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A Tarnished Trophy Ch. 02

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Mari walked into the living room, wearing jeans and a blouse. “You’re dressed up today,” I observed.

“Blue balls.”

“What?” I asked.

“Blue balls.” Mari repeated. “That’s your problem.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Blue balls. When a guy is hard, but he doesn’t get to cum. The blood gets trapped in his penis, his balls get blue, and they start to hurt.” She sat down next to me.


“That’s your problem. You said you haven’t had sex with Dina, right?”


“What have you done, anything?”

“We made out.”

“There you go. You’re not getting any, but you are close to it. That’s what gives you blue balls. So you’ve had sex on the brain. And that’s why you came up with this whole thing about me trying to seduce you.”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” I was trying to brush her off. Now that things were all patched up, she seemed to think that intimate details were fine to share. I didn’t look forward to having a regular gossip hour. But she did have a point here — my response wasn’t a flippant lie.

“I have to apologize again, because I know that I haven’t exactly been helping with how I dress.”

“No, it’s–“

“You don’t have to lie, honey. I know about these things. You’re a boy, you’re at the point in your life where sex is always on your mind. I know I’m an attractive woman. It’s natural that I might, you know, get you going a bit sometimes. But you seem to have been thinking about me a lot recently,” she walked toward my chair. “Now, I need to know, does Denny have a little something for his Mami, hmm? A little crush, maybe?”

“Mari, no. That’s…that’s just weird. I don’t feel anything like that. You’re my stepmother for–“

“Shh,” she put her fingers to her lips. “I want an honest answer, and I know how to get it.”

She pulled her shirt over her head. “What are you doing, Mari?!”

She unbuttoned her jeans, unzipped them, and said, “I know that if you, Denny, say you don’t feel anything like that, then you are not attracted to me. And if that’s true, you won’t enjoy this.”

“Uh, I gotta go, Mari, I really gotta–” She slapped her hands down on my shoulders.

“You,” she emphasized, “don’t gotta go anywhere. You are just afraid of me. You are afraid of your attraction to me.” She shimmied out of her jeans and then sat on my knees.

“Now, Denny, do you like this?” she asked. How could I not? She was sitting on the edge of my lap, clad only in her bra and panties. I had no idea how to respond, so I reverted to my earlier strategy of “do nothing.”

She slid forward a little more, cupping her breasts and waving them under my nose. “Does this turn you on, Denny?” Was it wrong that I was getting hard? I’m sure any straight, red-blooded male would have the same reaction. Right or wrong, I had to fight my body. I had no idea what she was up to, but if I showed that I wanted her in any way, I knew she would use it against me somehow.

“Huh, Denny? Do you think your stepmommy is hot?” She moved closer, rubbing her hands over my stomach. God, there was no way she could believe I wouldn’t be aroused by this. And there was no way I could keep myself from getting aroused. My pants were now obviously tenting out.

“Why don’t I ask someone who always tells the truth?” Her hands moved down from my stomach toward my crotch. This was just getting weird now. “I see someone likes what he sees.”

Her thumbs pressed into my thighs, bumping against the base of my erection. “Now what are we going to do about this, hmm?” She encircled the bulge in my pants with her hands so that it stuck out between them. What was she asking me to do?

“What I mean is, what I wanna know, is whose fault this…” emphasizing the last word, she pushed her hands together so that my erection stood out even more, “is. Is it my fault or is it Dina’s fault? Are you all hot and bothered because you can’t get any from her or is it all because of little old me?”

“It’s my fault, Mari,” I said, relieved I could come up with a clever answer for that one. “My fault, it’s just that I—” It’s just that I didn’t know where to go from there. Her thumbs were pressing into my balls and her index fingers were hooked around the root of my shaft. My heart was racing faster, and the her grip constricted my member so that I could feel every beat in my chest and in my lap.

“You were masturbating in the hall last night, weren’t you?” My muscles were beginning to twitch involuntarily and I throbbed in her hands, so much so that it was obvious even through my pants. Her eyes got fiery, “You were watching me, weren’t you?”

“N-no…I wasn’t.” Strong case there, buddy. God, I was fucked. My body wasn’t lending any help to my cause either. I was twitching so bad now that it looked as if I had a wild animal trying to burst from my pants that had been caught between Mari’s hands.

“Yes you were. You were acting all funny in the hall. And then today I saw some of your clothes laying out in your room, so I went to put them in the maid’s hamper, and what muş seks hikayeleri did I find? That pair of boxers you wore, with big white stains across the front.”

