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A Very Wonderful Christmas

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A homecoming

“Oh god, honey. You feel so good inside me,” my wife Jessi moaned as she rode my cock.

It was about midnight Saturday, and we had been up late watching some new porn. Jessi had discovered one of the quality, high-definition, more female friendly, porn sites. She had subscribed to it and then had me connect her portable to the 50″ HD TV screen in the bedroom.

“You feel awfully good too, honey. I think you liked that last little show,” I said.

Earlier we had watched a very tastefully done interlude with a guy joining his girlfriend and her sister in bed. I thought the use of a lot of white sheets, curtains, and bedding had made the video nicely done. Jessi didn’t like hardcore porn, but she always enjoyed the softer ones. I was just happy she enjoyed watching porn at all.

“I did,” Jessi said as she wiggled her hips while she sat with my cock inside her.

Jessi is a beautiful women, about 5’8″, long blonde hair and a perfect body. We had gotten married after we both graduated from grad school three years earlier. With her MBA, she had landed a nice job in finance at a large bank. I was teaching undergrad psychology at the local university.

Jessi sped up and was working her pussy hard, working toward getting both of us off.


“Who the fuck is that at midnight?!” I yelled.

“I’ll get it,” she said.

“Just let it ring!” I pleaded.

Jessi leaned over, picked up the phone from the side table, and returned to sitting on my cock.


“Hi, sis! I haven’t heard from you for several months! You didn’t wake us up.”

“But you interrupted our fuck!!” I screamed so Marie would hear it.

“Tom!” Jessi yelled at me.

“Don’t worry about it. He’ll get fucked,” Jessi said then laughed.

Jessi’s sister, Marie, was two years older than her and was a very successful fashion photographer. She lived in California, but traveled all over the world. We hadn’t seen her in over a year.

“What?! Sure you can! For how long?”

I grabbed Jessi’s hips, and started sliding her up and down on my cock.

“Tom, stop!”

“…working my pussy on his cock while I am trying to talk to you. When are you coming in? Good, we haven’t been together for the holidays in years.”

It was sounding like Marie was coming for Christmas. I knew Jessi would be happy, her and Marie were very close.

“No…if you are coming in that late, we can pick you up. Marie, it is not a problem. Call me Monday and let me know for sure when your flight gets in. Okay, bye.”

Jessi leaned over and hung the phone up.

“Now finish fucking me,” I said.

“I will. Marie is flying in Tuesday to stay with us for the holidays. She is coming in from Brazil.”

“How long has she been there?” I asked.

“About two weeks. She was shooting swimsuits.”

“Lucky girl.”

“She does travel a lot. It’s okay if she stays here, isn’t it?” Jessi asked.

“Sure. How long is she staying?”

“She doesn’t have any place to be anytime soon. I hope through New Year’s. While she is here, she is visiting a modeling agency here in Atlanta.”

“I’ll show her a good time. I am off until after the 1st,” I said.

“You would like to!” Jessi said then started working her pussy on my still hard cock.

I would like to show Marie a good time. She looked a lot like Jessi. She had flirted with me many times before Jessi and I got married.

“Can you take off a few days from the bank?” I asked.

“I was planning on it anyway, I don’t have much to do during the holidays.”

Jessi and I fucked for another 20 minutes before the two of us were satisfied by a huge orgasm. My wife lay on my chest as I held her.

“That was good,” she said.

“Yes it was. I think you like that new porn website. I’m glad you found it.”

“I was looking for some new toys and they had an ad on the toy website. It doesn’t bother you that I look at porn on the Internet does it?” Jessi asked.

“You know it doesn’t. You never say anything when I’m watching. I’m happy you found something for us to watch together.” I told my wife.

“Do you think I am looking for something I am not getting from you?” Jessi asked.

“No I don’t, you know that. I am not looking for anything I am not getting from you, honey.”

“I know, but I do think you enjoy watching the threesomes and the girl on girl action.”

“Jessi, all men like watching that.”

“Honey, is that something you want to do?” Jessi asked looking into my eyes.

“Don’t start reading anything into it. I just like watching two beautiful women together. Do you want me to stop?”

“No, I just want to make sure I am enough for you.” Jessi told me.

I grabbed Jessi and rolled her over so I was on top of her. I kissed her hard for a minute.

“You are all I need,” I told her.

“I know I am!”

I kissed her again then turned off the lights and we went to sleep.


When Monday morning came, I felt my wife get out of bed, then heard her turn the shower on. I waited a few minutes, then got up and joined her in the shower.

