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A Spring Tete-a-Tete Ch. 02

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I don’t think the movie ever stopped. I drove home with a smirk across my face as I kept rewinding the video going on in my head. When I got home, I poured myself some more of a delicious single malt and my ice water. I put a favorite adult DVD on and relaxed on the couch. It was one of the Voyeur series,

8, I think. There’s one particular sequence that’s really hot. The babe welcomes a couple of hunks into her home on the pretense they are going to interview her for a movie. She doesn’t know that it’s an adult movie. Of course, she’s wearing a black patent leather number that looks tremendous against her gorgeous tan. The camera quickly reveals a completely shaved pussy as the two studs comment on her great body. Before you know it, the three of them are completely naked. She is sitting on one guy’s lap with his very good-sized dick up her beautifully smooth box, while she’s got the other guy’s dick halfway down her throat.

One thing I always look at in porn is the hair situation. Pubic hair is becoming a thing of the past. When I watch porn, I look at both the men and women with an equal eye. A nice bald vagina has always turned me on. The same can be said of a good stiff dick, especially one that has been trimmed, or even better, shaved completely like mine. One hunk was totally shaved and the other was trimmed so thin you could barely see hair. The DVD continued with the sweet young thing spreading her legs as wide as she could, opening her asshole, and lowering, or should I say impaling, herself onto a very thick penis that was easily eight inches long. With one easy motion, she sat right down on it, feigning a scream of either pain or ecstasy. I think that choice is up to the viewer. She certainly had a dreamy look on her face as she jumped up and down on the stud’s phallus while giving great head to the other player. She slapped the hell out of her clit and fingered herself madly.

The two guys switched positions. The guy she was blowing sat down on the couch and she climbed on top of him, facing him and taking his tool into her front hole. She lifted her ass up, exposing a gaping hole that the assfucker proceeded to fill again. Nothing like a double penetration. After ten minutes of pumping her ass and her cunt, both guys pulled out, she dropped to her knees and the two proceeded to jerk off, spurting gobs of cum all over her face and into her mouth. She ended the segment by sucking each of them clean as their cum dripped down her chin and onto her chest. Whew!! I was hard as a rock. I was determined, however, to let my excitement from my tête-à-tête to continue to build. As much as I need a release, I was going to wait until tomorrow when my wife got home. I surfed cable for a while until I found something that piqued my interest. I turned on the TV in the kitchen, made myself some supper and spent the rest of the evening watching some mindless drivel until it was time to go to bed.

Ah, Sunday morning!! When you work on Saturday, Sunday off has a value that is virtually indescribable. God, if only Sunday was 48 hours long. I got up early, as is my habit because I’m energized early in the morning. The water in the kettle on the stove began to boil. The aroma of the freshly ground coffee beans filled the kitchen. Within minutes, the nectar of the gods, fresh morning coffee, was in my mug. I added some cream and sugar, took the cup over to my laptop and sat down for some web surfing. Many of my favorite websites are voyeuristic. I love looking at people who are exhibitionist enough to post their most intimate moments on the Internet for the entire world to see. Hats off to the women who perform for their husbands and boyfriends. Some are gorgeous, most are average, and a few are kind of tough to look at but I have respect for them all.

My wife was going to be home mid-afternoon from her weekend with the girls. I’m sure that her weekend was nothing like mine. For the first time in my life, a man sucked my dick. What was even more incredible is the fact that I sucked a man’s penis and he came in my mouth and I loved every minute of it. I couldn’t get the images out of my head, and, to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to.

After my coffee, I jumped into my usual morning shower. The shower is one of the few very private places most people have. The glass on our shower door is frosted so the only thing you can see is a silhouette. I soaped up and scrubbed my body from stem to stern, thinking about the fun to come. I grabbed my razor with its new blade and started my shower ritual of shaving my pubic hair and my chest.

