköy escort and then slowly slipped her hands under it. Her hands on Amy’s skin brought a whole new sensation. She kneaded her neck and back muscles.

Amy closed her eyes. It felt good. She made no objection when Kristi undid some buttons on her blouse.

“Damn,” thought Kristi, “if this feels as good to Amy as it does to me…”

She pushed Amy’s blouse off her shoulders giving her more access. As she continued she pushed Amy’s bra straps away. She now moved her hands down Amy’s chest; her fingers reached the top of her breasts. As she did, Amy slightly arched her back, almost willing her to go further She then moved back to her shoulders and neck. She could hear Amy’s breathing change as she reacted to Kristi’s touch.

Kristi leaned forward and whispered in Amy’s ear. “Your skin feels fantastic.” She then kissed her lightly on the neck.

Amy moaned loudly and spread her legs in reaction to the kiss. She could feel her pussy spasm.

Kristi stopped and walked around the chair. Facing Amy, she put her hands on her wrists, pinning them. She leaned forward and kissed her. This time it was Kristi who thrust her tongue forward and Amy yielded.

This kiss was not like their first one. This one was wild, hot, and filled with lust. No, this one was far different.

Kristi ended the kiss and leaned back, sitting on the desk. “Well, how did I do for the first time?” she asked.

Amy looked at her. “What?”

“How did I really do? I never have done any thing like that before. Did I do ok?”

“Did you do ok?” Amy stood up and moved towards the desk. “Did you do ok?” she said again. With that, she grabbed Kristi’s hand and forcefully brought it up under her skirt. She pressed it against her wet panties. “Does that answer your question? You little tease.”

Letting go she took her own hand and thrusted it under Kristi’s skirt. She grabbed her pussy. She could feel the moist heat coming from it. Kristi’s eyes widened and she grasped.

“Please, I was only trying to do good. I never have done this before. I don’t know how.” Her eyes pleaded with Amy. “Don’t be mad.”

“So this was a practice? A test?”

“Yes,” Kristi answered. “I’m sorry if I upset you but I needed to know myself. Was I good enough?”

Amy removed her hand and put her arms around her. “Good enough? I think you passed the first test. I’m a little frustrated as you were doing a great job. I understand. We’ll take this slow. Not here in your office, a proper place.”

“I was so nervous but I want to do this.”

“Me too,” Amy smiled.

The two women kissed, gently and passionately.

The warm shower water felt heavenly on her body. As Kristi lathered and rinse off, her body tingled with excitement. She rubbed her hand across her newly shaved pussy and sighed. Her body felt alive with sexual tension and she loved it. It may have been only the first little step this afternoon but it went well. She knew it was right and she knew there would be more.

Kristi was very nervous when Amy entered the office but she felt it was now or never. She needed to take the chance. Amy had let it be known she was willing but Kristi knew that she was the one that was reluctant to take the next step. She was positive that Amy would not turn her advances down but she worried that being a new thing she would not be good at it, that she wouldn’t excite Amy. For all her confidence in other things, Kristi was afraid she would ruin it.

Instead it went better than expected. Amy definitely was turned on. Her wet panties gave proof of that. Moreover Kristi could feel her own excitement build. It could have gone much further, right there in the office.

Since that moment Kristi’s body had seemed like a ball of sexual energy. On the ride home from work, stuck in traffic, she rubbed her pussy through her panties. She didn’t orgasm. No she didn’t want that yet. She wanted the feeling to build, become almost unbearable before she did that.

The past few days all her thoughts in any idle moments had been about sex. Amy, her pussy, big cocks, Tim’s big cock had been on her mind. For the last three nights, her dreams had been about sex and each night she brought herself to stronger and stronger orgasms. Sex was on her mind and today she took the first step in trying something new. She had never been with a woman before but she was going to give it a try.

Today had also been a confidence boost. Since her husband left years ago, Kristi had worked hard on being confident and sure of herself and knowing what she wanted. The last few days some doubts had slipped in but they were gone now.

She stood before the mirror in her room. Tonight she knew she was going to rock her world and she decided to dress for it. She put on a shear baby doll nightie; one she hadn’t wore for a while. She liked the look and it felt good on. As she moved, the slightest movement üsküdar escort of the fabric on her skin excited her. As she moved to her bed, she heard Tim’s door shut.