“What niğde seks hikayeleri are you going to do today?” She asked, as I soaped up her body.

“Maybe I am going Christmas shopping for my wife.”

“Tease! You haven’t told me what you want.”

“You can always bring me something home from the bank.” I teased.

Jessi laughed at me, then reached down and soaped up my cock. She spent several minutes doing that until I was good and hard. She rinsed the soap off my cock, then got down on her knees and began giving me a wonderful blowjob. We spent a lot of mornings showering together, since she didn’t have to be a work until 8:30 and my fist class was usually at 10:00.

“I sure enjoy starting my day with you doing that,” I told her.

“Mmm…mmm,” I got back as she worked her mouth on my cock.

I held Jessi’s head in my hands as she worked up and down on my cock, occasionally taking all of it down her throat. Fifteen minutes later I was filling her mouth full of cum.

“Ahhh, fuck yes!” I yelled.

Jessi finished, stood up, and we rinsed off.

“Emmm, you always taste so good. I expect you to do me when I get home,” she said.

“You know I will.” I held her and kissed her for a minute, then we left the shower and dried off. Jessi started getting ready for work while I went to make her breakfast.

“That smells good,” she told me when she came into the kitchen.

Jessi always sat with me and ate breakfast before she went to work. When we finished, we kissed and she left for the bank. I was proud of Jessi. She had landed a very well-paying job at the bank with her MBA, making more money than I did as an untenured professor. She wanted me to get my Ph.D. so I could work as a therapist. I was still thinking about it.

After teaching my last class before the Christmas break at the university, I went to town to pick up the diamond bracelet for Jessi that I had been saving towards for the last few years. I didn’t get many opportunities to buy her things like it. I brought it home wrapped and hid it in my sock drawer. Christmas was Friday, I would have to move it around to keep it hidden from her.

Jessi would be home by 5:30, so I cleaned up the house for her. I was putting sheets on the bed and straightening up the bedroom when I found a small instruction book under the edge of the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed to look through it. I soon discovered it was the instructions for one of the expensive Lelo vibrators. Jessi had a few toys that we played with, but I was surprised she had purchased something this expensive for herself. I looked under the bed to see if she had it hidden under there. I didn’t expect to find it, because she kept her toys readily available in the drawer next to the bed. There was nothing under the bed, so I looked in the drawer where she kept her toys. Nothing there but the few toys we played with. I slipped the instruction book back under the bed, figuring she was hiding it for a surprise. I had returned to the den, when the phone rang.

“Hello? Hi Marie.”

“Hi, Tom. Is my sister home yet?”

“She’s not home yet.”

“I just wanted her to know my flight gets in at 6:30pm tomorrow night.”

“We’ll pick you up then.”

“Are you sure it is okay for me to stay with you guys for a few weeks?”

“Of course. As long as you don’t interrupt us fucking again.”

“Sorry about that.”

“Did you enjoy Brazil?”

“Yes I did. It was a lot of work, but I got time to work on my tan on the beaches.”

“Naked I hope.”

“Well…yes I did.”

“You will have to let me see it.”

“Tom, you shouldn’t be flirting with me,” Marie said with a giggle.

“You flirted with me for years.”

“I know. I just liked teasing you because you were dating my sister. She never got mad about it.”

“I did. You would get me all turned on.”

“I’m sure Jessi benefited from it.” Marie said with a giggle.

“She did.” I told her.

“I know she did. You don’t know this, but we always talked about you making love to her.”

“I didn’t know that. Did you learn anything from her?”

“Tom! I do know she loves the way you eat her pussy.”

“Marie, you are flirting with me again.”

“I know. I will see you two tomorrow about 6:30.”

“See you then.”

Marie hung up. I enjoyed her flirting with me, Jessi had never said anything about it when she did.


Jessi walked in about 5:30, looking very nice in her dark business outfit. Her legs looked great in her mid-thigh skirt and stockings. She sat down next to me and kissed me.

“Marie called. Her flight gets in at 6:30.”

“I can’t get home and the two of us get to the airport by 6:30.” Jessi said.

“I’ll take you to work in the morning then pick you up. We’ll get to the airport in time.”

“Okay. Then can we stop and have dinner? She’ll be hungry after the long flight.” Jessi wanted to know.

“We can do that.”

“Did you two have anything to talk about?” She asked.

“She was flirting with me as usual. She did tell me that you told her that you liked the way I eat your pussy.”

“She didn’t! I’ll kill her!”

“Do you really like the way I eat you?”

