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A Taste of Incest – Spiced Rum

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An Taste of Incest: A Taste of Spiced Rum
His naughty aunty sets the pace for mom.

Author’s note: The following stroker, an entry in the 2016 Nude Day Contest, is FICTION, so chill. All depicted sex involves live humans aged 18+. Tags: group sex, bisexual, aunt-nephew, mother-son, sisters, contest, sexual resort, vacation. These standalone A TASTE OF INCEST tales include kin-fucking groups; if you object to such themes, stop reading. Views expressed are not necessarily the author’s. Enjoy!

** 1. Late spring 1990, San Diego

“Todd, you need to go help your aunt Deidre.”

His mother pulled the earbud loose and spoke clearly over his Walkman.

“What?” He was sprawled on the couch, almost dozing. He sat up, confused. The other earbud fell out; the Telectronica CD kept spinning in the player.

“I said you need to get up and go to your aunt Deidre’s. Something broke under the house and she needs help. It doesn’t sound too bad. Take a look at it and see if it’s something you can fix, before she spends money on a repairman, okay, honey?”

He shook himself back into some semblance of rational consciousness.

“Sure, mom. Give me a minute.”

He grabbed the too-warm almost-flat can of cola from the coffee table. He slugged down the last, grimaced, and stood. His mother’s bright red hair fluffled like an aurora before him. Her smile brightened his afternoon. She stroked his forearm, feeling the light hairs there.

“You know we always help each other, any way we can. You know she’ll have some treat for you for helping. Go on over and see what she needs.”

Todd had, as usual, cut the study hall, his last class session of the day. He had ridden home on his vintage Lambretta scooter, hoping to chill till dinnertime. A cola with a little vodka splashed into it, some hypnotic music, a nice stretch on the living-room sofa, and he would have been good.

But blood is thicker than cola and vodka.

“Okay, mom. Under the house? Guess I’d better get into my groadies.”

She rubbed his back; her smile grew.

“Sooner is probably better than later.”

He rolled his green eyes. “I’m on it, mom.” He headed for his bedroom.

An early heat wave was moving into to normally-temperate San Diego. Temperature outside was already in the low nineties, Fahrenheit. Under-house crawl spaces normally demanded long jeans and work shirts but today was too warm for that. He grabbed his ‘work’ denim cargo shorts and a tee he didn’t care about.

The Kevin, Kaitlin, and Todd Thomas family home sat in a 1950’s-vintage development midway between downtown and La Mesa — cookie-cutter ranch-type tract houses with actual alleys running down the middle of gridded suburban blocks. The David, Deidre, and (sometimes) Rafael Rangel family lived on the other side of their block, a few garage-doors down. Todd walked the quick alley shortcut and knocked on his aunt Deidre’s back door.

His aunt’s short denim skirt and light bright white blouse did little to disguise her tantalizing curves and nicely accentuated her strawberry hair, so like her sister’s. She hugged her favorite (and only) nephew. Yes, he noticed her breasts poking into him, even briefly.

The hug was a little longer than ‘brief’. Todd did not mind.

“What’s wrong, aunty?”

“I’m so glad you’re here! The was this THUNK under the floor and then I couldn’t get water to run from any tap. I listened at the crawl-space door but I didn’t hear anything like running water so I don’t think it’s a broken pipe. I hate to call a plumber unless it’s absolutely necessary — you know what those thieves charge now!? So I’d really love if you’d take a look and see how bad it is.”

She hugged him tighter. Like he was going to refuse, sure!

“Okay. I’ll need a flashlight. A big one would be good.”

His aunt was prepared. She picked a bear-beater off the kitchen table.

“Here you go. You know where the access door is?”

“Yeah, same place as in our house, just the same as yours.”

She kissed his cheek.

“That’s my man! Do you want something cold to drink before you go down there? A cold soda, maybe?”

“I’m okay for now. I’ll probably be thirsty in a while, though.”

He turned and pushed through the backdoor, stepped back from the house, and considered the layout. These tract houses had two accesses to the crawl space. The one behind the fence by the front corner was not near any plumbing. The one near the back on the other side was not too far from the water heater, where the main water line fed in. That seemed like the best place to start.

He unscrewed the screen and set the grated door aside. He shone the big flashlight’s beam around the underworld. Not too many spiderwebs — it was usually too hot here for most bugs. He aimed the light toward where he knew the water heater was. Something did not look right there. He sighed and crawled into the stuffy space.

