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A Surprise Guest

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Spring. It is late at night.

Eli is walking back home, trying to get back to his apartment as soon as he can. He usually walks at a leisurely pace, taking in all the usual sights with the same curiosity of a tourist walking around a city for the first time — the trees shaking with the light breeze, the crowd coming out of the pubs along the street, the streetlights flashing an orange hue along the path. He is looking forward to seeing his boyfriend Austin, who had messaged Eli informing him that a surprise was waiting for him at their apartment. His expectations aren’t high, but Austin doesn’t usually do surprises — which makes Eli all the more eager to arrive home.

Once back in the apartment, the lights in the hallway are off, the only semblance of life in the pitch-black hallway is the hushed noise coming from his bedroom. Eli takes off his shoes absent-mindedly and hangs his jacket over the kitchen door, ready to greet his boyfriend. When he opens the door to the bedroom, the sight in front of him makes Eli take a minute to come to his senses.

His boyfriend Austin is standing there, fully naked, his blonde hair all messy and his pale skin glistening in the dimmed light. He’s leaning on another naked body bent over on the bed — their bed. For a surprised Eli, the bodies fuse together into a splatter of pink, but he can still make out some things: the round globes of his buttocks, his firm biceps, the warm glow on his face.

The emotions start swarming inside Eli: first a sense of wild shock, then a scorching anxiety that quickly envelops him. The adrenaline shoots up inside him, and he can almost feel it pulsing through his veins, a kind of excitement that takes roots from the bottom of his feet and travels all the way up to his face, making him feel fuzzy all over. He cannot utter a word: his cheeks are flushed red, out of a feeling akin to shame and desire at the same time. He is moving without thinking, only taking a few steps in, as if someone else is controlling him; meanwhile, his heart is beating fast and he is unable to take his eyes off Austin. Perhaps that is exactly where Eli’s excitement comes from — Austin is also silent, but without a hint of surprise in his face. He is holding Eli’s gaze, looking at him with his usually sweet green eyes that almost seem to challenge him now — or at least that’s what Eli senses — while his hands are staying on the other boy’s ass.

At first, Eli is not even looking at the other body under Austin’s, his attention is directed to his boyfriend’s features, his nakedness which now appears so new to Eli in this circumstance, standing tall and assertive over another body which isn’t his own. His arms look even bigger from this angle, his fair features complement his handsome face. Eli’s whole chest feels like it has been set ablaze, when out of the blue the silence is broken.

“Do you like it?” Austin says, and as he pronounces that last word, his hips slowly move forward, pushing his cock inside the other boy.

Eli can’t help but swallow his words. As Austin gradually picks up his pace, casually continuing to fuck the guy underneath, Eli is only capable of staring at his boyfriend, bewildered — his own dick now uncomfortably hard.

“Do you like it?” Austin repeats, “or are you upset?”

“Oh my god,” Eli thinks, “he is teasing me.”

It is only then that Eli manages to finally focus on Austin’s lover. It’s Jake, their mutual friend that they both had known for years. Eli had kissed him once or twice when they’d both been drunk, and in the past, Eli and Austin had spoken together about finding him attractive, but they never discussed something like this.

“And yet it’s happening right here, right now,” Eli thinks with a sense of disbelief.

Jake looks at Eli with a devilish smirk, and then moans, abandoning himself to pleasure as Austin keeps ramming him deeper and deeper. Eli is able to see Jake’s body only from the side, but he can tell he is just as hairless as Austin, his smooth ass engulfed in a white jockstrap accentuating the roundness of his cheeks, which are being fondled by Eli’s boyfriend as he continues to penetrate him. Jake is short, even shorter than Eli, and down on all-fours while Austin fucks him, he looks even smaller, submissive and obedient.

“I’m not upset,” Eli eventually manages to mumble.

“I can tell you are,” Austin responds with an unusual confidence, “but I know what would make you feel better.”

He quickly pulls out of Jake, his long and hard dick bouncing left and right while he walks closer to Eli. As he stands completely naked in front of him, Eli can practically feel the heat emanating from his boyfriend’s body on his own. A part of him wants to join the two boys, another wants to yell; he tries his best to stay in control, to look directly into Austin’s eyes instead of looking down at his boyfriend’s hard cock, or at Jake’s ass, now completely exposed — trying to desperately cling to any crumble of resolution he has left.

“I know what the problem is. You’re jealous of Jake, aren’t you? Don’t worry, I can let you get my istanbul travesti dick wet before it goes inside him again.”