“Yes I do,” Jessi said, flushing a little.


“Speaking of eating pussy, you owe me from this morning, big boy.” Jessi reminded me.

“I do, don’t I.”

I had Jessi stand and I slowly peeled her business suit and lingerie off her. I sat her on the couch and got on the floor in front of her. I grabbed her legs, pulled her to the edge, and spread them open. I slowly kissed and licked up the inside of each leg before I placed my mouth over her pussy.

“Oh yes!”

Jessi had a beautiful pussy; nice pink lips with a little strip of blonde hair just above it. I kissed and sucked on her pussy lips for a few minutes, then drove my tongue deep inside her. Jessi also had a wonderful taste that I always enjoyed.

“Ahhhh! That’s it honey!”

Jessi placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled me in. I tongued her pussy until she was moaning, then started tonguing her clit.

“Oh god yes! Lick me there!”

Jessi was slowly working her pussy against my mouth as I licked circles around her clit. She moaned harder and louder for a long time, then tensed up.

“Ahhh, fuck!! Yes, yes, yes!!”

Jessi’s hips jerked hard several times, then she released a gush of delicious juices into my mouth.

“Ahhhhhh!! Yes, honey!!”

I was licking up her juices when she pulled my head away.

“Fuck me!” Jessi cried.

I stood and Jessi unbuckled my pants, pulling them and my underwear down. I sat on the couch and she got up and straddled my legs. I grabbed my cock and got it started into her pussy, then she took over and slid all the way down.

“Emmm, yes! I need this!”

While she worked her pussy on my cock, I squeezed and massaged her tits. Jessi had a nice full set of C-breasts with large, pink nipples. She loved it when I squeezed and pinched her nipples.

“I do like the way you eat pussy, but I really like the way you fuck me!” She said.

“I’m glad you do.”

Jessi was working her pussy hard on my cock, grinding down harder as she kept going. I released her breasts, wrapped my arms around her lower back, and pulled her hard onto my cock.

“Oh yes! That’s it!”

My wife worked her pussy on my cock for about half an hour before she came in a huge, screaming orgasm. When she screamed, I pulled her down hard on my cock and started pumping her full of cum.

“Ahhhhh!! Fuck yes!! That feels so good!!” She screamed.

A minute after, Jessi relaxed and leaned into me.

“That was wonderful,” she said.

“You were wonderful as always, honey.”

Jessi sat up and I took my fingers and pulled the long, blonde strands of hair from her face. She kissed me for a minute then lifted herself up off my cock. I watched as she worked her way to the floor between my legs. She sucked my cock into her mouth, and worked on it awhile before she had me hard again. She sucked on me for a few more minutes, then got up and threw her legs back over my lap while reaching for my cock and working it back into her cum-soaked pussy. I held her and we fucked again for about 30 more minutes, before we both came again. This was the way it usually went.

“You are so damn good,” I told her.

“Emm, you’re pretty good too!” Jessi said with a big smile as she lifted her hips up, then sat on my legs.

I reached between her legs and slipped several fingers inside her and worked them in my cum.

“Oh good…feed me,” she said.

I slipped my fingers out and Jessi opened her mouth. I slide two fingers into her mouth and she closed her lips around them and sucked. I always that she was so hot when she would do this for me. I pulled them slowly out.

“Emmmmm, that taste so good.”

“More?” I asked.


I returned my fingers to her pussy and got them coated in cum again. Jessi opened her mouth wide and I slipped them back in. Her sucking on my fingers was a huge turn on for me. I slipped them out of her mouth again, then she leaned forward and kissed me.

“You like that, don’t you?” Jessi said.

“Yes, I do.”

She slipped off my lap and started licking the cum off my cock. After she licked for a few minutes she stood up.

“I’m going to wash all the cum off me and then fix dinner, come with me,” Jessi told me.

I followed her to the bedroom and we got in the shower, rinsing all the cum off of us. After that, Jessi slipped on a pair of silk shorts and t-shirt and waited while I pulled on some sweats. We returned to the kitchen and she started working on dinner. I wrapped my arms around her from behind and kissed her on the neck.

“With Marie here, we won’t be able to fuck like that when you come home for few weeks,” I said.

“She won’t mind.”


She laughed and kept working on dinner.

I returned to the den to watch the news while she cooked. It was the same old thing; Obama violating the Constitution again by signing another executive order for some pet peeve of his; another shooting in the bad part of town; more soldiers killed in the Middle East. I wondered when all that shit would be done over there.

“You want a beer?” Jessi asked me.


