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A Stay with Auntie

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The languid summer breeze rustled through the dark, green leaves of the tree above Edward. He peered up from his book, slowly leant his head back and closed his eyes. Listening and drinking in the sounds and ambience of the countryside in summer. The realisation hit him just how much he had truly missed this place.

The place in question being his dear Aunt Rosemarie’s country home. Edward was very close to his Aunt Rosemarie and had stayed here countless times whilst growing up. A multitude of fond memories permeated his consciousness regarding his time here at Rosemarie’s. Some innocent, some not so.

This time, however, he was staying after a tumultuous first year at University studying for his PhD in Music Theory. His parents were currently away on a sojourn to France. So, when Rosemarie kindly offered that he recuperate at hers. He jumped at the offer.

“Eddie? Sorry to disturb your daydreaming but, can you give me a hand, please?” Aunt Rosemarie’s lilting voice drifted over, pleasantly interrupting his thoughts.

He opened his eyes and looked over to see his Aunt by the clothes-line and a basket of washing beside her on the lawn. Edward smiled at his attractive Aunt. Rosemarie was in her fifties and, with her flaxen hair and svelte figure, she looked extremely appealing dressed in a cream summer dress. He walked over to her.

As Eddie approached her, Rosemarie became acutely aware of just how much her handsome, young nephew had grown. Not only physically but, in the way he held himself. It was clear his confidence had blossomed at University. She recalled a family rumour that he was very close to his, much older, landlady, who he was staying with whilst studying hard.

Rosemarie felt a warm tingle through her body and the silky rayon material of the Directoire knickers she was wearing, underneath her summer dress, became more noticeable and prominent against her soft, sensitive flesh. The sweltering summer breeze seemed to magnify Rosemarie’s natural sensuality. An image suddenly flashed in her mind of the spankings she used to give him on numerous occasions in the past. She quickly composed herself.

“I’ve just finished with a client, Eddie. So, I was wanting to get this washing dry while I fix our dinner for tonight.” Rosemarie explained, smiling back at her nephew.

His Aunt ran a corsetry and traditional underwear-fitting service from her cottage. It was one of the many reasons Edward had such cherished memories of this place. The glimpses he had, when he was a teenager, of the mature village ladies that visited his dear Aunt for this service, were seared into his imagination. He was shooed out on numerous occasions for lingering too long as various ladies were being dressed and undressed, by his dear Aunt Rosemarie, in luxurious underwear.

“How can I help, Aunty?” Edward peered into the wash basket Rosemarie now held in her hands.

With a tremor of excitement, he noticed that the items within were mainly her knickers, slips and her tan nylon stockings. Rosemarie smiled knowingly at her young nephew’s interested gaze.

“Well, Eddie. I would like you to hang these up on the line for me, if you please. In this lovely, warm sunshine they will be dry in no time at all. Please, do try to be careful. They are my best undergarments, young man.” Rosemarie’s slightly stern tone immediately transported Edward back to the many times his Aunt had punished him over her knee.

He could almost feel, within the memory, the delightful combination of his stinging bottom and his prominent erection rubbing and chaffing against Aunty Rosemarie’s nylon-clad thighs with each firm whack of her elegant, yet firm, hand.

“I certainly will, Aunt Rosemarie. I often hang out Mabel’s delicates at my lodgings at Uni. She likes me doing that for her.” He reassured her as he took the inviting basket from her hands.

Mabel was Edward’s landlady, the source of that delicious rumour. Rosemarie’s interest was most definitely piqued. She idly wondered if this Mabel used her femininity and lingerie to bewitch and control certain types of men, just as she herself often did. Unbeknownst to her young Edward, Rosemarie was well aware that he had been taking and using her worn knickers from quite an early age. Maybe, she mused, it was time to see how much her nephew had truly matured with this unique and passionate trait and peccadillo.

“Good boy, Eddie. My, my, this Mabel does sound mersin seks hikayeleri interesting, I must say. You must tell me all about her sometime soon, dear.” She smiled at her nephew’s blushes upon hearing her say this.