I’ve been pubically (is there such a word?) bald for more than 30 years so shaving is part of my daily routine. For some reason, each time I shave is as exciting as the first time. I love my penis, so giving it the attention it needs, and deserves, is very important. Shaving your pubes requires care and patience. The hair growth differs all over your pubic region. Some areas can be shaved against the grain and other areas have to be eryaman escort shaved with the grain. If you know what you’re doing, you’ll never have a problem with ingrown hairs, which are the red bumps people complain about. The shaving process is definitely “hands-on”. More often than not, my dick starts to harden as I continue shaving. I’ll shave my scrotum and my perineum, all the way back to my anus. The hair around my asshole I trim off with an electric trimmer. Once my dick is done, I shave my chest, which usually means touching my nipples, which, for me, is an instant turn-on.

When all the grooming is done, there’s only one thing left to do. At this point, most of the time, my dick is in a state of tumescence and, looking down at it, I figure it would be a waste not to bring it to its full stiffness. The truth is that I masturbate in the shower every morning. I’m not looking for love. I’m looking to relax and feel good, without commitment or obligation. Jerking off accomplishes that. If you’re one of those people who think that you’re going to go blind or it’s some kind of mortal sin, you’re most assuredly misinformed. Man or woman, masturbating is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

However, this morning was going to be different. My satisfaction and pleasure was on its way home. I got out of the shower, dried myself off, and massaged my body with some body cream. As I applied it to my crotch, it took all I had not to start stroking. I went into the closet, pulled out a silk T-shirt and a pair of well-worn jeans. I would wear jeans all the time if I could and never, ever, wear underwear. In anticipation of the sexual event that was going to happen, I had pulled out our bag of toys. In the toy bag, among other things, are my cockrings.

I love cockrings. I have a purple metal ring, a silver metal ring, a thick chrome ring, and a few colored rubber rings that are good to wear if you’re flying and you don’t want to set off the metal detector. A cockring will make your dick bigger and harder than it’s ever been. My dick gets big and swollen and hard and red and just beautiful. Wearing a cockring makes you aware of your package all the time. It’s like wearing jewelry that let’s you know your cock is always there. When I’m wearing a nice worn pair of super comfortable jeans with my cock hanging freely, The tug and tightness of a cockring around your dick and scrotum has to go into my catalog of things that feel really good and sexy. I picked the purple one. First pulling one ball through and then the other and then taking my flaccid penis and putting it through the ring, I was ready for the day.

The silk T I had chosen to wear had the soft and erotic feeling that silk is supposed to have. I was well aware of the material against my very sensitive nipples. I pulled on my jeans, adjusted my dick so that it hung down my left leg. Looking down I could see its outline through the very soft washed denim. I knew that its presence would become more pronounced as I encountered different stimuli. Sneakers finished off my Sunday finest.

Finally, my honey arrived home. The long drive was tiring but being in your own house has a way of restoring your energy.

“Miss me?”

“For sure.”

“Did you have a good time with the girls?”

Oh, yeah. We had a lot of fun talking about old times and giggling like we were back in camp. How about you?”

“You were only gone for a couple of days. How much trouble could I get into? Nothing special happened. How about a glass of wine to take the edge off all that driving?”

“I’d rather celebrate my homecoming with some champagne.”

Champagne!! She gave me a little wink with her request. I knew exactly where we were headed. Straight to the bedroom. Our fridge always has full and half bottles of champagne in it, ready to go. You never know when there is going to be something to celebrate. I pulled out a half bottle of Veuve Clicquot and grabbed a crystal champagne glass. Tilting the tulip-shaped glass, I poured the light golden liquid gently to keep the bubbles under control. I put the glass down on the counter so that we could watch the champagne bubbles rise endlessly from the bottom of the glass. My heart had begun to race when I told her nothing happened while she was gone. Little did she know about the movie playing in my head about my first encounter with another man. His mouth around my cock. The taste of his cum somehow still lingering in my mouth.

“Why don’t you go upstairs and get into something more comfortable?” I’m going to pour myself a drink and I’ll be right up to join you.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

She had a big smile on her face. I knew she was as horny as hell. My cockring-adorned dick that was starting to press against my jeans reflected my state of mind. I looked down. It looked like there was a thick sausage in my pants going down my left leg. I poured myself a two-ounce shot of single malt and tossed sincan escort it right down. I poured myself another shot and carried it upstairs.