She brought me a beer and sat next to me.

“I guess you will have to fuck me again tonight. We don’t want to disturb Marie while she is here,” she said.

“Fuck that. She will just have to be disturbed!” I said.

Jessi smiled at me and laughed.

“She won’t mind listening,” she said.

“She can watch if she wants to. She already interrupted one fuck!”

“Tom. We will have to dial it down a bit,” Jessi said with a big smile.

“I’m not the one that makes all the noise!”

Jessi did get vocal when we had sex. Before we bought the house, we had a few complaints from the neighbors next door at the apartment we lived in. Actually, only the wives complained. Their husbands always smiled when we saw them.

“I’ll keep it down.”

“Sure you will.” I responded with doubt.

Jessi laughed again, then returned to the kitchen. A while later she called me to the table. After we had finished eating, I told Jessi I would get the bedroom ready for Marie.

“I’ll do it!” Jessi yelled.


“You clean up from dinner.”

Jessi got up and moved to the other big bedroom quickly. I think I knew now where she had hidden the new vibrator. As she hurried off, I yelled at her.

“I’ll help you first!”

“I got it!” She yelled back as she disappeared down the hall.

I laughed at her and went to work cleaning up after dinner. Jessi came back just as I was loading the dishwasher.

“If you had waited, I would have helped you get the bedroom ready,” I said to tease her.

“I got it. I needed to put fresh sheets on the bed.”

“You acted like you didn’t want me in there.” Jessi looked up at me.

“Maybe I didn’t!” She said.

“Is that where you are hiding your new vibrator?” Jessi turned red.

“How did you know?”

“I found the instruction book under the bed.”

“It’s for Christmas Eve,” Jessi said.

“Have you tried it out?”

“Tom! Yes.”

“You know I don’t care, I just like to watch you.”

“I know…you will like this one. It’s very nice, and has lots of different vibrating patterns.”

“I can’t wait. You think your sister is ever going to get married?” I asked.

“I don’t know. She travels all the time taking pictures of all the fashion models. She has an on-again-off-again relationship with a designer in Paris.”

“And he’s not gay?”

“Oh no, he’s very handsome and rich.”

“How do you know?”

“She sent me pictures of him by email.”

“I wish she would send me pictures of all the hot, naked models she takes pictures of.”

“Ask her. I’m sure she would do it.”

“You wouldn’t mind?” I asked.

“You know I don’t care, as long as you are just looking.”

We finished cleaning up the kitchen, then went to the den and sat and watched a movie until it was time for bed. We got naked and climbed into our king-size bed.

“I got your Christmas present today,” I said.

“Damn it, Tom!”

Jessi hated knowing I had her present hidden somewhere in the house. She was like a kid when it was Christmas time.

“If you don’t tell me what you want for Christmas, I may not get you anything!”

“Surprise me.”

“I’ll surprise you!” Jessi yelled at me, as she climbed on top of me. “You do this to me every year.”

“And you always enjoy it.”

“Will you get the Christmas tree Wednesday? Marie would enjoy helping decorate the tree. Take her with you to go get it.”

“When will we decorate it?” I asked.

“I’m taking off Thursday. The bank will close at noon anyway, since it is Christmas Eve. The drive-up tellers have to work until 4:00.”

“Do you have to work Saturday?”

“No, the bank has to be open until noon, though.”

Jessi started sliding her pussy on top of my cock so she could get me hard and her wet. She worked at it for a little while until she was dripping wet. I watched as she grabbed my cock, lifted her hips, and started working my cock into her pussy. She loved it on top, and I wasn’t going to argue with her. I enjoyed looking at her as she pleased herself. She worked her pussy nice and slow as I watched, taking her time so she would have a nice orgasm before I did.

“This afternoon was fun,” I told her.

“It always is. This is going to be fun.”

Jessi worked her pussy nice and slow. She reached between her legs and started fingering her clit, so she would get off first. I watched my wife enjoy herself until she had her first orgasm.

“Emmmmm, I love this.”

“I love watching you do that,” I told her.

“I know you do.”

Jessi lifted her pussy and hips off me, moved next to me, and lay on her stomach.

“You know what I want.”

I did. I rolled over on top of her, grabbed my dripping cock, placed it at her asshole, and pushed.

“Emmm, perfect.” Came from Jessi as I eased into her.

Jessi liked for me to lie on top of her and fuck her in the ass. I eased slowly into her as she moaned. It took a few minutes, but I eventually had all of my cock buried in her ass. I slowly worked it in and out until Jessi was moaning loudly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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