Rosemarie was a very canny lass at manipulating men of a certain disposition, such as her nephew Edward. She quickly changed the topic of conversation.

“I shall be inside fixing our dinner. A nice salad I think, with it being so warm. Would you like me to draw you a bath after as well, Eddie dear?” She queried as she started towards the cottage.

“Yes please, Aunty. Thank you. It is so very good to be back here.” Edward chirped before attending to the very pleasurable job at hand.

Rosemarie flashed a smile back.

“It is good to have you back here, Edward.” She replied before letting herself in through the back door, to her kitchen.

Once inside she pottered about a bit by the sink, which best enabled her to observe her young charge, discreetly, through the kitchen window. Rosemarie noticed, with a pleasing curiosity, that after Edward had pegged each pair of her variously, coloured Directoire knickers on the line. He would stroke and slightly fondle them gently, with a dreamy look on his face, before reaching down to hang the next undergarment. Quite oblivious to the possibility that his Aunt may be watching.

Wondering if he was wearing the crisp, white, y-front underpants that she often posted to him. Rosemarie looked inquisitively at the front of Edward’s shorts. She keenly noticed that they were quite clearly sporting a slight yet, prominent bulging in the crotch.

Rosemarie bit her lip tentatively as her gusset began to gradually warm and moisten between her thighs. She took one last look at her dear nephew’s arousal before deciding, there and then, to put her wicked plan into action. Leaving the kitchen, Rosemarie alighted the hallway stairs leading to the bedrooms.

Edward returned to his seat in the garden. Hobbling, rather than walking, due to his engorged arousal frustratingly straining within the confines of his tight shorts and underpants.

He picked up his book and sat down onto the garden chair. Looking down he could see the lob-ended bulge of his erection jutting out obscenely against his blue cotton shorts. Edward placed the book over his pulsating knob for fear his Aunt may be watching.

Auntie Rosemarie and her lovely knickers always had this effect on him. His finest orgasms were constantly inspired by his dear Aunt. Since being a young lad lying on the living room floor reading whilst Aunty Rosemarie was sat in her chair in front of him.

Her tan stocking clad legs and her fluffy slippers mesmerising him as he constantly kept peeking up in the hope of her crossing her legs to expose her tantalising knickers and suspenders. She often did, much to Edward’s joy.

Edward suddenly recalled the night before he had arrived here, as further proof of the intense, erotic love he had for Rosemarie and her undergarments. He had been studying hard all day on a tricky Bach piece when Mabel, his landlady, decided to treat him to ‘Aunty Mabel’s knicker job’, she would jokingly call it.

Mabel was a Rubenesque, dark haired lady, just shy of sixty and Edward and herself had hit it off immediately upon him residing in her home. He absolutely adored her big, rounded derriere and matronly demeanour.

On that night, she had pulled a pair of her sky-blue Directoire knickers up and over Edward’s legs and twitching penis. Smoothing the knickers over his sensitive flesh before, lovingly manipulating his prominent, silky-covered arousal.

Edward tended to find in situations such as this, with an older lady and her knickers, he would become quite vocal in his passions. A lot of oohing and aahing, gasping and moaning as he bucked and squirmed, all the while proclaiming his love for Mabel and her adorable knickers.

“I think I am about to spend my load in your lovely knickers, Aunty Mabel!” He remembered crying out, at precisely the moment Mabel started to gently prod his sensitive, young bum-hole through the sensuous knicker material.

Edward’s thoughts were suddenly filled with the many past images of his dear Aunt Rosemarie. The orgasm engulfed him and strong spurts of his young cum flooded Mabel’s knickers. The creamy wads of spunk soaking the rayon material, as if trying to frantically escape their erotic confinement.

“Oh, Aunty Rosie! I love your lovely, lovely knickers. Oh, knickers. Knickers.. knickers. Ooh..” Moaning, Edward looked down at Mabel, to realise what he had just uttered.