The tract’s soil was dry adobe clay that swirled in little dust clouds as he wormed through the semi-darkness. ikonbet giriş Stuff hung down in webby strands from the flooring’s support beams. Icky stuff. Dusty stuff. He sneezed, and again, and coughed, and moved forward.

Todd had done a ROTC semester and had learned a few military tricks. Some involved crawling: the fast high-crawl, on knees and elbows, and the slower and safer low-crawl, moving like a flattened spider under enemy fire. This scene was not too bad — a stready high-crawl took him to his goal.

Another sweep of the flashlight beam revealed the problem. A hinged steel support member had broken loose from its attached beam — probably a screw had escaped from a worn 35-year-old socket — and swung down onto a section of the main water feed that was only a two-inch aluminum pipe. The member’s two sections had scissored that thin pipe, pinching it shut as neatly as hard-squeezed pliers. It was squashed tight.

The solution looked pretty simple and would not require a plumber. Todd was pretty sure he could re-attach the steel member and replace the pipe section, preferably with something stronger than that cheap just-to-code aluminum.

Yes, it would be simple. It would still be hard work.

Todd always kept a Leatherman tool on his belt. He pulled it out and set it as an eight-inch ruler. He measured the length of pipe that needed replacing, and its diameter, and he judged the connectors. Probably need new rubber washers, too, and some plumber’s grout. And brackets and screw bolts to hold that steel member up. A little hydraulic jack would help there. Crescent and pipe wrenches for the grunt-work, a hacksaw, a big flathead screwdriver, a power-driver for socketed bolts, maybe a rubber mallet — no big deal.

He crawled back to the access door and freed himself. Aunt Deidre awaited him there with an icy root beer, condensation streaming down its sides. He gratefully accepted the cold drink.

“It’s nothing huge. I can do it, not problem. It’ll maybe take an hour after I go to the hardware store for a pipe. Just turn off the main valve and I can get to it.” He took another refreshing slug.

Deidre squeezed his arm and held out a greenback.

“Thanks so much! You’re a lifesaver! Here, will a twenty be enough?”

“More than enough, sure. Uh, I might need a little help down there. Are you up to crawling in the dirt?”

“I’ve been a dirty girl for a long, long time,” she laughed. “I’ll get into work clothes and be ready when you get back.”

A small strip-mall capped the end of their block on the local business street. The hardware store was only a three-minute walk away. Todd quickly bought the necessary pipe, washers, and sealant, and returned with a pile of change.

“Hey, that was pretty cheap! Do you need any tools? I have Dave’s kit out in the garage.”

Deidre had donned an outfit much like Todd’s — eminently practical for mucky work. Her denim cutoffs were long enough to protect her pretty knees but exposed her toned calves. Her tight muddy tee showed the lines of the sports bra underneath. Scruffy Keds covered her sockless feet.

“Yeah, let me look through the tools, see if everything I need is there.”

Fortunately, everything he needed was there.

They lugged the hardware and tools to the access door. Todd rolled inside.

“Okay, start passing me stuff.”

He staged the tools and materials inside. He selected his initial weapons.

First things first. The water was shut off; good. Got to get that hinged steel piece back where it belongs. Hydraulic jack. Rubber mallet. Oh shit; he needed to drill new holes. Crawl back out, get the drill and extension cord from the garage, return to the access.

“You have an outside outlet around? I need to plug this in.”

“Nearest is in the kitchen.” She disappeared with the cord. “Try it now,” she called a moment later.

He punched the drill’s trigger. Action!

“That’s fine, aunty. C’mon back now.”

Back under the house, he high-crawled till the cord fouled on something, halfway to the work area. He yanked but it would not advance.

“Hey aunty, I need some help down here now,” he called. “Can you see what’s hanging the power cord?”

Her shapely silhouette slid through the aperture. She worked her hands along the cord, feeling for obstructions.

“Oh yeah, the cord got jammed on a support post. There, I’ve got it free now. Is that good for you?”

Todd pulled the power cord and moved on to his task.

“Great, aunty! I can get there now.”

He was positioning himself for drilling when he felt a hand on his ankle. He saw his aunt crawling up beside him.

“Woe, it’s kind of nasty down here! That’s where you’re working?”

He pointed out the damage and explained his action plan. She nodded and squeezed his arm.

“That doesn’t look too bad. How can I help?”

“Once I get into position, I’ll need some stuff held in place.”

“Okay, I’ll be your helping hands. Let’s do it!”

With the jack, the ikonbet yeni giriş tools, and all their hands, they secured the brace in place in only a few minutes. Even with the water shut off, the pinched pipe leaked a few wet drops. Todd dreaded the next step.