Perhaps if she had not been preoccupied with her aroused feelings, if she had not felt that she was now in control of the situation, if she didn’t think everything was under control, she wouldn’t had come to this conclusion.

Kristi suddenly felt she had neglected her son long enough. He had avoided her for too long. She was concerned about him. He seemed depressed and she wanted help. She headed for his bedroom.

Tim had jerked off again. He was doing it more and more. He couldn’t sleep through the night without waking up with a raging hard-on. No matter how many times he did it, he wasn’t satisfied. Magazines, computer porn wasn’t doing it. His choice of videos was getting harder, darker. His favorite video was girl on girl and now he watched the same two getting fucked. He knew why he liked it at first. The brunette looked like Amy. Now he realized the blonde resembled his mom. Even though it bothered him, he was now enjoying it.

His thoughts about Amy and his mom were getting stronger. He wanted them, to see them together, to fuck them. Yes, the last video he watched had the blonde being fucked and he jacked off to it.

He knew his mom was in the shower when he started tonight. He pictured her lathered up, her tits swaying as the water sprayed off them. When he came, it was one of the most satisfying in a while.

Tim realized these thoughts were wrong in so many ways but he couldn’t seem to stop them. They came more and more frequent and much more graphic. The monster was controlling him. More than ever he knew he needed to talk to someone, to unburden himself. It had to be soon.

Kristi knocked and leaned her head in as she opened the door. “Can I come in, Tim?” she asked.

“Uh, sure mom,” Tim replied.

Tim was lying on his bed, dressed in just his pajama bottoms. His desk light cast a soft shadow through the room.

“What do you want, mom?” Tim tried to act casual but noticed Kristi’s outfit right away. “Damn, she looked good,” he thought.

Kristi sat on the bed and placed her hand on his chest. His skin felt warm to her touch. “Nothing really. We just haven’t talked much lately.” She began to absentmindedly moving her hand.

“Yeah,” Tim replied. “Been kinda busy.”

The way the light was he was sure he could see through the fabric. He could see the outline of his mom’s breasts.

“Is everything alright? You seem kind of down. Any thing I should know about?” Kristi continued to move her hand across his chest. It felt very good to her, smooth and firm yet soft. “I’m your mom so you can tell me.”

She leaned forward exposing more of her breasts to Tim. She didn’t realize what she was doing as the thought hadn’t crossed her mind. She really wanted to find out what was bothering him.

Part of Tim’s brain screamed “NO!” as he saw her breasts as the other part took it all in. He felt his balls begin to tingle. He was trying to fight the feeling. If she would only leave now.

“No, mom, no problems,” he said quickly.

“You sure? No problems with Darlene?” Kristi had moved her hand to his thigh and was lightly rubbing it.

Tim felt his cock stir. “Oh God, no,” his brain screamed. “Everything is fine, mom.”

He was losing control. His eyes began to fill with tears.

“Oh baby, what’s wrong?” Kristi said softly. “You can tell mommy. Honest.”

Suddenly it came all flooding out. Tim told her about the medicine, his acne clearing up, and the side effects.

“What side effects, Tim? Do you think the pills are making you depressed?”

Tim couldn’t stop. “No, mother. This side effect.” At that he pushed his pajamas bottoms to his knees.

His cock sprang out. Only semi-erect, it was still huge. Kristi gasped as she saw it. It seemed bigger than when she saw it that night. Her pussy tightened at the sight.

“Oh Timmy, it’s, it’s…”

“A monster, a freak show,” Tim exclaimed. “What am I going to do?”

Kristi couldn’t help herself. She had to touch it. She tried to wrap her hand around it. It was too big. It felt heavy and full. As she did, she felt it begin to swell and grow. It became hard in her hand.

She sighed. “No, baby. It is not a monster. Nothing of my boy’s is a monster. You are beautiful to me.”

“But mom, look at it.”

She did. It was larger, thicker than any cock she had ever seen, even in the porn she had seen on the computer. It was larger than she imagined. She absentmindedly began stroking it.

She looked at Tim. She could see the look of confusion, the look of despair on his face. “What can I do for you?”

“Mom,” he pleaded, “Help me.”

“Mommy’s here.” With that Kristi climbed between his legs. Kneeling she took hold of his cock. “Like this?”

Tim simply nodded.