Mabel smiled back at him. Her hand down the front of her own knickers. Busily, frigging her sopping wet, shaven cunt, copiously oozing vaginal juices onto her warm gusset.

“Edward, dear!”

Aunt Rosemarie’s call shook him from his naughty recollection. He noticed his book had slipped off his crotch and his tented erection was at full mast for anyone to see. He hastily covered it with his hands and looked, nervously, around to see Rosemarie at the upper bedroom window.

“Come now, dear. Stop dilly-dallying. I have just drawn a nice bath for you. Do not disappoint your kind Auntie, now.” She smiled, before closing the window.

Determined now, more than ever, to see her young nephew’s engorged cock in the flesh. Twitching and jerking, directly as a result of her unique feminine charms and, of course, her lovely, sumptuous, erotic knickers.

Rosemarie went into her bedroom. Took down a picture from her wall and gazed through the peep hole that was hidden behind. Scrutinising Edward’s room through it, she was immensely pleased with herself that she had set everything up perfectly.

The tingling between her legs begged for attention. Yet, Rosemarie’s silken, aroused flesh of her cunt lips and clitoris would have to wait for satisfaction. The prolonged build up, she thought with a wry smile, was a pleasure within itself. Singing to herself, she started to sort out her attire for the evening.

Edward dropped down into the bathwater with a grateful sigh of relief. He placed his head back against the taps and closed his eyes. He concentrated, mentally, on the Bach piece he was currently studying for his university coursework. He felt it was the only thing to do to keep his mind, and penis, from fixating on his sexy Aunt and her wonderful bloomers.

Besides, Edward knew that later in the evening he would get his chance to relieve his frustration, so to speak. It was one of the many reasons he always loved staying at his Auntie Rosie’s home. In the guest room lay a veritable, erotic treasure trove. It was where she kept her laundry basket and Edward knew that many varied intimate items lay within it’s aromatic depths. He could wrangle his stiffness later on in bed, smothered in his favourite Auntie’s pungent and discarded wear.

He felt the flesh between his legs begin to stir, so he quickly began to visualise the legato section on the twenty-fourth bar of the Bach piece. A knock on the bathroom door interrupted his musical musings.

“Edward, dear? Sorry to disturb you, my love. But, I am afraid I need to use the toilet. Is it ok if I come in?” Rosemarie’s soft voice enquired, dampened somewhat from the door.

“But, Auntie Rosie. I am in the bath!” Edward exclaimed, embarrassed.

“Oh, come now, Eddie. I have seen you naked often enough since when you were a young boy. Besides, I only need a number one. Just cover yourself, sweetie.” Her rational answer belied a playful undercurrent of delight.

“Ok, Auntie Rosie. Sorry!” Edward covered his penis with both hands in preparation.

He secretly had always wanted to spy on his lovely Aunt having a pee. Little did Edward know just how wise his Auntie Rosemarie was to his many peccadillos he thought were kept a secret from her.

The door opened and Rosemarie entered the slightly humid atmosphere. She smiled at Edward, who was looking at her sheepishly with his hands covering his groin. His physique looked extremely appealing to her eyes. A grown, young man, indeed, was right before her in the bathtub. She quickly went to the toilet, lifted the seat, hiked up her dress and let her peach bloomers fall to her ankles, before sitting down.

From his vantage point in the bathtub, Edward could just see his Aunt’s slender nylon-clad legs and her gorgeous knickers gathered around her ankles. He tried desperately to resume his thoughts upon his coursework but, alas, to no avail. His prick started to swell and grow forcibly against his hands, at the sight of his Aunt’s beautiful legs and knickers.

Edward heard her start to hum gently to herself, before suddenly letting out a sigh of relief as the percussive sound of her pee hit the water, in the toilet bowl, below. This was all too much for young Edward and his sizeable penis stiffened with such strength and urgency it completely broke through his hands and stood proudly, twitching erratically. An obscene, pulsating, veiny mast, above the bathwater.