Austin’s body language signals Eli to kneel and he does exactly that. His boyfriend’s sudden dominance melts any doubt away, any reluctancy he still had turning into desperate longing. Eli’s body is now a bundle of flames as his heart beats faster and faster, any ability to think is gone, leaving space only to lust. He looks up at his boyfriend before taking his cock in his mouth, ready to play a part in this little scene, his only desire to satisfy Austin. He spits on Austin’s dick and moves his hand up and down before his warm tongue slides along the thick shaft.

“I knew it,” Austin chuckles. “Don’t be sad. Like I said, this is going to make you feel better,” he repeats, playfully.

He grabs Eli’s curls, pushing him further towards the base of his dick, and in the meantime he reaches over to Jake — still on the bed but watching the couple intently — and kisses him passionately.

Eli starts getting into a rapid pace, his tongue making its way across the length of Austin’s hard cock, when his boyfriend suddenly shoves his face down on it.

“I’m sure you can do better than that, baby. Taste your friend’s ass on my cock.”

His mouth is now fully making contact with Austin’s pubes, the flavour of his boyfriend’s dick combining with the taste of sweat as he deepthroats it; while Austin fucks his face, Eli fights back the tears welling up in his eyes. He feels his boyfriend’s balls hitting his bottom lip with every shove, and feels like he has to perform perfectly — for his boyfriend, for Jake, for himself — but he cannot help but making the sloppiest noises while almost getting choked on Austin’s dick. He wants to open his eyes and observe the scene unfolding before him, he wants to have a better look at Jake, now sitting on his knees, his toned body taking centre stage on Eli’s bed — he needs to watch his boyfriend kiss his friend.

But as Austin’s hand forces him down on his cock, Eli is only able to focus on satisfying his partner: that is his role tonight, he thinks, there to be enjoyed by Austin. With one hand, he clings to Austin’s firm ass to help himself follow a steady rhythm, taking the whole length while his boyfriend moans in Jake’s mouth, still kissing him. In that moment, Austin takes Jake’s hand, which had been travelling up and down Austin’s chest — exploring every inch of his porcelain skin, counting every hair, stroking his muscled chest and then his nipples with his thumb — and guides it down to Eli’s hair. Austin and Jake’s hands begin touching and their fingers interlock between Eli’s curls, both boys pushing his face deeper onto Austin’s cock, forcing him to speed up.

“Being on his knees suits him well,” Jake whispers.

Overtaken by passion, Austin mumbles in response: “You want to join him?”

Eli misses this exchange between the two, but he rapidly senses someone else kneeling next to him. Initially, Austin grabs Eli’s head with both hands, making his boyfriend take his entire dick as he maintains a fiery and intense eye contact with Jake; he then starts fucking Eli’s mouth and pushing the head of his cock into his cheek. He makes a brisk gesture to Jake, who — waiting impatiently on the floor — quickly understands as he begins kissing Austin’s cock through Eli’s cheek. The sight of both Eli and Jake worshipping his cock is exhilarating for Austin, watching both boys serve him, working hard to make him happy. His boyfriend dutifully giving his dick undivided attention — the same that was deep inside his friend only minutes ago — almost drives Austin to climax. Eli fights with Jake for control over Austin’s cock: both boys take turns on licking its length and then his balls, alternatively and later together, kissing energetically as their tongues connect on the head of Austin’s dick — embracing as they worship his shaft.

“My dick needs a tight hole around it. Get on the bed so I can fuck your ass again,” Austin orders to Jake, who is dragged up from the floor, lifted up from his armpits by Austin and immediately pushed back down on the white sheets behind him.

Lost in a daze, Eli gets to observe Jake’s body even more: although small compared to the other two, he is lean but quite muscular in some parts of his body, with sculpted abs and hard nipples; a long golden necklace falls down his chest and frames his pecs, the jewel’s shine matching the twinkle in his playful blue eyes. Now lying down on his back and looking at Austin, Jake’s smooth thighs are also on full display, his legs open to showcase both his bulge — making a tent in his white jock — and the underside of his round ass cheeks. Austin leans over to kiss him clumsily, his tongue visibly entering Jake’s mouth with force. The taller boy then flips Jake over, his jockstrapped ass bouncing from the sudden impact, as Austin pulls one of the thick white straps to hit his cheek, smiling to himself at Jake’s surprised yelp. The other boy secretly wants more: he didn’t expect Austin to be this authoritative, but istanbul travestileri since Eli’s arrival he seemed particularly energised, talking dirty and displaying an air of sexual aggression that electrified Jake. In fact, he hopes Austin will spank him more.