Nailed. No use to continue denying it, so I kept clammed up.

“Nothing to say to that?” she asked. “I think you need to admit your problem to me, so we can help fix it.”

Her thumbs began to move in circles, rubbing my testicles. “What problem is that?” I asked.

“Simple. You want to fuck me,” she said. “Now you need to admit that, to me and to yourself.”

The tone of her voice sounded as if she were initiating therapy for my perceived Oedipal Complex. Or pseudo-Oedipal, I should say.

This was the breaking point, though. I had lost all my ground save for an inch — my original plan failed, my suspicion of her attempt at seduction was all a misconception, and now she had rooted out the fact that I was lusting after her. But if I admitted that I wanted Mari, I was hers. I had to hold on to that last inch or perish.

Her hands finally broke the diamond pattern they had been holding around my bulge for so long. Instead, they moved upward to wrap around the shaft proper. I gulped as her fingers interwove and locked around my member, her thumbs coming to rest on top of the head. Her hands kept the thing from jerking about as it had been. Now I was simply pulsating in her grip, unsure of why she was doing this but secretly hoping it would go further.

“Repeat after me and say: ‘Mami, I want to fuck you.'”

That same feeling returned, the one from last night when I had nearly crept into Mari’s bedroom and taken her. I was burning, sweat dripping from my chin, hands shaking. I should get out of here, I should run. I put my hands on her shoulders, ready to push.

“Denny, I will be very angry if you try to push me away.” She didn’t sound angry, rather disappointed in what I was about to do. I don’t think “I will be very angry” had ever deterred me before, but now I stopped dead in my tracks. Mari had been so understanding about all my recent faux pas. I felt as if I owed her somehow, as if something made me want to please her. She was helping that feeling along — her hands were still, but her thumbs squeezed and caressed my head through my pants.

My hands went limp and slipped off her shoulders, down her arms, and back to my sides. Just that brief touch felt amazing, and I wished, for a second, to go back and repeat that moment again. I craved that caramel skin, beginning to glisten with sweat. Oh, I needed release in so many ways. Need, guilt, shame, frustration — I had to have release from them.

“That’s a boy,” said Mari. “Now, you know it, and I know it. It’s not a big secret anymore, so admit it. Say it.” Release! She was offering it to me — if I lost that last inch of ground, I didn’t need to fight any more. What was the sense in denying something we both knew to be true?

“Say: ‘Mami’….”


“No, ‘Mami,'” she corrected. Her hands moved for the first time since she had grabbed my shaft. They moved up and then down again in a gradual stroke, as if I were fucking her palms, and they stopped when her thumbs pressed against my head once again.

“Mami,” I said, panting from the stimulation. It was the first time I had called her that. I knew Mari was trying to play the maternal role, but it felt condescending when she referred to herself like that. And it felt, no it was, infantilizing to call her that.

“I,” she repeated that stroking motion she had made on the last word.


“Want,” and again.



“To.” She was late this time, but stroked again even harder. The motion squeezed a drop of precum from my head. Then, my prick spasmed. It felt like a mini-orgasm, and I released a stream of precum, enough to go through my boxers and make a small wet circle on my pants. I yelped in pleasure.

“Fuck,” another stroke.

“F-f-f-uh.” I failed to finish the word not because I didn’t want to, but because I had just realized how close to the edge I was, preoccupied with preserving some of my dignity. If she had kept a constant tempo with her hands, I probably would have shot into my pants. That would be a public relations disaster — not only was I already the lecherous stepson, but I’d be the horny little schoolboy with a hair trigger as well.

I tried again. “F-uh-f-uh…fuck.”

“You.” A final stroke.

“Y-you.” I sighed and leaned back into my chair, head pointed skyward.

“There, now doesn’t that feel better? Now we can work on helping you.” She released my bulge.

“Helping me?” My chest was heaving, my brain had shut down for the moment. It felt like finishing a marathon run. Strange similarity, I guess.

“You have to help me help you, Denny. You know I’m a very sexual person, comfortable with my body. You have to remind me when I’m out of line. I told you this already, you have to speak up if I make you uncomfortable. But I’ll try harder too, okay. No more lingerie, I promise. That should help you stop thinking about me.”

“Oh-okay, Mari.”