“Now I’ve got to cut that bad pipe, remove the remains and its connectors, and do the plumbing part of this. It could get messy. Watch out.”

“Lead on, MacDuff,” Deidre laughed.

Todd first hacksawed the end of the pipe furthest from the water source. A small stream trickled out — just what was in the lead-in to the junction below the water heater. The other end would be another matter.

Todd started sawing the other end — and what happened was worse than he expected. It was a fairly long run from the main valve to here, with at least a gallon of water trapped there. And the run angled down with a gravity feed. His first cut unleashed a strong, fine spray that quickly drenched both him and Deidre, who had stayed too close.

“Aw shit!” Todd cursed. “Uh, sorry, aunty, but we’re a mess now.”

“I expected worse than this,” Deidre laughed. “At least it’s not a sewer pipe.”

“Yeah, could be worse,” Todd groused. “Might as well get on with it.”

He finished removing the damaged section, wrenched the connectors loose (fighting a few decades of corrosion), set the washers and compound, inset the new pipe, tightend the connectors, and called it good. Deidre had steadily passed him tools and materials like an operating-room nurse aiding a doctor. His work involved much grunting; hers, much crawling. They were a mess.


Two sweaty, muddy, worn, bedraggled souls hauled themselves from the access door. Deidre’s tinkling laugh was abosrbed by the avocado-tree leaves shading the side yard.

“I’m a dirty girl, but this is about the filthiest I’ve been in a long time! How about you? Do you get this grubby very often?”

“Only if I fall into mud while running cross-country after a rain. Not lately.”

“Well, we’re ‘way too filthy to go in the house like this. How about we hose off?”

Deidre set the garden hose nozzle to SPRAY and shot a good dose at Todd. He grinned and held up his hads as if to protect himself. Then he lunged forward, grabbed the hose, and drenched his sexy aunt. Her tee clung closely to her soaked flesh. She pulled the hose away from him and shot him again.

Water fight!

Jumping, jostling, they soon found themselves wrapped together, the nozzle spraying them both indiscriminately. Deidre finally shut-off the flow.

“Okay, we’ve got the worst off. But a shower is definitely needed.”

Deidre smoothly pulled her muddy tee over her head. She dropped her soggy cutoffs and kicked them away, and then her clogged sneakers. Her panties were pink and wet. Her soaked sports bra barely contained her grapefruit breasts and aroused nipples. She put her hands on her hips.

“Like what you see, Todd?”

Todd saw a flaming Celtic beauty in fine physical condition. (More on that later.) Her saw flushed skin, arm-hairs raised in goosebumps, water dripping from her face and elbows, and yes, he noticed those stiff, thickened nipples. He gulped. His shorts started to tent. He blushed.

“Uh, aunty…”

She slapped his arm.

“You need to shower and you’re not going in my house like that. Strip down.”


“C’mon, it’s not like I haven’t seen you before.”

Quite true. Todd and his cousin Rafe had run naked through backyard sprinklers while their mothers chatted, had bathed in the same tub in either family home, had been tended by both sisters… when they were young.

And Deidre had teased her favorite (and only) nephew all his life. For as long as he could remember, up until the time he started growing pubic hairs and a deeper voice, she had often settled her butt on the bathtub rim while he played whale or octopus or submarine.

Todd remembered a time when he was, what, twelve? Just before puberty, and the end of these games. His aunty DeDe had made him a rattlesnake. She carved the fanged head from a block of ash wood; the tail was a conical baby rattle. For the body, she had strung a zillion bottle caps, holes punched in their centers, on a long, stiff wire with the rattle at one end and the head at the other. Four feet long, metallic, menacing, rattling, it had not quite terrorized him. He was too old for terror then. He did think it cute.

He did not think about its phallic implications for several years.

Deidre tugged at her manly nephew’s shorts.

“Do not argue. Take off that dirty crap. NOW. We are going inside to shower. NOW. You have no alternatives. MOVE!”

Todd shrugged and followed orders. Throw the tee onto her dissolute pile of discarded clothes. Drop the shorts;they followed in place. Kick off his muddy sneaker. Stand up straight, shoulders back, sulky determination in his eyes.

Deidre looked at her studly nephew. She saw a tall young man with evident muscular abs and legs, obvious ikonbet güvenilirmi tented boxers, and a nervous expression.

His aunt took his hand.

“Inside, big boy. No shilly-shallying.”