I had prepared our bedroom for action earlier in the day. It is such a comfortable place. The walls, ceiling, and carpet are all a deep rose color. The four windows are covered with cream-colored plantation shutters. The trim is in the same cream color. There is a slowly turning ceiling fan. The bed is turned back to reveal a combination of purple and cream sheets. All around are lit candles, filling the room with an intoxicating fragrance. This boudoir had a very tropical feel to it. It was a room meant for seduction and sex.

My wife stepped out of the bathroom wearing a see-through chemise with a little tiny thong that accentuated her superb hair-free cameltoe. I could see that her moisture was already coming through the fabric. Her very womanly breasts pushed against the transparent fabric. Being a very light-skinned person, there isn’t much contrast between her aureolas and her skin. Because she knows how much I like big dark nipples, she had applied makeup to her tits that made her nipples look fantastic through the diaphanous material.

“You certainly had a plan in mind, sweetie. But it’s not fair. I’m dressed for you but you’re not dressed for me.”

I had to take my jeans off. Otherwise my cock was going to break. I unzipped them and let my cock out. It was rock hard.

“Oh, I see you did put on something special for me, eyeing my purple cockring. You know just how to make my me happy.”

Standing about a foot apart, I began fondling her breasts through the silk of the chemise. My cock was standing straight out about three inches away from her, the cockring making it as purple as the sheets on the bed. She ran her fingers across the silk T I was still wearing. She could see the bumps created by my hardened nipples. She ran her tongue across those little bumps making the fabric wet and transparent. All of a sudden, she bit my right nipple hard and, at the same time, pinched my left nipple. I gave out a cry from the painful pleasure she was causing me.

I grabbed her in a passionate embrace and stuck my tongue down her throat. We mashed our mouths together, barely able to breathe. Our tongues were wrestling with each other. Our spit blended together and was all over our chins. Standing up was no longer an option. We tumbled onto the bed, still embracing one another. When we both thought we were going to pass out for lack of oxygen, we broke apart and threw ourselves back onto our pillows. I pulled of my T shirt. My nipples were still hard but bright red from her biting and pinching.

“Let’s slow down a little and make it last.”

“Fine by me. Have some more champagne. I brought myself up a drink. By the way, your nipples look fantastic. Thanks.”

She left her champagne in the bathroom. I got it for her and handed her the glass.

“Here’s to you, my honey. I’m glad you like my artwork.”

She tossed down the rest of the champagne and gave me a big buzzed smile. I took my scotch and swallowed it like it was an aphrodisiac. I lay back down on the bed and picked up the DVD remote. The TV screen came alive with sweaty mingling bodies, two lithesome blondes with firm tits and shaved pussies having an orgy with a very well endowed hunk. As we watched the hot action on the screen, I reached down to my wife’s crotch, feeling the wet material and pushing it into her juicy cunt. She was rubbing her nipples, flicking them and pinching them.

“I really think that we don’t need the movie.”

Enough said. I turned off the TV. My own little movie was playing in my head. I wanted ass and I wanted it now and I wanted it badly. She was in a “do anything you want to me” mode. Years ago, when she used to say that, there were limits. Now, there were no limits. In fact, she was telling me exactly what she wanted me to do. I grabbed her and pulled off the chemise and thong. Then, I turned her over on her stomach and pulled her ass up in the air. I was going to start where I wanted to finish. I was on the “Anal Express”.

I pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her puckering asshole. I stuck my face right in there and rimmed her ass like there was no tomorrow. She began to whimper and moan as I stuck my tongue in her hole. Only if my tongue was longer. It was an act that was considered depraved and erotic. It was sodomy at its best, eating out her ass. It was deliciously sensual and hot. I could feel my wife pushing back against my face, obviously enjoying what I was doing, asking for more. I wanted more, too. I rolled her over onto her back. Her bald pussy was my next target.

Her cunt was swollen and looked huge. Her inner and outer labia were flushed and full and her clit was enormous. I went down on her and sucked her clit hard. She was in ecstasy. I stuck my tongue in her cunt. With one hand I pushed her legs apart, while etlik escort my other hand was entering her pussy. Fingering my wife’s cunt is only an appetizer before she gets going. When she is all fired up, even two or three fingers are not enough. She can take a whole fist and the way she was lifting her hips up, that was exactly what she wanted. Her box was soaking wet. I was sucking on her clit while feeding my hand into her cunt. I had my fingers gathered together as I pushed my hand into her. It was a slow steady movement until my whole hand was inside her. I gently made my hand into a fist.