“Good. Now what I can’t help is Dina giving you blue balls. That makes you think about fucking everything, including me. And If you can’t get your mind off me, I can try to come up with a way to help, maybe offer some…”

She bent toward me and whispered in my ear, “Relief.” Her hands pinched my head and formed that diamond shape again to outline my bulge. That brief little touch had set my body off. My hips jerked and my muscles clenched. My cock was clearly pulsing through my pants as I tried to hold back. Nothing for a few seconds — I thought I had won. Then I felt fluid escape from my head despite my efforts. The tiny dark circle on my pants expanded.

“Oh my goodness. Are you cumming in your pants?”

“No, no,” I said in both disbelief and denial. In a way, I wasn’t lying. The only stimulation I was getting was the light pressure from Mari holding my pants taut around my member. The feeling was barely orgasmic, more like taking a good piss. The circle continued to spread, nearing Mari’s hands. The little spurts came to a stop, but my erection remained. Had I cum without having an orgasm?

“Yes, you are. Look at that. I didn’t even touch it and you came. This is worse than I thought. You really need some relief. Here, I’ll show you what I mean,” My heart stopped for a second when she got up from the chair. “Stay here, I’ll be right back.”

She walked up the stairs. Relief? Was she going to fuck me right there? If so, why hadn’t she done it already?

I rubbed my eyes and glanced at my watch. Shit! 6:46, on a Friday. I was supposed to be picking up Dina soon. This was my chance to escape. Dina would be good for me. Maybe she would want to fuck tonight. I would be able to get Mari out of my head for a while.

Leaping up from the chair, I noticed how bad the situation had gotten down there, my pants distended with wet spots strewn across the crotch. No time, no time. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed some paper towels. Those would have to do. —

Damn, the boulevard was all backed up and I was stuck on it. My cellphone vibrated in my pocket. Hmm, Dina usually doesn’t call me if I’m a little late. I grabbed it and saw the name on the screen: “Marisol.” Fuck. I turned the phone off.

Mari was going to have my head tomorrow, possibly in more ways than one. How had she become such a crazy bitch in a month or so? Calm down, I told myself. That whole seduction conspiracy was just that. But now she was going to give me relief? What the hell did that mean? Was she gonna wank me off whenever I got a boner? Was she gonna hire a hooker for me? Actually, “relief” sounded fun. Except that I felt the need to be chaste, just for Dina. Had it been any other girl I knew, I wouldn’t have felt guilty if I lapsed. Oh Dina, why did we have to meet at the worst time?

Goddamned stoplight! It was red again, and I wasn’t even close to the intersection. I was still aroused, though, and sitting there doing nothing was making my mind drift. Specifically, back into my imaginary bedroom with the fantasy girls. This time, Mari was embracing me from behind, caressing me all the way down my torso until she hit the enormous bulge in my pants.

“Oh no, honey, is that cockteasing bitch Dina giving you blue balls again?” She squeezed the protrusion. “That’s why I’m here — you just wanna fuck everything because of your blue balls. Good thing I can give you what you need — some relief.”

She unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. “Oh yeah, cure my blue balls, Mami, gimme some relief,” I said as she started stroking. The door flew open and Dina stomped in. Mari and I froze.

“What’s going on here?” she yelled.

Mari resumed her stroking. “I’m giving this boy what he needs, tease,” she said with spite.

“Get your hands off my boyfriend, bitch!” Dina slapped Mari’s hand away from my cock.

“You know what? I think Miss Ice Queen over here just needs her panties melted.” Mari let me go and faced Dina. Staring at her for a moment, she pushed Dina to the ground.

“What are you doing?!” Mari tore Dina’s shirt open and buttons flew everywhere. She forced her tongue down Dina’s throat while tearing her skirt open. Dina let out a muffled cry, her eyes peeled wide open in shock.

When the kiss finally broke, Dina protested: “No, stop! I’m not that kind of girl!”

“You will be, and more, when I’m through with you,” said Mari. She tore Dina’s panties off and jammed her fingers into my girlfriend’s snatch. Dina struggled, but couldn’t stop Mari’s fingering, fondling, and kissing. Her attempts to push Mari away became fewer and weaker.

Mari tore the remnants of Dina’s shirt and undergarments away, then went down on her. Dina now dropped the “no” from her constant repetition of “Oh no, oh no, oh no!” She convulsed against Mari’s face, now clutching it tight to her crotch.

“Oh,Mari,” Dina cooed as her writhing motions slowed.

“That’s Senora Valenzuela-Kruppke to you!” she spat.