He wants to fully submit and say something like “You can do whatever you want with me” — his body now belonged to Austin.

Eli gets up from the floor, the display in front of him is too exciting for him to stay still, but Austin makes a gesture, forcing him to stop.

“No, you have to stay there and watch. Be a good boy and wank while I eat Jake’s ass.”

It’s almost humiliating how his boyfriend’s words make Eli hard; he obeys and starts to undress, his eyes fixed on the two guys on the bed. He takes everything off, starting from his t-shirt and leaving his socks for last. Jake is watching his friend undress from the bed, smiling suggestively at Eli. They’d never seen each other naked before, even if they both secretly wanted to, and it was finally happening now. Eli has wide shoulders and tanned skin, a few shades lighter than his dark brown eyes. When he takes off his tight black briefs, Eli’s dick bounces up and makes a soft sound as it hits his belly. When Eli sits down on the chair at the corner of the bedroom — giving him an ideal side view to the two boys on the bed — Jake closes his eyes, lost in the thrill of Austin’s tongue on his hole. The short facial hair on Austin’s jaw feels rough on the inside of his cheeks — it is sore but also sweet, a kind of pain so delightful that it turns Jake on. With his face pressed into the pillow, Jake begins moaning loudly out of pleasure, but also to make sure Eli could hear him clearly. He is enjoying this sick power play between the couple, and loves being at the centre of attention even more — being the object of desire for his two friends.

Sitting down, Eli is stroking his dick, feeling almost feverish every time Austin would make eye contact with him while half of his face was deep into Jake’s ass, his hands forcefully grabbing both cheeks.

The erotic tension between them gets more intense as Austin suddenly says: “You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”

And when Eli can only nod, his boyfriend presses him:

“Say it.”

“I do, I like it.”

“Good boy. Do you want to watch me fuck him again?”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

They both sound so sure of themselves and yet still playful; Austin becomes even more assertive because he knows Eli likes it. Jake enjoys this exchange between them, and although Eli is the one being bossed around, he gets harder just from hearing Austin channel his dominant side. His dick oozes precum through the fabric of his jockstrap at the thought of being treated like a toy to be used, a mere tool to fulfil some kind of fantasy for his friends. Austin smirks and gets up, his thick cock still as hard as before. He whips it on Jake’s soft cheeks — first left, then right, his ass jiggling from each smack — then a couple more times on his hole, more quickly, teasing both Jake — who’s squirming below him in anticipation — and Eli, his boyfriend watching attentively like a perverted voyeur.

Austin eventually slips his dick into Jake’s ass, lubed up by spit; his pink hole is just as tight despite already being fucked before. When his full length is inside, Austin pulls out and pushes it back in violently, his balls hitting Jake’s cheeks, securely cupped by his jock. He gets into a quick rhythm, pounding the boy’s ass without ever stopping, his hands on Jake’s strong back to hold him down.

“Fuck him faster,” Eli says, hypnotised by the motion of Austin’s dick going in and out, his boyfriend’s toned ass flexing as he keeps thrusting into Jake.

A feeling of euphoria takes over Jake as he hears Eli’s instructions, as if fireworks are going off inside his chest. Austin obeys and starts fucking him relentlessly, his cock going in and out at a faster pace. This is what he wanted, this is what he likes. The noises of Austin’s balls, swinging loose and hitting Jake’s taint with each thrust, start to blend with Jake’s desperate moans — his face still pressed into the pillow, his arched back giving easier access to his hole.

“Calm down and just take my cock,” Austin shushes Jake, bringing his open palm down to his ass, spanking him vigorously, his smooth cheeks soon flushed and warm with colour as they are marked by red handprints. “You know you want it.”

“I think you need to shut him up yourself,” Eli suggests with a kind of animalistic enthusiasm, and tosses his black briefs he’d been wearing until only five minutes before to Austin, who catches them without interrupting his motions.

He yanks Jake’s head back, pulling his brown hair, and then shoves Eli’s underwear into his mouth.

“That’ll teach you to be quiet.”

Jake’s muffled moans are somehow louder through the fabric, and that gets Austin even hornier. He keeps slapping Jake’s fleshy ass to get a bigger reaction out of him, and gets him to go on his knees so he can keep on travesti istanbul fucking him while pulling his hair, showcasing Jake to his boyfriend in all his submissiveness. Eli has to stop jerking off every once in a while, careful not to come, and savours the show before him. When either Jake or Austin look at him — their gaze locked on Eli’s tanned body, his right hand stroking his dick, his chest with only a hint of black hair on, his open mouth betraying his sexual longing — it gets harder for Eli to not get up and join them. He wants to embrace his boyfriend as he fucks Jake, push his ass into Jake so he can fuck him harder; he wants to slap Jake’s face with his dick and make him suck it by tugging on his hair.