Todd carefully wiped his feet on the doormat before stepping into the house. He knew where the nearest shower was, of course — this place had the same floor plan as his home. He heard his aunt enter behind him. He turned warily.

“Um, aunty DeDe, I don’t have anything else to wear…”

“Rafe’s clothes will fit you — you’re the same size. No excuses. Get in there.”

Todd shrugged again and followed orders. In the bathroom he set the water to a good temperature and slipped off his cruddy boxers. He stepped in the shower, squirted a dose of shampoo into his hair, and started scrubbing.

He heard the bathroom door open and Deidre pick up his filthy clothes. A minute later he heard a washing machine rumble.


His eyes were scrunched shut against the stinging shampoo when he felt a breeze on his back. And then hands on his back. And then firm breasts pressing into his back, and a hairy muff pressing into his butt, and hands stroking his flanks, and reaching down for his cock.

Todd froze. His eyes burned with shampoo. His cock burned with her grasp.

“Um, aunty DeDe, what…”

“Be quiet. We’re saving water. And I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

She squeezed his cock, reached to tickle a nipple, and nuzzled his neck.

“You’re a big guy now. With a big dick. I’ve always liked looking at your dick.”

Yes, for a long, long time. He remembered the bottle-cap rattlesnake.

“Uh, what about uncle David…”

“Uncle David is useless.” Todd’s father Kevin was useless too, but Deidre did not mention that. “Uncle David is never here for me. You are here for me. Right here, right now.”

Deidre aimed the shower spray across her nephew’s body. Suds washed off the lower portions. When she thought him well-rinsed, she knelt before him and took his cock in her mouth.

“Oh fuck, aunty DeDe…”

She sucked harder. Her tongue worked miracles on him. He was not a virgin; he had been fucked and blown before, by girls with little experience; but never by a woman of such history as his aunt Deidre.

“Oh fuck, aunty DeDe, oh fuck, I’m gonna cum…”

She sucked even harder. She knew that he would last a while after she got this one out of the way.


He spurted a blazing stream of molten sex into her demanding mouth. She shifted to catch his dickhead in her cheeks; she sturdily huffed and puffed and swallowed him down entirely. Her fingers on his balls and shaft worked to drain his lizard to desert-pure dryness.

“Oh fuck, aunty DeiDe, that was…”

“That was just a start, Todd, just the beginning. Let’s finish in here. Then, I have plans for you.”

Deidre squirted shampoo into her own hair and persuaded Todd to massage her scalp — long, thoroughly, sensuously. She soaped his body well, and taught him to soap, and scrub, and savor her own body. She taught him how to use his tongue to check for uncleanliness. He learned fast.

And that was only in the shower. Dried, she led him to the master bedroom.

“Aunty, what…”

“What do you think? We are going to fuck, Todd. You are going to fuck your aunt Diedre, your mother’s wild little sister, the aunty who has wanted to play with you for a long time — the aunty who will brook no argument.”

She pushed him back in the center of the king bed and snuggled beside him.

“The time is now. You are eighteen and studly. I am thirty-four and horny. My useless husband barely touches me.” Todd’s parents’ relationship was just as barren, but Deidre did not mention that, either. “You are here and I am here and we are going to fuck. A lot. For a long time. Starting now.”

Deidre’s head moved over Todd’s loins. She pushed his thighs apart and crawled between his not-too-hairy legs. She sniffed and softly kissed along his inner thighs and then focused on his pubic mound. Her button nose plowed deep into his ginger curl — she inhaled his young masculine scent deeply, satisfyingly, and exhaled gently.

“You smell so good, Todd, so fresh, so clean, and… so manly.”

Todd did not know what to say.

She cupped his swelling scrotum and fingered his nearly-swollen manhood.

“This feels lovely. You tasted so lovely in the shower.”

She licked and kissed up Todd’s shaft tracing the engorged veins with her tongue, probing his urethra, circling his glans, and then taking him inside her mouth again. She sucked contentedly while fingering his straining skyscraper. Her fingers left his shaft and spider-walked up his chest. Sucking him in balls-deep, she pinched his nipples. He jumped and moaned.

Todd raised his head enough to see his aunt smiling around his stalwart cock, her glowing green eyes seeking his own, his thick, curly fur forming a ginger moustache on her upper lip. He groaned when she pulled away and grinned.

“There, I think you’re ready for the next phase.”

She climbed astride him, straddled his freckled hips, reached to guide him to her entrance, and slid him inside her. A little twitching, a slight change of angle, and she pushed down till he was totally sheathed. They both sighed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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