Honk, honk! I looked up, green light. I had gotten so engrossed in daydreaming that I didn’t even notice. Another few feet forward and that was it. They must have had half the road closed off up ahead.

The tightness in pants was painful and had been for a while. It hadn’t gone down even one bit since the incident with Mari. Damn, I thought, I knew they were going to get together soon enough in my imagination but I didn’t think it’d be like that. My fantasies were staying one step ahead of real life in their level of fucked-up-edness.

I unzipped my pants, relieved to take some pressure off my erection. Might as well use this never-ending stoplight to clean up — I didn’t want stains on my pants when I took Dina out to some classy Italian place. First I wiped everything off and soaked up the wet patches on my pants and boxers with the paper towels.

Then I assessed the damage Mari had done. I had to un-stick the cloth of my boxers from my dick. I wiped my crotch down. There was a white drop in my hole, so I squeezed along my shaft to get any residual cum out. As some oozed from my tip, my member puffed up in my hand. Somehow I hadn’t gotten any relief from what looked like a half-sized load, going by the size of the stain. It reminded me of trying to hold back a sneeze. When you don’t get it right, a little snot gets through but you feel like you need to sneeze even worse afterward.

Handling my dick was a mistake. Now I needed to cum even more. Even that one stroke had felt incredible. Maybe I could knock one out at this light real quick if I was discreet about it. I started moving my hand down the shaft.

Green light! Goddamn, I was finally close enough to make it through the intersection. —

I had turned to inducing pain to calm myself down — biting my knuckles, punching myself in the leg, blasting the stereo at deafening volume. When I pulled up to the dorm, the little bastard had finally gotten the hint.

I called Dina and she came down to meet me in the lobby of the building. I told her about the traffic, but she didn’t seem to mind.

“It’s getting a little late for Chez Pierre or whatever swank place you were planning on taking me. I know you don;t have reservations, right?”

I shook my head.

“I think a change of pace would be nice. My roommate is out of town. Her flight doesn’t get in until 11:30. So I say we order some pizza and then pick up where we left off last time.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said. What I really meant was “Holy fuck yes!” but I thought that inappropriate to shout while I was standing next to the study lounge. My blood flow redirected itself downward at the mere suggestion.

“Good, I’ll order the pizza, my treat. You spoil me too much already.” She hooked her arm around mine and led me to the elevator while she dialed a number on her phone.

We got to her room and took a seat on the bed. Dina turned on the TV and cuddled up to me. Feeling her against me took my semi-erection to a full one. I hoped she kept her eyes pointed at the TV.

Erect seemed to have become the default state of my penis recently. I wondered if Dina would be grossed out by the fact that I had sprouted a healthy boner just sitting next to her. The thing was still needy from earlier today, though, and I was questioning how long I could keep it at bay — if I would end up taking Dina right there. A dull ache emanated up from my scrotum and made my dick twitch with need. In this instance, Mari was right. Dina was giving me blue balls.

My attention was diverted from both the television show and the ache in my genitals by the thought that had looped in my head since I arrived: “Gonna get laid.” If I knew there was a definite promise of sex in my future, my mind narrowed to that one track.

“Sure is nice weather we’re having,” someone might say.

“Sure is, especially when there’s a one hundred percent chance of getting laid,” I would think.

“How’s the weekend looking?” “Let’s see, on my schedule I have here, it says, ‘getting laid,’ ‘getting laid,’ and then ‘getting laid.'”

“Care for a free sample, sir?” “No thanks, gonna get laid.”

When the pizza arrived, I had lost my appetite for anything besides Dina, but I shoveled in my few slices so we could move on to the main event in a more timely fashion. The second Dina finished swallowing her last slice I started kissing her neck.

“Someone’s ready to–” I had worked my way up to her mouth. She pulled back for a second and produced a little bottle.

“Ew, pizza breath,” she said. I opened my mouth and she sprayed the freshener into it, then took a spray for herself. In seconds, we were making out as passionately as we had in my car. She got up onto my lap and ground her hips against me. The pressure against my stiffness encouraged me and I stopped wasting time. I pulled her shirt off and ran my hands up her stomach to her breasts.

I felt a tiny pang of disappointment. Dina’s skin was creamy white, without that natural shine that Mari’s had. I removed her bra and fondled her breasts, noting that they were far smaller than Mari’s. Sure, Dina’s were nice and perky, but they just didn’t fill my hands like I imagined Mari’s would.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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