Rosemarie observed her nephew’s predicament with great interest and a smile. With the last spurts of her piss relieved from her bladder, she gazed, lustfully, at Edward’s lovely cock displaying for her. Rosemarie’s shaven cunt-hole started to warm and moisten and her clitoris became an unbearable throbbing pulse.

Thoughts of herself squatting over his straining prick and pissing all over his fleshy root. Before, finally, taking him into her, slowly fucking his penis with her hungry cunt and tight anus. Both crying out, passionately, as he shot thick wads of spunk into his dear Aunt’s lovely bum hole. Edward, frantically, reached for the flannel and threw it over his exposed excitement. Groaning to himself as he realised how absurd it looked. Rosemarie smiled to herself at her sweet nephew’s predicament.

“There, now. All done!” Rosemarie broke the silence and erotic tension.

She stood and pulled her knickers up and straightened her dress.

“Edward? I have left you some nice, clean underpants on your bed. Why don’t you have a nice lie down, before we eat and retire to the living room?” She suggested, nonchalantly, as if nothing had occurred.

“Yes, Auntie. That sounds like a good idea.” Edward nervously mumbled, confused, both, by his exposed embarrassment and his longing to wank and shoot his cum for his lovely Aunty.

“Good boy, Edward. You know it really is lovely to have you back here again, my love.” Rosemarie smiled at him, making sure to glimpse again his stiffness and then exited the bathroom.

She headed straight to her bedroom to bide her time by the spyhole and wait for Edward to come. And, come he did, eventually. Rosemarie saw him enter his room, still naked, with his erect prick jutting and waving about, in front of him, as he walked.

Rosemarie eagerly fingered her cunt through her knickers. Pushing the lovely knicker material into the folds of her pussy. He disappeared from view for a minute and Rosemarie knew why, she was very attuned to boys such as her young nephew. When Edward came back into view he had on the crisp, white underpants she had lain out for him. Also, in hand was a pair of her favourite vagina-pink knickers from the laundry hamper.

“Yes, my sweet nephew. You do like your Auntie’s knickers, don’t you?” Rosemarie thought to herself, as she let out a soft moan tending to her prominent clit.

Edward lay on his bed, pulled his enlarged member through the front of his underpants and held his Aunt’s gusset up to his nose. He inhaled deeply, as he took himself in hand and started to stroke the full length of his shaft.

“Oh! Auntie Rosie.. I love your knickers so much.. I need them and your lovely cunt and bum hole!” Edward moaned, quite loudly, as he manipulated his cock very skilfully.

Rosemarie let out a gasp of surprise and pleasure at hearing him so brazenly declare his love for her and her knickers. She reached around with her free hand and started to prod and finger her anus through her knickers. The sight of his cock jutting out from his y-fronts, was such an intense, visual pleasure to her.

“Mmm.. My dear nephew. Auntie likes to see your lovely cock sticking out of your y-fronts. Wank for my knickers. Oh, my cunt is lovely! Love my knickers. Make Aunty cum, young Eddie!” Rosemarie gasped and whispered and bit her lip, as she felt her orgasm build and about to break.

“Ooh! Aunty! Your knickers smell so good! I want to wear them and watch you piss for me.. Ooh! Aunty? I’m going to shoot my spunky mess! I love you.. Oh! Knickers..knickers..knick..” Edward failed to finish his excited exclamation.

Rosemarie watched as his body stiffened and his prick unleashed copious spurts of creamy, milky cum into the air.

“Oh, my darling boy! Aunty is cumming too! Love my knickers! Yes, love them..” Rosemarie whimpered and cried out under her breath as she creamed her cunt with lovely juices.

Her shuddering and squirming in complete erotic synchronisation with Edwards twitching and bucking. Her gusset damp and soppy from the gush of her intimate cunt essence. Breathless, she closed her eyes as the pleasure engulfed and devoured her completely.

After, what seemed like an age she opened her eyes. She smiled, lovingly, at the sight of her dear nephew, asleep, cuddling her worn, pink knickers with a peaceful, sublime look upon his face.

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