“Do you want to get fucked too, baby?”

When Austin slows down his movements to ask him that, Eli has abandoned any type of self-consciousness, his thoughts fully occupied by sex.

“Yeah, I want you to fuck me just as hard.”

“Why don’t you beg for it?”

“Please, sir, give me your cock.”

Austin laughs and starts to fuck Jake again, more slowly this time. He removes Eli’s pants from his mouth and asks him:

“Do you think he deserves it, Jake?”

Jake smiles, revelling in the sudden power being granted to him over Eli’s fate — especially after being manhandled by Austin. He pushes his ass back onto Austin’s dick a few times, bouncing on it, his cheeks swallowing it whole.

“I’m not sure. He’s such a whore, I think he needs to work harder for it.”

“You’re right,” Austin agrees with him, and then orders Eli, “I’m not even sure you can take the whole thing. Get on here with the dildo and let’s see you practise.”

Eli stands up, takes his dildo out of his box of sex toys: a seven-inch, pink figurine of manhood. He brings it with him on the bed, but once he’s there he can’t help but finally kiss his boyfriend, as Austin continues to thrust his hips forward and enter Jake’s tight hole. Eli’s hands touch every part of his lover’s body. He first runs his fingers through Austin’s blonde hair, then his shoulders; he cups his strong pecs and then lowers his hand from the small of his back to his bum, placing his hand on his cheek, following Austin’s back-and-forward movement into their friend.

“He’s so tight, baby. It feels so good,” Austin mutters into Eli’s mouth, both still kissing passionately.

Eli smiles back and looks down at Jake’s backside. He keeps kissing Austin and then grasps the base of his boyfriend’s dick as he fucks Jake next to him. He can feel the outside of Jake’s hole being penetrated, and slaps his ass twice before pulling Jake up by his chin. They start kissing, Austin deep inside Jake, as the boy moans into Eli’s open mouth.

“Do you like my boyfriend’s dick?”

“Oh, yeah. It feels fucking amazing inside me.”

“You’re such a slut.”

Austin pulls out of Jake and steps away to observe the other two kiss again. His boyfriend and Jake, completely naked and making out, grabbing each other’s arms — that alone could have made Austin come right there and then. Instead, he notices how Jake’s hands start grabbing Eli’s ass — his tan lines more noticeable against Jake’s paler skin — and the way Jake’s fingers find their way to Eli’s hole, teasing it. Austin gets closer to them, almost in between, and feels drunk with lust as the two shorter boys are standing on their knees, both of their bums visible — almost begging to be bitten and slapped. Austin reaches around and grabs both of them, his nails dig into the soft cheeks and his middle fingers tap both boys’ entrances. Eli’s hole is now being played with by both Jake and Austin, his ass grabbed with force and spread wide — ready to be used.

Austin pushes Eli down on the bed so he’s lying on his back, and lifts his legs up from the back of his ankles.

“Show me and Jake how good you are at fucking yourself,” he says, lubing up the dildo and pointing it straight at Eli’s hole, now in full display.

While Eli is reaching down, trying to get the dildo in, eager to demonstrate how badly he wants to be fucked, Jake and Austin each move to both sides of Eli’s head, their hard dicks standing at full attention above his face. Austin tilts his shaft down slightly so his big cock head softly touches Eli’s lips — his dick tracing the rosy perimeter of his mouth. Eli knows he’s being teased, and although he wishes he could take the length of his boyfriend’s dick right away, he puts more effort into slowly but firmly inserting the dildo inside him, little by little. A single string of precum appears when Austin takes his cock away from Eli’s lips and then whips it on his face; Jake follows suit, painfully hard now after seeing how powerless his friend Eli is lying down underneath the two of them.

Meanwhile, the dildo starts to disappear all the way into Eli’s ass, penetrating him fully. He starts to fuck himself by grabbing the base, while his mouth is open, ready to accommodate both Jake and Austin’s dicks: the two boys are towering over him, with taller Austin putting his arm around Jake’s shoulder for balance. The view from below is exhilarating for Eli, as both cocks above him look bigger and thicker from his perspective. Whenever he starts sucking Jake off, Austin begins to slap his dick on Eli’s cheek, enjoying seeing his boyfriend submitting to two guys at once.

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