“Oh, my God, oh, my God!!”

I was at my happiest when I was turning her on, exciting her, knowing she was going to achieve the best orgasm she ever had. She was on her way. I moved my fist gently inside her. I was still sucking on her clit when she pushed my face away and started playing with herself. She moved her hips around and around on my fist and then reached down and started to pull my hand out. I removed my hand in the same way it went in. It was covered with her juice. I laid down next to her. She had her eyes closed while she played with herself. She would play with herself while we were making love but she was never into masturbating while she was alone. Too bad, she didn’t know what she was missing.

My dick was softening up a little. I saw no reason to waste the juice from her pussy so I started to stroke my dick. It responded quickly, coming to full hardness, especially with the purple cockring on. Her liquid quickly dried but I was still stroking. I played with my nipples and pulled on my dick as I watched my wife pleasure herself. There have been many, many times over the years when we have masturbated together, turning each other on just by watching each other. However, tonight’s ending was already planned and it wasn’t going to be self-pleasure.

I stopped my stroking and started kissing her. Some more spit-swapping and I rolled her over again. A little more rimming but with the addition of a finger inserted in her little brown flower. My saliva was enough to get one finger in without a problem. A second finger was going to require some Glide, which was on the nightstand waiting to be called into service. She saw the lube there when she came into the bedroom so she knew what was coming. I pulled my finger out leaving her ass with a little bit of a gape. I took the Glide and let some trickle down her crack and it dripped right into her asshole. I put some lube on two fingers and slipped them into her ass. There was no resistance either from my wife or her ass. A third finger joined the other two. She was moaning quietly.

“Do you want me to put my dick in your ass?”

“If you want to.”

If I want to? Does a bear shit in the woods?

“Which way do you think is better? From the front or the back?”

I rolled her over on her back. I put some lube on my dick and pushed her legs wide open. I loved fucking her ass in the missionary position because I could suck on her tits. My well-greased dick found its way to her anal opening. I didn’t expect any resistance because I had already inserted three fingers, which should have opened her up and relaxed her sphincter muscles. I pushed against her anal ring, pushing the head of my dick in about an inch. I could feel her pushing against my cock, almost begging for it. Within seconds her movements and mine allowed my very hard purple cock to slide right up her rectum until my shaved pubic mound was up against her buttocks.

I wanted her to enjoy what was happening. As much as I wanted to do what they do in the porns, just ram my dick in and out of her ass, I wanted to be able to do this again. Slow and gentle was the only was to go. I pulled my cock out a couple of inches and gently slid it back in. Her ass was so tight, it was incredible.

“Tell me how it feels.”

I leaned over to her neck, just below her left ear, and whispered how tight her ass was. That it was incredibly erotic to have my dick in her ass and how much I loved her. When I told her that, I could feel her squeezing down on my cock with her rectal muscles. She was on fire. I pulled my dick out a little further and pushed it right back in. She gave out a breath as if my cock had pushed the air out of her. By this time she had one hand going back and forth, pinching her nipples. The other hand was slapping her clit or sticking fingers in her cunt. It seemed like she couldn’t decide which felt better.

By this time, I was pumping relentlessly. I wanted her to cum and I wanted to cum in her ass. I pulled my cock all the way out and then firmly pushed it back in to her gaping asshole. My orgasm was on its way. There was no stopping me now from ramming my dick in her ass.

“I wanna cum. I wanna cum. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

I could feel her whole body shaking. Her orgasm was going over her whole body. I could feel her ass squeezing my dick in the same rhythmic way her cunt did when she was having an orgasm. The sweat was forming on my forehead. I was banging her ass for dear life. We were totally lost in the moment. I was cumming in her ass just the way I planned. My dick pumped my sperm into her anus until it was empty. I know that she had an orgasm but she was still working her clit, furiously pulling at it. She wanted more.

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