She let her fingers trace around his stomach for a few more moments tuzla escort before running down to his balls, lightly squeezing them. They were larger than any she had held. She rolled them around in her hands before slowly and gently tracing up the underside of his cock. Just as she reached the sensitive head she removed her fingers leaving his cock lurching for attention while she went back to gently stroking his stomach.

“Oh, Tim. They’re so big. Do they hurt? Tell mommy.”

“Yes, mom, they ache.”

“Mommy will help then.” Kristi’s breathing increased as she continued stroking his cock. Her own pussy began to ache and she could feel the juices flowing from it. Her breasts strained against the fabric of her nightie.

“Do you want to see mommy’s breasts? Would that help?”

Tim nodded. “More than anything.” He gasped.

Leaving one hand still stroking Tim’s cock, she slipped the top off her shoulders and pushed it down to her waist. Her breasts spilled out. “There does that help?”

Tim could only nod.

She gave his cock shaft a light stroke, which stopped just short of the head and left him desperate for more. He knew she was teasing him, and he loved it but it was driving him crazy at the same time.

She then ran her fingers up his cock again but this time she continued her journey and let her hand continue to the swollen head of his cock. The tips of her fingers ran around the tip, smearing the pre-cum that ran like a river around his cock head. His cock lurched and bucked under her light touch, jumping out of reach. She slowly slid her hand back up again, feeling his dick lurching and jumping in her fingers. She slowly continued her gentle stroking of his cock head, keeping her movements frustratingly slow.

Kristi’s entire body was consumed in lust. Her entire being was centered on the giant cock she held in her hand. Each stroke she made sent a surge through her. The fact that she was jerking off her son’s cock made no impact on her.

She took his cock and squeezed it between her breasts. Pushing them together, she slid up and down. His huge cock hit her chin and she bent her head down. Placing her mouth near the tip, she licked some of his pre-cum. Her body shuddered. Grabbing his cock, she rubbed it over her nipples, smearing his pre-cum on them.

Tim moaned at the feeling.

She then ran her fingers down his cock and gently played with his heavy balls, squeezing them before slowly running her fingers up the shaft and teasing the head again. She then resumed her stroking but increased the tempo this time, letting her fingers run up and down over his purple head and shaft before releasing it and teasing the shaft with her finger tips again. After a few moments she resumed her stroking, this time letting her fingers run up and down the length of his cock and increasing the pressure slightly, slowly, inexorably building his climax, only to stop every few moments and play with his balls or run her hand over his toned stomach.

“Does that feel good, baby?”

To Tim, his mom was expert at this. It was like nothing he could imagine. His huge erection was lurching like a snake with its head cut off as she once again paused her stroking to gently squeeze his balls. God, it was unreal. She was making him delirious as she slowly increased his excitement and frustration in equal parts.

After giving his balls a firmer than usual squeeze she ran her fingers up his cock and began lightly tugging on the head, letting the subtle movement of her fingers on his cock slowly build his climax. As he felt his orgasm began to creep closer she slowly increased the tempo of her stroking, building it slowly but bringing him gradually closer. As his cum started to rise though, she somehow sensed his impending release and backed off, slowing her strokes until they were no more than light caresses designed to tease but not enough to bring him off.

“Don’t stop, mom, please,” he begged.

Kristi continued to bring him closer and closer to the edge but each time denying him the ultimate release until she could see he couldn’t take any more. He was groaning and scarcely able to focus he was so desperate to cum.

She could sense his desperation. She too could feel her clit pulse, urging her to touch it, needing release.

She increased her stroking and maintained the pace, feeling his body begin to tense and his cock swell and harden to the point it seemed it would explode. She watched his huge balls pull up to the base of his cock and felt the large cock begin to pulse in her hand before a huge blast shot over her shoulder. Kristi adjusted the angle of his cock and the next blast struck her square in the face. She closed her eyes and turned her face away at the same time lowering his cock further so the subsequent blasts splattered over her chest, most seeming to end up on her tits. Finally as the blasts turned to spurts and then to dribbles he regained his senses and blearily focused on her.

As Tim’s hot cum hit her, Kristi came. Not a large one but a small one, one that left her wanting more.

“Oh my God mom, that was unbelievable!”

Kristi wiped a streak of cum from her cheek with one hand while gently caressing his hard twitching cock. The amount of Tim’s cum amazed her. It dripped in large gobs from her face and on to her tits. They were covered in it.

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